“Rip, get in here,” commanded Alex Cranston to his dog and at his bidding the enormous German Shepherd slunk into the trailer.

“Now we’re all here,” the Chief of Police sneered.

It was at that moment that young Julia Patton came out of the bathroom, totally unaware of what was going on inside her home. As soon as he saw her Mitch tried to head her off to tell her to run for help but Jim Saunders saw him and thrust his fist into his jaw causing Mitch to fall to the floor helpless.

“Mom, what’s happening,” cried out young Julia in distress.

Immediately Jim Saunders grabbed her and gagged her mouth, dragging her over to the Chief of Police. Julia had slipped on her bathrobe but was totally naked underneath it.

“So this is your little baby, Desiree… some baby,” Alex Cranston chuckled as he looked at the succulent young girl trembling before him.

“Bring her closer Jim,” he grinned lewdly, spreading his legs on the bed so that Julia could see his obscenely naked hairy loins and huge genitals completely exposed before her.

Julia couldn’t believe what her eyes were actually witnessing, and suddenly she wanted to cry out and run to her mother but her wrists were still caught by the club owner. But then, the other man’s hands caught her wrist and gently drew her to him, while his other big hand began to move over her body. His hands were light and gentle as they moved over her body, feeling and squeezing… her breasts, her waist, her thighs, legs and buttocks, and once more the strange sensations she had experienced with Mitch rippled through her, even as she trembled apprehensively before him.

“She’s quite a baby, Jim… almost as good as her mother,” grinned Alex Cranston sadistically.

“No… oh my God… no, Alex, don’t touch her,” pleaded Desiree. “You promised me you wouldn’t harm my child.”

“And you promised me you wouldn’t step out on me. You broke your promise baby,” growled Alex unreasonably.

“I’ll do anything you want me to Alex, but don’t touch Julia,” sobbed Desiree looking over to Mitch, who still lay unconscious on the floor. “Please don’t touch her Alex, she’s a virgin, don’t touch her,” she sobbed.

“Ah, all the better, hear that Jim, she’s a virgin,” grinned Alex Cranston lewdly. “Now it’s been many a year since I’ve had a virgin.”

Desiree Patton began to sob uncontrollably now and lurched forward to beat her fists on the Chief of Police but Jim Saunders was too fast for her, he grabbed her and carried her over to the bed, producing some rope from his pocket and a small knife he bound the struggling woman to the bed, spread-eagling her legs so that even in her skimpy costume the tiny slit of her vagina could be seen peeking from the crotch-band of her panties.

“Alright Jim,” sneered Alex Cranston, “how about we have a mother-daughter party.”

“No, no,” screamed Desiree wildly, trying with all her might to free herself from her bonds.

“It’s alright Mom, don’t worry, it’s alright,” the young girl sobbed thinking of how she had almost killed her mother earlier by making love with her young lover.

Alex Cranston was reflective for a moment, deep inside of his heart he was sad. He had begun to love Desiree in a way that he hadn’t felt for a woman since his wife died, but the years of hanging out at the club and using and abusing women as he pleased had warped him. All sense of reason had left him and now the only thing that he could think of was to revenge Desiree. He was angry because she didn’t love him, he knew that when he fucked her he gave her what no man had ever given her and yet her heart still belonged to the young punk who was unconscious on the floor. He felt as if a knife had been thrust through his heart. He had almost fallen for Desiree but thankfully he had caught himself in time… she was just like all the other women he had fucked in his life… no good… she was a cunt, just like all the rest. He would revenge her, he would ravish her virginal daughter!

“Tie that bastard up, in case he wakes,” Alex commanded Jim Saunders. “Now come here my dear,” he smiled to the virginal young Julia.

Julia Patton knew what was about to happen and she knew that she would go through with it, it would be her payment for what she had done to her mother, she would atone herself this way, atone herself fully!

“I’m ready,” Julia said, throwing off her bathrobe to reveal her voluptuous young body to the hungry eyes of the older man.

Jim Saunders was stripping now and was moving in on the still writhing Desiree. He pulled her panties down and started to worm his hungry cock in between her thighs. Oh God! Strike Alex Cranston dead, thought Desiree wildly to herself as she felt herself being ravished by the club owner… strike him dead God!

