When Lance suggested they go out to his cabin in the woods, she had some misgivings. Ever since the day he had photographed her fucking his two friends, she’d been a little afraid of him.

“I promise you some of the best fucking you’ve ever had,” he said smoothly and the hot-cunted brunette couldn’t resist.

“But no rough stuff, okay?” she said.

“And no pictures.”

He promised he wouldn’t take photographs. He said nothing about the rough stuff and she forgot about it when she slipped into his Mercedes and he sped onto the highway.

They drove for about an hour and he turned into an old country road that had hardly any traffic. She sat close to him and tried to give him a hand-job in the car, but he pushed her away.

“Save it,” he said.

When they arrived at the cabin, Cheryl was pleased with the luxury of the place. But then she’d expected as much. Log cabin or high-rise apartment, Lance had style.

She put up a pot of coffee and when it was ready, poured two cups. She felt good. She put her feet up on the coffee table and glanced around the room. Beamed ceilings and bearskin rugs. Copper pots filled with dried flowers and overstuffed chairs and sofas.

“Are you going to tell me now what you’ve got planned?” she said.

He lit a fire as they chatted. “You’ll see,” he said.

“I can’t get home too late,” she said. “Charlie likes to watch fuck-films on Friday nights.”

“Since when do you care what that loser husband of yours wants?” he said.

Cheryl bristled. “I don’t like when you talk about Charlie that way,” she said.

“If he wasn’t a loser, would you be in here with me?” he said nastily.

“I don’t want to hear it,” she said.

Suddenly the door to the cabin opened. Lance glanced at her, a strange glint in his eyes. “They’re here,” he said.

Cheryl gazed at the three men walking into the cabin, her heart pounding with fear. She brought her feet down off the coffee table and turned to Lance.

“Who are they?” she said.

“Is that the slut you said we could have?” one of the men said.

They were all dressed in rough work clothes. They had beards and long hair and didn’t look too clean. She turned from Lance to the man speaking and back to Lance.

“What is he talking about?” she said, panic gripping her.

“This is the girl I was referring to,” Lance said slowly.

“Me first,” the man croaked. He licked his lips disgustingly and leered at Cheryl’s tits.

“No!” Cheryl hissed. “Oh, no!”

“That’s some piece of ass,” another man said as they all approached the sofa where Cheryl was sitting. “I’ll bet she’s got a husband who don’t cut the mustard, too, huh?” he cackled.

“Shit, look at them tits!” the third one was reaching over and swiping his hand over her cleavage. “I’m gonna love sticking it to you, honey!”

Fear gripped her and she begged Lance to make them leave, but he said nothing. She tried not to cry, realizing instinctively that tears would only serve to excite them. But it wasn’t easy. She was completely terrified.

“Let’s fuck her on the bearskin rug like he promised,” one of them said.

“Okay by me,” another one said.

They yanked her off the sofa and pulled her over to the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace. They gathered around her and leered as they lewdly rubbed their crotches.

“Get your blouse off, honey,” one of them said. “I mean to get me a taste of those pretty knockers you’re hiding in there.”

“Lance?” Cheryl tried one more time to gain Lance’s sympathy.

He was adjusting a camera and she knew she had to do what the men wanted.

“Filthy pigs!” she hissed as she got to her feet and tried to maintain her dignity while she unbuttoned her blouse and let it drop to the floor. Was this the price she was paying for her infidelity?

One of them yanked her bra off and soon she was standing naked from the waist up, surrounded by three disgusting men, with the flames of the fire dancing over her heaving tits.

“You go first, Nate,” Lance said, his camera already whirling.

Nate’s face was contorted with lust. He grinned, a drop of saliva dribbling out of the corner of his mouth as he grabbed her arm and pushed her down on the rug.

Before she could protest, he pulled her skirt and panties off and she tried to hide her nakedness with her hands.

“That’s right little lady,” he snickered. “You get it good and hot and Nate’s prick will slide right in.” The others surrounded her. Lance came in for a close-up as she moved her hands to her cunt. She was humiliated to find that despite her degradation, her cunt was wet.

Meanwhile Nate had unzipped his fly and pulled his prick out. It was bigger than Cheryl expected and she felt an odd mixture of loathing and anticipation. His dick protruded from his fly and he lost no time in mounting her.

