Chapter 7

The models were on hand for the big photo shooting, and Romo was glad that he’d be getting that chore out of the way at last. Fortunately, the agency had sent him some attractive models. They looked clean-cut, normal, self-confident; in short, they looked like everybody’s favorite team of all-American girls and boys. Well, with a few hippie overtones, perhaps. They were almost perfect for a book on adolescent sexuality, in any case, and well worth the fifty bucks each that Romo had paid for their services.

There was something cool, almost jaded, about the oldest girl in the bunch. Her name was Martha, and she had big tits. “The agency said there was going to be some lesbian stuff,” she said calmly. “I told them I’d expect an extra fifteen dollars if I had to eat any of the other girls.”

Romo frowned. “The agreement was for fifty bucks each, no conditions or questions asked.”

“I don’t know,” she said. “I always get paid extra for lesbian stuff.”

Romo shrugged. “Trust me. I’ll take it up with the agency in the morning.”

“Why should I trust you?”

He laughed. “Good point. All right, sixty-five bucks for everyone. For that I’ll expect all of you to do a damn good job.”

Mike, a seventeen-year-old boy with blond hair of medium length, asked whether they should undress. Romo nodded, and the boy stripped quickly. Romo smiled appreciatively when he saw that the boy had a cock of average size. He didn’t want any eleven-inches today; the book was supposed to be convincing. Like a genuine documentary. Big cocks, size-E boobies, and whatnot were the exact opposite of what he needed for the book.

“I didn’t get your name,” Romo saw as he turned to face a redhead of about fifteen. She was lean, almost skinny, and her freckles went nicely with her carrot-colored hair.

“Lillian,” she said simply.

“Lillian what?”

“Just Lillian.” She smiled. “Isn’t that enough?”

There was another boy, a junior in high school named Edgar Schmutz. He was dark, olive-toned, and very sure of himself. He looked like the typical class president type. He was just fine.

“And you?” Romo eyed a pretty brunette, a girl of sixteen or so with a slender figure and a worried-looking face. Her hair was tied in long braids… Did she always wear it that way, or was it braided for a sort of Lolita effect? The girl smiled nervously, then looked away. “Well?” Romo was becoming impatient.

“I’m Tess,” she said. Tess! What a great name! Shades of Thomas Hardy, Romo thought.

“You seem nervous,” he told her matter-of-factly.

She blushed. “I guess I am.”


“I’ve-” She fidgeted. “I haven’t done anything like this before,” she confessed.

Romo felt a momentary surge of anger-was the agency trying to fuck him up, or what? But the sudden look of fear on the girl’s face made his heart melt. “Look,” he said. “There’s nothing to worry about.” God, he hoped she wasn’t a virgin. “You aren’t cherry, are you?”

She blushed. “No.”

“Good.” Romo was relieved. “I don’t want you to be nervous. You don’t have to do anything here that you wouldn’t do in real life. Except for a bit of,… ” He grinned. “Come to think of it, you may learn a few things today. Sorry if it makes you uncomfortable. Lesbianism, blow jobs, rectal intercourse… I may ask you to try all of those. Are you game?”

“Yes,” she said with a barely audible voice.

“Fine. Take your places, everyone. Martha? You’ve got nice tits. Stand in front of Mike and let him play with them for a while. I want those nipples nice and hard. Edgar? Stand behind Lillian with your cock pressed against her ass. Tess? Over there with… hell, you don’t have a partner.” He grinned. “Well, just sort of stand around and we’ll see where we can work you in. Places, everyone. Start feeling each other up. Tess, you can masturbate a little-finger on clit, that’s right. Okay, gang. The shooting begins right… NOW!”

Romo began snapping pictures rapidly with one of several Hasseiblad cameras. The camera had a 70-mm film magazine which allowed him to take several dozen photos without changing rolls. He moved close to Martha and got a good shot of Mike’s hands on her swollen breasts; next he dropped to his knees in front of Lillian and gave directions to Edgar as he focused for a shot of the boy’s prick sliding through the redhead’s thighs to rest in her shaven snatch. “You look great, Lillian,” he said enthusiastically. “Just like a wholesome, nervous, Midwestern virgin.” He got a great shot of her parted pussy lips then moved to one side to get a profile of Edgar’s stiff cock as the boy pulled back far enough to reveal several inches of meat between his groin and Lillian’s light-pressed thighs.

