Chapter 4

Bathed, shaved, and completely naked, Ted lay on the big bed, his muscular body covered to the waist by a thin sheet, scanning the pages of a catalogue and casting occasional glances at the bedside clock.

Dinner had been a pleasant affair, with the three girls teasing Clyde about his inability to stay on the gentlest of the several horses the youngsters had tried.

Ralph had made several suggestions concerning the big farm, and Ted could tell from Joyce’s worried look that she had not yet told her husband of her nephew’s demands.

Dorothy, trying to make up for Joyce’s silence, engaged Ralph in a heated discussion ranging from politics to religion, and Ted saw the man’s eyes drift more than once to the revealing neckline that barely covered the tips of the redhead’s lush tits.

Ted made no secret of his visual examination of his female cousins, and his cock became a throbbing bar of hot hardness beneath the table as he mentally stripped their nubile bodies and revealed the tasty breasts and the obviously virginal pussies.

Now, in the luxury of his bed, he waited for the soft knock he was certain would come. Joyce’s weeping protest had convinced him that she would carry through with his plan. If she had ever intended to refuse, she would have done so immediately. Her indecision indicated her agreement.

“It isn’t locked!” he called when the rapping finally came. He placed the catalogue on the table and leaned on one elbow, watching the doorknob turn and the door swing open.

Joyce entered the room, her movements quick and nervous beneath the sheer robe she had failed to close completely, its gaping folds giving Ted a glimpse of shadowed curves and warm flesh. She half-turned, urging the reluctant Ralph through the door, and closing it with an audible sigh.

Ralph’s face was an angry mask, his eyes darting about the room, but refusing to meet Ted’s amused grin. A well-worn dressing gown covered his body, knotted about his waist. His hands were buried in the pockets, moving restlessly.

“I do believe Uncle Ralph is angry,” Ted said, his grin widening.

“What the devil did you expect?” Ralph exclaimed. “Joyce is my wife, not some common whore!”

“Of course she’s no whore,” Ted agreed. “She’s a beautiful woman who happens to be my aunt.”

“That makes it even worse!” Ralph argued, his big shoulders shaking win emotion. “It would be incest! I couldn’t believe it when Joyce told me.”

The boy’s face hardened. “You’d better believe it, Uncle Ralph!” he said flatly. “Cooperate, and we’ll all have a wonderful time.” He halted the other’s words with a warning finger. “You do want your family to have the best things of life?”

His shoulders slumped and Ralph shook his head. “It’s not right! Joyce and I love each other.”

“Excellent!” Ted smiled. “Then, you’ll enjoy seeing her have a good time.”

“Why don’t you let him go back to the room, Ted?” Joyce’s voice pleaded. “Don’t make him suffer any more.”

“No way,” the youth said bluntly. “He stays right here.” He pointed to a big chair that faced the bed. “Pull your robe off, Uncle Ralph, and sit down. That’s all you have to do. Just sit there and watch.”

The man’s body tensed, his lips quivering. His eyes darted to Joyce’s face, and she gave him an encouraging nod.

“Do as he says, darling,” she murmured. “Please!”

His look became a glare as he rasped, “You seem awfully anxious to do this!”

His wife’s eyes showed the hurt, but her voice remained calm. “I’m doing it for all of us, Ralph,” she reminded him. “Let’s think about the children instead of ourselves.”

“What are they going to think when they find out that their mother is …?”

“Don’t say it, Ralph!” she warned. “Just do as he says, and it will all be over in a few minutes.”

The man’s fingers fumbled with the sash of his robe, and the garment was shrugged off, falling to the floor as he sank down onto the chair, his face red with embarrassment as Ted’s eyes examined the flaccid cock that dangled against his left thigh.

“Not bad Uncle Ralph,” the boy murmured. “I’ll bet Aunt Joyce really goes after that thing when it’s hard.”

The man shifted his hips in the chair, bringing his knees together and covering his crotch with both hands. His hairy chest and neck turned a deep red, and his eyes stared at the floor near his wife’s bare feet.

“OK, Aunt Joyce,” Ted grinned. “We’ll pretend he isn’t there. Take your robe off, and come here.”

