One day her girlfriend Cindy Fields phoned and invited her over for lunch.

“I’ve got something to ask you,” the blonde said.

“What is it?” Cheryl said.

“Let’s talk after you get here.”

“Whatever,” Cheryl shrugged.

She hung up the phone and got dressed. Cindy lived a short distance away and they frequently met for lunch and shopping. Once in a while one of them fixed lunch and they spent the afternoon gossiping. Cheryl enjoyed those days. Cindy was not only a lot of fun, but the two friends confided their innermost thoughts to each other.

“What’s up?” Cheryl said when she arrived.

“Here,” Cindy said, putting a glass of white wine in her hand. “Cheers.”

Cheryl accepted the drink and gulped half of it down as they walked into the living room of the Fields’ home. “What did you want to ask me?” she said.

“I think I’m in love,” Cindy said.

Cheryl blinked. “In love?”

“Yes, in love,” the blue-eyed blonde said, her face tight and her voice serious.

“Well, that is something, isn’t it?” Cheryl. “Maybe I’ll have a little more wine.”

The blonde refilled their glasses and Cheryl gazed at her as she described her lover. “He’s nothing like Lloyd,” the blonde said. She smiled then, revealing two deep dimples. “Thank God he’s nothing like Lloyd.”

Cheryl leaned back against the sofa. Everyone knew that Lloyd was never home and no one blamed Cindy for cheating on him. He was married to his job and traveled ninety percent of the time, with plenty of action of his own on the road.

Now Cheryl realized that Cindy was weeping. “He’s got a real strong personality,” she said. “And I’m afraid I’m going to lose him if I don’t make him happy.”

“Why would you lose him?” Cheryl said. “With your looks and body, he’s lucky to have you.”

“You don’t know,” the lush-titted blonde sobbed. “He can have any woman he wants. He’s incredible in bed.”

“That good, huh?” Cheryl said.

“Better,” Cindy said.

“So, what’s the problem?” Cheryl said. Cindy licked her lips and seemed to be forcing herself to meet Cheryl’s eyes. “He likes… kind of kinky things sometimes.”

“Kinky things in bed?” Cheryl said. Cindy nodded. “Well, let me tell you about this guy named Lance I’ve been seeing,” Cheryl giggled. “Talk about kinky!”

“No,” Cindy said, wiping her eyes with a tissue. “You’ve told me about Lance. Marty is different. He doesn’t have any problems in the sack. He just likes variety.”

“You mean like whips and chains?” Cheryl said.

“I mean like two girls at one time,” Cindy said.

“Oh,” Cheryl said. Her eyes widened and she sat forward on the sofa. “Oh, I get it. And you want me to…”

“Please!” the blonde murmured. “Cheryl, I’d do it for you, honest! And he’s the best lover I’ve ever had. You’d enjoy it.”

“Hey, wait a minute,” Cheryl said. “I didn’t say I wouldn’t do it. I’m just surprised.”

“You mean you’ll do it?” Cindy said, her eyes shining and her pretty face relaxed and smiling. “Oh, God, Cheryl, I’ll be grateful for the rest of my life. I’m really gone on this guy.”

“Okay, you’ll owe me one,” Cheryl giggled. “I’ve never done it with another woman. But set up a date and I’ll try it.”

“He’s coming over today,” Cindy said, holding her breath.

“Oh, Jesus!” Cheryl said.

“I’ve gotta fix my hair,” Cindy said as she rose up and dashed for the stairs. “Oh, I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you, Cheryl.”

Cheryl wondered if he expected Cindy and herself to fool around. She intended drawing the line there. She didn’t mind balling some stud along with Cindy, but she had no intention of getting involved sexually with the blonde or with any woman. Just the thought of it made her shudder. It’s just not my bag, she thought.

Cindy returned in a few minutes and got her to go up to the master bedroom and wait until Marty arrived. “His name is Marty Martin,” the blonde said as Cheryl relaxed on a lounge chair in the bedroom. “And don’t make any cracks about it. He’s very sensitive about his name.”

He arrived shortly afterward, and Cindy ran downstairs to let him in. Cheryl stood in the doorway and listened to their conversation.

“I got here as quick as I could,” a deep voice said.

Cheryl heard nothing for a few minutes and she assumed they were kissing. Then she heard Cindy squeal and Marty snicker.

“Upstairs, huh?” he said. “Good girl. Let’s go.”

Cheryl tiptoed back into the room and sat down on the lounge chair with her tits thrust forward and her skirt up to her knees so he would be able to see her legs.

He filled the doorway. “This is Marty,” Cindy smiled.

Marty whistled when be walked into the room. “So this is Cheryl,” he said.

