Excerpt from Owning Your First Djinn published by the Wardens Association Press, 2002

Owning Your First Djinn

By granting you the possession of one of the Association’s Djinn, the Wardens Association has recognized that you are among the finest in your area of specialty, whether you control Weather, Fire, or Earth. You should accept this great honor and grave responsibility with humility and courage.

Djinn are a valued, precious resource. Abuses of Djinn or their powers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of our Association’s laws, up to and including execution.


• Use your Djinn to augment your powers, and rely upon your Djinn for advice in your area of specialty.

• Guard your Djinn’s home (commonly a bottle) with great care. Although your Djinn will (of necessity) be loyal only to you until your death, or until the Association removes the Djinn from your care, misplacing a Djinn is a very serious matter with associated penalties. All Djinn must be housed in breakable containers (see arcane rules, below) but precautions should always be taken against accidents.


• Manifest your Djinn in public unless first asking it to remain invisible or to take human form.

• Abuse your Djinn by asking it to perform unsavory or immoral actions.

• Break your Djinn’s container UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Arcane Rules

• Once Djinn have been assigned a master, they can take orders only from that master, unless the master temporarily assigns control to another Warden for business purposes.

• Djinn cannot break their own containers. They are allowed, however, to trick others into destroying these containers, thus freeing them from their services. YOU MUST BEWARE OF THIS AT ALL TIMES. A freed Djinn is a very serious danger to all of us.

• Never ask a Djinn for the Three Things Forbidden: eternal life, unlimited power, or raising the dead.


You may begin to develop a certain fondness for your Djinn over time. This is normal and healthy. But never forget that your Djinn is a magical creature of nearly unlimited power and lifespan, and is not human. The motivations of Djinn are not always understandable. Never trust them completely.

Technical Support

If you have questions about the day-to-day administration of your Djinn after the initial training period, please contact our 24-hour hot line for assistance. Specialists are on hand at all times for your protection.


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