He patted the bed suggestively and Ralph gave a low groan of suppressed anger and jealousy as his wife shrugged the garment from her lush body.

Ted gave a soft whistle of admiration, his gaze roaming up and down her inviting curves.

Joyce felt her nipples stiffen as the lad’s hot stare drifted over the firm mounds of her big breasts, and a thrilling tingle jarred her cunt when he shifted his eyes to that mass of blonde curls.

She had always been proud of her body, managing to avoid the sagging and stretching which usually accompanied the years of marriage and the birth of three children. Her buttocks were still tight and her thighs firm and perfectly rounded, while her calves possessed that youthful curve men found so attractive.

Now as Ted beckoned to her from the bed, she felt desire shudder through her belly, dampening the lips of her pussy and glazing her eyes with its irresistible lust. She moved toward the half-covered body of her sister’s only son, her legs trembling and her tits swaying, engorged tips that hungered for his hot kisses.

“Pull the sheet back,” the youth said in a tight voice.

Joyce leaned over the bed, her big breasts rolling against her rib cage. Her fingers plucked at the sheet, tugging it down to the foot of the bed, her eyes widening and her mouth opening in surprise.

“Good God!” It was Ralph’s exclamation. The man stared at Ted’s rearing prick with a mixture of envy and disbelief. Thick and long, the cock reached up from his hairy crotch like a gnarled limb, the blue veins pulsating along its strutted length.

Joyce licked her lips, fear and desire battling for supremacy in her anxious eyes. It was easily the largest cock she had ever seen, and at least two inches longer than Ralph’s organ. The thought of its swollen length sliding up into her pussy sent a hot shiver through that delicate channel, and she felt a hot wetness as her juices lathered the vaginal walls in anticipation.

She had realized that her nephew was well equipped from that pressing hardness during their previous kiss. But she had not expected anything like the nine-inch column that arched its purple head in quivering readiness.

Ted scooted his body to one side of the bed, patting the space beside him. “Right here, Aunt Joyce,” he said quietly. “Just lie down and spread those gorgeous legs.”

Another groan sounded from the chair as Joyce lowered her body to the bed, stretching out on her back and angling the sleek beauty of her thighs. The blonde silk parted to expose the wet slit of her cunt, the labial folds glistening in the bedroom light.

Lazily, Ted pushed himself onto his knees, climbing between the woman’s spread legs, bracing himself with one hand on her right breast, the fingers kneading the resilient mound and tweaking the swollen nipple.

His prick hovered above the splayed lips of her inviting pussy. He turned amused eyes to the angry man.

“One more thing, Uncle Ralph,” he said with a grin. “Tell me to do it.

You see, we both want to make sure you approve of this.”

The man’s hands gripped the arms of the chair, his hairy chest heaving with emotion. “Haven’t you done enough?” he groaned. “Do you have to drag us all the way down?”

Ted wrapped his free hand about the shaft of his cock, dropping his hips enough to permit the huge knob to touch the wet jaws of Joyce’s cunt. He rubbed it back and forth though the deep furrow, seeing the woman’s eyes close and her lower lip fold back between her teeth at the caress.

“Just two words, Uncle Ralph,” he urged. “That isn’t much to ask in exchange for all I’m giving you.”

“Say it, Ralph!” Joyce groaned. Her hips trembled as the hot cockhead massaged the distended bud of her clitoris, then slid teasingly against the fluttering lips of her cunt. “For God’s sake! Say it!”

Ralph’s hand pushed upward along his quivering jaw to run his fingers through his brown hair. He sucked in a deep breath and his teeth clenched with effort.

“Fuck her!” he grated, saliva spraying with the violence of the exclamation. His face twisted in agony.

Joyce tried to stifle her gasp as Ted centered the meaty glans and began boring into her cunt, stretching her labia into a tight circle of nerve-laced tissue and rubbing it with the thick shaft that followed the head into her straining vagina.

The youth’s chest descended upon her tits, hairs grinding against the sensitive nipples, and he forced his prick deeper into the slowly yielding corridor of quivering femininity. His hands cupped her face, making her look into his eyes as he entered her, reading the helpless response that flickered behind the half-closed lids.

“Your wife has a tight cunt, Uncle Ralph,” Ted murmured. “You’re a very lucky man.”

