“This place looks like a dump,” Charlie said one morning as he dressed. “You’d think that since you don’t have anything else to do you’d keep the place clean.”

“It only gets dirty again,” she yawned. “You’re a lazy bitch,” he said. “I don’t know why I keep you around here.”

“You keep me around because I’m such a good lay,” she grinned.

“Speaking of lays, how come you stopped bitching about not getting enough?” he said. “Oh, I’m submerging myself in other interests.”

“Well, get her!” he chuckled. “If I know you, you’re spending half the day with a candle in your cunt.”

She rose up from the bed and wrapped a robe on before following him down the stairs. “Now, honey, you know I wouldn’t do anything so perverted.”

“Yeah, well, you better not,” he muttered as he grabbed his raincoat out of the hall closet. He patted her ass and gave her a quick kiss. “Be home late, honey,” he said as he opened the door. “Keep your pussy warm.”

She closed the door behind him and went into the kitchen to pour a fresh cup of coffee. She felt guilty at moments like this. Charlie apparently had no suspicion whatever about her conduct.

The jerk! she thought as she sipped the hot coffee. The loveable jerk!

There had been some changes since she’d begun cheating on Charlie. Because she felt guilty, she tried harder to please him in bed. And all the cocksucking she’d been doing was to Charlie’s advantage. Not only did she love giving head, she used her new talents on her husband and it made a difference in their sex life.

She remembered what Lou Pryor said to her so many months ago. And was right. She loved Charlie more than ever. Her cheating was keeping their marriage intact not splitting it apart.

She tried not to think about it anymore and got out the scrub-brush and bucket to clean the bathroom and kitchen floors. Charlie was right. She was a terrible housekeeper.

She spent the next four hours whipping through the house and when she was through she collapsed on the bed. It’ll be dirty again in a week, she thought as she turned onto her belly and slid her hand over her pussy.

When the telephone rang she answered it, excited to her Cindy’s voice asking her to come over as soon as possible.

“I’m a mess,” Cheryl said. “I’ll have to shower and wash my hair. I just did the cleaning-house routine.”

“You cleaned the house?” Cindy giggled. “Well, now anything’s possible. But seriously, come over as soon as you’re dressed. Marty’s coming over and he’s dying to see you again.”

“He’s not going to bug us about making it together, is he?” Cheryl said.

“Nor he knows you’re not interested,” the blonde said.

They hung up and Cheryl got busy dressing. She took quick shower and washed her long hair. She let it dry naturally and pulled it back with a pink ribbon.

Her pussy felt horny and she was excited about fucking Marty again. She thought about his desire to see the two women ball and she shivered. “Too perverted,” she whispered out loud.

When she was dressed, she left the house and within fifteen minutes was sitting on the sofa in Cindy’s living room with a can of beer in her hand and Marty’s mouth on her left tit.

“Now this is what I call heaven,” he said.

Cheryl’s pussy drooled. She shrugged her shoulders and smiled at Cindy who was nervously gulping a beer.

Marty lapped his tongue over Cheryl’s stiff nipple and then suddenly released her boob and rose to his feet. “I’ve got to leave for a while,” he said. “You girls find something to do. I’ll be back.”

He left the house before Cheryl had a chance to catch her breath. Her left tit hung out of her bra, exposed to Cindy’s eyes. She put it back inside her sweater, a blush coming to her cheeks when she noticed the blonde’s eyes boring into the lush boob.

She threw one leg over the arm of the sofa and opened a second can of beer. “What’s on your mind?” she said to the blonde.

“I think I’m losing Marty,” Cindy sighed. “You’re crazy,” Cheryl said. “Anyone can see he’s crazy about you.”

Cindy began crying then, blowing her nose in a tissue. “I’m nuts about the guy,” she sniffed.

Cheryl moved closer to her on the sofa and wrapped her arm around her shoulder. “So what’s the problem,” she said. “Everything looks like it’s working out.”

Cindy met her gaze, her light blue eyes clear and innocent. “You don’t understand. I really love him. I’m thinking of splitting with Lloyd and living with Marty.”

“That’s really serious,” Cheryl said. “I thought Marty was married.”

“He is,” Cindy wailed. “But if I split with Lloyd he’ll split with his wife.”

Site blew her nose again and Cheryl patted her arm. She hadn’t realized the situation was so serious. She had noticed that Marty had real feeling for Cindy, but hadn’t thought anything would come of it. Now her own feelings of security were shaken and she wanted an excuse to leave.

“Maybe I’d better go home and leave you two alone,” she said, still patting Cindy’s arm.

“No, please don’t go!” Cindy hissed.

She rose up then and began pacing up and down the room. “There’s more,” she said, picking up another can of beer and gulping half of it down.

“What?” Cheryl said.

“He won’t live with me until I’ve balled with another woman,” she said.

