Lance phoned one day and asked her if she was interested in something different.

“How different?” she giggled, rubbing her ass. She’d had her ass-hole reamed for the past week and it still felt sore.

“Have I ever disappointed you?” he said. “Why not just say yes and let me handle every thing?”

She thought about it for a moment and agreed not to ask any more questions. Lance had never done anything to hurt her. To the contrary, except for a few minutes the first time they fucked, he’d brought a great deal of excitement to her life.

“Yes,” she said, and for the next few minutes they finalized their plans.

He would pick her up in his car and they would drive to some mysterious location where they would meet some friends. He told her to wear a tight sweater and skirt and no panties or bra.

“I’ll get arrested for going around with these big things bouncing,” she giggled.

“Be serious for once,” he said. “Remember. No panties and no bra.”

When he picked her up, he honked the horn of his Mercedes and she climbed into the car. “Now will you tell me what the scene is?” she said.

He gunned the motor and he grunted. “You’ll see.”

They were soon pulling into the driveway of a high-rise building not far from where he’d taken her the day they’d met in the coffee shop.

The apartment was furnished simply, but elegantly. The door was no sooner closed then Lance pulled her into his arms and kissed her. “I’ve missed you,” he said.

She melted against him. “But we were together last week.”

“But I still missed you,” he said.

She returned his kisses, pressing her crotch against him and rubbing herself against his cock. As usual it hardly stirred, but she had come to enjoy working to make his dick hard. It was a challenge she liked.

Sometimes her mouth got tired from all the sucking it took to turn him on. But once his cock was up, he lasted longer than most men she knew and he always gave her a good hard fucking.

“Take your sweater off,” he said as he released her. “I’ll open some wine.”

He went to the kitchen for the wine and glasses and she peeled her sweater off and tossed it onto a chair. When he returned she was sitting on the sofa, her huge tits wobbling as she accepted a glass from the tray.

His eyes glittered as he sipped his wine, put his glass down on the coffee table and turned to her. He put both hands over her tits and caressed her nipples.

“I don’t want you to be frightened by the people who are joining us,” he said.

“Should I be?”

“They’re not exactly the kind of people I normally associate with,” he said.

“You know, you were only the second man I cheated with in my life,” she said.

He lowered, his mouth to her tits and brushed his moist lips over her creamy globes. He bud her tits tightly and went from one to the other, swirling his tongue over the mound and nibbling her nipples.

“I remember how frightened you were when you thought I might be a dangerous pervert,” he said.

She giggled and caressed his hair. “I was such a dummy then,” she said.

He pressed his face into her cleavage and she reached over and picked up her wine glass. She sipped the expensive liquid while he sensuously licked and lapped her boobs.

“Let me suck your cock,” she said after a while.

“Sure, honey, sure,” he said, kissing her on the lips and unzipping his fly. “You have the best mouth for cocksucking of any woman I know.”

“I never used to like it,” she said as she crouched between his legs.

She picked up his limp dick and balls and ran her tongue over his cockhead. “When you told me to strip, I’ll admit I thought you were kinky,” she said. “And when you made me pretend to be a hooker.”

He chuckled softly as his prick came to life in her mouth. “It takes less and less time for you to get it up, doesn’t it, Cheryl?” he said.

She couldn’t answer because her mouth was stuffed with his half-stiff prick. He held her head in both hands and slid his cock in and out of her eager mouth.

She held his nuts in her hands and squeezed them gently. She suctioned half his fuck pole into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down, dragging her lips over his stiffening stalk.

Her tits pressed against his legs and he caressed her long black hair as she brought his fuck-stick to life.

“Let’s get into bed,” he said.

They both got to their feet and went to the bedroom. It was a sparsely furnished room with a king-sized bed in the middle and a few straight-back chairs scattered around.

She wondered who lived here. She quivered with excitement when Lance’s hands roamed over her body. He finished undressing her and stripped his own clothes off. They lay down on the bed and clung together.

He climbed on top of her and held her tits again while he tongue-lashed her boobs. Her pussy ached to be filled, but she knew if he prolonged the fiery her urges would be more intense.

He moved his hand between her legs and forced her gushing pussy-folds. He rubbed the flat of his hand up and down her sizzling slit. Her blood raced at the sensations in her snatch.