“Tess.” He said the name simply, quietly, as he approached the girl, who was jerking off self-consciously and without much pleasure. “Take it easy,” he told her. “Steady with that hand. Don’t pull at yourself… Hell, haven’t you played with yourself before?” He shook his head, smiling indulgently. “Here let me show you…” Romo took her fingers in his own and guided the middle fingertip to her clit. “Open your thighs a little more,” he suggested. “Fine. Now, move your finger up and down like this-” He guided it in a gentle, stroking motion, “And keep it up while I snap a few pictures.” Romo dropped to his knees and aimed the lens at her crotch. “Okay, now. Stick the index and middle fingers of your other hand-your left hand; this time-into your cunt while you continue to stroke your clitoris. Don’t balk, damn it. Do it! Ah, that’s right. You’re doing just fine. It’s starting to glisten a little; that’s a good sign. Keep it up now. Legs a little wider so I can get a good shot… ” He snapped three pictures of her self-administered finger fucking, then patted her on the thigh and stepped back to direct the next scene.

“Martha? Go over to Lillian. Lillian? I want you to lie on the floor with your legs well apart and your knees up high. Martha, get down on all fours and stick your face into her pussy… Hurry up, goddamn it, you got your sixty-five dollars… Lillian? Try to look more interested. There, that’s fine. Mike? Kneel over Lillian. Lillian, suck on his balls. Harder. That’s better… Mike, try to look more excited. I want to see a good hard-on. Reach down and grasp your cock with your right hand… Perfect. Start jerking off now; I want to get a couple of pictures when you squirt your load all over Lillian’s chest and belly and Martha too; maybe you could get some of it on her hair… “

The threesome on the floor became more and more excited as the scene progressed. Good, Romo thought as he shot picture after picture. He glanced at Edgar, who was standing about six feet from Tess, his cock standing in as firm a stiff-on as any pornographer could desire. Tess was eyeing the cock nervously as if she knew that she might be called upon to take it into her snatch at any moment. Well, he wouldn’t ask that of her-not yet. But he did want a few good blow-job shots.

“Tess.” He spoke sharply.

“Yes!” she asked nervously, averting her gaze from the cock.

“I want you to give Edgar a few good laps,” Romo said calmly, trying not to make the girl any more nervous than she was already.

“Laps?” She seemed confused.

“With your tongue. You know-kneel in front of him, grasp the cock in your right hand, and let the tip of your tongue play along with the underside of Edgar’s hard-on. You don’t have to take it into your mouth-not this time anyway. Just lick it a little; get it nice and shiny so I can take a few photos before we move on to other things.”

Tess awkwardly moved toward Edgar, afraid to look him in the eye. She took a deep breath, dropped to her knees, and reached upward with a trembling hand. There was a brief pause, and then she gingerly seized the base of Edgar’s prick in three fingers.

“Okay,” she said.

Romo glanced at Martha and Lillian, who had shifted positions and were preparing for a sixty-nine scene while Mike apparently got ready to fuck one of them from behind. “Hurry,” he said to Tess. “Start licking him. I want to get this over with-fast!”

Nervously, almost fearfully, Tess did as she was told. She opened her mouth, licked her lips, then extended her tongue so that its tip barely grazed the cleft on the underside of Edgar’s swollen cock head. Edgar closed his eyes and sighed; Romo, his own cock stiff and dribbling, took pictures as rapidly as he could. He nodded approvingly as Tess lapped her way along the half-foot or so of Edgar’s prick; the hard flesh was glistening now, shining with spittle and premature oozings of come. “Perfect,” Romo said softly, rapidly working the shutter release. He moved closer to the twosome and lay an the floor so that the lens was aimed directly at the gap between Tess’ thighs. “Tess? I want you to spread your legs. Yes, your knees. Open them wider so I can get a few shots of your beaver while you lick Edgar-There! That’s fine. It’s nice and shiny, just the way my readers are going to like it… You’ve got nice love lips, has anyone ever told you that? Great flaps. Symmetrical as hell, and generously proportioned… “

Romo could see that Mike was about to stick his cock through Martha’s legs as the two girls, as well as Mike, lay on their sides. He got to his feet and took a few more photos of Tess’ face with her tongue slobbering saliva onto Edgar’s cock head; he then patted her, told her that she could stop if it was all right with Edgar, and moved to photograph the guy and two girls who were humping and licking a few feet away. He got a great shot of Mike’s prick penetrating Martha’s cunt (he had to ask her to lift one leg so he could get the photograph), and then he noticed that Tess had abandoned her cock licking and was wiping her mouth on her right forearm as Edgar, cursing, proceeded to jerk off. He’d have to have a talk with her later-for the moment, however, he was busy. “Lillian? Open your legs a little more so I can get a better shot while Martha sticks two fingers up your crack…”

“I’m a runaway,” the girl confessed, as the three other models were putting their clothes on. She was holding her panties in both hands, but for some reason she seemed shy about pulling them on with Romo talking to her.

