“Give me a cock! I want a cock in here!” Cheryl Dickinson nibbled a potato chip and watched the blonde on the movie screen rub her fingers in a circular motion over her cunt. She sighed, glancing at her husband, Charlie, as the girl in the fuck-film squirmed her ass and slid her fingers up and down her blonde muffed slit.

“Charlie,” Cheryl said, cuddling closer to him.

“What?” her husband of ten years grunted.

“Charlie, why don’t we do it instead of watch it?” she said.

“Shut up, we’ll do it later,” he said.

Cheryl sighed and filled her mouth with chips. The blonde’s fingers splayed over her juicy gash. The camera zeroed in for a close-up and Cheryl could see the foamy cunt-juice gush out of the girl’s pussy-hole. She was getting turned-on watching, but Charlie seemed to get most of his satisfaction from the fuck-films and less and less from her lately.

Now the big-titted blonde on the screen placed one long fingernail on her cunt and slowly massaged the erect bud. Cheryl suspected she was faking it, but the blonde writhed around on the bed making soft orgasmic sounds.

“She’s sure getting off on it, isn’t she?” Charlie said.

“Seems to be,” Cheryl said, moving her hand to his crotch and placing her fingers over his limp prick.

“Cut it out,” he snapped, pushing her hand away. “I wanna see this.”

On the movie screen, the blonde was shrieking, “Come and get it, someone! Oh, shit, somebody fuck me!”

Cheryl watched the screen, her own cunt twitching with sex. Charlie had begun bringing fuck-films home about a month ago and now most of the time they spent the entire evening watching strangers ball. Afterward, just before they went to sleep, they would have a quick fuck that proved unsatisfactory for Cheryl. Charlie would fall into a deep sleep right afterward, but she would stay awake for hours.

She sometimes thought she’d been foolish to marry a man ten years her senior. Still, their sex life had been wonderful for a long time. Even now, when they were both especially hot, it was great. But it happened infrequently lately.

The lush-titted brunette sighed and reached for more potato chips. The bag was empty and she realized she’d eaten the whole thing. I better watch out or I’ll get fat, she thought.

She automatically moved her hands over her body. She wore a sheer short nightgown which clearly revealed her huge, dark-brown nipples and thick cunt-bush. Her legs were long for her height and her ass was slightly full and always got wolf-whistles when she walked down the street.

In the old days, Charlie had loved her ass. Maybe he still did, but he paid so little attention to her body she didn’t know. Still it seemed to happen to most married couples. The first few years of marriage are exciting and after that it’s down-hill all the way.

In the old days Charlie had been a terrific cocksman. He had a good thick cock and knew what to do with it. His cockhead was massive and his rod was a good seven inches fully erect. In the old days it got as hard as a rock when he was excited. Nowadays it never got more than semi-stiff.

The girl on the screen was plunging her fingers in and out of her gash. Cheryl pretended she had Charlie’s massive prick-knob splitting her cunt flaps in two as his fuck pole pushed inside her slit. His cockshaft used to rub her cunt in a way that drove her crazy with excitement and she closed her eyes and squeezed her thighs altogether, pretending they were fucking now.

“Hey, honey, you get some more chips?” Charlie said, tugging at her hand. “I don’t wanna miss this part.”

“Okay,” she sighed, climbing off the bed and going down to the kitchen.

When she was halfway down the stairs, he called out. “Bring me a beer, huh, honey?” he said?

Cheryl smiled despite her frustration. They had an old-fashioned marriage and she liked it that, way. Let the libbers shout about equal rights. She liked doing things for Charlie.

She grabbed a can of beer and another bag of potato chips and returned to the bedroom. The blonde’s boyfriend had just walked in an he was sucking one of her stiff pink nipples into his mouth.

“Just enough for a mouthful,” Charlie chuckled, taking the beer from her hand.

“I’ve got enough for a mouthful too,” Cheryl said.

Charlie didn’t answer and she settled back and began stuffing her mouth with chips. Her nightgown slid up to her thighs and she crossed her legs and watched the blonde on the screen.

The blonde was leaning against the headboard and cupping her huge tits, offering them to the man who had joined her. The man sat down next to her and slid his hand up and down her thighs.

The blonde grabbed his hand and pulled it over her cunt-muff. “See how wet I am?” the girl whispered. “Don’t you want to do something about it?”

“Yeah, go, man, go!” Charlie chuckled, his eyes glued to the screen as he sipped his beer.

Cheryl let her thighs fall open and felt a rush of cunt juice dribble down her ass. The blonde in the film was squeezing the man’s cock. He had a huge dick. Most of the men in these films had big cocks. Cheryl wondered where they found them all.

