Cheryl sighed with pleasure when Charlie slid his tongue inside her hungry cunt. The pleasure of having his tongue in her gash overwhelmed her.

“Oh, Charlie!” she sighed. “That’s wonderful!”

He stroked his tongue-root deep into her juicy snatch, jerking it in and out and up and down and using it like a small but talented prick.

They were in the sixty-nine position and Cheryl reached for his balls and sucked them both into her mouth. Her cheeks bulged and he groaned as she lashed them with her tongue.

The bedroom was quiet, but the sounds of their mutual sucking filled the room. Again and again Charlie tongue-fucked her overheated snatch while she tongued and nibbled his nuts.

“Isn’t our sex life wonderful lately,” she said when they came up for air.

“Sure is, babe,” Charlie said.

She pushed her face between his thighs and thrust her tongue over his nut-like asshole. Before he could protest, she plunged her tongue deep into his pungent-smelling butt.

“Oh, fuck, honey, that’s too much!” he said.

He responded by working his somewhat larger tongue into her burn and wiggling it around. She almost passed out from the sensations, but continued thrusting her own tongue in and out of his clutching shitter.

Suddenly Charlie rolled over and climbed between her legs. “I want to shoot my load in your cunt, honey,” he said.

She smiled up at him, her heart filled with love as he pressed his big juicy cockhead against her succulent snatch. His prick stretched her pussy-socket to capacity and soon his entire fuck pole was inside her.

She rested her legs on his shoulders as he paused, letting the feel of his dick engulf her. His jism-filled balls tickled her skin and he began fucking her with slow, but deep strokes.

She grabbed him, wrapping her arms around his neck and clinging to him in her lust. The rhythm of the fucking soon brought her to the point of no return and she came.

Even though her cunt clamped down spasmodically on his prick, he maintained control and continued thrusting his dick in and out of her depths.

“Oh, darling, you’re the best cocksman in the world!” she gasped.

“How would you know?” he chuckled. “You’re not that experienced.”

She blushed and turned her head to the wall. “I just know it,” she said softly.

He thrust his prick deep into her well-oiled snatch. The bedsprings creaked each time he shot his hips forward. She pushed her gash up around his dick. Their bellies slapped together and his hips churned.

He moved his ass in a circular motion and leaned down to fasten his lips over one of her tits. He sucked gluttonously an tier nipples and bit down lightly on the erect little spike. She opened his jaws wide and sucked tin more of her creamy-skinned boob and swirled his tongue around.

“Oh, darling, I love you!” she cried.

“I love you too,” he grunted. “Fuck me harder, darling! I love it when you fuck me hard!”

“Shit, when I think of all the time we wasted watching fuck-films instead of doing it!” he gasped.

“That’s all behind us, darling,” she said. “Just fill me with your cock like you’re doing. I’m going to have such a wonderful come!”

Perspiration ran down his face as he plunged his fuck-stick into her gash. The soft, velvety walls of her cunt squeezed his dick with each stroke.

Cheryl cried out as she came again. A long series of mini-orgasms racked her body and she lost count of how many times she game. The feel of his prick inside her cunt ignited new fires and her heart pounded as he climaxed too.

Later, after they’d rested, he turned to her and kissed her. “Now I want to watch you masturbate,” he said.

“Oh, Charlie, really?” she said.

“Yes, it really turns me on,” he said. “Here.” He reached into the drawer of the night table and pulled out a large rubber dildo. He handed it to her and the happy housewife closed her fingers around it and slid it over her cunt-muff.

Her crimson inner cuntlips peeked out and fluttered as she caressed herself with the dildo. She trembled as she brought the tip closer to her pussy-hole.

She slid the artificial cock into her cunt. She sighed as Charlie reached over and pushed it all the way in. How things had changed between them! How wonderful their marriage was!

It amazed her that her cunt expanded to accommodate the dildo. She gasped when Charlie began caressing her clit while she plunged the rubber prick in and out of her gash.

She came again and again and his fingers continued stroking her love-button. She tossed her head back and forth on the pillow as the exquisite sensations raged through her.

The blood pounded in her temples and she felt her tits explode as her pussy erupted. She slid the dildo all the way into her slit and Charlie substituted his tongue-tip for his finger on her clit.

The feel of his velvety tongue on her clit was too much. She exploded in a wild frenzy, his face imprisoned between her silken thighs.

“Whoa!” Charlie snickered, forcing her to release him. “You’re cutting off my breathing.”