“How old are you?”


“I want to know exactly how old you are,” Romo said. “No bullshit.”

“Sixteen,” she repeated.

He thought about it. “I could get in a lot of trouble for this if you should have second thoughts about being in the book. What I’m doing is illegal enough as it is… If you should go back to your parents and tell them what you were up to in New York, you could get me in real trouble.”

The girl’s eyes flashed angrily. “I wouldn’t do that,” she said sharply.

“How do I know you won’t?”

“I’m not that kind of girl.”

Romo shrugged. “Never mind. It’s academic anyway. I’ve already committed myself, and so have you. Tell me, how did you get into this racket? You don’t seem too happy with the whole scene.”

“I don’t like it,” she said with a blush.

“I figured as much. So why are you doing it? Why aren’t you clerking in the A amp; P?”

She looked him in the eye. “I need money. Not for I drugs or anything like that; don’t get the wrong idea. I just need money, that’s all. Money is freedom. The freedom to get out of the bind I’m in. Out of the crash pads, the Lower East Side hippie shelters with their dope addicts and all of that.” She seemed to be challenging him. “Don’t you approve?”

“Sure, I approve,” he laughed. “If I were a prude, I wouldn’t be in the business. It’s just that you seemed a bit out of place. I saw the look on your face when I asked you to lick Edgar’s cock. You looked like you were about to throw up.”

“It’s not that sex turns me off,” she said softly.

“No? Then why did you look so goddamn disgusted?”

“I don’t like Edgar. And I don’t like doing it for… for money. Even though I have to, even though I know it’s an easy way to get bread.”

“Where do you live?” he asked.

“Like I said. Places where drug freaks will take anyone in. I meet people. Some of the other models let me stay with them, and I meet their friends and friends of friends. One night here, one night there I sleep all over.”

“And you fuck all over too?”

She bridled. “Look, these people aren’t renting out hotel rooms. I can’t help it if they make me give them sex.”

“No, I guess not.” Romo got out his checkbook and started writing a check to the agency. Martha came over to watch. “I’m sending this to the agency,” Romo said. “They’ll pay you. You know how it works.”

Martha frowned. “Your agreement with them was for fifty bucks a head, right?”


“And your agreement with us was for sixty-five.”

“That’s right.”

Martha smiled professionally. “All right. Why don’t you give the agency two hundred and pay the other sixty to us? Fifteen bucks to each of us, direct?” She stared at him. He stared back. He felt like chuckling; the girl was a pro. “Fifteen each,” she repeated.

“How about the agency?”

“You’re giving them two hundred. You’re meeting your obligation to them.”

Romo laughed. “You win,” he said. He wrote a check for two hundred to the agency, then prepared four checks for fifteen each, leaving the payee lines blank. Martha took three of the fifteen-dollar checks and distributed them among herself, Lillian and Mike. Romo handed the other fifteen dollar check to Tess, who accepted it gratefully. “I’ll mail this to the agency,” he said, holding up the check for two hundred. “Not a word to them about our little bonus, right?”

“Not a word,” Martha said with a nod.

“You can go now,” Romo told them. He took the still naked Tess by the arm and spoke to her softly. “Not you, though. I’d like you to stick around.”

The girl stayed, though she looked at him suspiciously as he escorted the others to the door. When they were alone, she spoke calmly, almost with boredom, as if she had been through this scene many times before. “Are you offering me a place for the night?” she asked. “And I suppose you want the usual favors?”

“Not necessarily.” He grinned. “Why? Do you intend to offer them?”

She shook her head, “Usually I don’t offer anything.

I just let my hosts take what they want. I’m pretty passive about it, you might say.”

“I see.” Rome let his right hand grate one of her nipples; the pink crown of flesh turned hard. “Aroused?” he asked, looking at the nipple.

“No. Cold.”

“It must be seventy-five in here. I turned the thermostat up since you’d all be posing in the nude.”

“I get chilled very easily,” she said.