“Come closer baby,” Alex Cranston said to the fourteen year old virgin and Julia did as she was told. He reached out his huge, sensitive hands and caressing and massaging her breasts, tweaked her nipples into startling hardness… moving down her quivering belly… her hips… her buttocks, her suddenly, hot thighs… smoothing up and down them tenderly.

“Christ… you’re as soft as velvet… how old did you say you were?” he groaned.

“F-fourteen,” gasped Julia, her breathing increasing beneath the stimulating touch of his unbelievably sensitive hands, the wild little fermentations racing through her belly and loins once more… then he was moving those hands toward her vagina… she closed her eyes tightly and lifted her chin as his fingers moved downward to taunt the silken patch of sparse young pubic hair covering her mound, this time, his finger was lightly tracing, teasing the tight pink slit of her snug pussy lips between her legs.

Julia couldn’t hold back the tiny moan that fell from her lips as she unconsciously pressed her pelvis forward and felt his middle finger trail down the length of her vaginal split, separating the soft curled strands of hair as it went, then penetrating slowly, gently into her, massaging at the small elasticized channel mouth… finally, slipping up into the little moist opening of her maiden-head.

“Oh… oh,” she gasped, looking in the direction of her mother but not seeing her… his magnificent hands were too much…!

“You’re a virgin all right,” Alex said suddenly, his finger still inserted inside her tight moist passage, and he could feel the reaction of her strong young cuntal muscles sucking at his finger as a shudder passed over her luscious body and his huge cock jerked into an upright position.

“Okay baby, raise that beautiful ass of yours up in the air… so… right!”

Julia had no idea what the older man was going to do and she followed his instructions blindly.

“Alright Rip, now! Fuck Rip. Fuck!”

Julia knelt in near-petrified, confused terror as the massive animal padded behind her, while she tried to observe the vile abuse being inflicted upon her mother. Alex still held tightly to her wrists and her face was only inches away from his massive, ugly rod towering up from his hairy loins. Dear God, she didn’t want to look at that horrible thing, nor that huge bag banging between his legs… but the sheer agony she felt at seeing her mother being subjected to such sadistic lascivious treatment was as bad. Oh Lord! Now Jim Saunders was trying to shove his prick into her mom’s beautiful bottom… and her mother was just tying there on her belly with her thighs wide-spread, her buttocks raised slightly up off the bed up at him… not fighting him… just submitting to his fiendish rape! Dear God! Oh! Oh! What was that?

Julia choked back a scream, the blood suddenly icing in her veins as she felt something cold and wet slipping back between her own buttocks… then, moving downward toward the tight and completely defenseless slit of her upraised vaginal lips. She stiffened and jerked at the spasmodic cold wet touches against her sensitive genitals, but when the great dog growled warningly, she realized it was his nose. Oh… oh… what further piece of degradation was this? He was sniffing at her as if she were another animal… a female dog in heat. She lifted her head, then realized the futility of looking up at her tormentor as the cold, searching nose suddenly rubbed wetly against her tiny, cringing anus.

My God! My God! What’s he going to do to me? she thought helplessly.

A split second later, she knew. His long tongue snaked out and licked wetly up and down the crevice surrounding her snug little rectum, the tip burrowing slightly into the outer, fleshy anal ring. She waggled her buttocks uncontrollably at the taunting sensation and heard the brute’s responsive growl. A tremor of fear rippled through her as she reasoned that she must remain still… not antagonize him. Again, the long length of hot, moist flesh touched her and she felt him beginning to lap greedily at the tight fissure between her spread thighs. He ran his tongue fluidly through her crotch from the snugly puckered little anus down over the clasped pink edges of her pussy, reaching to the tiny pulsing bud of her clitoris. Then, his thick lingual member had opened her, spreading through her soft, sparsely fleeced vaginal lips like a honed blade through butter. It laved relentlessly between her opened thighs, pausing only occasionally to lunge in a curl into the tight mouth of her caste vagina. Oh Lord, she couldn’t believe what was happening, nor the effect it was having on her. She stared over at her mother who was now lying on her back on top of Jim and she saw his cock thrust right up her beautiful mother’s soft, round buttocks. His hands clutched and dug into the satiny flesh of her belly, while she lay obscenely sprawled, her lovely head almost draping over his shoulder, her mouth open, her eyes clenched tightly shut. Then Julia saw in horror that Jim Saunders had a big fat thing that looked like a man’s cock in his hand, what was he going to do…? Oh God! He was ramming that between her widespread legs now… it was like she was being fucked by two men at once. Oh Mitch… wake up and save us, groaned Julia inwardly as she watched insane feelings surging through her own body from her own cruel ravishment.