The girl slid her fingers up and down the man’s massive fuck pole. Cheryl thought about some of the men she’d fucked before her marriage. One of them had had a cock as big as the man in the film. It had felt good going into her pussy, but after a while the size didn’t matter. Her cunt had most of its feeling near the end of the channel, not deep inside her belly.

Still, it was nice to be fucked by a big cock. She turned and gazed at Charlie. He was totally wrapped up in the movie. He wore shorts and Cheryl could see the bulge in his crotch pulsate. There was no doubt about it, the blonde was turning him on.

She chomped away on the potato chips as the man on the screen stripped. In a moment he was totally naked and Cheryl was able to get a really good look at his cock.

She shivered slightly as she gazed at his dark-veined fuck pole. The veins throbbed and his cock swayed in front of his crotch as he climbed onto the bed next to the blonde and pointed his dick at her mouth.

“Gimme!” the girl squealed. “I’ve been dying to suck your dick!”

Her blonde curls flew as she wedged her head under his prick and slid her tongue over his pin-slit. She was panting for breath as she ran her fingertips over his man-meat and licked up-his pre-orgasm spunk.

She pretended to be frightened by its size. “Oh dear, I don’t know if I’ll be able to take all of this big thing!” she squealed.

The man snickered. “If you can’t take it in your mouth I’ll stick it in your ass.”

“That’s the way to go!” Charlie chuckled. “Give her hell.”

“I wish you’d give me hell!” Cheryl hissed. “Shut up!” Charlie said. “Watch this!” The girl on the screen sat up and wrapped the fingers of one hand around the man’s prick. She used her other hand to caress his huge balls. She giggled as she lifted his jism packed nuts and weighed them in her hand.

“Is this all for me, honey?” she said, extending her tongue in a lewd motion.

“Give it to her, buddy!” Charlie said.

The blonde’s fingers folded around his fuck stick and she began to rhythmically move her fist up and down his massive slab of flesh. She toyed with the cock-hair coating his balls as she moved his cock skin up and down his thrust tool.

“Every inch is for you, baby,” the man said while the girl leaned down and pressed his balls against her face.

“How come you never do that to me?” Charlie said.

“I never get a chance,” Cheryl said.

“You’re just chicken,” he said.

“Listen,” Cheryl said. “If you’d stop being a six-stroke wonder, maybe I’d do some exciting things too.”

“Fuck you!” Charlie said. “Hey, look at that!”

The man on the screen was fondling the girl’s tits. The girl leaned closer to him, her mouth poised over his prick. “I’ve been dying to suck your cock all day,” she purred.

Her lips were parted and glistened sexily as she extended the tip of her tongue and let it swirl over his cockhead. The man grabbed her head and pulled her face into his lap.

“Go to it, baby-doll and I’ll give you a good fucking later.”

“Baby!” the blonde squealed, taking his cockhead into her mouth and sliding her lips over a few inches of his cockshaft.

“Get it in there!” the man said. “Take my whole cock in your mouth and make it even bigger so I can split your sweet pussy in two!”

The blonde’s lips suctioned his prick-knob. Her tantalizing tongue fluttered over his shaft and licked greedily at his blood-engorged meat.

“Get it good and wet,” the man said.

“Your cock is so delicious!” the blonde squealed.

By now Cheryl’s cunt was awash with pussyjuice. Maybe Charlie was right. Maybe it was up to her to initiate new things into their sex life. Still, she hadn’t been brought up to be aggressive in bed. She’d always assumed the man would take charge of the fucking.

In the beginning Charlie had certainly taken charge. He’d been terribly aggressive, even to the point where he wouldn’t let her get on top when they fucked. Now he wanted her to, but she felt uncomfortable about it. Somehow it seemed masculine to be the one on top.

The blonde in the movie was sucking voraciously on the man’s cock.

“Get it in there, baby!” the man hissed, digging his nails into the girl’s spongy-looking tits.

The blonde’s tongue lashed his prick, curling around his cockhead and caressing it. Her pretty face was contorted as she savored the man’s massive dick.

“Some guys have all the luck,” Charlie said. The blonde in the movie slowly licked her way down the man’s shaft to his balls. Cheryl reached over and tried to stroke Charlie’s dick, but he shoved her away. “Look at that!” he said.

Cheryl moved her hand over her snatch and tentatively caressed her cunt-muff. Charlie didn’t like when she masturbated, but her cunt was so damn horny she didn’t care if she made him angry.

The blonde on the screen held the man’s dick-root in one hand and his spunk-filled balls in the other. She brought his nuts to her face and rubbed her moist lips over them.

Charlie was right about one thing. She wasn’t a very good cocksucker. She had never particularly enjoyed it until recently. And now that she was getting off on it, Charlie hardly ever let her do it.

