They hadn’t bothered to dry off. What would it matter? By the time Lucio was done rolling around with Genevieve in that giant bed of hers, they’d both be bathed in sweat, the sheets soaked, calling out to God. A few drops of bathwater would be meaningless.

So Lucio had carried Ginger directly from the tub to the mattress, his hands gripping her warm flesh, his mouth all over hers. And now, the feel of how she writhed beneath himall of the wet, hot skin slipping and sliding against his ownit was maddening! She was driving him insane. His cock hadn’t been this hard since he’d been a bellaco teenagercrazed with horniness. Something about Ginger made him feel as though he were touching, tasting, and seeing a woman for the first time.

Perhaps, in a way, he was. He’d just made a promise to her, after all. He’d promised he would stay put and spend time with her. Maybe knowing he had that luxury allowed him to savor every sensation in a way he never had before, pay attention to every small detail of the woman in his arms.

The odd thing was this: He hadn’t intended to make that promise to her. Even as the words escaped his lips, they astounded him. Those words were fully formed, born of thoughts from the deepest part of his heart, thoughts that had been stewing for a long time. But how had the seeds been planted? When? And by whom? Could it have been the handiwork of his own guilty conscience? The result of his old-fashioned father’s years of reprimands? Was it a byproduct of Sylvie’s untimely death? Were the words linked to his realization that he’d missed his chance to have a son of his own?

Lucio was nearly forty. He’d lived a charmed life. He’d been born in a time when it was possible for one man to see most of the planet, and, through the lens of his camera, to share it with all people for all of history. He’d become an expert at exploring the world, yet he was an amateur when it came to exploring his own heart.

Lucio looked down at the woman beneath him, trapped between his body and the damp sheets. You are beautiful, he said, his hands buried in the tumble of her auburn hair. I feel drunk on your beauty.

Genevieve’s hazel eyes smiled up at him. Her countenance was one of complete openness, trust. It was the look of a woman who believed she would be well taken care of. Lucio closed his eyes for a moment, silently praying that his good intentions would make him man enough for the job. He did not wish to let her down.

Suddenly, a crackle of energy blasted through him, and his eyes flew open with surprise. By now, he’d grown accustomed to the electrical buzz he felt in Genevieve’s presence, but this particular sensation was far stronger than any he’d felt before. It was stronger than when he’d laid eyes on her on the stone walkway. Stronger than the first time he’d kissed her or the first time he’d come to her home and attempted to ravage her on the cool tile floor.

Did you feel that? Ginger whispered, her eyes widening.

Lucio laughed. You felt it, too?

I feel it whenever I’m with you, but I thought it was just me.

He brushed a fingertip along her bottom lip. That time was different, yes?

Stronger, she said.

Genevieve. Lucio moved a hand down the side of her body and took a handful of her slippery buttocks, pulling her tighter to him. He grabbed on, then rolled, taking her with him as they both laughed. When they’d come to a stop, Genevieve’s hair hung down over them both. Her breath quickened.

Mmm, she hummed, lowering her lips to the side of his face. She let loose with a steady rain of kisses, along his jawline, to his ear, forehead, eyelids, down again to his neck. She surprised him as she took his Adam’s apple between her soft lips and sucked gently. That was something new and different.

Genevieve’s mouth continued its journey, leaving warm licks and kisses on his chest, upper arms, the crook of his elbow, his wrists. She flicked at both his hard nipples with her tongue, making his dick twitch and, though he did not think it possible, grow even harder. He prayed it would not frighten her.

He raised his chin and hissed in pleasure as she slid her tongue down the center of his abdomen, into the bristly hairs at the root of his organ, and began kissing along the length of him. He watched her open her sweet soft mouth and search for the tip of his cock. She found it. He watched her pink lips open for him.

The Host! he hissed, closing his eyes, luxuriating in the pleasure that she gave him with her soft mouth, her tongue, her teeth. She was a wonder.

Inexplicably, she took her mouth away. I’m sorry, but I don’t know what I’m doing, she said, pushing herself up a little. I’ve never met one of these that was still the way God made it.

Lucio chuckled, half in disbelief and half in amusementhow could this thoroughly sexual woman be apologizing for bringing him such pleasure? How in the name of God could she doubt her formidable skills?

Larry always told me

Ah, yes. Larry.

that I wasn’t any good at this.

How much damage had that son of a thousand bitches done to her?

You are magnificent! Lucio hoped Genevieve would be reassured. He also hoped she’d continue doing what she’d been doing. He reached down and stroked the side of her face, still hovering near his now monstrous dick. Lucio had to laugh. Can you not see how you please me? Isn’t it obvious?

He watched her eyes flick toward his organ. When she nodded, her hair brushed across its exposed and agonizingly tender head.

He wiggled his toes, hissing with the exquisite torture of the sensation. Joder!

What does that word mean? You’ve said that before, too.

Lucio laughed. She was tormenting him! Ah, bonita, it is a foul word and I apologize for using it around you, but it just comes out sometimes, like when you make me crazy with lust.

She squinted up at him. So it means ‘fuck’?

Fuck, yes, it does.

The instant she put her mouth back on him, the vibration of her laughter was almost too much for him to take. It had been many months since a woman’s mouth had been on him, and even then, it was nothing like this. Everything Genevieve did was acutely satisfying, perfectly suited to his needsher wit, her eagerness, her loving nature.

