“My boy, I was your age once, so I can understand how you got mixed up with her. She is a pretty, little thing,” John said to Andy. “But I’m also a lot older and wiser than you, so you’ll have to take my word that this girl is not for you. Definitely not. Trust me on this one and you won’t be sorry.”

“But suppose I do agree to cut her loose, Dad?” Andy Branch asked. “What’ll happen to her? She still needs a place to stay.”

“I’m not a hard man,” John Branch said. “I’ll take personal responsibility for finding her something. You don’t need to worry about her.”

“Well, if you say so, Dad,” Andy replied, sighing with relief that he’d gotten out of the mess so easily.

“Then you just have to promise me you won’t try to see her again, and I’ll handle the rest. Do we have ourselves a deal, Son?”

“Yeah, sure, Dad, whatever you say!”

“So it’s settled. Now, here’s ten dollars no, twenty. Go out and have yourself some fun, Son, and forget all about her.”

Andy took his father’s money and left. Then John Branch went to the phone and made a call.

“Get the top floor rooms ready right away,” he instructed the superintendent of the apartment building he owned across town. “A young lady will be moving in early this afternoon. Make it extra nice for her.”

Assured that it would be taken care of, John Branch hung up with a satisfied grin, sure he’d pulled off his sweetest deal since he’d started keeping young women on the side. Then he called the store where he’d sent his latest mistress for a sexy, new wardrobe and gave her the address of her new apartment.

“Yes, everything’s right on schedule. No loose ends,” John said, congratulating himself. John Branch’s confidence, however, was misplaced. For although he’d taken care of Andy, his other son, Greg, was lurking in the hallway, overhearing enough to know the score.

“So,” Greg Branch said to himself, “Pop’s got himself a brand-new mistress. How about that? Wondered when he’d get around to replacing the last one.”

He rubbed his hands together in anticipation. “Well, just guess I’ll have to go over and welcome her into the family!” Greg laughed out loud. “Like I did the last one, when I found out about her!”

He checked his watch. It was a little past noon. If he went over now to that apartment his father used for a love nest, he could be waiting for the latest occupant.

“Mmmm, hope she’s as good a piece as the one before,” Greg said. “But smarter, though. That other bitch was so damned dumb that she really thought she could get Pop to divorce Mom and marry her. Shit, that was guaranteed to get her a one-way ticket out of town. And left me without having that shaved pussy of hers to suck and fuck when Pop wasn’t around.”

A college boy, Greg had trouble fucking his share of co-eds at the Centerville campus of the state university. College girls were just to kill time, however, as far as Greg was concerned. His real kick was getting one of his father’s bought-and-paid-for mistresses to cheat behind the old man’s back.

“Pop thinks money can buy anything!” Greg snickered as he got ready to take stock of his father’s latest possession. “Just doesn’t understand that there’re some things a guy can get for free. Especially when he’s a young stud who’s hung like yours truly!”

Greg dressed to leave. He put on his tightest jeans, the pair that showed off his crotch to the best advantage when it bulged with his big, hard cock – his pride and joy. Twelve inches his cock measured. The only guy in town hung with as much cock was his cousin, Buster.

“And poor Buster,” Greg murmured, “doesn’t have a rich father to keep him in shaved pussy behind the old man’s back the way I do!”

Then Greg was on his way, that huge prick of his already stirring with anticipation in those tight jeans.

Kitty felt like she were walking on a cloud. All that money for new clothes, she thought, just imagine it! Back on the farm, she’d been lucky if she got a new pair of overalls once a year. And now, she even had a place of her own to live, with an elevator to take her up there.

“The top floor, Daddy said,” Kitty said, bubbling with excitement. The fact that John Branch had to be her real father was second nature to her by now. “I can’t wait to see it!”

When she left the elevator, the door to the apartment was open for her. She ran with wings on her feet to it, breathless when she answered. Then she realized that she already had company.

Greg stood there with a lopsided grin on his all-too-familiar face, casually leaning against the wall. Although she’d never seen him before, Kitty would have recognized him anywhere.

“Y-you look exactly the same!” she blurted at the sight of him.

“Same as which one?” he drawled. “The old man or my kid brother, Andy?”

