After her affair with Lou Pryor began, Cheryl realized just how frustrated she’d been. She became more and more impatient with Charlie, but pretended to enjoy the quick fucking he gave her every other night. She didn’t want him to become suspicious so she went along with the fuck-films. But she began to dread watching them. Now that she’d started cheating the fuck-films made her terribly horny.

She continued fucking Lou once in a while, but the only thing drawing them together was sex. And she had no intention of paying for service calls every time her cunt twitched.

She confided in one of her girlfriends and found out that most of her friends had been cheating for years. They hadn’t talked to her about it because she seemed so happy with Charlie, but now that she was cheating too they gave her tips on how to meet men and what to tell Charlie when she wanted to stay out late. They made her feel less guilty too.

One day she went shopping and decided to drop into a downtown coffee shop for lunch. Her friend Cindy had told her that she’d met lots of men in restaurants. Bars really. Cheryl wasn’t ready to go to a bar alone, but it wasn’t too difficult having lunch alone.

She’d dressed carefully that day, wearing a tight skirt and sweater and high-heeled sandals. She’d worn no stockings and had piled her hair on top of her head.

Every man in the place stared at her tits as she walked across the room and took a seat at the counter. Several women stared too, and she could see a look of envy in their eyes.

She was used to having women envy her. It was usually the ones who had ironing board figures who were the most envious. She didn’t care. Let them look.

She ordered a sandwich and a cup of coffee and before the waitress had a chance to bring it the hostess dropped a note on her table. She told her it was from a gentleman in a corner booth.

Cheryl turned around and caught the eye of a good-looking man dressed in a business suit. He lifted his water glass and cocked one eyebrow.

She glanced down at the note. “Please join me,” he said.

She met the man’s eyes again and made a quick decision. Why not? she thought as she rose up. She waited for the waitress to appear and told her to bring her sandwich to the corner booth. Then she sashayed over to his table.

“Well, hello,” he said, getting to his feet and extending his hand.

“Hi,” she said breathlessly, her knees shaking and her voice soft.

He held out a chair for her and she sat down. Just then the waitress brought her food, but she no longer felt hungry.

“I’m Lance Turner,” the man said. “What’s your name?”

She thought fast and decided to give him a false last name. “Cheryl Smith,” she said.

“Smith? Ah, yes, Smith,” he smiled. “Why don’t we go somewhere where we can get a drink, Cheryl Smith?”

“Okay,” she said.

He snapped his fingers and the waitress quickly brought a check. He pulled out a thick wad of bills and left a generous tip before guiding her out of the restaurant.

He hustled her into a taxi and before she knew what was happening they were pulling up in front of a high-rise building and he was paying the driver.

“Where are we going?” she said.

“My place,” he said.

“I thought we were going someplace to drink?” she said.

“I’ve got a great supply of booze,” he said. They were in the elevator and on the twentieth floor before she had a chance to catch her breath. It was all so exciting! The ritzy apartment building and the plush carpeting in the hallway.

When they walked into the apartment, her eyes widened. She’d never been in an apartment like it. The view of the city was exquisite and the furnishings, though simple, were expensive.

“I guess no one’s at home,” she said.

“No one’s ever here,” he said. “It’s my little hideaway.”

He placed his hand on her neck and toyed with a few tendrils of hair before moving to a huge bar and mixing a pitcher of martinis.

“To us,” he said, handing her a glass and taking her hand. “Let’s sit here,” he said, leading her to an oversized white sofa.

They sat close together and sipped their drinks. “Are you from around here?” he said.

“Well, yes,” she said, puzzled by the question.

“I thought maybe you were here working the convention.”

“I don’t know what you mean?”

He laughed then. “You mean you’re not a hooker?”

Cheryl blushed and moved away from him. She put her glass down on the coffee table and rose up. “I think I’d better go.”

“No, don’t go!” he said, rising up and grabbing her hand.

She let him push her down on the sofa, but this time she sat at the edge, ready to run out at any time.

“We can pretend you’re a hooker,” he smiled, putting her glass in her hand. “Come on, drink up and I’ll give you a refill.”

“Pretend I’m a hooker?” she said. “What are you talking about?”

“Surely you’ve heard of men who only get off if they’re paying for it?” he said.

“To tell you the truth,” she said, “no, I haven’t.”