She groaned aloud now as Rip’s tongue shot into the moist tight channel of her vagina to graze her maiden-head, squirming into her like a scared lizard, ravishing her exposed vaginal orifice mercilessly. And at that precise moment, unknown, wild, galvanic sensations burst inside her and she whimpered loudly as she involuntarily lowered her face and lips to the naked flesh of the Chief of Police’s hard thigh.

Alex Cranston was jubilant – the little bitch was beginning to yield, he knew she would – no woman or girl could hold out long with Rip’s tongue in their cunt. “Now, Rip! Fuck, boy! You hear? Fuck!”

Julia felt as if she were in some strange befogged coma of rapture. Her loins and belly had begun to chum warmly, alive with atom-like prurient tingles she had never thought existed. Neither her mother nor Mitch could any longer claim a place in her mind, even though she tried desperately to think of them, but the beautiful animal’s tongue had licked and stroked all superfluous things into near-oblivion. She was lost in her own enchantment.

Desiree groaned audibly as she lay on top of Jim Saunders, he, outstretched beneath her, her back tight against his stomach and chest, her legs splayed out obscenely on the outside of his, while his massive, throbbing cock was interred to its entirety up into the very recesses of her bowels. She was hopelessly impaled, as though sitting on a giant pulsating stake of torture. She tried to think of Julia, but the pain wouldn’t permit it. Her mind wouldn’t function…

Jim Saunders jammed the dildo he was holding further up into Desiree’s pussy now, pushing her already wide-spread thighs even further apart. “How does this feel in your pussy you sexy bitch?” he hissed through clenched teeth.

“Ooooohhh!” groaned Desiree, his words falling against unhearing ears as the thick dildo slithered lizard-like up into her cuntal passage until she felt she couldn’t bear it any longer. She wailed loudly, both from the agony of being caught between these two cocks thrust deep into her soft tender body, with only the slightest wall of flesh between rectum and vagina separating their hard, fleshy shafts… and from the shame of it all.

Mitch Holden was beginning to come back to consciousness and could hardly believe the sight before his eyes, his beloved Desiree was being fucked by Jim Saunders, his hot prick was pummeling up into her asshole with sadistic, vicious strokes and at the same time he was plunging an enormous dildo up into her tender, moist pussy. The glistening pair of twin pricks were ramming into her lewdly stretched passages like pile-drivers, and his own inflamed, lust-crazed eyes stared excitedly at the lengthy wet cocks, moist from her cuntal secretions, fucking like crazy in an harmonious cadence into her.

He gaped at the frayed, coral edges of Desiree’s pussy being extracted with the enormous dildo that Jim Saunders was plunging deep into her belly. The same sight caught his eye with Jim’s vicious cock sucking down out of her, tugging the tight ridges of her hungrily clasping asshole with it, then fluidly soaring back up into her as he heaved upward until his balls were wedged tightly into the cleft of her beautiful, yielding ass-cheeks…

But Christ almighty! What was happening to Julia? She was on her knees between Cranston’s open legs and the Goddamned dog was mounting the spread moons of her firm young buttocks that he’d almost gotten to, paws wrapping around her waist as if the beautiful girl were its mating bitch… and he could see the glistening, scarlet dog-prick slipping from its huge sheath, dripping freely, its tapering point jerking and dancing as the brute hunched in close to her, endeavoring to bury the pink, lean tip and the thickening shaft into her young, virginal body! Shit, the Goddamned fucking beast was going to get her cherry!

Julia felt her belly constrict while she knelt in a fearful, half-mesmerized daze; she sensed Rip mounting her, his soft furry body crowding in toward her trembling buttocks, his forelegs clutching at her hips powerfully. His beautiful tongue had rekindled the wild sensations in her young unviolated loins… sensations she had first felt with Mitch but even more-so now than from Mitch’s short and gentle ministrations, and she found herself sobbing when she looked back, shifting her quaking, round ass-cheeks in an effort to try to capture the lengthening animal prick. Oh Lord, she wanted the long slippery organ inside her… had to have it inside her to quell the insane tingling spasms that were continually increasing within her chaste young pussy.