“Oh, shit, not that again!” Cheryl said. She buried her face in her hands. How did I get into this mess? she thought.

Cindy returned to the sofa and sat close to Cheryl. “Listen, you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to, but let me suck your cunt for Marty’s sake. Please, do it for me!”

“Jesus Christ!” Cheryl said. “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

The blonde nodded wordlessly, her sexy lips moist and pink.

“You’d suck my cunt?” Cheryl said. “You’re not repulsed by it?”

“Oh, no!” Cindy whispered. “To tell you the truth, you turn me on.”

“Jesus Christ!” Cheryl repeated.

They sat for a few minutes without speaking. Finally Cheryl stared at Cindy. “You did say I wouldn’t have to go down on you, didn’t you?”

The blonde smiled and nodded. “You don’t have to do a thing,” she said.

Cheryl’s heart pounded. “I may be tomorrow, but if you really want me to.”

Cindy grabbed her hand and kissed it. “Oh, Cheryl, you’re the best friend a girl ever had.”

She threw her arms around Cheryl’s neck and pressed her big tits against her shoulder. Cheryl inhaled Cindy’s perfume and felt her heart pound.

“Bombs away!” she whispered against the blonde’s hair.

Cindy lowered her lips to Cheryl’s and the two friends kissed. Their lips parted and their tongues met and Cheryl felt her pussy twitch and knew she was turning-on.

She instinctively wrapped her arms around Cindy’s waist and pulled her closer, their tits crushed together and their tongues dueling.

Cindy broke the kiss and guided Cheryl off the sofa and up the stairs to the bedroom. The normally assertive brunette let her friend lead her to the king-sized bed that Cindy shared with Lloyd and sat down while Cindy undressed.

Cheryl sat there dazed while the blonde began to strip. Her huge tits heaved from excitement as she pulled her tee-shirt over her head and pulled down her slacks.

Cheryl gazed at Cindy differently than she did the time Marty had fucked them bath. Now they were alone and she looked at her the way a man looks at a woman’s body. And what she saw both excited and frightened her.

It was a body made for love. Cindy’s skin was creamy white and pink. Her cunt-bush was blonde and her tits were capped by big pink nipples that looked like ripe strawberries when she was excited, as she was now. There was a combination of innocence and lustiness about Cindy that made Cheryl’s blood race. She wondered if she was turning into a lesbian.

Now Cindy sat down on the bed next to Cheryl and cupped her tits through the thin material of her tee-shirt. She bent down and planted a kiss on the tip of one of Cheryl’s boobs.

She slid her hand inside Cheryl’s tee-shirt and stroked her bare skin before moving her fingers to Cheryl’s bra-covered tits.

“Isn’t this wild?” Cindy giggled, snaking her fingers inside the cup of Cheryl’s bra.

Cheryl moaned when Cindy’s fingers touched her nipple. “You’re driving me crazy,” she moaned.

“You’re getting off on it, aren’t you?” the blonde giggled.

She helped Cheryl pull her tee-shirt over her head and then pushed her down on her back. She leaned over her and ran her tongue over her cleavage. She pulled her bra-straps off her shoulders and her arms. Soon the flimsy cups were being pulled away from her tits and the blonde was licking one of her nipples.

“You’ve done this before, haven’t you?” Cheryl said.

The blonde picked her head up and squeezed Cheryl’s tits in both her hands. “How’d you guess?”

Cheryl pulled the blonde’s mouth back onto her boobs. “I can just tell,” she said.

She could tell by the way Cindy teased her tits that she’d had experience with other women. She didn’t know why Cindy had lied about it, and it didn’t matter. Waves of lust raged through her hand she no longer cared that they were committing a perverted act.

Cindy went from one nipple to the other. She wet them down with her saliva and then licked it up again with slow tantalizing strokes of her tongue.

She continued sucking Cheryl’s boobs as she fumbled with her slacks. She unzipped them and began tugging them down end Cheryl’s heart pounded. This was the moment of truth. She could stop now and get the hell out of here or she could stay and enjoy a new adventure. She decided to stay.

She helped Cindy tug the jeans off her legs. Soon they were both naked and they rolled around the bed in a tangle of arms and legs and tits.

“Nice,” a male voice said softly.

Cheryl turned to the door and saw Marty Martin walking into the room.

“Very nice,” he grinned. Don’t stop, girls. Go right on with your fun and games.

He sat down on a nearby chair and Cheryl turned back to Cindy. She could smell her own and the blonde’s cunt-fragrance. Suddenly the aroma was sexually intoxicating and the presence of Marty only heightened her arousal. Also, she’d half-expected he would return to watch them.

She sank back against a pillow and let Cindy nestle between her thighs. Her cunt gaped open and Cindy trembled as she gazed at her molten gulch.

She spread her legs wider and stroked her tits while Cindy caressed her silken inner thighs.