“Damn you!” was the almost inaudible retort. Ralph Porter wanted to tear his gaze away from that slowly disappearing cock. But it held his eyes like a magnet as he watched it vanish into Joyce’s hairy cunt.

“You’re hurting her!”

Deliberately, Ted fed another inch into the shuddering sheath before asking, “Am I hurting you, Aunt Joyce?”

Her head tried to wag a denial, but his hands held it captive. Her voice was strained as she gasped, “No!”

Grinning down into her contorted face, Ted demanded, “Tell him it feels good! Tell him you love having your pussy full of hard meat! Tell him!”

Her tongue flicked wildly across the parted lips, and her ass began a grinding response to the stretching and filling of her vaginal corridor. She felt his balls bump gently against her anal cleft and her legs drew up, thighs clamping his hips, then flashing higher to encircle his arched waist. Her arms went around his torso, fingers clutching at his broad back.

“Don’t make me talk, Ted!” she hissed at him. “Just fuck me!”

A savage thrust slammed the swollen head of his cock against her womb, and his pelvic arch bumped her blonde triangle in complete hilting. She cried out at the delightful sensation of having her pussy filled to capacity for the first time in her life, and her ass wiggled excitedly as he began a rhythmic stroking through the spasming channel of slippery flesh.

Ralph Porter stared at the writhing body of his wife, seeing Ted’s big cock slide in and out of the juicy opening between her thighs. He heard her whimpers as the prick speared her, again and again, and he recognized the sounds of pleasure he had heard so often.

There was no doubt about it, he realized. Joyce was enjoying what the boy was doing to her. When she told him of Ted’s demands, she had insisted that she would merely lie there and let him vent his lust on her motionless body. But she was anything but motionless as the cock slid in and out, its thick shaft glistening with her juices.

Suddenly, Joyce’s whimpers became little cries of ecstasy, and her ass twisted violently beneath the hammering hips of her nephew. Her scissoring legs flexed to hunch her crotch against the pounding maleness, and Ralph knew she was coming.

Ted recognized the signals too. Hilting his prick in the churning sheath, he worked his hips in a savage circling that rubbed her labia and massaged her convulsing depths as Joyce gasped her way through a climax that left her weak and trembling.

Relaxing atop the almost motionless body, Ted twisted his head about to flash Ralph a sardonic grin. “I think I’ve just struck oil, Uncle Ralph,” he chuckled. “It’s getting awfully greasy in there. I guess I’d better pump it out.”

Still looking at his uncle’s florid face, the boy began hunching again, stroking the juicy cunt until its slippery overflow bubbled out about his sliding cock to coat his balls and trickle sluggishly down the woman’s wiggling ass cleft.

Still fucking her with those powerful thrusts that slammed his belly against hers with each hilting, Ted dropped his eyes to Ralph’s crotch.

His grin became a mocking sneer.

“Shame on you, Uncle Ralph!” His words were interspersed by little grunts as he slammed his prick into the responsive cunt, feeling the vaginal muscles squeeze and massage its throbbing length. “You’re getting a hard-on from watching your wife get fucked!”

Ralph chewed his lower lip, digging his fingers into the chair arms in a vain effort to halt the swelling of his own cock. It was true, he admitted. His original anger had been replaced by a strange and overwhelming sensation that he could not identify and which he could not resist.

He glared back at the grinning boy, his hands releasing the chair and falling to his hairy thighs. Slowly, one hand crept to the pulsating column of his own prick, curling about it and squeezing until the purple knob ached with pressure. He wet his lips and his shoulders shuddered convulsively.

“Fuck her, damn you!” he cried in a choked voice. “Fuck her harder!”

Chuckling with sadistic amusement, Ted rode the panting women with furious thrusts, making her cry out with the savagery of his deep thrusts. The bed shook beneath them, and Joyce worked her ass in a frantic effort to match his strokes with the delightful wiggling of her elevated hips.

She felt the sudden change in tempo as Ted shortened his strokes and jabbed the head of his cock against her womb with jarring plunges, his body trembling with the nearness of his own orgasm.

“Yes!” Joyce panted, screwing her cunt about the swelling length of his shaft. “Give it to me! Give me that come!”

