Heidi shuddered with shame, wishing she could crawl into some hole and die. Her cheeks were burning, for she knew it wasn’t just her ass that Dan was admiring! Worse, her whole being still ached for her long-denied orgasm. Her poor cunt was throbbing and itching, and her nipples were swollen and extended, poking stiffly into the bed.

“I’m going to raise the sling slightly now, Aunt Heidi,” he said, and she heard him fumbling at her side and, then felt her naked body raise about four inches. She was still on her knees, of course, but now she wasn’t able to rest her forearms in front of her head.

“There, that’s better,” he said, leaning forward. Dan stared between his aunt’s thighs at her huge, quivering white jugs, now hanging ripely above the bed. Her swollen brown nipples were long and pointed, aimed downward and to the sides.

For a woman in her early forties, she was really built! he thought, quietly unzipping his pants.

“Would you mind helping, Aunt Heidi?”

“N-no,” she stammered. “Anything to get this over with!”

“Please hold your cheeks apart and strain as if you were taking a shit, all right?”

Heidi winced at his language, but was in a way glad her nephew was behind her. She didn’t want him observing her flushed face, and she knew she couldn’t bear to see the lust that must be reflected in his eyes. It was too much to expect a normal, healthy male to work around woman’s naked ass, even his aunt’s, without becoming aroused! And, although she tried to hide it, she couldn’t help feeling a sort of pride that she had kept her looks and figure, and was able to excite a man so much younger than herself.

Dan smiled happily when his sexy aunt placed her hands on her lush, white cheeks and pulled them in opposite directions, revealing the tiny pucker deep in her ass crease. He bent near enough to feel the heat radiating from her ass and cunt.

“A little further, please,” he said, and licked his lips as the wrinkled asshole stretched before him.

“That’s fine,” he said, and greased his middle finger with some Vaseline and slid it down the crack to her straining shit-hole. Heidi moaned and he grinned.

The woman had never felt so filled with shame as when her nephew’s finger gouged her bung. “Awwww!” she groaned, involuntarily clenching her sphincter as Dan twisted his wrist to widen the hole.

“You’re fighting it,” he complained. “I can feel your muscles resisting.”

“Ohhhhh! I… I’m sorry,” Heidi stammered, her face scarlet with shame. “Oh, please hurry!”

Her nephew was actually goosing her, but she didn’t know what to do. If it really was preliminary to the enema, she didn’t want to protest, and show that she suspected his motives.

Cunningly, Dan allowed her to catch a glimpse of the long plastic tube and observe how limp and flexible it was. Then he let it waver across her plump cheeks and slide through them to the deep furrow of her cunt.

“Agh! Ahhhh!” Heidi cried as the plastic tip prodded her swollen clit.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Aunt Heidi. The tube slipped. Did it hurt you?”

“N-no,” Heidi gasped weakly, on the verge of tears as the sharp stab of pleasure and pain tore through her cunt. “Go on, get it ever with.”

She felt the slender plastic tube slide far up her ass, and then the warm, soapy water was filling her bowels. Dan took the tube out and held the bedpan under her ass as she relaxed and let it flow back out.

“Once more,” he said. This time the water wasn’t warm, but hot, and she felt it filling and filling her, until the pressure was transmitted to her throbbing cunt.

Dan curled his fingers around his thick cock, stroking it slowly as be stared at the quivering, tight-looking mouth of his aunt’s clenched cunt. He was a long time in pulling the tube out. Finally, she let the soapy liquid flow again. Dan allowed the tube to slide down her crack, bumping her sensitive clit once more.

“Aghhh!” Heidi wailed, and felt the rim of her cunthole squeeze shut. Her face burned as the dilating hole drooled a stream of clear lubricant.

“Oops!” Dan said with a little laugh, and then she tensed with horrified shock as she felt fingers parting her fat, drooping folds!

“AHHHH! No!” Heidi cried in an agony of distress as her nephew stroked and flicked her jutting clit. “Oh, don’t! Please! I… I can’t stand it! NOOOO!”

Dan watched as his obviously orgasming aunt groaned and cried out with pleasure in spite of her protests. Her cunt convulsed before his eyes and he stepped toward her face to let her admire his huge, bobbing cock.

Heidi had tried to resist the pleasurable sensations caused by her nephew’s fingers on her creaming cunt, but she could do little more than wave her arms and shake her head. She hated herself for responding, and sobbed with shame. Then her glazed eyes managed to focus on Dan’s cock. It was fat and full, and monstrously erect!

“Uhhh… oh, please, no!” she whimpered as he backed out of sight and clambered up behind her. She felt his bloated cockhead wedge into her flared, spasming cunt, distending the small opening with its great size.

“Awwwww, don’t…” but it was a weak, barely audible plea. She groaned as the wet, rippling rim yielded slowly. Then Dan’s thick, pulsating prick suddenly popped through the tight rim, dragging her fat folds inside with it.