She continued thrusting the dildo in and out of her gulch and electrical charges shot through her as another climax seized her. Her pussy contracted around the rubber cock and she lost count of how many orgasms she had.

When she recovered her senses, Charlie took the dildo out of her hand. “Now I’ll fuck your asshole,” he said, his fingers streaking up and down his massively erect prick.

“Oh, Charlie, yes!” she murmured.

She rolled over onto her hands and knees and gazed over her shoulder at his purplish cockhead and thick shaft. Soon it was poised over her quivering ass flesh and he pried open her butt and stabbed his prick-knob against her bung.

She bit her lower lip when he pushed his spongy cockhead against her shitter. He rubbed one hand over her butt-hole with her pussy-juice.

She was constantly amazed at how Charlie had changed. Not only did he fuck her in the asshole regularly, but he let her get on top of him too.

Now he drew her ass flesh apart and she tensed her slit-chute muscles in preparation for the invasion of his dick. He rubbed his thumbs up and down her ass crease and stretched her cheeks brutally.

He stuffed his thumb into her bung and she rubbed her tits against the mattress and felt the hot sensations invade her crotch. “I love when you fuck me in the ass,” she sighed.

“And I love doing it, honey,” he croaked.

She lurched forward when he stuffed a second finger into her shitter. She moved a hand down to her pussy and began a rhythmic rubbing of her cunt-mound.

She moved a pillow under her tits and pressed her massive globes against it. Her asshole opened up like a flower as he speared his fingers in and out of her bowels.

He twisted them around at intervals wetting them down with his saliva until he was satisfied that she was open enough to accept his dick without any pain. He always prepared her for the assault of his dick in her butt. God, how he’d changed!

Now he pulled his fingers out of her butt and the elastic ring of her asshole sucked at them as they popped out. “Now I’ll lick it a little,” he said as he dropped his head between her asscheeks and licked hotly at her shitter.

He lapped his tongue over her bung until she thought she’d faint. Then he moved his head up and held her hips as he dipped his prick into her pussy.

He stroked in and out for a few minutes. Her cuntlips clutched his dick and she hugged the pillow to her boobs. She thrust her ass high in the air and he pulled out of her gash.

“Now for the main event,” he chuckled.

He held her steady as he wedged his cockhead into her butt-hole. She craned her neck and gazed at him as he gritted his teeth and prepared to ream her asshole.

He slid his hands up and down her asscheeks and held her shitter open with his thumbs. The puckered hole stretched open wide and gave way as he plunged his dick all the way inside.

His fuck pole filled her bowels. She panted for breath as the wild sensations engulfed her. “Oh, Charlie, it’s so good, honey!” she cried.

She was impaled by his fuck-stick and she loved it. His cock-bush tickled her velvety ass flesh and added to her excitement. He began sawing in and out of her bung and she moved back to meet his thrusts.

Her entire body was alive with excitement. She pushed her ass back to meet his strokes, pressing the pillow into her electrically charged nipples.

She gyrated her hips and wiggled her ass.

She felt like a fucking machine as her asshole clamped shut on his thrusting dick. An incredible feeling of warmth permeated her pussy and ass as he surged in and out of her with brutal thrusts of his prick.

“When I think of all the years we wasted,” he grunted.

“Oh, darling, let’s not think about it now,” she said.

“But I was all wrong and you tried to tell me,” he panted.

“That’s all behind us now,” she said.

He rammed into her, hard and fast. His jism-filled balls slapped her upturned butt. His muscles tensed as she came, but he continued slamming in and out of her shitter.

After a few more strokes, he came too. He bent over and trembled as he dumped his load into her bung. When he was through, he pulled his limp dick out of her body and a river of jism dripped onto the bed.

He hugged her against him and soon he sat up and once again reached for the dildo. “Here,” he said, handing her the artificial cock. “I know you need more, honey.”

“Oh, darling, you’re so thoughtful,” she said.

She held the dildo in both hands and brought it down over her sopping slit. She caught Charlie’s eye and they both laughed as she plunged the rubber cock into her gash.

“You hot-cunted little bitch,” he said lovingly. “Stick it in!”

She plunged the dildo in and out of her twat. She directed it against her cunt and gave herself one lovely orgasm after the other.

It was soon drenched with her sticky juices and easily slid in and out of her insatiable trench.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah, fuck me!” she cried as she shoved the dildo in and out of her snatch.