She raised her ass and stroked his hair as he tongued her jiggling tits. He made a fist and ran it up and down her slime-coated pussy, his thumb rubbing over her clit.

“Suck me!” she moaned.

“Do you want your cunt sucked?” he said. “Yes, suck my cunt!” she sighed. He dragged his tongue from her tits to her belly and down to her pussy-pocket. She trembled and moaned when he slipped his hands under her ass and lifted her crotch to meet his mouth.

“Let me have your cock in my mouth!” she said.

He turned his body around until his prick dropped aver her face and his mouth lay over her cunt. In the classic sixty-nine position, he proceeded to lick her pussy while she grabbed his dick-root and sucked his plum-shaped bulb into her mouth.

He plunged his tongue into her pussy-hole than she sucked and slobbered over his dick.

She sucked one of his balls into her mouth and he bit down on her cunt.

She sucked his second ball into her mouth and let both hairy eggs around her saliva. He sucked her cunt hard, moving his lips from side to side as he brought her off.

She held his dick-root in her fist and ran her tongue up and down his cockshaft. He used her mouth like a cunt, stroking his prick in and out faster and faster.

He came, grunting and releasing a load of thick jism into her mouth. His balls battered her chin while she sucked up the gluey liquid and he continued pistoning his fuck-stick into her mouth until they were drained.

The doorbell rang at just that moment, and Lance jumped off the bed and went to the closet. He pulled a robe off a hanger and wrapped it around his body as he left the room to answer it.

“They’re here,” he said. “Stay there.”

She heard footsteps outside the door and leaned against the headboard as two men walked into the room. They were tough looking. That was the first thing that came to Cheryl’s mind. They looked like brothers and they were tough looking.

She pulled the sheet up to her chin to hide her nakedness. The man grunted with excite meat. “Tell her to can the modesty,” one of them said.

“Let them see you,” Lance said.

She felt suddenly shy and uncomfortable, but did as he asked. She pushed the sheet off her body and let them stare at her. Lance took off his robe and sank back down on the bed, his cock limp and his balls empty.

The two men began stripping. “That one’s name is Fred and that one’s Nick,” Lance said.

She didn’t think she’d be able to keep them straight. She huddled against Lance as the two men climbed onto the bed.

Nick reminded her of a picture she’d once seen of a pre-historic man. His chest and shoulders and arms were covered with thick, dark, curly hair. He wasn’t very tall, but he was very stock built, with huge biceps and muscular thighs. His cock was short and stubby, but very, very thick and she knew when he became turned on it would be huge.

The other one was not as stocky as his brother, but he had the same short thick dick and muscular thighs.

“Do we pass inspection?” one of them said as they surrounded her.

“Oh, Jesus!” Cheryl muttered as the two brothers grabbed her.

They were all over her. One squeezed and sucked her tits while the other wedged his head between her legs and rubbed her cunt with his thick hair.

They pawed her tits and pussy and one of them stuck his finger up her cunthole. Cheryl trembled when each of them clamped their lips over her tits. Nothing in her past prepared her for the sensation of having two men suck her boobs simultaneously while another one watched.

She felt her nipples turn into two hard spears. Suddenly they released her and she heard Lance say something to them.

“What’s going on?” she said.

“I want you to suck their cocks, Cheryl,” Lance said smoothly.

Both brothers chuckled and pulled her to a sitting position at the edge of the bed. They stood in front of her, their cocks at half-mast and their arms folded over their chests.

“Suck!” one of them said.

“Suck good!” the other one said.

She gazed from one to the other and finally curled her fingers around Nick’s cock-root and dabbed at his hanging balls. She lowered her mouth and sucked his mushroom-shaped cockhead between her lips.

“Fuck, this little lady knows what she’s doing,” he said.

“Mine, too,” Fred said. “Suck mine too.” He shoved his dick against her face and she was forced to wrap her free hand around it and take turns licking their prick-knobs.

Lance moved a chair around and sat close to them to watch. Cheryl heard something that sounded like the click of a camera and she suddenly realized he was taking pictures of them.

“What are you doing?” she said.

Nick grabbed her by the hair and shoved his dick back into her mouth.

“Suck!” he hissed.

“I’m just taking a few snapshots,” Lance said. “Don’t pay any attention, Cheryl.”