Intrinsically, she reached down between her wide spread thighs, grasping the wet shaft and causing Rip to half-growl half-whimper, while she tried to place the pointed nozzle at the tiny mouth of her passion-flushed, moist vaginal opening, hardly realizing what she was doing in her bewildered sensuous coma.

Immediately, the great animal thrust and Julia screamed!

“Eeeigghhh!” she cried out in shocked disbelief, then with a twisting lurch she tried to shake the impaling rod of animal flesh out of her pierced cunt as the total agony of her feral assault raced madly from the core of her body to her brain. The goring spear had ripped her wide open, she knew and the blood was streaming from her! She’d felt the thin membrane of her hymen give way before the ferocious onslaught with a renting stab of pain, and she was certain the brute had tom the horribly expanded little opening of her vaginal hole.

But her efforts to free herself were in vain, for Rip’s fierce growl filled her ears while his hairy forepaws clutched possessively at her waist, thrusting, thrusting, spreading her vaginal passage open wider and wider as he hammered his long animal-cock deep up inside her tight, pulsing, hot channel.

Mitch watched in lascivious fascination, as the thick, scarlet canine shaft slithered forward with a wet charge until it was sunk almost to the hilt, the dog’s hairy black balls swinging beneath Julia’s damp, hair-lined crotch. He watched the animal buck frenziedly at the moaning girl’s lovely, trembling buttocks, attempting to skewer her onto the last remaining inches of the still growing pole of his huge glistening cock…

Desiree was unaware of all around her. Shamed and aching, her head tossing back and forth against Jim’s chest, she felt only a great heat and splitting at her loins. She felt super defiled, and every part of her seemed to be at those two great holes that were being tunneled into. Her lips opened and closed in torment. Occasionally, she tried to flatten her hips, or draw her buttocks in to lessen the pain of her anus, but then she was aware only of the tightening of her vagina, and the extra pain which followed from the relentless entry of the plunging dildo in Jim Saunders’ hand.

Oh God! God help me! she groaned inwardly while she was buffeted between the two cocks. She felt debased beyond all reason, and that the ravaging of her body had been going on since the beginning of time.

Then… then… the very helplessness of her obscene position raced through her mind, and the licentious mental vision of being fucked by one lewd man and an equally lewd dildo simultaneously began to luridly excite her, causing a sudden masochistic hunger to agitate her belly, and a low, ecstatic moan broke from her lips. Subconsciously a fire stormed through her and she began to wildly undulate her buttocks and squeeze with both cuntal and anal muscles at the swollen, hard, thick cocks boring into her…

Her daughter, hung on a mental plane of unfathomable pleasure-pain, kneeling between the powerful, naked hairy thighs of the Chief of Police, her now passion-glazed eyes flicking open at intervals to see his towering, heavy-veined prick standing rigidly mere inches from her face, the sight of it no longer repelling her. At first, Rip’s vicious animal-rape into her virginal passage had nearly blinded her with the excruciating pain from the enormous shaft bursting into her, pushing the velvety, resistant flesh of her tight young vagina before it, until in seconds he had rammed it all the way up inside the warm, moist channel. And as he continued to piston into the softness of her upturned buttocks, she could feel his silky hair brushing excitingly against them; she was impaled to the fullest on his wonderful animal-cock and suddenly reveling in new-found joy at its unnatural possession of her vestal cunt.

She breathed a moan of bliss from her sudden, lust-slackened lips and she began to move rhythmically backwards to meet Rip’s superb, panting thrusts. His forelegs clung to her soft, white hips like powerful furry arms; she began to undulate her body, rotating her buttocks in carnal little circles, giving herself fully to the erotic delight of the bestial fucking this splendid dog was pounding into her from the rear.