“Let’s just see if this thing fits into your hot little hole,” he chuckled, cackling as the other men released their dicks and masturbated.

He slipped his cock between her legs and without any preamble he shoved it into her snatch. Despite herself, the horny housewife closed her eyes and gasped as his cock tore into her.

“She was ready, all right!” one of the men hissed as her cunt flaps opened wide to accommodate his big cock.

“You’re disgusting!” she shrieked, trying to force his prick out of her cunt.

“You try that again and I’ll slap you silly!” Nate said, filling her pussy with his incredibly thick boner.

His eyes rolled back in his head and he grabbed her tits in his callused hands. His ass lunged back and forth as he thrust his prick in and out of her cunt.

Again and again he tore her in two with his dick. At one point Cheryl thought he would rip her apart with his brutal thrusts.

He came then, a thick load of jism exploding in her snatch and his cock quickly losing its stiffness. He grunted like an animal in heat and rolled off her body to make room for the next one.

“She’s good and tight,” Nate said as another one called Pete took his place.

The other man was jerking off and Cheryl prayed they would soon release her. Just then the door opened and three more men tramped into the room.

Her eyes widened with fright as they surrounded her. “Did you invite everyone in the area?” she said bitterly to Lance who was busily filming the entire scene.

“Good shots,” he said as Pete straddled her and shoved his cock deep inside her gash.

The others unzipped their flies and masturbated, pointing their cocks over her body as Pete speared her snatch. Two of them came, drenching her with their jism. But before she was allowed to catch her breath, two more had fucked her, one in her cunt and one in her asshole.

For the next few hours dozens of men walked in and out of the cabin. She was ass fucked so many times she lost track and her pussy was never empty. She swallowed what felt like a gallon of spunk and her jaws ached.

Finally she was alone with Lance. “You must have come about a hundred times,” he said.

“I’ll never forgive you for this,” she said.

“Sure you will,” he said. “I’ve got to piss now. When I get back I want, you to be ready to give me a good long blow-job.”

He left the room and Cheryl did a quick calculation. She slipped into her clothes and looked through the pockets of Lance’s jacket. She found the keys to his car and quietly slipped out of the cabin and into the Mercedes.

An hour later she stumbled into her house and threw herself into Charlie’s wonderfully familiar arms.

“What happened, honey?” he said. “I almost got raped,” she said. “I was kidnapped.”

She made up a story that would satisfy his curiosity and yet not give away what she’d been up to lately. He believed it and when she was through he held her in his arms and rocked her back and forth.

“I’ll get you a scotch and a cup of hot coffee,” he said. “You’ll feel better after a nice hot bath, too, my poor sweetheart.”

She lay back on the bed and stretched. When Charlie had suggested reporting her abduction to the police, she’d told him it was no use. There was no way she could identify the men.

She listened to the sounds he was making in the kitchen. Maybe he wasn’t as exciting as Lance or as rich. But be wasn’t kinky and he’d never do anything to hurt her.

He returned with the scotch and hot coffee and once again he cradled her in his arms. She wondered briefly how Lance was able to get back to town without his car. Fuck him! she thought as Charlie brought the steaming cup of coffee to her lips.

The hot fluid and the scotch soon warmed her. Charlie filled the tub with hot soapy water and helped her climb inside. She relaxed against, the suds and he lathered her body with a soft cloth.

Her tits floated on top of the water and Charlie chuckled. “I can’t really blame a guy for trying to get into your pants,” he said. “You’re still the prettiest girl in town.”

“Do you really believe that after all these years?” she said as he gently scrubbed her back.

“I sure do, honey,” he said.

His big hands worked over her shoulders and upper arms and she closed her eyes and knew that she’d come home. He raised one leg and slid the soapy cloth up to her thighs before lathering her cunt-muff.

He rubbed the soap into her cuntlips and interior meat and soon the hot brunette found herself turning on. She strained to meet his stroking fingers and groaned with excitement as he tweaked her cunt.

“That’s my girl,” he chuckled. “You’ll forget all about that rotten experience as soon as I fuck you.”

Her pussy throbbed and she smiled as she let his fingers take over her snatch. Her wet tits wobbled as her body floated in the soapy water.

He leaned over and sucked one of her slippery tits into his mouth. He lapped his tongue over the nipple and she sighed with total contentment.