He took her hand and she rose up, her heart pounding as he examined her tits and ass. Cindy looked happy and Cheryl was mesmerized. He was not just good looking, but he had an animal magnetism about him that turned her knees to jelly.

“Cindy has told me all about you,” he said. He patted her ass. “But you’re even prettier than she described.”

He gazed at Cindy and then back at Cheryl.

“You two look good enough to eat,” he chuckled. “I love a blonde and a brunette together. Delicious!”

Cindy asserted her ownership over him by cuddling against his chest. “Shall we get started honey?” she said.

“Yeah,” he said, his eyes boring into Cheryl’s boob. “You watch while I make it with her first.”

A flicker of disappointment crossed the blonde’s dimpled face, but she soon smiled and squeezed Cheryl’s hand. “Go ahead,” she said. “I don’t mind.”

Marty quickly scrambled out of his clothes, but Cheryl remained dressed. She was uncertain of what to do next.

“Take your clothes off!” Cindy hissed.

The blonde sat on the edge of the bed next to Marty while Cheryl stripped. When Cheryl climbed onto the bed on the other side of Marty, Cindy took her hand and placed it over Marty’s crotch.

“Suck it,” Marty said.

Cheryl gazed at Cindy as if for approval. The blonde beamed and nodded before Cheryl lowered her mouth to his big purplish cockhead.

She trembled as Cindy held his fuck-stick and guided it between her lips. She lapped her tongue up and down the sides of his stiffening prick, savoring the male-aroma of his crotch.

Cindy used the fingers of one hand to squeeze the root of his very thick cock while she used her other hand to stroke his balls. She pushed them up to meet Cheryl’s darting tongue.

“Okay, baby,” he said to Cindy. “You can have a lick of the lollipop too.”

Cindy squealed and knelt down to place her mouth on one of his balls. She nibbled on the leathery nut and ran her tongue over his cock bush.

“She’s crazy about sucking my cock,” he said to Cheryl.

“I love your cock!” the blonde hissed.

She nuzzled her face against his balls and in her hands under his ass. Cheryl sucked his wick into her mouth and swishing his knob from one check to the other. She dipped the tip of her tongue into his pisser and slid her lips over another inch of his thick shaft.

He told Cheryl to sit on his face. “I want to taste your pussy,” he said.

She scrambled around on the bed and straddled his head. She gazed down at his handsome face and then shifted forward until her pussy hovered over his mouth.

“Jesus, look at that swamp!” he snickered.

Cindy bobbed her head up and down as she mouth-fucked his dick. Cheryl faced her, wiggling her ass as Marty buried his lips in the thick triangle of her pussy-fuzz.

The horny, housewife threw her head back and ground her cunt into his face. He licked and sucked her cunt flaps and drove his tongue inside her pussy-hole.

Cindy continued devouring his dick while he swirled his tongue around the velvet-lined folds of Cheryl’s cunt and suctioned her clit into his mouth.

Suddenly he pushed her off his face. “Get back there and suck my cock,” he said.

Cheryl moved back between his legs and Cindy handed her his cock.

“Hey, girls,” he said, sitting up and forcing them to release his cock. “I’ve got an idea. One of you smear my dick with ice cream and the other one lick it off. You can take turns if you want.”

“Let me see in the house,” Cindy said.

She climbed off the bed and grabbed, a robe before running downstairs to the kitchen.

“Heat up some hot fudge too,” he shouted after her.

He grabbed Cheryl then and pushed her down on her back. He climbed on top of her and began a gluttonous sucking of her tits. She wrapped her legs around his basic as they rolled around the bed.

“I’m dying to fuck you without Cindy around,” he said.

His strong fingers caressed her ass flesh and he drilled a finger brutally inside her bung. “I’m going to give you a back-door job,” he said. “Turn over…”

She rolled onto her hands and knees. Her cunt was awash with juice and she couldn’t remember being this horny. He knelt behind her and squeezed her butt.

“What a gorgeous ass,” he said. “Shit, your asshole is tight!”

“Is it going to hurt?” she said.

“Don’t tell me your asshole is cherry?”

“It is?” she said.

“Fuck!” he muttered. “Well, it might be a little messy, but here goes.”

Cheryl trembled when he wet his cockhead down with her cunt-cream and wedged his fuck pole inside her butt-crease. He grunted and moved one hand around to grip her tits.

“Play with your cunt,” he said.

She slid her hand over her pussy while he toyed with her tits and massaged her asshole with pussy-juice.

“Here’s the ice cream,” Cindy said as she walked into the room. “I couldn’t find any hot fudge. Jesus Christ!” she whispered when she saw Marty’s cock at the entrance to Cheryl’s bung.