“Both of them!” Kitty choked.

“Then that must make me Greg,” he said. “Greg Branch, at your service.”

“Nice to, uh, meet you. But, well, I think I can handle everything that needs to be done on my own,” Kitty muttered. Then she warily asked, “Does your father know you’re here?”

Greg Branch laughed. “No way! But, then again, what the old man doesn’t know won’t hurt him. And I’d say we have plenty of time to leave him in the dark before he shows up here.”

“Plenty of time… for what?”

“Me and you, baby,” Greg said in a low, forceful voice, abruptly closing the distance between Kitty and himself. “And so you won’t waste your time telling me to get out, let me clue you in on something. All I have to do is tell my mom about Pop’s new girlfriend, and your free ride and I’ll be over before it starts!”

“Blackmail!” Kitty cried.

“Nothing else but, baby,” Greg said. “Now, are you ready to pay my price?”

Kitty didn’t need to ask what that was. The telltale bulge at keg’s crotch told all. He expected to fuck her in return for keeping his mouth shut, Kitty knew. Kitty’s cunt had suddenly caught fire.

“You got one of those shaved pussies my pop digs so much?” Greg asked, keeping Kitty cornered.

“Let me see you first,” Kitty dizzily suggested. “Then I’ll decide what I ought to do.”

“Baby, you’re as good as hooked!” Greg said boastfully.

Without hesitation, he peeled down his skintight jeans. He wore no shorts underneath, so his jutting hard-on abruptly twanged in the open – all twelve, thick, throbbing inches.

Kitty couldn’t contain her response. “Ooooohhhh, God, it’s soooo big! What a big cock!”

“Think you can suck the whole thing, baby? All the way down to my balls?”

Kitty knew that she could. After all, she had done the same to her cousin Buster’s equally huge prick when she’d arrived in town. Before leaving the farm, she wouldn’t have thought it possible to run into two such cocks, but, since she had, one cock was sure good practice for the other.

“I’ll give you a blow-job you’ll never forget!” she cried hornily, temporarily forgetting all about her father in favor of her big brother.

She started to drop to her knees to get into the classic cock-sucking position, but Greg stopped her, holding her upright.

“No, not yet,” he told her. “First I’ve gotta see that pussy of yours. So I can decide if I wanna eat it while you’re going down an my prick!”

Kitty was only too eager to strip for him. Greg, though, took matters into his own hands. In rough, macho style, he ripped the clothes off her body. Caught by surprise, Kitty’s immediate response was to cover herself.

“Wanna bet whether or not my pussy is shaved?” she asked, keeping her hands crossed over her crotch.

“What do I get if I win?” Greg asked. “The best sixty-nine you ever had!”

“And if I lose?”

“The same thing.”

“Sounds fair to me. Yeah, sounding more and more like you’re my kinda girl!”

Kitty let her hands flutter away. And there it was – her hairless pussy – shaved to perfection and as bald as a baby’s ass.

“You like?” she confidently asked. Greg answered by sweeping her off her feet, picking her up and carrying her to the bed. There he stretched her out in all her glory, then straddled her from above, looking down on her shorn cunt.

“Yes, the best sixty-nine you ever had,” Kitty repeated, then angled his hard-on to her mouth to fold her lips around his swollen cock-head.

“Baby, you sure as hell ain’t getting less from me than you’re giving me!” Greg vowed, then took the slurping plunge between her spread thighs.

Deep-throating his cock, Kitty felt his tongue simultaneously squirming in her pussy. God, she thought, it felt like he was turning an oral cock loose in her cunt at the same time she was suck big his prick.

When Greg had reamed her cunt to his tongue’s root, Kitty had swallowed his prick to his balls. The combined penetration unhinged her senses and she climaxed on the spot.

“Oh, baby, you’re cumming!” Greg moaned at her crotch. “I can feel you cumming for me. Taste you cumming…”

His voice trailed off into a thirsty gurgle as he gulped down a generous sample of Kitty’s orgasmic pussy-juice. Meanwhile, she was using her mouth like a second cunt on his cock, making him fuck her mouth.

As much as she came herself, Kitty knew the best part of the sixty-nine for both her and Greg would be when he finally came, too. So, priming his supply of jizz, she squeezed his balls with one hand and finger-fucked his asshole with a surging finger of the other.