The huge cock plunged into her belly and the heavy balls rolled against her wriggling ass. Ecstasy blotted out all other sensations as her pussy exploded in response to the spurting semen that washed against her spasming womb in hot volleys that she could feel all the way to the heels that hammered her nephew’s clenching buttocks.

Grunting, Ted tugged his spent cock from the foaming lips of the torrid cunt. He rolled off and onto his side, looking across at the man who had climbed to his feet, still pumping the engorged prick that poked outward from his trembling crotch.

“Don’t be bashful, Uncle Ralph,” he called in a breathless voice.

“Hell! She’s your wife. Get it off in her snatch!”

The man shuffled forward, staring at the dripping jaws of the creamfilled cunt, and Joyce widened the angle of her thighs in invitation.

Ralph placed one knee on the bed, and Joyce eased a shapely leg over to draw him closer, pressing her calf against his thigh until he was kneeling over her, his cock aimed for that juicy crevice in the semenflecked curls.

With a hoarse cry, he collapsed atop his wife’s body, fingers still curled about the jutting prick that was trapped between their bellies as it pumped its load of ropey sperm onto her heaving stomach, the cream spreading as Joyce shook her hips beneath him to friction her flesh against the exploding cock.

“You see,” came Ted’s sarcastic reminder. “All you needed was a little push in the right direction. I think you’ll both learn to enjoy this.”

Ignoring the youth, Ralph pushed himself up to whisper, “I’m sorry, darling! I couldn’t help it! Honest to God! I couldn’t help it!”

Joyce patted the man’s cheek. “Of course, you couldn’t. I understand.”

“Sure she does,” Ted added. “And she hopes you understand why she popped her cookies when I stuck my dick in her.”

Ralph climbed to his feet, his cock still semi-erect and dripping. “Can we go back to our room?” he asked weakly.

“Not yet,” was the soft answer. “Just make yourself comfortable over there.” To Joyce, he said, “Pull your legs up and spread your knees.”

Frowning, the woman obeyed, gripping both legs with her hands to hold them in the designated position. She stared in wonder as Ted moved down to kneel below her elevated hips.

He reached down and rubbed two fingers through the puddle of semen Ralph had spilled onto her belly. Joyce suppressed a sharp gasp when Ted carried the spunk-coated digits down to the splayed cleft of her ass, and began rubbing the slippery juice over her tiny anus.

Her elevated hips jerked when one of the fingers slipped inside the tight circle, squirming in a grinding spiral that widened the brown opening and massaged the delicate membranes beyond the sphincteral lips.

She gave a choked cry when he forced the second finger into her asshole, twisting the intruding stiffness to loosen the clenching anus.

Her husband leaned forward, his face anxious.

“You’re not going to put it in there!” It was a declaration, rather than a question. “She would never let me do that. She’s too tight.”

Ted gave a chuckle, jamming the fingers deeper and wiggling them. “She won’t be tight when I get through with her,” he exclaimed. He looked down into Joyce’s contorted face. “Shame on you! Refusing to give your husband a piece of that hot ass!”

Satisfied that the orifice was ready, he tugged his fingers from the juicy circle, and leaned over her belly, sliding the head of his cock through the creamy residue of Ralph’s come. Then, without haste, he steered the big prick until the knob touched her tingling asshole.

“Noooooo!” she moaned, shaking her hips as the pressure increased.

“Please, Ted! Don’t make me take it like that!”

“Don’t fight it, Aunt Joyce,” he urged. “You know how to loosen that thing!”

Holding his prick centered in the quivering striation, he gave a forceful lunge of his powerful hips, shoving the woman’s body upward in the bed before the meaty knob of his cock snapped past the sphincter and into her previously lubricated colon.


The tortured scream blasted from behind tightly clenched teeth as Joyce felt the hot hardness fill her intestinal sleeve, expanding the anal ring to its capacity, and frictioning through it to stretch the tender corridor about its throbbing bulk.

“Oh, God!” she wailed, twisting her hips in a vain effort to lessen the intolerable filling. “You’re killing me!”

“Ted!” Ralph pleaded, unable to tear his eyes away from the sight of that big cock sliding up into his wife’s straining tail. “You’re hurting her!”

