Chapter Ten: Introduced to Governor Ronald Reagan

I was slowly introduced to Ronald Reagan when I was a teenager. Private meetings were set up by Bob Hope, for me to meet with Reagan at the small theater that is part of the Motion Picture Country Hospital (MPCH) located in Calabasas, California, just 10 minutes from my childhood home in Woodland Hills. The hospital is owned and operated by the Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG). After my father suffered a heart attack my mother took a job and worked there for 10 years, in the late 60’s and early 70’s, as secretary/bookkeeper to the Assistant Executive Director.

I was programmed to walk or ride my bike to the hospital to watch some of the movies that played in the small theater on the hospital grounds. I was instructed to watch many movies that were used for ‘programming purposes’ to instill certain preferred attitudes or moods within me. Among them: My Fair Lady, Gone With the Wind, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Disney movies, and the Wizard of Oz. Often during the showing, a man would come up behind me and zap me with an electronic piece of equipment. At other times, seeing a movie was just a cover for privately meeting with Ronald Reagan. I was also instructed to read the book, Flowers for Algernon, which was intended to scramble, cloud and cover the memory of experiences that happened at the MPCH and elsewhere.

It was there, in private, at the MPCH, that Ronald Reagan began to get acquainted with me, and with many of my created personalities. I was instructed beforehand that I would have “an important guest” and that I was to “make a good impression on him, to give him the full treatment.” The Council had big plans for Ronald Reagan and he fit the requirements for what they were looking for — someone who was pliable and could be directed. He proved that by following their directions from the beginning, even before he was elected Governor. He was a person who was patriotic, personable and was seen as wholesome, good and genuine in the public eye. He was a “good actor” and was willing to jump through their hoops without question. They always told him he was working for the “good of his country” and he never seemed to question anything. But I am getting ahead of myself.

That first meeting, Reagan and I were alone in the small theater. When the lights were lowered in the audience section, that was my cue to begin my routine. The “full treatment” consisted of singing and dancing on the small stage for him, ending with a striptease dance. After my seductive act, I walked out to where he was sitting all alone and climbed, naked, into his lap to recite my program. Following my programmed instructions, I told him that I could satisfy every desire or whim he could imagine, that I came complete with instructions and top security, and was referred by his friend Bob Hope.

He seemed embarrassed, a reaction that would follow him over the years in relation to me, and a bit overwhelmed, but his response was, “I’m sold …tell Bob I’m sold!”

Having carefully recorded his exact response within my photographic memory as instructed, I clambered out of his lap, collected my clothes from the stage floor and got dressed.

I had several personalities that were specially created to please Ronald Reagan sexually. One was created for total devotion to him over the years.

I was used extensively on and around 1968, at age 17, by then Governor Reagan and soon after with United States President Richard Nixon. These top politicians were guaranteed that my training insured the highest level of security. The high level of mind control I possessed guaranteed that I could be used with these leaders who were involved in some of the highest levels of national security, without my own awareness, therefore creating the most sophisticated level of security our nation had to offer. The spy doesn’t even know she’s spying!

Rendezvous with Reagan occurred often at the MPCH but the way it was set up was very secretive. On Sunday afternoons, or in the evenings, I accompanied my family to the small movie theatre on the grounds. While we were waiting outside in line I was instructed to say that I had to go to the bathroom and instead I would slip into the backside entrance to the little theatre and wait for him to show up. Often he was waiting in the back of the theatre and I’d quickly deliver the message and return to my family. Other times, I waited for him in the back of the darkened theatre. He would arrive looking secretive like he was trying to travel “incognito.” After we connected I would get up and go to the front of the theatre to join my family and he would sit down in my vacated seat. During the movie I would announce to my family that I was going to the restroom and I would slip into the row of seats in front of Reagan. As soon as I was in position in front of him I rattled off a bunch of information meant to guide him. If he passed these tests by doing what he was told, then he could enter a higher level of the political arena. He was slowly informed that I was a robot who was merely reporting to him from the higher ups. In the beginning they told him not to underestimate my abilities just because I was young, that I had years of powerful training to make me the way I was and that he was to utilize me to the fullest.