Her lips. They pushed down his sheath, taking his fully exposed organ into her mouth. She began to suck on him.

That was it. He could not wait another second. He would make sure she had every opportunity to explore his organ with her mouth at some other time, but at that moment, Lucio had to have her. He had to be up inside her, all the way.

With one hand, he gathered a fistful of her hair and gently pulled, getting her attention. Simultaneously, his other hand flailed around on the bedside table, rooting for the condom he’d placed there. It proved too much for him to handle in his agitated state, and he ended up knocking the foil square to the floor.

I’ll get it, Genevieve said, pushing herself up from his loins. She pivoted on all fours and, in profile, reached down over the side of the bed. The position revealed everything to his view. She was the juiciest piece of female he’d ever seen in his life. He wanted to take her in just that way, from behind. He didn’t care if it was the least intimate position. There would be time for intimacy. Right now, it was all about taking her. He prayed she wouldn’t mind.

Got it, Ginger said, pushing herself up and extending her arm toward him, the condom trapped between two fingertips. The instant her eyes met his, she froze. Oh, she said.

The details of his wicked plan must have shown on his face.

Stay right where you are, my wild woman of the vineyards, he said.

She giggled.

With impatient hands, Lucio managed to unwrap the condom and unroll it into place. He would have to warn his lovely Genevieve that she shouldn’t get her hopes up. At this level of arousal, he would last about a nanosecond once he was inside her.

Fuck me, Lucio, she whispered, looking over her shoulder. This pussy belongs to you.

Lucio hung his head. He looked up after a moment of silence. You are going to kill me, pelirroja.

She grinned at him and opened her legs slightly, exposing more of the most achingly perfect pussy he had ever seen, anywhere on the globe.

I will not last. You are too much for me, he said, moving behind her. Lucio caressed her ass and her back and her hips, then used his hands to spread her thighs even more. I promise that I will not always be in such a hurry.

He grabbed her, pressing the big head of his cock into her impossibly small-looking opening. The Host! She was tight!

He flexed his hips, held her steady, and tried to get more of himself inside her. It was then that the sad thought occurred to himwhat if he could not fit into the pussy that belonged to him? What if he could not fit into the only woman he’d ever wanted to make promises to?

Suddenly, Genevieve’s body received him. Lucio slid deep into her, a journey made possible because she was so wet. But he still had a ways to go.

Oh, oh, oh, she panted. Don’t stop. Please. Oh God, this is the most God! More. Give it all to me, Lucio. Please!

Of course he would. He would never deny her anything. He knew that now. Lucio lowered himself closer to her arching body, supported her belly with one hand as he grasped her shoulder with the other. He thrust into her in a long, slow drive. With his very life force he willed himself to hold off on his orgasm. Genevieve began coming so hard that he felt her body contract in waves. The sound she was making was one slow, continuous moan. Her juices had already coated the front of his thighs.

That’s what I wanted from you tonight, he whispered into her ear as he moved in and out of her. I wanted to see you take your pleasure. Do not stop, mi amor. Take all your pleasure. Take it all from me.

Her body jolted. She screamed out, alternating her pleas for mercy between God and Lucio. He felt her twitch and spasm, which marked the beginning of the end for him, too. Lucio came so hard that the earth seemed to tilt on its axis. The heavens rained down and nature itself roared and rumbled as he emptied his passion into her.

After a few quiet moments, his body jerked involuntarily. Lucio groaned, resting his cheek on Genevieve’s damp back, holding on to her tightly. He could feel her heart pound under his palm.

With a great exhalation, Genevieve hung her head, auburn hair spreading out onto the sheets before them.



He caught his breath. Are you?

She had mercy on him, not requiring him to finish his sentence. Yes, she said. Are you?


Jesus, Lucio.

He made a noise somewhere between a laugh and a sob.

That was

Intense, he offered.

Unreal, she said.

Like nothing I have ever known, mi amor. Lucio began to straighten his body, pulling her with him. He wanted to remain inside her somehow. His plan was to bring them both to their sides, where he could stay inside her while they spooned. His plans changed the instant the bed began to shake. It occurred to him that for several seconds now, HeatherLynn’s sharp little bark had been cutting through the night, and car alarms had been going off. Somewhere, glass crackled and rained down. Then the phone rang.

Genevieve stretched out her arm to answer it, pulling away enough that Lucio’s cock slid from her body.

Are you guys okay? Thank God. Yes, I’m feeling it. What? This is an aftershock? But I didn’t even Genevieve spun around to look at Lucio, a smile breaking across her face. I think we just made the earth move, she whispered.

Lucio smiled back. Their first time together had been an earth-shattering experienceliterallybut they’d been so wrapped up in each other that they hadn’t even noticed.

The bed rocked again, harder this time but only for a second. He saw a slight twinge of worry pass across Genevieve’s face. It’ll be okay, she mouthed to him.

He nodded, trying to remain calm. There was probably worry in his eyes, too, but it had nothing to do with the moderate earthquake they’d just experienced. He’d just noticed the condom had broken.

Genevieve said good night to her sons and hung up the phone. She grinned at Lucio with pure delight, but when she saw he wasn’t in the same jovial mood, she frowned. What is it? she asked.

Ah, my love, Lucio said. I’m afraid the earth wasn’t the only thing that broke apart tonight.


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