Alex Cranston was ecstatic, he had Desiree totally helpless beneath his body, his powerful throbbing rod of flesh was plunged between her obscenely split legs and she was mewling and bucking like the whore he knew she was. He knew that she was digging it though, despite her pleas for him to stop, he could tell by the way she was writhing beneath him that she wanted as much of his prick as she could get inside her hungry cunt.

“I can’t stand it…” she mewled, “please Chief no more, no more… I can’t… I can’t…” she begged. Then she felt him raise his heavy weight off her, his hands pressing her shoulders tightly to the davenport-cushions, his widespread knees forcing her thighs wider apart, until the blood-engorged head slipped further into her pressing hard against her cervix… and then, slowly, he began to rub in and out of her, picking up speed as he worked, at last buffeting her whole body back and forth like a rag-doll beneath him while he fucked furiously into her.

“Oh, please Chief… I-I can’t stand it… oh, pleeeaaaseee!” the helpless young widow pleaded as the older man forced his huge blood-engorged cock further and further into her defenseless pussy-hole!

His fingers began to trace a pattern on her face now, over her sensitive mouth feeling her lips drawn back over her teeth. He looked down and heard her emit incoherent little whimpers from deep in her throat as he continued to caress her neck as his rampaging cock battered against her tender womb, and her blonde hair cascading wildly over the cushions. God! She was beautiful!

That punk Holden could never give her what I’m giving her now, he thought to himself… I bet her husband never gave it to her really good either. She needs this, she needs to be really fucked this woman, I can tell, she really needs me! Her cunt’s like a virgin’s too, he thought gleefully running his hand down between them to feel his own pubic hair meshing with her golden curls, while the head of his heavy solid prick tunneled deep into the coral split that his tongue had licked to a moist rapture only a few minutes before. He could see the tight lips of her cunt stretched to the near ripping point, the elasticized inner pink rim clasping tightly around the white-skinned base of his cock like a hungry sucking mouth.

He held her like this for a moment, savoring the sensuous, imagined scene of her rare beauty impaled helplessly and defenselessly beneath him, his huge cock entombed deeply in her white little quivering belly. Christ, the feel of her there, hopelessly subjected to his any and every lurid whim made his cock throb and ache, and his heavy balls churn with the pressure that was building inside them. Damn her, he was going to give her a suck she’d remember as long as he lived!

Desiree lay frozen beneath him, helpless! She’d already concluded there was absolutely no mercy in the man, that to beg further was utterly useless. He was nothing short of a sadist. Dear God, how could she have been so erotically swayed in the beginning…? He’d become a lust-filled brute, and there was nothing she could do but lay there under him and degradingly let him ravish her until he’d emptied all of his lewd sperm into her cringing vaginal passage. Oh God… Oh God, what had ever come over her that she had willingly given into this, without even so much as a struggle? Mitch… Julia…? Was anything or anyone worth this horror? She must have lost her wits entirely. Oh… how lewd and debasing it all seemed now, with the pain that filled her loins, instead of the bliss of such a short time ago. She’d been hypnotized by the carnal enchantment… had completely lost all sense of morality, or reality… and now, was paying. Oh Hal… Oh Hal… why did you die and leave me all those years ago… why… why?

The vicious hot pain of his cruel entry still tore fiercely at her insides; yet, his massive cudgel was presently moving in and out of her at a reasonable, not unbearable tempo… if only he didn’t increase it, or change it in a sudden burst of lust. She flexed her cuntal muscles tightly together in an automatic attempt at resistance and was immediately sorry, for the sensual throb of her internal sinews seemed to incite him more, and abruptly, his great prick was reaming its way deeper and deeper into her unwanting vaginal passage. She felt the walls of her recoiling cunt clinging to it like a sleeve of vibrant warm liver… and then the hard rubbery tip pummeled her cervix, and helplessly, she clenched her teeth and endured it.

