Chapter One: The Creation of Human Robot

My name is Susan Lynne Eckhart Ford and I am a 48 year old, native Californian. Until 1995, I suffered from a debilitating condition known as Multiple Personality Disorder.[2] In 1985 I embarked on the long and tedious, painful road to recovery. Through years of therapy and deprogramming I completely reintegrated my multiple personalities back into my uniform core self, and through the grace of God, I am alive today to convey to you my true life experiences. This account of my remembrances will be so shocking and amazing that you may feel that you’ve entered the ‘twilight zone. Many waking up today, call this making a ‘paradigm shift’ in reality; I call it knowing the truth. But, do keep your faith in God and humanity, for, as my father reminded me day after day, “The truth will set you free.”

My multiple personality condition resulted from what I had first thought in 1986 was solely sexual and ritual abuse. But, as I began to heal and remember more of my hidden past, I realized that ritual abuse was merely the mind control trauma base my ritually abused, programmed, pedophile father, Calvin Charles Eckhart, and others used to condition me for participation in the still active top secret Project Monarch, the Central Intelligence Agency’s white slavery operation that is related to MKULTRA and it’s numerous sub-projects.

I was raised in the affluent area of Woodland Hills, California, but was abused my entire life in many locations in and out of California, including hospitals, universities, and United States military and NASA bases, where I was subjected to ‘high-level’ programming. The result of many years of trauma, intentionally inflicted on me by my father and others to CREATE within me multiple personalities, was that I was transformed into a programmed, totally robotical slave that could not remember to think or tell what happened to me, due to the mind control and sophisticated programming I was under.

I was used frequently in child and adolescent prostitution and pornography. By my preteen years, I had many personalities specially programmed to be the perfect sex slave — a “presidential model” with government mind files and a photographic memory equipped to deliver (most often through sexual encounters) messages, some cryptic, to top government officials, entertainers, and other world figures.

From 1987 to 1991, I was in intensive daily therapy in California, remembering a complex childhood that now has been validated, in part, through intelligence community, CIA, and FBI contacts (active and retired), as well as through investigative journalists, knowledgeable mental health professionals, and family members. In my quest for understanding and self-knowledge, I attended school to attain my Master’s Degree in Psychology. But, in April of 1991 I was forced to leave my home and family in California, due to a clever plot and threat to my life if I continued to pursue remembrance of my past in therapy and try to become healed. One of my therapists, Margaret Paul, Ph.D., who is also a popular author, suggested that for my safety I should leave Los Angeles for awhile. Upon her recommendation, I fled to the island of Kauai, Hawaii, where unbeknownst to me I was still part of the project and still not free.

After I fled from California and was no longer living in the midst of my programmed abuse base, nor was I in therapy, I began having vivid, detailed memories of being used both as a sex slave and human mind file computer to some of our nation’s highest level governmental officials in and out of the White House. Among them: John F. Kennedy (sex and delivered messages). Lyndon Baines Johnson (sex and delivered messages), Henry Kissinger (masterminded my U.S. Government and international mind file use), Nelson Rockefeller (mind file use coordinated in conjunction with Henry Kissinger), Gerald Ford (sex and delivered messages), Jimmy Carter (delivered messages), Ronald Reagan (sex and delivered messages), George Bush (mind file use; he is a known pedophile and had sex with my programmed daughter Kelly), and top entertainment professionals, such as my «owner» Bob Hope (sex and message courier).

The media surrounding the exposes of Bob Hope’s secret life and the books written by Arthur Marx (Groucho’s son), The Secret Life of Bob Hope, and Lawrence J. Quirk’s recent book, Bob Hope: The Road Well-Traveled, begin to portray some examples of the flaws to Bob’s seemingly All-American, patriotic, and family loving public image. My controllers and abusers were not low-level criminals, but instead were some of the so-called «adored» leaders and entertainers of our country.

I felt alone and terrified as I began to break free from the control I was under. Catherine Gould, Ph.D., an internationally known therapist with years of experience treating ritual abuse victims explained that she couldn’t be my therapist, for fear of losing her license or being sued since she sensed I was a ‘high-level’ survivor. At that time, although I had begun to have memories of being with Ronald Reagan during the time he was Governor of California and other government officials, due to the fact that I was still under mind control, I had no way of understanding what ‘high-level’ meant. At that time, many therapists, including my own — Margie Paul, were beginning to have their licenses pulled and often suffered professional consequences for treating ritual abuse survivors, especially those who were “high-level.” In April of 1991, when I fled to the island of Kauai, Catherine agreed to consult with me by phone, and advised me to write a book, which resulted in STARSHINE: One Woman’s Valiant Escape From Mind Control. She further advised me to continue documenting the names, dates and places of my abuse in an effort to one day go public in order to free my husband, my children, and myself.

Over the next year on the island, I recovered more of my memory, but was devastated to be separated from my children and tried to adjust to a radically changed lifestyle, including the fact that I was now living without my family, friends, and loved ones, and had very limited finances. I was overwhelmed with grief, carrying a burden that few wanted to seriously look at. Several people stepped forward to help me in whatever ways they could, offering emotional support and friendship, some even financial support when I ran out of money, but no one could really keep me safe, until I was fully deprogrammed from inside of myself so I could not be accessed. To reiterate a vitally important fact — until I was fully deprogrammed, I was not safe. In 1991, there was no one who knew what I was talking about who could help me. I had to find help within myself. And I did. Throughout my healing process, Angels guided me when I was too afraid to connect with Christ, due to the satanic ritual abuse I had endured in the church as a child. The Angels continually led me to books and incredible people, thereby fulfilling God’s plan for my eventual freedom.

Since multigenerationally abused and traumatized victims are selected for the mind control projects, my three children, Kevin, Kelly, and Danny were naturally trained to follow in my footsteps as assets of my controllers. Except for Kelly, they are still locked into their abuse base. Despite my efforts to get help for them. Their similarly programmed father unfortunately ‘doesn’t have a clue, as yet, and so all legal custody has been taken away from me by the State of California. Toward the goal of getting my children free, I have spent years desperately documenting my past, a task at which some of our top governmental officials and entertainers would have liked to see me fail.

My affluent abusers made sure that I was instilled with very sophisticated programming that would insure my death should I begin to remember or tell. Despite the fact that I was programmed to have an ‘accident, self-mutilate, or kill myself, I am healthy, in control of my own mind, and have NO intentions of hurting myself in any manner. I am taking extreme precautions through publicizing this autobiographical account to encumber these power mongers from stopping my efforts to obtain help for my affected children. It is in hopes of freeing them, and the many other suffering adults and children locked into the bonds of the mind control projects, that I share my experience.

The intentionally inflicted and often extreme child abuse I endured was the necessary “preparation through trauma” that my controllers regarded as prerequisite to my creation as a sex/espionage agent serving within the government and beyond to an overarching cabal of only a handful of individuals, who I overheard referred to as “The Council.” For years I witnessed the attempts and deeds they performed to control not only our government, but foreign governments as well. This initial childhood trauma was necessary to create within me multiple personalities for later use by them, insuring their success of my involuntary use and participation in their plan for a one world government, where you and I are to work in varying levels — as controlled slaves or, as they say, “worker bees.”

“To be afraid is to have more faith in evil than in God.”

Emmet Fox


[2]Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD): Current American Psychiatric Association listing in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV is Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).