Chapter 79

The Chairman listened to Beaumont whine on pitifully for ten minutes. He was bored.

“Stop,” he commanded. “Enough, so what you’re saying is that Jones had her but that she somehow she got away and he’s dead?”


“OK. I didn’t like the sneaky little turd but he was a damn good soldier. Just what the hell are we up against?”

Beaumont could see a chink of hope, he may not be dead just yet.

“I’m trying to work that out. They had her on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Ten men and her.”

“You’re sure?”

“Definitely. But one thing sticks in my mind. There’s a note in the file, written by that Reaper guy, the guy the President used last year. He made reference to some fancy martial art the girl and her father practised. He seemed quite impressed by it,” said Beaumont.

“Come on, that girl is fifteen and small for her age. What, she attacked ten grown men?” He pondered the possibility and it seemed extremely unlikely, if not impossible.

“I can’t explain it, nothing else makes sense. Their boat had every conceivable detector, no person or boat could have got within half a mile of them without them knowing. If Jones had been attacked he would have told me.”

The Chairman hung up on Beaumont. He had begun to remember the story from the year before about the hostage situation at schools around the world and the unexplained release of the students. The rumours afterwards were that ninja type men had freed the students with amazing displays of martial arts.

He tried to call Williams. His phone was off. They must be launching the attack. He was too late. Perhaps he was just being silly. They were Beaumont’s scare stories. But what if they weren’t? Williams and his men would be slaughtered.