“You’re refreshingly honest,” be chuckled. “Don’t go.”

He held tightly to her hand and she gulped her martini and began on her second. “What do you want of me?” she said.

“Pretend you’re a hooker and let me pay you…”

“You’re crazy!”

“Only a tiny bit kinky,” he said. “Not crazy.”

“Jesus Christ!” she said. “I don’t know.”

“Please,” he said softly, stroking her hand. “Please say you’ll do it.”

“Well, okay,” she murmured. “But, no rough stuff.”

He kissed her on the cheek and switched on the stereo player. “Start by stripping to the music,” he said.

She was beginning to think he was crazy, but there was something strangely exciting about the whole thing. She got to her feet and began swaying to the beat of the music.

“Start with your sweater,” he said and she unbuttoned the top button on her sweater and let him see her cleavage.

“Lovely!” he said, loosening his tie and leaning back on the sofa.

She slowly unbuttoned the rest of her sweater, but kept her tits covered. The booze had relaxed her inhibitions and soon she slid her arms out of the sweater and bent over to show him her bra-covered tits.

His eyes glittered when she unzipped her skirt and let it drop to her feet. She kicked it aside and stood in front of him wearing only a bra and bikini panties.

“Beautiful!” he hissed, his eyes darting from her tits to her cunt mound and back to her tits. “Now the rest!”

She reached around her back and unhooked her bra. It was a crazy scene, but she felt herself turning on. She realized she felt like one of the girls in the fuck-films. In fact recently one of them had stripped just this way for a man.

Her bra slipped off her arms and in a moment her massive melon-shaped tits bounced free from the confines of the flimsy cups. Lance placed his glass on the coffee table and leaned forward to get a better look at her jiggling tits.

“They look good enough to eat, my dear,” he smiled.

She swayed her hips and let her tits wobble around. She stood with her feet planted wide apart and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties.

“Wonderful!” he pinned. “You’re as good as any professional!”

She didn’t know whether to be flattered or not. Well, here goes, she thought as she began lowering her panties. I’ll never get to heaven now!

He chuckled gleefully as her bristly black cunt-muff came into view. She closed her eyes and let the music invade her body. She turned around and let him have a good look at her lush butt. She continued sliding her panties down her legs and soon they landed at her feet and she stepped out of them.

She turned around again and faced him. His checks were flushed and his nostrils flared. Six months ago she was a faithful wife and now she was pretending to be a hooker. Life was so crazy!

“Come here,” he said, holding his arms out.

She wiggled over to the sofa and let him pull her down onto his lap. He quickly placed his hand over one creamy-skinned tit and she felt her cunt respond.

“Nice, an innocent slut!” he said.

“That’s not exactly a compliment,” she said as he pushed her off his lap.

“Come into the bedroom,” he said.

She followed him down the hall and into the plush furnished bedroom. He quickly stripped his clothes off and she was pleased at the shape he was in. He had to be at least as old as Charlie, but his belly was flat and hard looking and he didn’t have an extra ounce of fat on him.

He seemed to read her mind. “You seem surprised,” he said.

She gazed at his prick and nodded. She tried to hide her disappointment. His cock lay nestled against his cock-bush. It was limp and lifeless looking. He hadn’t been as excited by her strip as she’d thought.

“You’re wondering why my cock isn’t hard, aren’t you?” he said.

She blushed. “Yes,” she said.

“It’ll get hard,” he said. “It sometimes takes time.”

They climbed onto the bed and he pulled her on top of him. She straddled his chest, her pussy-thicket tickling his chin and his chest hair tickling her ass. He reached up and parted her cuntlips, exposing her cunt-folds to his eyes. He extended his tongue and slithered it over her slit. When it touched her cunt, she felt an electric charge rage through her.

“My cock is getting hard,” he said. “Feel it and see.”

She moved her hand back and touched his prick. Sure enough it felt stiff and it stirred under her touch. She smiled down at him as he rubbed her cunt with his tongue-tip.

He slid his hands under her asscheeks and brought her pussy closer to his mouth. Again and again he tongued her clit and lashed her cunt.

She began wiggling her hips as her cunt became aroused.

“Take your hair down,” he said.

Her tits jiggled when she raised her arms and pulled the hairpins out of her hair. Her long thick hair fell down her shoulders and fanned out over her tits.