It fucked in and out of her in an established rhythm she forced herself to adjust to, the pain lessening slowly, while her cuntal walls stretched desperately in their attempt to receive it, until finally, she thought she could actually feel the tickling hairs of his hairy balls as they slapped solidly into the crevice of her widespread ass when he surged into her, and subconsciously she began to run her tongue around her feverish lips. They returned then, those first sensations of passion… galvanic tingles of lewd desire coursing through her veins, arousing licentious little chills that began to creep along the base of her spine as she felt the even measured cadence of the Chief of Police’s great cock skewering wetly into her upturned loins.

Spontaneously, it seemed, her body began to twitch and writhe of its own volition beneath him, and she heard the small mewling noises escaping her lips, an incessant sound that hummed up into the moistness of his mouth as suddenly he kissed her, and once again she was thrusting her tongue deep into the sucking warm cavern of his face. Unconsciously, she drew back her legs slightly, her buttocks moving voluntarily against the slippery softness of the cushions beneath, and her cunt contracted as the delightfully lewd and lascivious inner sensations increased with his every stroke.

Alex felt her urgent answering throbs around the length of his buried prick. Her smooth clasping cunt-flesh had begun a seizured opening and closing performance around the pulsating member. Her pleasurable mewling and purring sounds were suddenly filling the room, and her head lolled from side to side on the cushion beneath his cock sunk deep in her soft, white belly. He clenched his teeth tightly together as he felt her incited nibbling crotch screwing itself up closer against his hair-covered loins. Shit… she was getting it now!

Desiree didn’t try to understand the new wave of entrancement saturating her whole thing. She was only aware that all pain had left her… had given way to a maddening electric-like tingle that began deep within her womb and spread relentlessly over the raw nerve-ends of her flesh. She was a mass of exquisite moisture between her thighs, and he was undulating and rotating her hips around his fleshy, impaling cock, feeling her cunt dilating and sucking in tempo to his rhythmic throbs. He had suddenly made himself immobile once more, resting still above her with hands placed on either side of her shoulders, and he was letting her quivering body pump up and down at will on the rigid column of hot moist flesh that fused them together.

The Chief of Police moved a hand down between them to feel her moist, grasping cunt sliding up and down his thick shaft, feeling the thin pink ridges of coral-hued flash pulling out and clinging to it as she screwed her soft buttocks down into the cushion, then the salacious pussy mouth between her legs absorbing the delicate folds back into her as it swallowed the slippery glistening length of his prick on the slow tantalizing upstroke. He let her work and strain against him a while longer as he continued to run his fingertips over her, listening to her whimpers of uncontrolled delight while she labored with utter abandon, her sweat-filmed face contorted in a half-smile of sheer ecstasy.

Fuck, she was all gone now… completely lost, Alex gloated, feeling her naked body increase its hungry gyrations and up and down motions, faster and faster with the passion of each second, the urgency of her thrusts against him more pronounced, and his fingertips found her lust-bared teeth chewing at her swollen lower-lip as she strained uncontrollably toward orgasm. He sensed the secretions of her sucking cuntal channel beginning to flow and heard the wet, sluicing noises of the in and out sawing movements as she skewered her hungry vaginal passage greedily up his cock, drawing it deep inside her, her back raised high off the couch to arch her crotch tight up against him.

It was then that she reached back, grasping her ankles and levering them brutally up over her shoulders, causing her to cry out as he forced her into a painfully contorted ball of helpless flesh beneath him. He held her there securely, making the widespread slit between her legs completely open and vulnerable to his lust-filled cock.

Half mad, now, with desire, Alex pulled his deeply buried shaft from her until only its tip penetrated the flushed, swollen lips… then, he plunged forward with every ounce of strength in him, ramming the full, aching length of it cruelly into her helplessly exposed vagina.

“Uuuuuunnnnnnnggggghhhhhh!” Desiree groaned as it raced into her, and she heard and felt the wet smack of his pelvis battering against her tender unprotected genitals. His heavy body dropped down upon her brutally, crushing her full, taut breasts beneath her knees into her chest. His thick cock rampaged into her receptive cunt like a jack-hammer pushing the unresisting moist folds of flesh again and again in rippling waves before its smooth, rubbery head.

