“I’m horny as hell, honey, let’s fuck!” Gloria Maitland pressed up against her husband as she moaned hotly in his ear. She felt the bulge in Frank’s crotch pushing into her belly, and she strained against it. They had just returned home from a church group social and she was keyed up from meeting so many new people.

Frank grunted and yawned, scratching his crotch. Gloria wasn’t surprised. They hardly ever fucked anymore. Most of the time when they did she had to practically beg him for it. Sometimes she thought she’d go crazy for need of a hard cock in her pussy! Frank was a terrific guy, and she loved him, but he didn’t have much of a sex drive lately.

She knew if she expected any action she’d have to turn him on. She turned to him and rubbed her pointed tits against his chest. Her nipples immediately became hard. Well, even if she wasn’t turning him on, she was sure turning herself on!

She wondered why Frank was so turned off to sex these days. He hadn’t been for the first few years of their marriage. She was only twenty-seven and she knew she had a pretty face and good body. She was a school teacher, and her male students verified that every day. The male teachers ogled her too, and men always noticed her when she walked down the street. Why didn’t her own husband find her appealing?

She’d had plenty of experience when she’d married Frank, but she’d been faithful since their marriage. Now, after five years of marriage, their sex life had gone stale.

They had just moved to town and she’d only been at her new school for a week. Maybe Frank was nervous about starting his new job, but she was a woman in her prime and she needed sex. He was ten years older than she was, but he was healthy and thirty-seven wasn’t old. It was certainly too young to lose interest in fucking.

She slid her hand down his body and pulled at his zipper.

“Cut it out!” he hissed.

“Please, Frank,” she whispered. “I’m horny!”

“I don’t like when you talk that way,” he said sternly.

“But no one else can hear me!”

“Yes, but if you talk that way here, you may slip and say something like that in public. I can’t afford to have my wife speak so vulgarly.”

Gloria blushed. “Oh, honey, saying horny isn’t vulgar!”

“It certainly is! Also fuck. Can’t you say intercourse?”

She sighed. Her hand closed over his cock. It was limp. She brought it out of his fly and pumped her fingers up and down his cockshaft. He had a nice big prick, and she squeezed his fat cockhead. When she could get him to fuck her, it was always good. She always came at least once. The trouble was, it didn’t happen nearly often enough for her.

She crouched down now and put her lips over his spongy cockhead. She sucked on his knob gluttonously, working her wet lips as she tried to get him hard.

She sucked the bloated plum of his cock halfway down her throat. She loved cocksucking. She’d always loved cocksucking, and she knew she was good at it. Before her marriage, boys had always told her she was a great cocksucker, and in the beginning Frank had said so too. She figured she was good at it because she loved to do it. The feel of a juicy cock in her mouth always made her hot.

She loved the taste and feel of a man’s prick. She always felt lewd sucking cock. Maybe that was why it was such a turn-on for her. In any case, right now her pussy was fluttering like crazy. She closed her eyes and sucked in more of Frank’s cock. She wondered sometimes if other women liked sucking cock as much as she did. Was she deep down in her soul a slut? She worried about that sometimes.

She pulled her mouth off his cock and began licking and lapping up and down his cockshaft. She swabbed her hot wet tongue up and down his twitching fuckpole. He was finally getting hard. The licking and sucking was finally sending blood racing to his cock and making him hard. She excitedly gobbled up more cock-flesh. Ether he wanted to or not, he’d have to fuck her now!

Was she going to have to beg for fucking the rest of her life? Didn’t she turn him on anymore? It happened sometimes. People got married and then changed. Maybe Frank had changed, and didn’t find her type appealing anymore. Maybe he didn’t even love her anymore. Well, if he didn’t, let him be the one to tell her.

She worked on his stiff cockshaft with her fingers. She was careful not to bring him off. God, not before he stuffed that stiff prick inside her pussy! As it was she felt that she war the one doing all the work. He just stood there like a prince or something, allowing her to get him hard.

She glanced up at him. His eyes were glittering as he stared down at her sucking mouth. He didn’t look like he was in any pain. He looked like he was enjoying it just fine.

She lapped her way up his cockshaft now, opening her lips wide and engulfing his big knob. She bobbed her head up and down, the ring of her full wet lips sliding smoothly up and down on his satiny saliva-coated prick.

She pulled her head back until she had only his mushroomy knob in her mouth, and she used her fingers to pump his cockshaft. He began pumping his hips, driving his cock deeper into her mouth.

“Christ!” he grunted.

She let his cock slide out of her mouth and she stood up. She kissed him on the mouth and nibbled at his ear.

“Let’s get undressed, honey,” she purred. “Let’s get into bed and fuck!”

She kept pumping his prick. She was afraid he might lose his hard-on. She pressed up against him, whispering in his ear.

“I’m so hot, baby!” she murmured. “I’m so hot! I want your prick in me so badly!”

“I’m really tired,” he said. “I need to bean my toes tomorrow. It’s my first day on the new job and I need my sleep.” When he saw the disappointed look on her face he softened and smiled. “I’ll try, honey. Honest, I’ll try.”

They got to the bedroom and she made him lie down on the bed. Sometimes she got him excited by doing a strip. She decided to do that now and maybe he would get hot enough to give her a good fuck.

She teased him as she seductively stripped off her clothes. She felt good and hot. She was in her prime, in the full flower of her womanhood. Her pointed tits were still firm and high. Her nipples were big and pink and stiff, enough to make any man’s mouth water. Her full, thick cunt bush was sexy, and her cuntlips were thick and meaty. Any man would be happy to have them wrapped around his prick. Oh, God, how she needed to wrap her cuntlips around a prick right now!