“Uh-huh. Well, look… I’ve got some chores to do. Like develop these negatives, for example. Why don’t you get dressed? Or wear a bathrobe if you’d like? I’ll get you one and you can make yourself comfortable and just sort of make the rounds of the apartment while I’m working? Later on I’ll sit down with you and we can have a heart-to-heart talk.”

She laughed nervously. “You’re very self-assured, aren’t you?”

“I have reason to be.”

She laughed again and followed him into a spare room where he opened a closet and took out a mini-length bathrobe of gold satin. “Take this,” Romo said, handing it to her. She put it on, tied it, and stood there silently as he quickly strode out of the room.

The photos were excellent; Romo’s faith in his own abilities as a photographer was sustained. He examined the negatives carefully, them hung them up to dry. He’d make some contact sheets later on to get a better idea of the photos’ suitability for reproduction, but he was confident that they’d do just fine. The models looked genuinely interested in what they were doing so far as Romo could tell from the wet negatives, and the images looked well-focused and sharp.

Most of the negs seemed just about right in terms of exposure too. All in all, it had been a good day so far. Romo locked the darkroom door (he was very careful about his works in progress) and looked for Tess. He found her in the library, where she was sitting at his desk with a number of files and photographs spread out in front of her.

“You really are making yourself at home, aren’t you?” he said in a tone of mild disapproval.

The girl blushed. “I’m sorry,” she said. “But I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to open the drawers and-“

“It’s all right.”

“I don’t understand all this,” she confessed, giving him a quizzical glance. “I mean, all these files and the pictures… “

He laughed. “Welcome to the Group for Sensual Involvement,” he said.


“I run an organization dedicated to the proposition that there’s nothing better than a good fuck. Unless it’s a good fuck with a good blow job, foot fetish, whip fest, lesbian clit suck, or whatever attached.” He moved closer to her and saw that she was staring at a photo of a black man sticking his cock up a middle-aged white woman’s ass. “Therapy,” he explained. “That woman, Mrs. Fenster, had a thing about black males. She still does. Only now she can indulge her hangup without risk of public embarrassment, thanks to the services offered by GSI.”

“Oh.” The girl reached into the heap of material and pulled out a picture of an elderly man fucking a St. Bernard. “And how about this? Isn’t this kind of thing pretty hard on the dog?” She frowned. “And it’s so disgusting!”

“Repulsiveness is in the eye of the beholder. And, no, it wasn’t hard on the dog in that particular instance. The animal, a female, is owned by a breeder in Fort Lee, New Jersey, and she’s been specially trained for sex.” He thought about it for a moment. “Sex with humans, that is. The breeder tells me she won’t get near another dog.”

“God! And this picture, this one where the blonde is eating that… that shit! Is it really something that happened here? Or-“

“It happened.”

“But why?”

“Some people like that sort of thing.”

“Do you?” she asked worriedly.

“Hell, no.”

She sighed in relief. “Thank God.”

“If you don’t mind, Tess, I’d like to keep my files confidential.”

“You mean-“

“I mean that I’m going to put that material away and that I don’t want you to get into it again.”

“I’m sorry,” she said, flushing in embarrassment. “I don’t want you to think I’m a spy.”

“I don’t think you’re a spy. I just think my patients are entitled to a little privacy.”

“Your patients? Are you a psychiatrist?”


“Then what are you?”

He laughed. “A stud,” he said. “A guru, a counselor, an advisor, an entrepreneur and a stud.”

The girl didn’t say anything while Romo went to work putting the photos and file folders back where they belonged.

“Just why did you ask me to stay?” Tess asked as they finished dinner which Romo had ordered up from a steak house a few blocks away.

“Charity,” he replied. “An innate tendency to do the right thing.”

“Come on now. You just want to fuck me, don’t you?”

He laughed, but didn’t reply.

“Look, I don’t mind, if that’s what’s bothering you.”

“Nothing is bothering me, Tess.”

“I won’t do anything to make it nicer for you-like I said, I’m the passive type-but I won’t stop you from doing anything you want.”

“Thanks, but no thanks.”

She stared at him, open mouthed. “You mean that you don’t want… to use me?”

“I didn’t say that.”


“Sure, I’d like to fuck you, he told her. But not on those terms. I don’t want to fuck you unless I think you’ll enjoy it.”

“Sex isn’t my thing,” she said.

“Come on. I saw you glistening when you were jerking off for the camera… And your slit looked pretty good when you were licking Edgar, too.”

