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Some of you, after reading this book, may be left with many unanswered questions about your own relationship to the material in this book. You may wonder how you fit into this picture …are you, too, under mind control? Let me share with you the following inspiration from a survivor of mind control who discovered that her own experiences paralleled, even at times interwove, with those presented in this book:

A Survivor’s Experience

“I, too, have a story. Some of the details are all too similar to Sue’s. Much I don’t yet remember. What I do know is that ten years ago, I began having memories of abuse …first by my uncle, then my father, then floods of memories of Satanic and ritual abuse. This is where I stalled, if you will, for five years. I believed during that time that I was free from my captors, as long as I kept my distance. And I went about rebuilding a life for myself, carefully controlling my environment so that I wouldn’t be triggered by “my past” any more than I could handle. I thought I was being a really good mom, and wife, and friend. And yet, I continued to be tormented by nightmares, memories, feelings of agitation, anger, rage, and depression. Deep inside of me, I knew that I wasn’t free. And yet, I still believed that I was re-experiencing the past. Now what I know is that I was still involved, unconsciously triggered even to return to satanic rituals while the abuse continued and, under mind control, I was still carrying out the wishes of those attempting to bring in the “New World Order.” Now I have seen what I could not see before — a «reality» that is being carried out by some misguided souls on earth at this time.

Through the help of EEG Neurofeedback, I have been able to reclaim my mind, for my own use. I am aware of what a gift it is to have the use of some of the same technology that was previously used to control me, to now set me free. I am finding that EEG Neurofeedback is helping me to integrate quickly, as I learn to stay alert and attentive and not dissociate. I am also learning to keep myself safe by discovering the ways that others have been able to «access» me through programming.

I would say that the major focus of these past five years has been strengthening my connection to God and learning to discern the different voices, or promptings, from within. How do I decide what to trust? Who or what is worthy of my trust? The key for me has been prayer. When I haven’t known what to believe in, I have prayed to know. I have learned to trust that there is a God …a Power greater than any that humans can wield on this planet. And so, I go directly to that Source. Those prayers continue to bring me the healing and the safety that I seek. Please join me and the many others who are committed to living our true purpose, and loving ourselves and each other into freedom.”

— A Ritual Abuse and Mind Control Survivor