His tool halfway toward its goal of complete hilting, Ted paused to glance back over his shoulder at the excited man whose own cock was beginning to swell again.

“All she has to do,” he panted, “is relax her muscles. Just keep watching, Uncle Ralph. Once I get it all in, she’ll be begging for more.”

He had halted his invasion, but his hips continued a slow grinding motion that worked his prick about inside the clenching sleeve of slippery tissue, loosening the hot grip until Joyce stopped whimpering and began wiggling her ass in response.

Gripping her quivering thighs for leverage, Ted pulled his cock back, tugging her sphincter muscles outward with the reversed pressure of his flared glans. Then, just as slowly, he slid the joint back into her intestine, feeling the muscles rippling and squeezing the pulsating invader.

“Still want me to stop, Aunt Joyce?” he grunted, fucking her with increasing speed, each thrust driving the head of his prick farther up into the hot sheath of wriggling wetness.

Her eyes glared at him, and her sensual lips drew back in a savage snarl that bared her teeth. Perspiration beaded on her furrowed brow as she rolled her head from side to side on the sweat-dampened pillow.

“I’ll be damned!” came Ralph’s unbelieving cry. “She likes it! You’re practically splitting her wide open, and she likes it!” His fingers raced up and down the engorged shaft of his cock, and the other hand cupped and squeezed his hairy balls. “And all these years, she wouldn’t let me even try to get it in there!”

Ted ignored the man’s exclamation as he rammed still deeper into the churning slickness, wrenching another gasp from the woman whose asshole was being frictioned into a spasming circle of tingling nerves that threatened to explode at any moment. The huge cock was racing in and out, massaging and filling, pumping and sucking in a blend of sensations she had never before dreamed possible.

“Harder!” she hissed, working her hips to increase the almost intolerable ecstasy of that pistoning hardness. “Please, Ted! Do it harder!”

His hairy pubic arch slapped her gaping cunt with each savage thrust, creating a wet, obscene sound that blended with the softer squish of his prick as it bored through her froth-ringed anus. The bed trembled beneath his assault, the thick mattress yielding to the powerful hammering of his hips as he fucked her.

She came, her body arching and trembling with the tremors that raced through her empty vagina, and her cunt juice gurgled out to trickle down onto the thick cock, oiling the cylinder of pounding lust until the squishing became a loud slurping as it drove through the hot wetness.

Again, ecstasy ripped through her pussy, the pleasure-fire fanned by the prick that ripped in and out of her spasming ass, seeming to fill her belly to the bursting point as it roared up into her ass, then leaving a hungry ache as it retreated for another thrilling plunge.

A third climax thundered from deep inside her vagina, and she felt the big cock ram its thick column to a depth she tried to increase by the frantic writhing of her ass. The prick jerked, thrilling her intestinal walls with its hot lunges, and Ted’s sperm laved the tender tissues as it spurted into her colon with a force that made her whole body convulse in ecstatic response.

Her muscles stripped the jetting hardness, sucking the ropey come from him with instinctive undulations, and she whimpered in lust as the prick slid back to pop out of her still-hungry ass.

Joyce felt her body being turned, and she knelt on the bed, face buried in her folded arms, her rounded ass poking upward and outward, dripping Ted’s semen from its well-stretched entrance. She didn’t recognize Ralph’s prick until he had buried it to the balls in her intestinal grip.

It didn’t matter. She was being fucked again, and her body was answering the savage ravishment with yet another bucking orgasm. Ralph had never brought such violent and delightful quivers to her cunt during all their years of marriage as he was now producing in her spasming rectum.

She rolled her head to one side and found herself staring at her nephew’s still-rigid cock as the youth positioned himself beside her and aimed the plum-like head at her wet lips. Behind her, Ralph’s hips hammered her wiggling buttocks with increasing speed, and she knew he was watching Ted’s approach.

She opened her mouth wide, tasting the tart masculinity of the big prick that strained her jaws with its size, and punished her throat with its determined shove. Greedily, she began sucking, flaying the cock with her lashing tongue.

It was only later, when she could think about it without feeling the ecstasy of two male organs invading her flesh, that Joyce realized Ralph had fucked her even harder after Ted eased his prick into her mouth.


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