If Hal could see me now he would probably die all over again, thought Desiree Patton to herself wistfully as she looked through the window of her trailer out onto the rest of the trailer park. That I, the widow of a Colonel should be living in a trailer park, let alone working in one is a mystery to me… if only I hadn’t lost all Hal’s money.

Upon the death of her older husband, young Desiree had floated off to Europe, taking with her her six year old daughter and a nannie. Now Julia was fourteen and not only did they not have a nannie – they didn’t even have a home to speak of. Desiree never could really understand what happened to her money either, apart from several bad investments the rest seemed to have drifted away from her in Paris, London and Monte Carlo, mostly Monte Carlo. Finally, impoverished and failing to find a rich European husband she had headed back to America only to find life was just as difficult there. Desiree was a reasonable waitress, mostly got jobs because of her face and her body and had emerged to support herself and her daughter in one restaurant and another for several years. Now, living on the trailer park, she worked in the Restaurant-Nightclub on the property itself and for the first time in her life was managing to save a little money – hopefully to get herself a little house, somewhere… she really didn’t care where at this point.

Not that Desiree wasn’t still a voluptuous and seductive woman, she was, it was just that she was tired of moving around and tired of men – men who always wanted her body and never seemed to care beyond that. Until Mitch Holden, that was.

Desiree shivered now as she thought of Mitch, tall, blonde, blue grey eyes, handsome in an ugly sort of way – yet how could they be in love, he was only eighteen and she was thirty-four, it was ridiculous but it was true. Mitch had his own rock and roll group and played every night at the club. Everyone said he was a fantastic musician though and that he would make the big-time eventually. Mitch, every day told her that he didn’t care how long he had to wait, he wanted her body and soul. It made Desiree tremble all over to think that someone loved her that much. Of course her husband Hal had loved her, but then he had been so much older than her – there was no real passion in their relationship, father/daughter was more like it, everyone said so.

Desiree turned to look at herself in the mirror now. Life had been good to her body and face, if not her pocket. Now at thirty-four there was not a sign of age on her lovely face, her blonde, naturally curly hair still had the glisten of corn-silk, her azure blue eyes had the radiance of the sky about them and her body was as firm and toned as when she had been a girl of sixteen. Her breasts were large and melon like but firm and upthrust, her waist was narrow and her limbs, long and shapely – in fact Desiree Patton was quite a package.

Jim Sanders had known that when he had hired her to work as a waitress. Jim’s best customer was Alex Cranston, the Chief of Police, who liked to be waited on by beautiful women and for them to be at his disposal whenever he wanted female company. Alex was too powerful to be slighted and Jim Sanders was very careful to provide him with whatever and whomsoever he wanted. Desiree Patton didn’t know this however, but she was soon to find out.

Desiree looked at the clock, it was almost time to go to the restaurant, where was Julia? Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of knocking on the trailer-door. Desiree opened it to find Mitch Holden standing at her door holding an exquisite bunch of flowers.

“Why Mitch, what a surprise, for me, flowers… oh, I’m touched. Won’t you come in.”

Trembling, the older woman set the flowers in a vase, it had been so many years since a man had given her flowers she was touched deeply. She turned now to look at Mitch who was sitting awkwardly in a chair, staring intently at her. She knew that he was deeply in love with her, it was obvious, what she didn’t know yet was how to handle the situation. She wanted him with her heart and yet her mind was still refusing to give her body the okay!

Desiree Patton didn’t have much time for random thoughts now however, before she knew what was happening, Mitch had crushed her in his arms and was pulling her body insistently into his. She could feel his hard throbbing prick imbedding itself into the soft flesh of her abdomen and belly in undeniable demand, his hands caressing the small of her back and her buttocks through the warm softness of her housecoat.

Desiree whimpered in his arms, not struggling. Ohhhh, she had never wanted anything more in her life than that magnificent shaft pressing into the soft flesh of her belly… she could imagine it slipping inside her… up into the hot, velvety moist channel of her wanting, needing vagina… strong, warm and masculine… bringing her ecstatic peace… entrancing bliss as it plunged and rubbed in and out of her… but… but, she mustn’t… she mustn’t!

He kissed her and played at her lips with the tip of his tongue. She left them open, like ripe grapes to be plucked, and he taunted them, went behind them to her teeth, speared into her mouth, while her hot, sweet breath panted into his face, and his hand slipped inside her housecoat to her breast, massaging, stroking, his finger-tips working ever toward its nipple to caress and roll it teasingly between them.

He was overwhelmed with the full firmness of her breast! His hands were trembling, happy to be so close to her body at long last as they encompassed the fullness of her succulent tits. Christ! He was going to lose his mind! She was like velvet to his touch, yet hot and respondent, and his cock was leaping against the soft warm flesh of her belly. He pulled the tying strip of her robe apart and let his hands run down the length of her slightly delineated ribs to her hips… then smoothed them slowly back over her satin-like buttocks. She came tighter against him with his demand.

Desiree moaned beneath his hands. Her brain swirled madly. Desiree and need fought for the supreme, but the facial aspects of her daughter Julia were over crowding all things… what if she were to come back this moment… Dear God, how she wanted him to bury his beautiful young penis inside the depths of her hungry vagina! Oh, how she needed him… wanted him… loved him!

She felt his hand trail over the softness of her belly… down the strong muscle of her hip and thigh, then over slowly to her mound… through the silky blondness of pubic hair to the very lips of her… her cunt, taunting, feeling, tracing the thin hair-lined slit… then, slipping inside with breathtaking gentleness to find her clitoris throbbing gently in erotic delight.

