The sun was consumed by the western desert, slowly disappearing. Shimmering heat rose up as the sand gave back what it had accumulated during the day. Shortly after the last golden ray was gone, two wraithlike figures rose from the ground, brushing the sand off their dark cloaks.

“Which way?” Nekhbet asked. They were three hundred miles from the Haven, having flown straight across the desert before the fuel ran out. Then they’d run from the chopper for several more hours before burying themselves at daybreak to rest.

Nosferatu had never felt so alive. He wasn’t certain whether it was the one hundred percent Airlia blood that ran through his veins or Nekhbet’s presence at his side. And he didn’t care to ponder the question, simply accepting that it was. Finally. After millennia, what they had dreamed of while chained underneath the Giza Plateau was a reality.

Nosferatu stretched his arms wide, taking in the stars above and the land ahead. “There is so much in the world I want to show you. Things we never even imagined all those years we talked in the darkness.”

Nekhbet laughed, the sound picked up by the wind and blown across the desert. “Then let us see them.”

She took off running, her feet lightly touching the sand.

Nosferatu pulled back his hood, revealing his dark eyes and pale skin, and watched her slender form racing away, then he set off in pursuit.

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