“Hunhhhhh!” Her excited cunt gripped his cock, and she was unable to keep from sobbing joyfully. It was almost like Jack.

Dan sighed and reached around to grasp his aunt’s dangling, hard-nippled jugs, and she groaned again as he squeezed them in his strong hands. Her soft ass quivered against his bumping belly as he skewered his long, hot cock faster and harder into her tight, long-unused pussy.

Heidi swung her head wildly, horrified by what her nephew was doing, yet at the same time loving it. Her frantic protests had ceased, and a new note was entering her groans. Jack’s cock hadn’t been as long or as thick as her nephew’s, and she’d been too inexperienced to realize that his fucking wasn’t really that great.

But Dan was a master cocksman, and he knew how to ball a woman fast, how to probe deep into a creaming pussy and wring out the last tiny bit of pleasure. He heard his aunt whimper and then grunt with pleasure as his cock carried her past her first orgasm and pumped her juicy, velvety hole into a second. It was then that Heidi realized that her helpless, stationary condition actually seemed to increase her excitement! A bit of her mind remained detached, and was dismayed by this revelation.

This is awful, she tried telling herself in a vain attempt to rekindle her conscience. He’s raping me, committing incest, and it feels good! I LOVE IT!

“Gahhh-h-h…” she blubbered as the cock plummeted in her stuffed, stretched cunt-hole, making her whipped-up juices spatter and drip onto the bed. Dan’s strokes were rapid and furious, much better than Jack’s… Her crammed-full cunt was aflame with the glorious fuck, and she hissed and cried out for more of her nephew’s cock.

“Oh, yes!” she groaned. “Your cock in me… so gooooood!”

“Shit!” Dan exclaimed. “What a cunt!” He tugged on her heavy tits. “Do you like that, Aunt Heidi?” he asked, squeezing the spongy flesh.

“Ughh, yes, yes! Play with my nipples, I like that!”

Dan fucked the large, bulbous head of his cock back and forth from her womb to her winking cuntal rim as he rolled and pinched the long, rubbery tips of his aunt’s heaving tits.

“Ohhh, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me good!” Heidi cried loudly, wailing as her nephew’s fat cock worked in her sloppy hole, scraping her rippling walls with its flanged head even as his swollen, hairy nuts bumped her sizzling clit.

“You want me to fill you with cum?” he asked, slowing his strokes. “You want to feel all that hot jizz shooting in your dripping cunt?”

“Yes, yes!” she cried. “That’s what I want? I want it all in my cunt, give it to me!”

Dan laughed and buffeted his aunt’s yawning cunt again and again, spearing her mercilessly and flattening her fleshy, heart-shaped asscheeks. On and on he fucked her, making her cry out with delirious pleasure. This was just what she needed to make her confinement bearable, what she’d secretly missed most about Jack. She sobbed joyfully and whined her excitement as her hot, clinging cunt was brutally rammed by her nephew’s meaty cock.

“Jeez, Aunt Heidi, I wish you could shake that ass a bit,” Dan grunted. “You’ve got a great cunt, but I’d like a little more life in those cheeks!”

“H-how’s this?” Heidi asked, clenching her big butt muscles and giving his cock a harsh squeeze.

“Ahhh, God! Milking me!” Dan groaned. “Oh, keep it up, Auntie, work that hot hole around me!”

Heidi suddenly felt one tit hanging free and then moaned as his hand explored between her hot asscheeks, digging into the puckered asshole. She shuddered as her nephew’s big thumb pressed the center of that tight ring, stretching it.

“Nuhhhhh!” she grunted as the tiny pink hole gradually yielded, swallowing his thick thumb all the way. She shivered. The rubbery muscle of her bung burned, and her sensitive inner lining throbbed around the unwelcome intruder.

“Mmmhhh!” she groaned again. She’d never felt such an aching, stretching sensation! No one had ever played with her asshole before, and having it tormented while being fucked was causing strange sensations to flow into her cunt.

“Aghh! Aghh!” Heidi cried out as Dan stroked his thumb in quick opposition to his plunging cock, flexing the strong, thick digit so it rubbed and scraped her nerve-filled, sensitive membranes.

Heidi was in agony. She’d never allowed Jack to experiment with her shitter, but now she was discovering that it truly was an erogenous zone and was giving her enormous, if painful, obscene pleasure.

“Reach back,” Dan ordered. “Grab your ass again!”

Heidi hung there, lewdly spreading her plump, white cheeks for her nephew as he slowly backed his cock out of her clinging cunt. He stared at the pouting, flowering pink hole he’d just vacated, surrounded now by loose, quivering flaps and, above it, the base of his buried thumb in her tightly clenching dark pink ring.

Heidi gasped as her nephew pulled his thumb out with painful quickness, and then she groaned as the sore ring slowly closed. It felt terribly empty, now. “Wha… what are you going to do?” she asked nervously, her voice trembling with the strain he’d imposed on her lush body.