She clasped her lips to his, open, and her tiny tongue shot into his mouth with all of the fire of a taunted, enraged snake. Again and again, she stabbed into his mouth while he sucked at her tiny, sweet tongue and simultaneously twitted her clitoris between thumb and forefinger… finally sliding down through her moist slit to her vaginal entrance and easing inside, teasing her urethra enroute before he buried the long finger up into the depths of her excited and hot, dilating pussy.

She gasped into his mouth and he knew he was going to fuck her! He was certain of that now! And… and holy Christ… she had wrapped her fingers around his prick through his clothes. He couldn’t breathe!

“Damn!” he gasped and pressed her backwards to the couch while she struggled to keep her thighs together as they folded down onto it.

“Oh… no, darling… darling… we mustn’t… no… No… darling… not now!” she pleaded rapidly, his hot breath suddenly against the soft flesh of her breasts, coming in ever increasing gasps. “P… oh, please… Darling… we mustn’t,” she whimpered hotly down into his face that was kissing and sucking at her breasts, while her arms embraced his head tightly to her.

But it was as if she hadn’t spoken and his hands continued to fondle and graze her tingling flesh, and she gasped aloud to the electric-like sensations surging through her from his probing finger deep inside her wanting vagina, causing her to writhe feverishly beneath his hand.

“Oh… oh please, Mitch… wait… wait,” she begged, but then she heard the metallic whisper of his zipper… and suddenly felt the delicious hard, hot fleshy bluntness pressing against her upper thigh. Dear God! It was his penis and inherently, her body recoiled at its alien touch, even as his finger probed deeper between her legs into the warm, velutinous moisture of her vagina, causing greater intoxicating waves of inner excitement to surge through her, nearly rendering her powerless. She lay as if mesmerized, physically entranced by the pleasurable sensations rippling about wildly inside her… and then he’d taken her hand and placed it on his naked hardened rod, his own hand covering hers and enclosing her fingers around it.

She had compulsively squeezed tight, feeling its hot rigidness give slightly beneath the pressure, and heard and felt him gasp excitedly against her breast, the sounds of her own breathing filling the room as she realized surprisingly the enormity of its size. An anticipating thrill of delight raced through her. She would never have dreamed that he would be so big… so long and thick… her fingers could barely encircle it! And suddenly, she was aware that she was stroking it… massaging the thick outer layer of skin back and forth to the same rhythm he had established with his finger deep inside her moist, receptive channel.

Oh… oh… there was no stopping him now! She’d let him go… even encouraged him beyond that final stopping point… and now, her whole body trembled passionately, hungrily, in the enchantment of the moment, as did his, pressed tightly against her and in her hand. She squirmed blissfully beneath his finger sinking ever deeper into her cunt, so moist from the juices he had stimulated there. She felt it seeping from her vaginal lips, moistening her entire crotch, even to the cleft between her round buttocks; and then it dawned fully upon her what they were doing… and Julia could walk in on them any moment… she couldn’t let her daughter see her this way, and with an eighteen year old boy at that…! She just couldn’t…

His prick jerked in her hand at every stroke, and as he increased his maddening, pleasure-inciting thrusts up into her, so did she quicken and lengthen the pumping of her slender hand clutching tightly at his throbbing, erect shaft of flesh, feeling it grow and grow beautifully into unbelievable male hardness.

Perhaps it was his sudden squirming on top of her, trying to open her legs, that helped restore her wits, or maybe it was simply the reaction of strong religious convictions that children shouldn’t see adults making love thrusting its way through the ecstatic delirium of forbidden pleasure clouding her mind; whichever, she clamped her strong naked legs together tightly, her thighs clasping his stiff, pulsing cock between them, while she struggled frantically on top of her to get the blood-filled top of his prick into the moist opening of her excited and passion dilated cunt.

“No… no, Mitch! No, we can’t… we mustn’t!” she hissed up at him, her teeth clenched as she writhed and struggled with every ounce of resistance she could muster, clasping his hot, hard rod tightly as it strained to enter her, its smooth nozzle splaying the soft lips of her throbbing cunt, inching ever forward from the weight and force of his near-insane attempt at penetration. “My God, no! You can’t, darling… please!” she cried again, as she squeezed and writhed furiously; then, she felt it lurch still within her clutching fingers and heard his uncontrollable gasp of frustrated ecstasy.

He groaned and grunted and she felt the thick hot stream of his sperm shoot from its jerking head, saturating her tingling vulva, the palpitating open lips of her vagina and the surrounding blonde pubic hair, until she was drenched with the warm, viscous liquid, even to the inner sides of her soft white thighs, dribbling wetly down between her legs to moisten the couch beneath her passion-dampened buttocks.

She had lain perfectly still and held him tightly all through it, feeling his body convulse on top of her while his organ pumped spasmodically in her slender hand, heard him emit his final groan of release… then, he seemed to collapse all over her, his penis growing limp almost immediately.

She knew that he was ashamed and horrified at his behavior as she heard him sobbing uncontrollably into her comforting breast. He’s such a boy still, she thought tenderly to herself and yet I love him so much. Oh God! How I love him and want to fulfill myself with him. It’s so difficult to know what to do, I’m tom in two about him… one part of me wants to give myself to him totally and the other half feels guilty about it. I wish I knew what to do, I wish to God I wasn’t so confused about this whole thing.

Desiree leaned over the young boy and started to whisper sweetly into his ear, telling him of her love for him and her caring, telling him to be patient with her that in good time they would be together in the way that he wanted. She felt an enormous sigh of relief flood through his body at her words and she knew that he understood. He was such a boy, but he understood. She ran her hands lovingly through his long blonde hair and kissed the top of his head.

“Darling,” she said tenderly, “I’ve got to go to work now and so have you… we’d better pull ourselves together.”

Mitch rose now, drying his eyes, kissing Desiree’s hands gently, “I’m yours Desiree, I’m yours,” he whispered hoarsely, “I’m yours!”


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