She wished there was someway she could watch his pleasure giving cock disappearing inside her clasping pussy, but she could only picture the debauched sight, and the mere thought of their unnatural coupling sent never-before salacious exultation soaring through her sensually aroused and deflowered young body. She saw her large, taut breasts, one hanging fully to the cushion between Alex’s legs, the other pressed tightly against the hard, hot flesh of his thigh, its nipple tingling vibrantly as she rubbed it against his hairy skin, her torso writhing and perspiring as she worked to move in cadence with the breathtaking, rampaging prick that was ever growing larger and larger… continually expanding inside her entire passage to her belly. She visualized it sliding deeper… deeper into the forever-stretched mouth of her clinging pussy, a relentless, steaming shaft of glistening flesh lunging beautifully into her moist pink cunt.

Then, she felt the Chief of Police’s hand brushing through her hair and she looked up at him, opening her eyes. He smiled down at her and took his cock in his other hand, stroking it slowly, lewdly, while she watched, luridly captivated by the spectacle of the thick foreskin moving up and down over the blunt, purplish head. Smoothly his big hand slipped beneath her wealth of hair, easing behind her neck and head… he was drawing her face downward… down toward the huge mushroomed-knobbed shaft and she could see a small drop of clear liquid seeping from the moist split at its tip.

“Lick it Julia honey,” he whispered. “Lick it like a cherry lollipop. Take it in your hand… don’t be afraid… hurry!”

Abruptly a maddening excitement and desire welled up inside her and slowly, Julia’s small hand moved forward to encircle the great, spearing rod. She felt him writhe and heard him groan to her touch as she drew back the foreskin from the glistening head the way he had done, exposing the pulsing glans, then, manipulating the outer flesh up and down, fascinated with the thick, hot feel of it in her near-dwarfed hand, her fingers hardly going around it; then, she lowered her beautiful face as if magnetized by the massive phallic wonder… until her lips were but a fraction of an inch from touching it. She heard him groan once more, while Rip fucked furiously into her now enraptured cunt from behind, spurring her on as she sucked in her breath and flicked out her tiny tongue to bring it into warm contact with the soft, rubbery tip. She swirled it around slowly, wetly, experimentally, while he twisted and jerked beneath her taunting, until her tongue-tip finally found the little split at its end and wriggled into it.

Julia tasted the pungent tang of the droplets of seminal fluid oozing from it and immediately a new, more enchanting ripple of pleasure coursed through her while her young nostrils flared excitedly. Her hand smoothed down over the rock-hard shaft to the velvety flesh at its heavy base, then downward to his smooth, great testicles and she drew her nails gently beneath them, then weighed them in the palm of her soft warm hand, while with her other one she skinned the thick foreskin back until the ponderous head stood sleek and naked… and she lowered her wanting lips slowly, encompassing the spongy head between them, letting it rub along the full length of her tongue as her wet, ovalled mouth went down and down and down onto it.

The Chief of Police, grunted above her rising and lowering head; he began a slow rolling with his strong hips, sliding his thick, lecherous cock in and out of her youthful mouth with a wet sucking sound, guided by his hand behind her head and entangling now in her long blonde hair. He saw the puffing of her soft cheeks beneath him and her head bobbing on the end of his prick while her whole supple, satiny body quivered from the powerful jolts of Rip’s plunging cock smashing into her sweet, tender young cunt from behind. Christ! This was the ultimate! He shoved his throbbing shaft upward between her receptive, sucking lips with a vengeance, his grin widening with each thrust into her hungrily ovalled little mouth.

Julia couldn’t resist the sudden, delicious thrill of the Chief of Police’s cock in her mouth. Her brain reeled ecstatically and her body was alive with sheer sensual bliss, even though she hardly felt human… more of a mass of sweating, lust-deranged flesh that wanted to be weirdly subjugated. She was actually reveling in the debasement of being fucked this first time in her life, and from behind by a beautiful panting animal, while she sucked his master’s cock! She ground her buttocks hard back against his hairy, battering body and felt the tiny rivulets of moisture building in the crevice between her ass-cheeks, sensing them dribbling down the backs of her smooth inner thighs, while the mounting pressure in her belly and loins signaled that something dynamic was soon going to happen deep inside her belly.

She tasted and sucked wantonly at the ever expanding cock in her mouth, the abrupt thought of it suddenly ejaculating as she knew they did from school-sex class, spurting its white, thick sperm deep into her throat setting her wild with anticipation. She wanted it! Yes… yes! She wanted it to shoot into her mouth and throat… and she’d swallow it right down into her belly! She wondered if it would be warm… hot, perhaps… like the feel of his heavy balls in her hands at that very moment? Oh Lord… what was happening to her? She had never felt such lust in her whole young lifetime…!