She blushed. “That’s different.”

“How so?”

“I didn’t feel that I was being used.”

“What do you mean? I was paying you sixty-five bucks, wasn’t I? Isn’t that using a girl?”

“Well, you weren’t trying to make love to me.”

He sighed. “What if I charge you six bucks to stay the night here? Will that keep you from feeling used?”

“Do you mean it?” She jumped up and disappeared into the living room, returning with her purse. She opened the handbag, got out a wallet, and removed two bills-a five and a one.

“Here you are,” she said. “SIX bucks.”

He took it grinning. “I didn’t think you would.”

“I hate being used,” she said, laughing. She seemed relaxed now, ready to accept whatever might come.

“What are we going to do now? Make love?”

“If you like.”

“I’d like.”

They went into the bedroom together, with Romo unbuttoning his shirt on the way.

“Hey!” Romo, who was kneeling between Tess’s thighs as she reclined on the bed, thought of some thing.


“You’re supposed to be a beaver model, right?”

“Yes. Of course.”

“Yet you said-and I remember it distinctly-you said you hadn’t done anything like this before. Like what you and the rest were doing this morning, that is.”

“Well, I-“

“How can you be a model if you’ve never let a guy fuck you on film?”

She blushed. “Well, I’m a model, but… ” she stopped.

“Tell me,” he insisted.

“I model mostly in figure studios. You know, where men pay so much a half-hour to take pictures of you in the nude. There isn’t any sex, not really.”

“Then you’ve never done any hard-core work until today?”

“Just a few split beaver things. You know, close-ups of my genitals without my face showing.”

Romo laughed. “You’re sure you aren’t cherry?”

She bristled. “Look at my crotch if you’re so sure I’m a virgin.”

“Maybe you lost it playing tennis.”

She suddenly giggled, and with that Romo began to finger her cunt as he took her clit in his lips and moistened its sensitive tip with his tongue.

Ah, sweet teenie! You couldn’t beat an adolescent snatch; at least, that’s what Romo firmly believed. There was something so firm about a sphincter that: hadn’t been fucked a thousand times, something so appealing about pubic hair that hadn’t been around long enough to turn thick and wiry with age. This hair was young, fresh, still mixed with a quantity of puppy down; the girl was sixteen, but she hadn’t yet turned into a full-blown woman, and Romo felt like a dirty old man-a very pleased dirty old man-as he tongued her cut until she tittered happily and followed it up by sliding the tongue tip into her juicy, tight-lipped hole.

So the girl hadn’t had much experience… Well, that was fine and dandy. He was willing to bet that she’d never licked a cock before doing it with Edgar, and thus it was probable that she’d never taken a good four or five inches of penis into her tasty little mouth. There was a first time for everything, however; that first time-the first time she made a stab at cocksucking, that is-would occur very shortly. With Romo providing the guidance, of course.

“Tess?” He spoke softly, between licks of her clit and crack.


“Tell me if you’re enjoying this.”

She giggled. “Oh, yes.”

“You don’t feel used?”

“God, no.”

“Great.” He took her left inner lip in his teeth and yanked on it gently. He heard her gasp. Next, he stuck a finger into her vaginal opening as he tugged on the other labe. She gasped again. Moving quickly, Romo pressed his thumb against her clit, still finger fucking her and holding her flap in his teeth, and with his other hand he stroked the perineal ridge slowly, provocatively, caressing the entire length of it from cunt to asshole. Tess lifted her bottom from the bed when he got his fingers into her anal crack; there was a momentary stiffening of her body as he prodded the asshole itself-was it fear? Arousal? But she relaxed again and began to move her hips in a circular motion as Romo continued his expert routine.

She tasted delightful. It was like being young again. He loved feeling her fingernails in his scalp as he tongued her black-haired cunt, loved tasting her dribbling juices as he sucked on her oversized clit. No, he couldn’t complain. Tess, he repeated silently, again and again, as he fingered and licked the girl on the bed. And to think that she’d be sucking him soon…

She was coming. He had been at it for no more than two or three minutes, and already she was coming! Romo braced himself for the crushing grip of her thighs; sure enough, her legs clasped his head tightly as the pressure built up in her loins, and he heard her begin to whimper words of delight as she pressed her cunt harder, tighter, more quiveringly against his mouth. He licked, lapped, slurped, spat, tongued; his fingers dug deep into her ass and even deeper into her pussy as he felt her moving closer and closer to her peak…