Alex began long, hard strokes into her seething vaginal channel, and the quivering lubricated walls clasped around the fleshy hot rod hungrily, slithering up moistly to devour its length to the hilt. His sperm-bloated balls slapped into the dampness between her buttocks with a vengeance. She groaned loudly in relief at the complete filling of her stretched passage as he began a more powerful deep thrusting into her grinding cunt. Her head rolled wildly from side to side, her mouth gasping in abandoned ecstasy to the unbelievable delight lifting her into the very heavens above…

Suddenly, Desiree realized that this was it! This was it! His cock, ever-expanding, gouging into her like a huge driving piston, was making the cords in her neck tighten in an unmistakable sign of exploding pleasure. She was… for the first time in her life… she was going to! And she could think of nothing but the enormous, agonizing sweet buildup inside her!

“Oh… oooooohhhhh… God… Oh God! I-I am! I’m going to cum now! Oh darling, I’m going to cummmmm! Yes… yes… dear God… hard, yes fuck me hard. Fuck me… fuck me harder… I’m cummminggg! Darling! I’m cummmmmmmmiiinnnnnnggggggg!” Desiree pleaded in a voice shrill with passion, her hands clawing out and behind his driving buttocks, pulling him in a near-demented frenzy deeper and deeper between her widespread legs.

Her delicious cunt-walls opened into a myriad of tiny wells, emitting a warm flood of gushing, honey-like secretions to bathe his insanely plunging cock, as might a hand filled with heated Vaseline. He rammed harder, faster, grunting loudly as he burrowed deep, deep into the hot liquid depths of her seething, spewing cunt, and the white honey seeped wetly out around his still battering prick, flowing down the crevice of her ass and coating his balls as they whacked rhythmically against her throbbing anus.

“Oh… oh… oh, darling!” Desiree chanted, twisting and writhing delightfully beneath him, spurring him on to force her tortured legs farther and farther back over her head and fucking into her like a blind mad-man. Her brain swam in a colorful kaleidoscope of ecstasy as she continued to grunt out her climax, the thick flow of her white nectar gushing in never ending little rivers down the full quivering cheeks of her pumping ass.

Then, she felt Alex jerk, tense and curse, followed by the hot jets of his semen shooting deep up into the sanctuary of her receptive womb. Again, her head reeled, this time with depraved sensuality, as the hot, powerful squirts of his sperm splattered wildly into her, filling her almost to a delicious bursting point with its sticky whiteness while the hot moist walls of her vagina clasped and unclasped desperately, milking at the jerking organ like a sucking, starving mouth…

All that could be heard now in the room was the ragged sound of their panting breath, Desiree felt her body tremble and then she felt all the life drain out of it as the ecstasy of the moment began to creep away and the reality of the situation began to take hold.

The Chief of Police looked at her now, this young widow who had given him so much more than any other woman had ever given him. “You’re the greatest Desiree, the greatest,” he whispered tenderly to her, allowing a part of himself that he kept hidden to emerge suddenly.

Desiree looked at the older man and knew that she had touched him very deeply. God! Her body felt like mush, she could hardly move, let alone stand up. It was true that he had given her the fucking of her life and yet she didn’t love him… she liked to fuck with him, but she didn’t love him. She loved Mitch, she knew that for sure now and yet she also knew that she was trapped in this weird situation.

The older man rose now, and poured himself a large scotch and soda, sighing deeply as he did so. Desiree had moved him and suddenly he was back with his beautiful wife again when she was alive, in the days when he had love and fucking in the same woman. It would never be that way for him again, he knew it somehow, he didn’t know why… but no woman ever could match up to his beautiful wife… no woman, not even Desiree. Besides she was in love with the punk Holden and he knew it, I might have given her a good fucking but it’s that kid she wants, I can feel it, he thought bitterly to himself. Still, she had serviced him well, what could he complain about. He reached into his wallet and pulled out a couple of hundred dollars.

“Here baby, a little something for you. Keep your mouth shut and come again, there’s more where that came from,” he said gruffly.


Desiree took the money, brushing back the voice of her conscience which told her she shouldn’t do it. She rolled it up and as she was pulling back on her costume she stuffed it into the inside of her bra. What’s done is done, she thought wistfully to herself, I can’t go back now, I’m in deep and I have Mitch and Julia to think about!


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