“Later I’m going to wrap your hair around my cock,” he said.

Suddenly he pushed her down onto her back and he straddled her. His cock hung over her mouth, and she wrapped her fingers around it and sucked his cockhead between her moist lips.

She pumped his cock skin while she tongued his knob. Ever since her affair with Lou Pryor, she more and more enjoyed giving head. Even Charlie noticed that she was better at it. She smiled when she thought of Lou’s advice the first time they’d fucked. It’ll be good for your marriage, he’d said. And it is! she thought defiantly. It is!

Now she ran a series of tiny kisses over Lance’s fuck pole. It still wasn’t totally hard, but it danced in her hand and spewed out fuck cream.

She brought his crimson cockhead to her lips and kissed it wetly before darting her tongue up and down his fuck-stalk.

“Stick your finger in my asshole!” he hissed.

She froze. “Your asshole?” she said, her fist closed around his cock-root.

“Stick your finger in my asshole!” he repeated.

What the hell did I get myself into? she thought as she reached around and snaked her fingers into his ass crack.

She found his bung and held her breath while she forced a finger into the puckered little hole. He grunted and his cock bounced against her nose as it twitched and stiffened in front of her eyes.

Suddenly his dick became enormous. It was now a thick pole of male-meat, and she opened her jaws wide and let him slide it over her tongue.

“I told you it would get big,” she hissed.

She thrust her finger knuckle-deep into his brownie. She churned it around his velvety bowels and sucked half his fuck-stick into her mouth.

She felt his hand on her snatch and soon he turned around and they were in the classical sixty-nine position. He fastened his lips on her erected cunt and sucked it hungrily while she worked her tongue and lips over his dick. She moaned softly as he gnarled three fingers together and plunged them into her cunthole.

He held her cunt between his teeth and bit down gently as he finger-fucked her pussyhole. She sucked gluttonously on his prick as her cunt exploded in an orgasm.

He continued lapping her clit and fingered her gash while she finger-fucked his asshole and sucked and licked his dick. His tongue was everywhere at once and his fingers felt like a cock in her snatch.

She gasped with pleasure when he pulled his fingers out of her cunt and forced his tongue inside. She whimpered and released his dick from her mouth momentarily as the wild sensations of an orgasm raged through her.

He tongue-fucked her until she thought she’d faint from the wonderful sensations. She clawed his ass flesh and whimpered as he forced more of his cock into her throat.

Her powerful pussy-muscles gripped his tongue and pulled it deep inside her when she climaxed again. Finally he withdrew his tongue and chuckled. “You’ve been starved for it, haven’t you, Miss Smith?”

She giggled happily. She no longer thought he was kinky. She liked him more and more. He had a talented tongue. She loved the way his horny fuck pole filled her mouth and she looked forward to having it in her cunt.

She trembled when he stroked her ass crease and stuffed his index finger into her bung. No one had ever done that to her before and the feeling was incredible.

He tongued her cunt while he fingered her asshole and the horny brunette came again. “I’ll fuck you in the ass sometime,” he said.

Her pussy-juice drenched his face. He lifted his ass and began fucking her face. “I can’t take too much of this,” he said. “I think we’d better fuck now before I blow it.”

He stretched out on his back and told her to straddle him. “Get your pretty ass over here,” he said.

She would have done anything he wanted at that moment. She planted her pussy over his cock and he arched upward when she fitted his cockhead into her pussy-socket.

And then he was inside her. She raised her ass and pushed down as his fuck-stick filled her twat. He held her hips and directed the thrusting, ramming his prick in and out of her hot juicy pussy.

His teeth pulled back and his eyes glittered as he rammed his dick into her gash. She bounced around over him, but he directed the fucking.

He grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard as he stroked his prick deep inside her snatch. He sucked one of her nipples into his mouth and she flattened her body over his as her pussy erupted.

She sobbed with pleasure as her cunt exploded in a series of orgasms. Her pussy gripped his prick and in a moment he shot his load into her depths.

When his limp dick slipped out of her cunt, she rolled onto the bed and he closed his arms around her. “That was some fuck,” he said. “Don’t go away before I pay you. You sure you’re not a pro?”

She sat up and threw a pillow over his face. “Let’s do it again, shall we?” she said.


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