“Unnnh!” It was Tess, crying out as the orgasm took hold of her. She shook, shuddered, jerked; Romo had to gasp for breath as she virtually swallowed his mouth with her cunt, the lips of which were spread wide so that the juice poured out of.the hole and onto his tongue, with the muscular opening of the love hole contracting rhythmically, powerfully, twitching with each burst of sensation that shot through her loins…

He had to fuck her. He couldn’t wait another second. Pulling away as hard as he could, he managed to disengage his head from the trap of her trembling thighs. He moved into a fucking position, holding her knees apart with his hands as he went. Working quickly, he guided his cock head into the still quivering lips of-her pussy. A quick intake of breath, a gathering up of energy, and then-into the crack! He stabbed deep into her cunt in a single motion, forced his cock into the juicy hole until he could feel the tip of it slamming against the back wall. All right then; there was no more distance to go so he retreated and tried it again, thrusting with even more power this time. Back, then forward, back again, into the hole again, fucking, fucking, screwing her with the need of a madman.

“Aaahhhh…!” The climax came quickly, almost too rapidly for Romo’s taste. He felt the stuff pour out of his cock without much jerking; it was as if his gonads had surrendered prematurely, as if they’d agreed to give up their load without a fight-God! It was over. Already. Not that he was complaining. It had occurred to quickly to satisfy him completely, but it gave him a good temporary respite from his need. He’d get his rocks off again soon enough, and better, once she sucked his prick.

“Romo?” The girl was breathing hard.


“I didn’t give you permission,” she said. Romo looked at her incredulously, and then he laughed long and loudly till the tears came and moistened the upper reaches of his cheeks.

Later, when both had recovered from the experience, Romo told her what he wanted. “I don’t want to put this in away that will offend you,” he said, trying to be kind, “but I’d like you… “


“Fellatio. That’s the word.”

“Oh.” Tess didn’t look very happy about it. “You licked Edgar’s cock, didn’t you? And you didn’t like him.” Romo tried to sound calm, logical. “If you like me enough to let me fuck you, surely you can suck mine.”

The girl thought about it, sighed, and-motioned for him to lie down on the bed. “Am I supposed to kneel over you, or what?”

“That’s as good a way as any.”

“And I’m supposed to lick it first, or just take it into my mouth right away even though it isn’t hard…”

“Lick it first.”

She shrugged, resigned to doing what he asked. “Okay.” She straddled his legs, bent over, took his flaccid cock in her right hand and began to lick it. She tongued it slowly, cautiously, somehow afraid to lick him as well as she’d done it to Edgar.

“Faster,” he told her. “And try to show a little more enthusiasm.” He watched her as she bent a little closer and began to slather a greater quantity of saliva on the cock head, using her tongue as a spatula. He took a deep breath, then closed his eyes. It felt just fine. Marvelous, in fact. She was licking him as well as he could ask any woman to do it. Christ, the girl had a natural talent! Now, if only she could be as good at sucking him after his entire cock slid into her mouth…

“Suck it,” he muttered at last. Then, with more intensity, “Put it in your mouth!” Romo held his breath as he felt the girl’s tongue slide along the stiff cock’s underside to rest two-thirds of the way down the shaft while her lips and teeth made themselves comfortable around the organ. He felt her incisors press lightly on the swollen flesh, then the lips, wet and warm, so wonderfully complementary to her tongue. He felt her hot breath on his cock head, the air coming from the back of her mouth; and then, suddenly, catching him by surprise, there was a surge of pressure as she tightened her lips around the cock and sucked hard, so hard that he literally cried out with delight.

“That’s the way,” he managed to tell her as she began rhythmic sucking. Jesus, she’s fantastic! he thought, trying to keep a fart from escaping his anal sphincter. His guts were quivering, trembling in anticipation of what the blow job was gradually building up to. “Jesus…” He savored the ecstasy of it all. “Harder, now…!” She obeyed, and he stiffened happily.

When he came, it was five times more powerful than before. He bucked like a horse in a rodeo, almost knocking the girl’s face from his crotch. He seized her by the hair, pulled her closer to his groin, begged her to suck even harder. He gasped with each spurt of semen, fell back on the bed between spasms. When it was over, he pleaded for her to keep his cock in her mouth; he wanted her to comfort his softening cock, to let his jism mingle with the juices of her mouth.

“Thanks,” he said finally. He let her go to the bathroom to rinse her mouth, and while she was gone he fell into a deep, satisfying sleep.


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