Vlad Taltos, Book 6

Steven Brust

For Martin, and it’s about time.



A whole bunch of people read early stages of this book andhelped repair it. They are::

Susan Allison

Emma Bull

Pamela Dean

Kara Dalkey

Fred Levy Haskell

Will Shetterly

Terri Windling

As always, I’d like to humbly thank Adrian Charles Morgan,without whose work I wouldn’t have a world that was nearly so much fun to writeabout.t.

Special thanks to Betsy Pucci and Sheri Portigal forsupplying the facts on which I based certain portions of this book. If thereare errors, blame me, not them, and, in any case, don’t try this stuff at home.e.


Woman, girl, man, and boy sat together, like goodcompanions, around a fire in the woods..

“Now that you’re here,” said the man, “explanations can waituntil we’ve eaten.”