“So damn fucking good!” the blonde in the movie squealed as she dipped her tongue under the man’s nuts.

Cheryl watched as the girl kissed the underside of the man’s dick and tongued his balls. Maybe she could learn something from the movies. Maybe she could learn to give head as good as the girl on the screen and then Charlie would be more enthusiastic about her dick sucking.

The man on the screen ruffled the girl’s hair and groaned with pleasure. The blonde pursed her lips and nibbled up and down the length of his fuck-stalk.

His cockhead disappeared inside her mouth and Cheryl instinctively reached over and closed her fingers around Charlie’s dick. This time he didn’t push her away.

“Jesus! Look at that sucking,” he said as the blonde lapped her tongue over the flared rim of the man’s cockhead.

Cheryl trembled as she moved her fingers up and down Charlie’s limp shaft. Damn it, why doesn’t he get hard? she thought.

She pulled her hand off his dick and moved it back over her cunt. Just then the man on the screen began shooting off. He grunted and directed the first wad of jism ova the girl’s tits.

The blonde rubbed it into her nipples and then rolled over onto her back, her legs thrashing in the air. “Fuck me!” she shrieked.

The man climbed between her legs and mounted her. He rubbed his cock over her inner thighs and thrust it between her parted cunt flaps.

Cheryl held her breath and stroked her juice-soaked cunt as the man paused before crashing his dick into the girl’s pulpy snatch.

“Fuck me good!” the blonde shrieked, her ass tilted up to meet his prick. She tossed her them from side to side, her blonde curls tousled and damp with perspiration.

Cheryl wondered if she was realty turned on. It was true that her cunt was wet, but that didn’t mean much. A woman got wet when she was only slightly turned-on. Why was it that men thought if a woman lubricated she was ready to fuck? True, it was the first step, but it wasn’t like a man having a hard-on.

The girl in the movie wiggled her ass and arched her back. She wrapped her legs around the man’s back and imprisoned him against her.

The camera moved in for a close-up and Cheryl snaked a finger into her cunt as she watched the man’s, prick spear in and out of the girl’s cunt.

Her cuntlips sank in on the down-stroke and pulled back on the out-stroke. Cheryl was amazed that the man had been able to stay hard after he came. She plunged a second finger into her twat and stared with fascinated eyes as the man forced his huge dick in and out of the girl’s twat.

The blonde’s tits jiggled and her nostrils flared as her orgasm raged through her. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” she cried.

If she’s faking it, she’s doing a great job, Cheryl thought.

The man continued ramming his dick balls deep into her velvety-looking snatch. The girl through her legs in the air and then clamped them around the man’s back while he continued stroking in and out of her clutching cunt.

“I love to fuck!” the blonde squealed. “Never stop fucking me!”

“You really mean it?” the man croaked.

“Yes, I mean it!” she gasped. “I want you to fuck my brains out!”

“That shouldn’t take long,” Cheryl said, rubbing her thumb over her clit.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Charlie said, grabbing her hand and moving it away from her cunt. “I’ll take care of that soon enough.”

“There’s nothing wrong with masturbating, Charlie!” Cheryl hissed. “Everyone does it.”

“Not my wife,” he said. “Look at that! Jesus, will you take a look at that cunt!”

Cheryl rolled over on her side and pressed her tits against Charlie’s arm. The blonde on the screen was on top of the man now and she bounced up and dawn, her cunt tightly gripping his dick.

“How come you never learned how to do that?” Charlie said.

“It’s not too late,” Cheryl said, rubbing her nipples again with his upper arm.

The blonde leaned back, the man’s prick imbedded in her cunt as she caressed her tits. “You’re making me come so damn good!” she shrieked.

She lifted her ass, keeping only his cockhead in her pussy. The man grabbed her butt and guided her up and down on his upthrust dick. “I love it!” the girl yelled. “I love cock!”

She bounced up and down on his dick, her eyes shut tight and her thighs straining as she took his dick deep inside her pussy. She wiggled her ass and Cheryl watched the man’s face as he climaxed.

He roared and pushed the girl down onto her back. He finished off on top of her, his cock spewing jism into the girl’s cunt.

Suddenly the camera panned away from the bed, to the door. The door opened and a naked man walked into the room. The blonde gasped as she gazed at his mammoth cock.

“What’s he doing here?” she said to the man on the bed.

“You said you wanted to get fucked forever,” the man said as he climbed off the bed and made room for the naked man. “Good luck, sister!”

“Come here, baby,” Charlie said as the movie flickered and died.

“Let’s have a good long fuck tonight,” Cheryl said as he rolled on top of her and wedged himself between her legs.

“Let’s just have a quickie, honey,” he yawned. “Tomorrow’s a work day for me.”


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