“You don’t mind if I take this thing out and work it over?” Marty said as he climbed out of his pants and shorts.

Cheryl smiled. “I wouldn’t mind if you came over here and joined us,” she said.

“Later,” he said, licking his lips and pumping his prick. “Right now I want more [missing text].”

Cindy held her asscheeks in both hands and rubbed her face over Cheryl’s twat. Cheryl arched her back and pressed her slit against the blonde’s nose and mouth and cheeks.

“This is crazy,” she whispered, picking her head up and gazing at Cindy’s plump asscheeks. “But as long as we’re doing it why don’t you stick a finger in my gash?”

Cindy giggled and stuffed her index finger into Cheryl’s juiced-up pussy-box. Cheryl gasped as the blonde churned her finger around inside her cunt-tunnel.

“It’s like a hot-box,” Cindy said, thrusting the finger in and out of Cheryl’s gulch.

She stirred it around and let it drag over Cheryl’s clit while Cheryl twisted her hips and fucked back at her friend’s finger. The muscles in her belly rippled and her tits wobbled around as she thrust her cunt at Cindy’s little artificial cock.

“Get your mouth on her cunt, cunt,” Marty snickered.

Cindy rubbed her lips over Cheryl’s inner thighs and pistoned her finger in and out of her gushing pussy-pocket. She moved her mouth closer to Cheryl’s cunt-jungle and her seething hole.

She pulled her finger out of Cheryl’s tight hot sex-cave and lifted her thighs. She moved her mouth over her hairy triangle and pressed her lips against her passion-patch.

Cheryl tilted her ass up and gasped as Cindy’s tongue explored her snatch. She closed her eyes and pawed her tits. She forgot it was a woman sucking her cunt. The tongue wiggling around her velvety gulch could have belonged to a professional. She didn’t care a damn.

Cindy lapped her tongue up and down the middle of Cheryl’s slit. She licked her cunt and her hairy outer flaps. Cheryl tossed her head from side to side in a delirium of lust.

“Give her asshole a workout,” Marty said. Cheryl had forgotten for a few moments that he was watching. Now she glanced up and noticed he had a piece of rope in his hands.

“What’s that for?” she said.

“You’ll see,” he said.

Cheryl forgot about it when Cindy moved her searching tongue from her cunt to her asshole and back again. She pulled her nipples when the blonde fluttered her tongue over her brownie. Soon Cindy positioned her tongue tip over the puckered ring.

Her tongue popped inside Cheryl. She shoved it in root-deep and Cheryl’s first quivering of an orgasm. Cindy’s fingers weren’t idle. She shoved two digits into Cheryl’s pussy-hole while she tongued her butt-hole. Waves of perverted pleasure coursed through Cheryl’s body.

Cheryl clawed at her tits and gyrated her hips as the blonde devoured her asshole and finger-fucked her cunt. When Cindy stopped tonguing her butt and began attacking her cunt, the overheated brunette went wild.

She shrieked when her pussy exploded… She felt her orgasm in her pussy and asshole, her throat and her toes. She’d never had a more overwhelming climax in her life and it seemed to last forever.

When she finally regained her senses, Marty had joined them on the bed. He still held the length of rope in his hand and he and Cindy were arguing.

“But I promised her she didn’t have to!” Cindy hissed.

“Fuck that!” Marty said. “Come on, Cheryl! Wake up and get your mouth on Cindy’s twat.”

Cheryl’s eyes popped open. “Oh, no!” she said, sitting up on the bed. “No way!”

But Marty was too fast for her. He grabbed her wrists in an iron-grip and pushed her back down on the bed. He tied the rope deftly and tightly over her wrists, behind her back.

“I’m sorry, Cheryl,” Cindy said, patting her hair. “I told him you didn’t want to, but he just won’t listen.”

“Damn!” Cheryl said, but she knew she was helpless against him.

“Now, the main course,” Marty snickered nastily as he pushed Cindy down on her back and forced Cheryl’s face down over her snatch.

Her arms were tied behind her back and she gazed down at her friend’s gulch. Her heart sank when she realized she had no choice but to suck Cindy’s cunt.

“You bastard,” she said to Marty softly. “I’ll get you for this.”

And with that she lowered her lips to Cindy’s cunt and licked it. She tentatively nibbled her blonde cunt-muff and stuck her tongue delicately into her pussy-hole.

She felt a strange sensation in her own gash when she ran her tongue around the hairy rim of Cindy’s slit. Marty chuckled as she dug her tongue into Cindy’s twat and sucked gluttonously.

“Now you’re talking,” he said. He lay on his side and watched as Cheryl forced her tongue into Cindy’s pussy-hole.

When Cindy came, Cheryl’s cunt exploded too. Finally Marty untied her wrists, and Cheryl giggled as she wedged her mouth against Cindy’s cunt and continued sucking.


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