“Jesus, baby!” he moaned from the bald nest of her cunt. “You go after a guy’s cum no holds barred, don’t you?”

In reply, Kitty sucked, squeezed and finger fucked all the harder.

“Well, shit, I’m only human,” Greg mowed. “So, baby, you got it!”

His cock erupted at the depths of Kitty’s throat. It took quite a girl to keep up with the amount of scalding jizz which flowed, but Kitty was more than enough cocksucker to get the job done. Every last drop was her goal, and she didn’t let up on her greedy suction until the final dribble from her big brother’s big cocks was warming her belly.

“Damn, you drank it all, didn’t you?” Greg exclaimed, praising her performance, finally pulling out on top of the completed sixty-nine.

“And left you with a hard-on as good as you had in the first place!” Kitty said. “Turn around so we can both look at what kinda shape I kept you in!”

Greg quickly swiveled around, and checked out his cock. Sucked to a bright shade of red, his spit-slicked prick remained nothing less than a raging hard-on.

“Now, that really was the best sixty-nine I’ve ever had!” he readily admitted.

“I always keep a bargain,” Kitty cooed. “And now I’m ready to make another one.”

“Then you know you’re talking to the right guy,” Greg said. “What’s the pitch, baby?”

“The oldest in the world, stud,” Kitty answered. “Fuck me!”

“You’re definitely talking my language!”

“Fuck me, and I’ll give you the best piece of ass you ever had!”

“Just point me in the right direction then, and your bald cunt will be so full of cock you won’t believe I’m not gonna split you in two!”

“How’s that?” Kitty called back. She’d bounced up on all fours like a bitch in heat, spreading her cunt from the rear as the juiciest of possible targets.

“Dog-fuck you, huh?” Greg asked, lining up behind her.

“Just like we’re a couple of muffs in the street!” Kitty declared.

“Say,” Greg said with approval, “along with the rest, you’ve got some dirty mouth on you there. I like that in a chick!”

“Want me to keep talking dirty to you while you dog-fuck me?”

“You know it!”

“Then how’s this? My cunt’s just aching to suck up so much of your big cock that I’ll be able to taste it at the other end?”

“Yeah, baby, yeah!” Greg groaned. “And here goes!”

After fitting the knob of his prick between Kitty’s pussy-lips from the rear, his crotch violently bucked. Like a battering ram, his twelve inches of cock-meat surged into her cunt.

“Oh, your nasty cock’s dog-fucking my poor cunt soooo mean now, stud!” Kitty cried. “Turning me into even a hornier, damned bitch than I visa before! When I cum, watch out, you’ll have to hold on for the wild ride this horny, damned, dog-fucked bitch in heat is gonna give you!”

“Sooner the better!” Greg urged.

“Then give me something extra so I’ll cum quick!” Kitty yelled, her voice hoarse with lust.

“Name it, you horny bitch! Just tell me what, how and where.”

“My asshole! A couple of fingers at least, digging in so deep that I slit all over them! That dirty enough for you, stud?”

“You mean this way?”

“OOohhhh, my God, yessssss!” Kitty squealed with delight, as not just his fingers, but a pair of flexed knuckles jammed up her asshole like another cock fucking her where she shit.

“Then cum, bitch, cum!” Greg demanded. “You always keep a bargain, remember?”

“Do more than just cum for you now!” Kitty gasped. “You’re getting the best of me from both fuck-holes now, ready or not!”

Her fucked cunt orgasmic ally spasmed without delay, oozing female cum along the length of Greg’s hard-on. At the same time, Greg’s knuckled fingers were also drenched, as shit from the depths of Kitty’s gouged asshole flowed like molten lava.

“Yes! I’m cumming and slitting! Shifting and cumming!” Kitty crowed. “Get any better than this for a horny, damned bitch like me! Never felt so fucking dirty in my life!”

“But it can always get dirtier,” Greg said.

Yanking his filthy fingers from Kitty’s shifty ass, he stuck them in her face and dared her to suck them. She went for it, slurping as if she’d never tasted anything more delicious.