“Get over here and watch,” he said to the blonde. “Sit over there and open your cunt so I can see it while I fuck her asshole.”

Cindy climbed onto the bed near Cheryl’s head and the brunette gazed at her blonde fuzzed cunt too while Marty forced his cockhead into her butt-hole.

She groaned and fell forward as his prick knob invaded her bung. It seemed to tear her insides apart and she felt like she had a grapefruit up her ass.

“Relax and push out,” Marty muttered. “Pretend you’re taking a shit.”

She forced herself to relax as he shoved more of his dick into her butt. The pain was incredible but she pushed out and soon his dick was imbedded in her bowels.

She spooned ice cream into her mouth. She kept her legs open so Marty could see her cunt and after a few minutes she was in Cheryl’s asshole.

She sucked in her breath when he began pistoning his dick in and out other shitter. She cried out, opening her mouth wide as the wild sensations of the corn-holing filled her snatch.

Cindy shoved a spoonful of ice cream into Cheryl’s mouth and she swallowed it down as she frantically fingered her pussy. He quickened his strokes and she pumped her ass back to meet his thrusts.

She came then, her asshole clutching his prick, but he controlled his climax and continued sawing in and out of her butt. Her asshole was stretched wide. Wider than she’d thought possible. His cock throbbed and swelled inside her and he released her tits when he began coming.

He battered her shitter as his cream exploded in her bowels. He panted and the entire bed shook as he brutalized her once-tight asshole.

Her face was pushed into the mattress and she continued clawing at her cunt as he dropped his load into her butt. His prick drilled in and out of her asshole with such force she thought he would split her in two.

But he didn’t. He finally slipped his cock out of her butt and collapsed on the bed. She rolled over onto her back. Her asshole ached and she was relieved when Cindy climbed between Marty’s legs and began caressing his limp dick.

“Lovely fucked-out cock,” the blonde moved incredibly, sucking his cockhead into her mouth.

“Jesus!” Cheryl sighed. His prick was streaked with mucous and shit, but the blonde seemed completely oblivious as she swirled her tongue lovingly up and down his shaft.

“My whore,” Marty chuckled when he noticed the horrified expression on Cheryl’s face. “You’re all whores at heart.”

Cindy stuck her ass up in the air and pressed her lips over his cock-knob. She licked up and down his prick from the tip of his dick to his balls. She cleaned him up like a mother cat cleans her kittens and he chuckled as he tousled her hair.

“It’s getting hard again,” he said, his eyes boring into Cheryl’s tits. “Play with your cunt. I like to see you do that.”

The brunette began fingering her cunt. If Charlie could see me now he’d shit a brick! she thought.

Cindy tightened her moist lips over Marty’s dick. She held his spongy knob between her teeth and bit down. He groaned and gripped her head as she suctioned in half of his fuck-stalk.

“Bite it!” he hissed.

She bit it. Cheryl finger-fucked her pussy while the blonde sucked voraciously on his dick. It wasn’t long and his cock was hard again, sticking up from his crotch like a piece of steel.

“There she blows!” he chuckled, motioning toward Cheryl. “Come here, you gorgeous piece of ass, and suck my cock.”

Cheryl scrambled around and knelt down next to Cindy. Both women licked his prick. Long blonde hair mixed with long black hair on his crotch as they took turns sucking his dick and balls.

At one point their tongues met and Cheryl’s pussy spasmed. She pulled back as if she’d been burned and concentrated on his butt hole.

“Next time you two make it and I watch,” Marty said.

Cheryl pushed her hair off her face and sat back on her haunches. “Not on your life,” she said.

“Educate her, will you,” he snickered at Cindy.

The blonde turned to gaze at Cheryl, her mouth stuffed with cock and her fingers stroking his balls. Her eyes seemed to implore Cheryl to go along with whatever he said, but the brunette had no intention of letting him think she’d been willing to do anything as perverted as make it with another woman.

She lay back on her side and picked up the dish of ice cream. She spooned some into her mouth and thought about Marty’s proposal. She’d spent the last hour trying to ignore Cindy’s body. She’d never seen her totally nude before and she’d been disturbed by how her cunt responded to the blonde’s curvaceous ass and big tits. So she’d tried ignoring her while they both concentrated on Marty’s big prick.

But he spoiled it by bringing up the unmentionable and Cheryl felt her former excitement disappear as she finished the ice cream.

“Smear it on my cock and lick it up!” Marty grunted.

“It’s gone,” Cheryl said.

“Fuck you, you cunt!” he said. “I’m coming without it!”


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