She bucked her hips as she fucked herself and Charlie watched with glittering eyes. It was so wonderful between them lately. Charlie now fully understood her need for sex and lots of it. And he encouraged experimentation and what he used to call kinky fucking.

When Cindy invited them to join she and Marty in a four-some, Charlie said he’d think about it. He hadn’t told Cheryl he would do it yet, but the fact that he was considering it was incredible.

Now she shuddered violently as her cunt walls closed around the rubber cock. Charlie murmured encouragement as she filled her pussy with the unyielding artificial prick.

She pumped her hips in a frenzy as her cunt exploded in an orgasm. She pistoned the dildo in and out of her depths until Charlie pulled it out of her hands.

“That’s enough, darling,” he said.

She turned her lust-filled eyes to him. She was disappointed that he’d made her stop. She still hadn’t had enough, but then she hardly ever did.

He crouched between her legs and began caressing her slime-coated cunt tissues. He traced the outer edges of her cunt flaps and rubbed her engorged cunt.

He relentlessly rubbed her cunt and each touch sent a spasm of pleasure up her spine. He held her cuntlips open with both hands as she jerked her hips.

Her thigh muscles tensed and she rocked up and down on the bed. He grabbed a pillow and shoved it between her legs. He rubbed it back and forth against her gulch, the dryness of the fabric igniting her slit.

She shivered as she clutched the pillow and worked it back and forth over her sizzling pussy. She thrust herself forward, pretending that it was Charlie’s cock between her thighs.

“Fuck me!” she cried.

“Soon, baby, soon,” Charlie said.

He withdrew the pillow from her clutching thighs and lay on top of her body. He kissed her, his hands working on the pliant flesh of her ass and his stiffening prick resting on her cunt.

She eagerly plunged her tongue into his mouth and wiggled it around. She pulled it out and pushed it in, tongue-fucking his mouth as if her tongue were a cock.

He slid down her body until his face was poised over her wobbling tits. He fastened his lips over one rubbery nipple and she moaned as he sucked it into his hot mouth.

He sucked and licked her boobs until she cried out with the intense pleasure of it all. Deep grunts escaped his throat as he devoured her jugs.

He moved his hand between their bodies and gripped his cockshaft. He pumped it up and down, squeezing it until it became hard enough to stick in her cunt.

“How about a tit-fuck, honey?” he said.

“Oh, Charlie!” she squealed. “What’ll you think of next?”

He straddled her trembling body, positioning his legs on either side of her rib-cage and moving his prick between her massive knockers. He rubbed the palms of his hands over her nipples and squeezed her tit flesh against his dick.

He formed a cunthole with her cleavage and edged his prick inside. He grinned down at her as he began fucking the deep furrow of boob-meat.

He pushed in all, the way until the tip of his prick reached her lower lip. He pulled out before she had a chance to lick his jizz-slit. Her breathing was ragged and the next time he slid up her cleavage, she swiped her tongue over his cock-hole.

“You got me!” he chuckled as he pumped smoothly between her enormous tits.

She raised her head and watched his boner slide back and forth in the valley between her boobs. His cock swelled and stiffened and now each time he thrust forward his knob hit her mouth.

She opened her jaws and swirled her tongue over his cockhead with each stroke. She licked up more and more of his pre-orgasmic spunk and let it roll around her tongue.

“Now I’m going to fuck you, honey,” he said.

He climbed off her body and she shoved a pillow under her ass. “Oh, darling,” she sighed. “I love you.”

Her big tits rolled around her chest as he positioned his prick against her steaming cunthole. “You get on top,” he said, and the overheated wife rolled over and straddled his hips.

She clutched his prick and groped around until she felt his cockhead at the entrance to her cunthole. She gurgled with pleasure as she guided it inside her gushing pussy and lowered herself over him.

Soon his prick was totally imbedded in her cunt and she began rocking up and down over him. “Fuck me, Charlie!” she cried. “Oh, God, fuck me!”

“Wake up!” Charlie hissed, flooding the room with light. “You’re having a bad dream.”

“Oh, no!” she sighed, sitting up on the bed and gazing at him.

“Jesus, you must have seen a ghost,” Charlie said, bending over and kissing her. “I’ll leave the light on for a while, hon.”

Cheryl pulled the blanket up over her head and curled into a ball. She pressed up against Charlie’s back and sobbed quietly.

It had all been a dream. All the wonderful fucking that had seemed so real had all been a fantasy and nothing had changed between Charlie and her. Nothing at all.


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