“Jeez!” Greg said in awe, making it clear that she’d called his bluff. “Didn’t think you’d really do it!”

Kitty recklessly cried, “Anything! If it’s sex I’ll do anything! Or let it get done to me! And, Goddamn it, the dirtier the better!”

Greg didn’t doubt it for an instant. It was up to him to prove he was stud enough to take full advantage of what Kitty had offered him.

“Well, what’re you waiting for?” she asked impatiently when he didn’t step up the action right away.

“I-I’m thinking!”

“Then just think of the dirtiest thing you can and then damned well do it to me as quick as you can!” Kitty demanded.

Greg murmured to himself, “Yeah, that’s the ticket. Why the hell not?”

She knew where her brother’s cock would go next. And then she got it – all his punishing cock – ramming up her shifter.

“Yes! God, yes!” she shouted. “Fuck my ass with all that prick!”

“Fuck your ass, bitch? Sure!” he hissed, driving his hard-on into her shitty depths. “Except that’s just the half of it. Don’t think I’m gonna forget this, do you?”

Greg abruptly withdrew his cock from Kitty’s ass and plunged his filthy cock straight back up her cunt again.

Kitty pleaded, “Oh, please don’t stop! It’s even better than I expected, but now I won’t settle for anything else! Back and forth, stud, in and out with your big cock fucking both my cunt and asshole at the same time!”

At the peak of his macho powers, Greg turned himself into a human fucking machine. His stamina was limitless and his cock almost a blur, as it pistoned from one fuck-hole to the other, shafting Kitty’s asshole and cunt at such a rapid pace that two guys fucking her couldn’t have done any better.

“I’ve never cum this hard!” she shrieked. “Don’t think any griever has!”

“You can stand it!” Greg said. “Anybody else but you, and she’d probably have already passed out cold. But not a horny, damned bitch like you. ‘Cause no way you’ll go under before I give you the frosting on the cake!”

“What’s that?” Kitty asked.

“My cum!” Greg yelled.

“OOohhhh, stud, you read my mind!” Kitty moaned.

“Then where do you want it? In your cunt? Up your ass?” Greg asked.

Kitty surprised him. “Neither! Come all over me!”

“Then spread it out, bitch!” Greg directed, jerking his cock free of Kitty’s fuck-holes. “And you’re taking a bath in my jizz!”

Kitty rolled over onto her back. She jackknifed her legs all the way back, straddling her head with them. That made her face, her tits, her cunt and spread ass-cheeks multiple targets, ready to be drenched by brotherly jizz.

Greg jacked off the rest of the way. It took about two strokes, then his cum shot in the air, a silvery plume that reached its peak, then rained down.

Kitty’s face got it first. Greg’s hot, splashing cum seemed to melt her grinning features.

Her tits were next. A creamy river ran down between them, traveling along her belly and pooling in her navel.

Then her hairless cunt – gobs of jizz splattered her smooth pussy, decorating it like liquid jewels.

Finally, there was the crack of her spread ass. By the time his cock reached there, Greg’s climax had slowed to a dribble. So Greg lowered the head of his cock into her ass-crack and smeared the last of his jizz around the swollen pucker of Kitty’s shit-pit.

“Well, that’s all there is to that!” Greg wearily sighed, his hard-on collapsing at last. “But it was a helluva ride while it lasted, huh?”

“The best!” Kitty said. “You can come up and see me, mmmm, any old time.”

“While my old man pays the bills!” Greg said in triumph. “What a set-up!”

Kitty glanced up at the clock on the wall.

“Shit!” she blurted with alarm that made her sagging body bolt up at the waist. “He’s gonna be here pretty soon! Greg, you’ve gotta get out of here before he catches us bare-assed in bed together and all hell breaks loose!”

“Hey, I’m gone,” Greg said. “Tomorrow is another day, and I’ll be here when the old man ain’t.”

“And right now I’ve got to take a bath to wash all this cum off me,” Kitty said. “If he wants to fuck me, I’ve got to be clean so he won’t suspect anything funny.”

But as they prepared to part, it was too late for Kitty and Greg. The door to the apartment had just swung open, both of them still on the bed. With nowhere for either, of them to run, they froze in panic and prepared to meet their fate.