She held Fred’s prick and lapped her tongue over Nick’s cockhead. Lance continued snapping pictures and she soon forgot all about it. She was becoming turned on by all the cock meat at her disposal.

Nick came first. She worked her mouth over his dick like a tight hot pussy. He bellowed and his prick exploded a load of hot jism into her throat.

“I don’t wanna shoot yet,” Fred said. “Let’s see your sweet little pussy.”

He lifted her up while Nick climbed on the bed to rest. He glanced at Lance and grinned. “You ever take a close-up of this sweet snatch?” he said.

“Not yet,” Lance smiled.

Cheryl let Fred spread her legs and Lance came in for a close-up of her twat. “Oh, Jesus!” she said. “What the hell are you going to do with those pictures?”

“Just keep them in my memory book,” Lance said.

She turned her attention back to Fred. He was finger-fucking her now and it felt as good as a prick in her cunt. His fingers rubbed her cunt and stroked her most intimate parts.

Soon she had three fingers banging her snatch and his thumb rubbing her cunt. The hot housewife wet her fingers with her own cunt juice and rubbed them into her tits as she writhed her ass on the mattress.

Now Fred stretched out on his back and motioned to her to straddle him. She climbed between his legs and squatted down, her pussy a swamp of desire.

Her tits hanging down and her lips contorted with lust, she fit his prick inside her cunt and pushed down.

“Ohhhhhh!” she sighed as her cunt sucked up his dick.

She bounced up and down on his upthrust fuck-stick. Lance came closer and now she heard the whir of a motion picture camera. Her hair flew wildly around and she fucked Fred’s cock wantonly.

Nick sat up and moved behind her. He rubbed his half-hard cock around her buttcheeks and she moaned when he gripped her ass flesh. She tilted her ass as he thrust her pussy up and down over Fred’s cock to give Nick access to her shitter.

Lance was almost on top of them as he shot the scene. The fuck-films she and Charlie watched suddenly came to her mind and she grinned at the camera.

She felt Nick’s lips and tongue on her butt. He slithered his snake-like tongue into her ass crack and wet down her bung. She shifted forward and drop her tits over Fred’s chest as she fucked his prick.

“Drop your tit in his mouth,” Lance said, photographing the lewd scene. “I want to get a shot of his mouth on her boobs.”

Falling forward, she dropped her right tit into Fred’s mouth. She lay still, his prick imbedded in her cunt while Nick forced his cockhead into her brownie.

Fred’s mouth chewed on her tits. She directed the thrusting of his cock over her clit.

Nick’s dick filled her shit-chute and she came, shrieking raucously as her pussy exploded.

Suddenly she heard the bedroom door open and Nick and Fred jumped off the bed and left the room. Lance turned off the camera as two more strange men entered the bedroom.

“Lance, what…” she said, but he cut off her words.

“Two fresh cocks for my girl,” Lance murmured and she meekly lay back on the bed and waited for the first one to mount her.

It took about a minute for them to undress. Neither man spoke and the first one naked climbed on top of her and stuffed his half-hard prick into her snatch.

She arched her back and fucked back at his dick. After a few strokes she felt his fuck-stick grow and throb inside her pussy-pocket. She wrapped her legs around his back and pulled him into the saddle and he thrust in and out of her twat until his balls exploded.

The second man immediately took his place. Lance was again photographing the scene and she writhed around under the strange man as her pussy convulsed.

She felt her cuntlips close around his dick and suck at it like a hundred tiny fingers. Soon he was battering her cunt, holding her asscheeks in his hands as he pistoned his prick in and out of her gulch.

“Slow down,” Lance said, moving the camera in for a close-up.

For the first time, Cheryl wondered what he planned to do with the photographs. She trusted him implicitly, but maybe that was a mistake. How well did she know him really?

“Too late to slow down!” the muttered at he split her cuntlips in two with his spearing dick.

He came quickly, filling her cunthole with his cream and sliding off her body to make room for another man.

“I can’t take any more of this,” Cheryl moaned. “I’m exhausted.”

“Just a few more,” Lance said soothingly as a burly gray-haired man roughly pushed her thighs apart and stabbed his huge dick against her fucked-out pussy folds.

“Oh, God, fuck me!” she yelled when his prick filled her cunthole.

“That’s what I’m doing, lady,” the man said. “That’s exactly what I’m doing.”


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