“Ooooohhh… Ooooohhhh… Yes… Yes!” Desiree began to chant hoarsely in the litany of the enraptured as she continued to respond in kind to each lunge into her cunt and rectal passage. Wild and insane, Jim Saunders had become, punishing her between his cock and the dildo in his hand without mercy; yet, suddenly she was giving him back in equal fury every stroke he delivered into her, until they both began to groan in an unintelligible moan of ruttish, sexual abandonment.

“Aaaaaahhh… God, yes! I can feel your cock inside of me so beautifully! Faster… faster… damn you. Faster and harder! Oh, yes, yes! Fuck harder… harder!” Desiree cried out, urging Jim on, the thought of having both a cock and a dildo fuck her at the same time suddenly driving her toward a whirlwind of cyclonic lust. It seemed to go on forever… but she never wanted it to stop… the mounting erotic bliss of it… the hands gripping and clutching at her as if she were a lowly slut-slave… and she was completely and helplessly impaled from above and below… Her brain reeled… nothing mattered but the tremendous sensations of subliminal ecstasy about to explode within her.

“Now!” she wailed. “Please… cum in me. Fill me! Now! Hurryyyyy! Please hurrryyyy!”

At that moment Jim Saunders, the club owner began to mouth obscenities and suddenly Desiree felt the hot, boiling liquid of her sperm shoot deep into her back passage as her own orgasm seized her, sending delicious spasms of sensation rocketing through her, and she could feel herself contracting against the giant dildo cock plunged up inside her belly, her own secretions moistening it and it lunged in and out of her wildly dilating pussy… the bliss of the moment overwhelming her…

Julia was lost in the heat of her rising, ungovernable newly discovered passion… lost to any sense of her surroundings, conscious only of the increased vigor in the magnificent animal thrusts pounding from behind into the remotest parts of her no-longer virginal cunt, and the naked loins crushing up tighter and tighter into her beautiful face. She could feel the cock that was stiffly poling into her mouth begin tensing in forceful trembling movements and the hand behind her head grip harder. His hairy pelvis closed in on her until she felt certain he was trying to drive his shaft down her throat to meet Rip’s penetrating far up into her belly, and the exaggerated thought alone drove her on wildly.

God, she wanted it to explode in her mouth… to swallow his cum and feel it dribble down her throat… then, she sensed it swelling convulsively and sucked it madly. It burst! He swore vilely, while his prick gushed forth thick hot issues of the white, pungent liquid into her throat, her lovely young cheeks ballooning and contracting as she swallowed in hungry, thick gulps, fastening her lips tightly around the jerking organ, not wanting to lose the tiniest drop of the precious fluid… yes, she felt the thin rivulets oozing from the corners of her mouth as he collapsed beneath her, his shrinking rod slithering lifelessly from her still voraciously sucking mouth…

Desiree had raised upright, dazed in the throes of her own violent climax, then, let out a scream at the horrifying depravity her beautiful daughter was being subjected to between the lustful, vengeance-driven Chief of Police and his powerful police dog. Dear God, the despicable debauchery was the very dregs of degradation. She struggled to get to her feet and go to her, but Jim Saunders grabbed her and held her fast.

“Don’t blow it for the chief, Desiree, you’d really be asking for trouble if you did that!” he warned her.

“Oh… Oh my poor darling,” Desiree exclaimed in despair as she read the wanton expression on Julia’s face when she raised it from Alex’s loins, thin, sticky strings of his obscene viscid cum stretching from her tender lips to the horrible man’s now flaccid cock.

And then, abruptly, Desiree saw her daughter’s mouth gasp open in a choking scream as she began to toss her head from side to side wildly, her long, blonde hair flailing and whipping about her shoulders. Desiree realized that she was in the beginning paroxysm of orgasm, and she gaped awe at the sight of her precious daughter screwing her buttocks back salaciously against the dog like a rutting bitch. The huge animal’s tongue hung loosely from his mouth as he fucked into the beautiful waving ass from behind. Saliva dripped from it onto the coated film of sweat covering her smooth white back. Again, Julia screamed and rammed back against the animal deliriously, just as he jerked forward and his huge cock began to obvious spitting of its sperm with hard, bullet-like spurts deep into her clasping young virginal cunt.