Once he was elected Governor, they had me working between Nixon (as President) and Reagan (as Governor). They worked them together and were able to effect powerful change and legislation between the two. That was escalated when Reagan got into office as President and later they utilized Pete Wilson in the same way. Lots of legislation was pushed through and by the time Wilson hit the office of Governor and Reagan hit President, they had the channels cleared to get through laws, bills and whatever else the Council needed for their own advancement.

There was an older gray-haired, feeble looking man with a diamond pinky ring to whom I frequently reported at the MPCH. He often brought my mom a paper to sign. At times he coordinated and delivered me to different rooms or cottages to meet with different people. He told me to go inside and wait. Often Reagan was the person I was to wait for. Other times he would say, “Wait in here,” and I sat in a lobby or room where a Secret Service agent came to deliver me to then-Governor Reagan. They took me often to a little housekeeping cottage to have sex and deliver messages to Reagan. Later the older man with the diamond pinky ring would come and take me back to my mother’s office. He didn’t even see who I was delivered to meet. The Secret Service said they liked it better that way because they said it was “once removed,” so it wasn’t as risky.

There were instances where my mother would pull open a file drawer in her office, remove a file and lay it on her desk for me to read and record. Displayed before me were logs of upcoming dates and times I was to meet Reagan or others at the MPCH. At other times I viewed papers full of instructions of things to say, including specific phrases, to certain people, or lists of columns of four figure numbers that I was instructed to encode and decipher.

At some meetings Reagan would practice a speech in front of me in the theatre. I’d take it all back to the Council and they would correct a line or two, give the exact wording to be used, and I’d deliver the message to Reagan again and he would modify his speech and deliver it as they dictated.

Other times I was instructed to ride my bike to the MPCH or I accompanied my mom to work when she had extra work to do and I’d say I was going outside. She never questioned me. After I started driving at 16, I was instructed to report to my mom’s office and ask for money or permission to do something, be ore I went to the theatre so she wouldn’t suspect anything if later someone told her they saw me. The man in the theatre who let me in during off-hours ‘appeared’ to be a janitor, but I guess he was a part of it. Sometimes a group of men at a round table met as I sat off to the side in “park mode,” while they discussed what needed to be done with me next or they’d argue about what I was being ‘exposed’ to. One man ended the argument explaining, “that’s what the boss ordered.” The boss was Bob Hope. These men seemed to know all about me. But Bob didn’t like to meet or have sex with me at the MPCH because he said, “Frankly, the people there are too old.” It seemed to depress him to think about old age.

Million Dollar Babies

I overheard conversations where the President of the United States and other top politicians were offered the services of “escorts,”-the CIA’s latest human robot technology-programmed sex and espionage slaves. They were encouraged to use these escorts to satisfy their sexual and emotional needs, instead of exposing themselves to outside individuals, because these escorts were guaranteed safe — had passed many tests to insure security, were able to provide guaranteed secrecy and were safe from venereal disease.

The presidents and others were highly discouraged by the CIA from other avenues of sexual indiscretions for fear of public exposure. This fear of the consequences of seeking «outside» sexual gratification, fear of adverse publicity or disease, and other security risks, created a heavy demand for the use of this latest human technology.

As I later learned, Project Monarch beta trained sex slaves were called “million dollar babies” referring to the large amount of money each slave would bring in from a very early age. In the 60’s the use of a Project Monarch presidential model sex slave cost around $1200 for an evening. Henry called me his “million dollar machine.”

My father and his controllers had done their homework, insuring I was Multiple Personality Disordered, certifiably under total and complete mind control and ready for use by certain individuals in top political and entertainment positions, by the time I was a preteen.

But what many of the CIA officials may or may not have been aware of was that a powerful group of men, whom I refer to as “The Council,” secretly ran the government. They were also able to access the “mindcontrolled escorts” and program them to subversively influence top government officials in ways that benefited the Council. The CIA’s latest human technology was now being used against our own government.

“Each of us will one day be judged by our standard of life… Not by our standard of living; by our measure of giving… Not by our measure of wealth; by our simple goodness… Not by our seeming greatness. “

William Arthur Ward