She fluttered her fingers over her asscheeks and shivered at the sensations. She pried her asscheeks apart and then pushed them together again. She dropped them and they jiggled, white and firm. Her asscrack was deep and dark and moist. She had two hot cracks, each one aching to be stuffed. Oh, what a slut I am to think such thoughts she thought.

She squeezed her asscheeks and then moved her hands up to her big tits. She loved feeling herself up. Some women didn’t like to touch themselves, but she loved it. Ever since she was a young girl she’d liked to touch her body. She rolled her pink nipples and made them longer and harder. They stood out like little batons.

She went over to the bed and began pulling Frank’s clothes off. She had a hard time moving him and he did seem genuinely tired. She didn’t care. She had rights too, and she wanted to fuck. If she’d wanted to live the life of an old maid she’d have stayed single.

She pulled and tugged and finally his clothes were off. His prick was limp again, and she sighed. She’d have to start all over again. Oh, well, she didn’t mind sucking him again. She squeezed his soft cock and tucked him under the covers.

“I’ll be right back, honey,” she purred. “I need a minute in the bathroom. Please, don’t fall asleep.”

She went into the bathroom, cupping her tits in her hands. She closed the door and stood in front of the mirror examining her body. She played with her cunthair and stuck a finger inside her pussy thicket. She was soaking wet.

She dabbed perfume on her cunt bush and her inner thighs. She wiped up the cuntjuice that had dripped down her legs. God, she was hot!

She gazed down at her dark cunt-mound. Her cunt pulsated and quivered. She brushed her long dark hair and put lip gloss on her lips. Then on an impulse she put some on her nipples too. She glanced at the mirror to see the effect. Her pink nipples shone, dark and stiff and shining with the gloss. Her tities looked good enough to eat.

She opened the bathroom door and went back to the bedroom. She looked at Frank lying on the bed and realized that he was sound asleep.

Damn! she thought. She was sorry she had left him alone, but she was angry. They hadn’t fucked in weeks, and he knew she was hot. The son of a bitch could have stayed awake if he’d wanted to!

Tears came to her eyes. She left the bedroom and went down the hall into the living room. She stretched out on the long sofa and lay there in the dark, hot tears running down her cheeks. She ran her hands over her body, her cunt quivering with need.

She realized she wouldn’t be able to sleep until she had an orgasm. She was too restless. She began teasing her cuntlips and gently massaging her stiff little clit. God, how she needed fucking! This wasn’t what she expected of marriage. Their sex life had become dull and routine, and she was still a young woman. If things were this bad now, what would they be like in five years? She was a woman who needed a man. A man with a good stiff prick who liked to fuck as much as she did. A man with physical needs to match hers.

She mashed her fingers around her wet cunt. Her fingers felt good, but she needed a good hard cock in there. A long thick prick reaming out her cunt-channel.

She caressed her tits with her cunt juice coated fingers. Moaning softly, she opened her legs wide and began slowly rubbing her cunt flesh. She pulled and fondled her cuntlips and rubbed her fingers around the sticky juice brimming at the mouth of her cunthole. She gently tickled the shaft of her quivering clit and moaned at the lovely feeling.

She shivered with lust as her fingers played with her meaty cuntlips. She strummed and flicked her throbbing clit.

She pushed two fingers inside her cunthole and plunged them slowly in and out of her cunt-channel. Cunt juice gushed out of her pussy-hole and her fingers made squishing sounds as they pistoned in and out of her fuckhole.

She used her other hand to play with her tits. She rubbed and fondled her glistening nipples. She massaged her hungry cuntlips with her hand, bucking her ass up off the sofa as she finger-fucked her cunt-channel.

Her thighs were wide open and her belly heaved as she bounced up and down on the sofa. She moved her hand from her tits to her pussy, and now she held her cuntlips open with both hands and teased her clit as she began climbing toward the oblivion of a climax.

Her whole body quivering, she shaved another finger, inside her cunthole. She had three fingers fucking her cunt now and she used the other hand to rub her clit. Her fingers churned her juices into a white froth. Her whole crotch was on fire, hot and wet and ready to explode.

“Oh, my God!” she moaned, as she felt the heat of her orgasm begin. Her tits bounced and her nipples tingled. She flicked her clit and pumped her fingers frantically in and out of her starving cunthole.

She pretended she had a thick prick pistoning in and out of her cunt-channel. She pretended she had a pair of bloated balls slapping against her asscheeks. She imagined she had a fat juicy cockhead stabbing the tender meat of her cunt.

She vibrated her clit with a finger tip in a frenzy, hot pleasure washing up from her cunt to suffuse her entire body.

She rubbed and teased her quivering passion button, moaning softly as the white-hot pleasure overwhelmed her senses. She shuddered and quaked, pulling her wet fingers out of her cunthole and bringing them up to her lips. With a moan of lust, she sucked the fingers into her mouth and began sucking and licking the cuntjuice off the digits. She pretended she was sucking a wet cock, a thick wet cock that had just left her cunt. Her tongue lapped hungrily over her fingertips.

She used her other hand and plunged three fingers inside her cunthole again. Now she had three fingers in her cunt and three fingers in her mouth. Her lips curled around one set of fingers, and her cunt around the other.

Her pointed tits jiggled wildly as her body spasmed in another convulsive orgasm.

I can’t go on like this, she thought. I can’t! I have to have a man to fuck me. I have to do something. She needed a lover. That was it. She’d find a lover!

With a deep moan, she came again, crying out with passion. She wondered if Frank could hear her. Well, fuck him! She didn’t care!

She continued rubbing her cunt, her legs thrashing wildly around. It was good. Bringing herself off was always good, but not as good as fucking. It would do for now, until she could find a cock to do the job right.