“If you’re not too tired from your ordeal,” he said. “I sure could use a good fuck.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. “Oh, baby, I’d love it!” she said.

He helped her climb out of the tub and wrapped her in a large bath towel. She dried off as they walked into the bedroom and she climbed onto the bed.

Charlie began stripping, finishing her drink as he tugged his jeans and shorts off. “You know, honey,” he said, “it’s the craziest thing.”

“What?” she said.

“I brought some fuck-films home and cause I didn’t have anything else to do before you got here I watched one of them.”

Suddenly her heart stopped beating and she felt her mouth get dry. Instinctively she knew what he would say next. “Oh, yes?” she said, trying to sound casual.

“Yeah, and one of the girls in the film looked exactly like you,” he chuckled, climbing onto the bed and draping his arm over her shoulder. “Isn’t that a blast? You’ll get a kick out of it when you see your double fucking two guys at once. It’s an uncanny resemblance.”

“I can hardly wait,” she murmured as she palmed his upthrust dick. “Fuck me now, honey,” she moaned. “I can’t wait anymore.”

She spread her legs wide apart and squeezed his rock-hard dick. He climbed on top of her, his cock poking against her gaping cuntlips.

He kissed her then, plunging his tongue into her moth as he slid his prick into her cunt. She gasped as her pussy clutched his dick and she wrapped her tongue around his.

She moved her legs around his back and fucked back at his stroking fuck-stick. She moved her ass in a circular motion and they soon found a rhythm.

“Fucking an old-established-firm is pretty nice,” he said as their tongues slid in and out of each other’s mouths.

His hands were squeezing her ass and hers were all over him. “The best, darling,” she said as her lust increased. “Oh, honey, you’re fucking me so good!” she squealed.

His cock rasped lovingly against her clit and he shoved his prick into her feverish twat. He thrust his dick deeper and harder into her snatch and with each stroke she began chanting.

I’ll never cheat again! she vowed as his cock snaked in and out of her slit. Never!

She thrashed her legs and wiggled her ass in order to get the most friction on her snatch. And she wanted to give him the fucking of his life too. She felt guilty about all the lies she’d told him and realized how much she truly loved him.

Her legs straining as she humped her ass up off the bed to meet his thrusts. His prick grew inside her, bigger and more powerful than ever.

She was torn between wanting his come to spill into her pussy and between wanting it to burst into her mouth.

“This is the best fuck we’ve had in years!” he grunted.

“Oh, yes?”

“Maybe it was okay your getting kidnapped,” he said. “Maybe we both needed it to realize how much we really have together.”

“Oh, honey, yes!” she said.

“Am I fucking you hard enough?” he said, swimming his cock into her fuck trench.

“Yes, darling, it’s wonderful!”

His prick flew in and out of her gash. His balls slammed against her butt with every stroke and she trembled at the stretching of her cunthole.

She cried out when she felt the first flash of her orgasm erupt. Her cunt gripped his dick as the exquisite sensations engulfed her. She wrapped her legs more tightly around his back as her pussy exploded again and again.

She sobbed, digging her nails into his arms and drawing blood as he continued spearing his dick into her depths. He rammed his cock deep inside her with a force that rattled her teeth.

Finally he came and the heat of his spunk brought her off again. He continued pumping his prick in and out of her clutching cunt. Their bodies were truly one at last, the way it had been in the old days when they’d first been married.

The brunette wife felt like she was floating in space when he finally rolled off her body and held her in his arms. She caressed his hair and pressed her tits into his chest.

She blew her warm breath into his ear and kissed his neck. “Let’s not watch fuck-films anymore,” she said.

“I thought you liked them?” he said.

“They were first, okay at first, but I’d rather do it than wait,” she said.

“I don’t mind it, honey,” he said. What is between his legs and began licking his limp wet cock. “Shit, that’s good! I’ll take the films back and we’ll never watch them again.”

“That’s my man,” she smiled as she grabbed his prick firmly at its base and slid her lips over his cockhead.

Now Lance can take his films and stuff them up his ass, she thought as she slid her lips over Charlie’s soft cock.

“I love you, honey,” she said.

“I love you too, honey,” he said through clenched teeth. “Shit, at least you learned something from those fuck-films.”

“What?” she mumbled, her mouth stuffed with his fuck pole.

“You sure learned how to give great head!”

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