“I’m gonna fuck your ass, Auntie,” Dan said, breathing hard.

“Oh my God, Dan!” Heidi cried. “You… you can’t! You’re too big, you’ll kill me!”

Dan studied his aunt’s plump, reddened ass, stuck up and, he noticed, still held open. Ignoring her pitiful protests he placed his big, purplish cockhead directly on her wet, wrinkled bung and pushed inward.

Heidi continued to plead and groan as her husky nephew pressed his fat cock-knob through the tight ring, but she never released her grip on her trembling cheeks.

“It’s slipping in!” Dan cried as he felt her humid heat surrounding him. Her dark, virgin shitter shivered and squirmed as the rest of his thick cockshaft eased slowly between the snug, turned-in lips of her asshole.

“Hmmmmmm…” Heidi whimpered with the burning and stretching. “Uhhhhhhhh, ohhhhh…” She felt as if her poor ass would burst open from the cruel, fat stuffing. She didn’t know how he’d been able to fit it in, how her tiny asshole had been able to accept it, and groaned with pain and shame.

Having his sexy aunt’s hot asshole wrapped around his long, pulsing cock fulfilled just about all of Dan’s dreams. He couldn’t believe how talented that virgin hole was, nor the experienced way it heatedly rippled and squirmed around his swallowed dong. His throbbing cockmeat was being boiled by the wet heat of her rippling rectum, and the tight clasp of the clinging shit-sheath both squeezed and sucked, encouraging him to drive deeper.

At first, Heidi felt nothing but pain and degradation. She was helpless, hanging there with her bare ass in the air and actually helping her nephew’s cruel sodomizing by holding her cheeks apart! Then she groaned as he eased his fat shaft out, letting her bung nip the neck of the cock just behind his huge knob.

Dan stared at his cock as it oozed from her clinging shit-lips. It was hard and shiny, made slippery by her ass juices, and the sight of it half-buried in her spread cheeks nearly made him blow his wad. His own aunt’s ass! For years he’d dreamed, of fucking and buggering her, and the reality of it was almost too much for him.

“Huhhh! HUH!” When he shoved it back in Heidi gasped and shuddered. Her nephew’s hips were jabbing quickly and violently, and she felt her cunt begin to tingle again. Her asshole was loosened and wet, now, and the bundle of nerves around her battered bung was responding to his smooth frictioning. Soon, Dan’s cock was thrusting into her butt smoothly and easily, and he was bending an appreciative ear to her submissive grunts.

“Starting to feel good, isn’t it?” Dan asked, laughing. “You like Danny’s long cock shoved in your asshole, don’t you, Auntie?”

Heidi closed her eyes and whimpered. He was right. God help her, she was beginning to enjoy it! She was turning on to her nephew’s incestuous, perverted ass-fucking! His steady stroking of her erogenous butthole had touched something in her subconscious, some deep, dark masochistic fantasy that had been bottled up for all these years.

“Yes!” she panted. “Oh my God, yes! It’s good, it’s good! Why is it so good?”

“‘Cause it was made to be fucked, that’s why! It’s a hole, and holes have got to be filled!” And he leaned forward and began fucking her asshole like a lust-maddened bull, his fat, balls cracking wetly and loudly against her pussy.

The hot juice of his aunt’s narrow asshole surrounded Dan’s pumping, prick, and Heidi was fascinated by the obscene sloshing and smacking of her nephew’s forceful buggering. Her plump white cheeks trembled as he jolted her and split her open, sheathing his massive cock in her dark spongy ass tunnel time and again.

“Now I’m gonna switch!” he cried, and pulled out with a loud slurp.

Heidi hardly had time to catch her breath as her nephew shoved deep into her clasping, spasming cunt, groaning as he felt her hot, wet cunt grip his pulsing dick. Heidi mewled with shocked pleasure.

“How’s that, Aunt Heidi?”

Heidi whimpered and mumbled as he gave her nibbling cunt two-dozen strokes before stabbing her asshole again. He switched back and forth between the two holes for at least fifteen minutes, allowing his slack-jawed, glaze-eyed aunt to spasm half-a-dozen times before yelling: “I’m gonna come!”

The immobilized, cum-weakened woman hung and drooled as her sex-crazed nephew pistoned her loosened asshole with maniacal intensity, digging his fingers into the soft flesh of her hips as he sawed back and forth.

Then he was grunting and shaking, spewing his hot, white cum-wads into her clinging, spongy warmth. Heidi felt the hot jizz splashing in her contracting slit-sheath, flooding it, and groaned as her burning bung squeezed and milked the base of his thick cock. Another molten jet whitewashed her tunnel walls, and then another, and then she felt her nephew’s cum squishing out of her tight pink ring and sliding to the mouth of her winking cunt.