And all of a sudden, Julia’s white rounded buttocks began contracting, hollowing and tensing uncontrollably, indicating the climactic upheaval within her quaking belly, and a thick, white combination of human-animal cum seeped out around the flushed lips of her throbbing cunt that squeezed and milked the prick of the dog ravenously, forming thin trickles of the lucid fluid to nun in obscene rivulets down the white, lush columns of her soft, inner thighs. Her backside glistened, displaying soaked pubic-hair and open pink flesh as she pitched forward onto her face to the right of the Chief of Police’s chair. She was exhausted and the immediately deflated cock of the powerful dog slipped from her ravaged passage, then he stepped over her prostrate, outstretched body to stand nobly above her, his teeth bared, a deep obsessive growl rising from his throat…

The Chief of Police grinned lewdly at Jim Saunders, “Well we really took them, eh Jim boy…” he sneered. Then he turned and narrowing his eyes glared into the corner where young Mitch Holden was bound and strung and still struggling, “… And we gave that little bastard a lesson he won’t forget either. You made a fool of me once Holden, you and your father but you won’t do it again… Otherwise these little ladies might end up with a few marks they didn’t begin with… you understand me, no doubt!”

Desiree and Julia stared at Mitch waiting for his reply but the young boy could only stare at the older man, his eyes registering his absolute disbelief at the cruelty he had imposed on the two women he loved best in the world.

“Well Jim, I think I’m ready for a rest now,” the Chief of Police said slowly, ambling to his feet, pulling his robe around his heavy frame. “Come on Rip… and remember this ladies, you belong to me, both of you and don’t forget it… I can have you, either of you as and when I want and no-one can stop me. Remember I’m the law around this town, try to cross me and you’ll find out what it’s like to be on the wrong side of me.”

Desiree and her daughter watched horrified as the two men and the enormous dog left their small trailer. The moment they were out of the door they rushed over to Mitch and untied him. Mitch immediately started for the door.

“Where are you going Mitch,” Desiree screamed, “stop this minute,” she commanded.

The young boy turned back to his mistress, his eyes questioning.

“Mitch, promise me this, you won’t do anything foolish. Believe me, it’s not worth it, I’d rather have you alive than have me revenged and you dead.”

“Oh Desiree… oh Desiree,” the young boy sobbed, falling at the feet of his older mistress and sobbing uncontrollably, “I can’t bear to think of what those pigs did to you.”

“Let’s not think about it anymore Mitch. Now what we have to think about is the future. How can we live with this kind of fear hanging over our heads… it will kill us.”

Suddenly the young boy rose, looking like a man now, a stronger, sterner expression crossing his face as he clasped the hands of the woman he loved.

“Desiree, will you come away with me, tonight. We could leave this place and start a new life somewhere. I’ll take care of you both. Desiree marry me, I love you, please marry me,” the young boy begged.

“You mean that,” Desiree said slowly, her eyes suddenly glistening with a new light of hope.

“With all my heart,” the young boy said.

“Where could we go, what could we live on?”

“I have money, I have my inheritance. My grandmother left me three thousand dollars Desiree. It’s mine, it’s in the bank and I can get it. I have enough money on me tonight for us to leave. We should do it now before that beast comes back.”

Desiree turned to her daughter Julia now and holding her close to her body and stroking her head asked her, “Darling how would you feel if I married Mitch?”

“I… I don’t know mother, but I think you should do it, you both love each other and I can grow to love Mitch as a friend, I’m sure,” the young girl said shakily, still considerably frightened by her experience with the Chief of Police and his dog.

“Yes, yes, I will,” Desiree said quickly. “Come Julia let’s pack everything we have, which fortunately isn’t much. Mitch can you drive your car to the back of the trailer park?”


“Good, then let’s do it and quickly.”

“I’ll go now and get my car Desiree, then we can stop at my house for my things and we can be out of town by the morning and no-one will know where we are… we’ll be safe forever. Oh my darling Desiree, I’ll take care of you, I promise,” Mitch said ecstatically, holding the woman he loved in his arms and kissing her passionately.

“Yes my darling boy, I know you will. You know Mitch, I’m just mad about you and I couldn’t be happier… even if it had happened under different circumstances… I couldn’t be happier!”

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