Chapter 6

Ralph Porter listened to his wife’s account of the afternoon with an expression that began with disbelief, then altered to angry bitterness as she described her repeated climaxes while both Ted and Clyde fucked her.

“You don’t have to be so goddamned graphic!” he exploded, springing from the chair and striding to the window, turning his back on Joyce as she lay naked on their bed, one finger teasing the distended nipple of her left breast.

The woman regarded his back with an amused smile, moving her other hand to the furry juncture of her thighs. One digit slipped inside the moist crevice, and the others teased the plump lips.

“Do you want to go back?” she demanded in a soft voice. “We can always go on welfare, you know. Of course, Clyde won’t be able to forget that he’s actually screwed his mother. Since you seem opposed to that, he’ll probably climb into bed with Susan and Beth.”

Ralph whirled about, his face twisted, to glare at her. “I suppose that’s the next thing your darling nephew will demand. I’ll see him in hell before I let him touch either one of those girls!”

Joyce’s reply was delivered in a mocking tone. “Unless, of course, he lets you have seconds.” Her finger slid deeper into the crack of her cunt, and her laughter made him wince. “You couldn’t wait to get your pecker in my tail! My God! You never screwed me like that before.”

“Damn it!” he exclaimed defensively. “You wouldn’t let me put it in your ass! You had to wait for that bastard!”

Joyce’s eyes softened, but her finger continued its pleasurable exploration of her slit as she replied, “Someday Ralph, you’ll learn that women like to be forced to do things.”

With a muttered curse, Ralph slammed out of the room, banging the door behind him, and heading for the stairs. He hesitated when he saw Dorothy just closing the door of her bedroom, and his gaze flickered over the soft red hair and haughty breasts battling under the tight dress that hugged her luscious hips and thighs with revealing clarity.

The woman looked at his face and her lips curved in an understanding smile. Her hips moved seductively as she approached him. In spite of his anger, Ralph felt a quickening in his crotch.

“Don’t tell me,” Dorothy murmured when she was near enough to be heard without raising her voice. She stopped with the points of her big tits almost touching his arm. “My darling stepson has gone too far.”

He blinked at her. “How did you know?” His cock was stiffening, and he shifted his stance to conceal the swelling. “Did he tell you?”

She laid warm fingers on his arm, leading him back down the hallway toward the bedroom she had just vacated. Ralph found himself moving with her like an obedient child. He waited until she opened the door, and followed her inside. Dorothy locked the door and leaned against it.

“Let me guess,” she said, keeping her hands behind her and poking her breasts against the thin dress. “He talked you into letting him ball Joyce, and you found yourself unable to resist the scene. You made a complete fool of yourself with both of them.”

She held up one hand, palm-out, when he started to interrupt. “That was just the beginning. He got Joyce to give in to your son. That’s the part you can’t stomach.”

His voice heavy, Ralph demanded, “If he didn’t tell you about it, how do you know all this?”

She smiled. “Feminine observation, my dear brother-in-law. He was hot for me until you showed up with all those delicacies. If he hadn’t been getting his rocks off with somebody he’d have been bouncing my bed.

Then, I saw Clyde after he had spent a couple of hours with them. Need I say more?”

Ralph wagged his head. “You’ve just about covered it all. The boy is a monster!

She nodded amiably. “Agreed. But, he’s a rich monster. That makes a big difference.”

“Why?” he asked in a grating voice. “Why did he get us here for this?

He could have bought a dozen women if that’s all he wanted.”

Dorothy pushed herself erect, moving toward him as he stood in the center of the big room. “Don’t you understand, Ralph?” she whispered.

“He wants slaves.”

“Slaves?” he repeated dully. She didn’t stop when those big tits were so close he could feel their heat. Instead she pushed their firm points against his shirt front deliberately and with unmistakable intent. His prick shoved its engorged head against his trouser leg, and was immediately trapped by the warmth of her thigh.

His arms went about her instinctively. He didn’t intend for it to happen. One moment, they were at his sides, and the next, they were pulling her pliant curves closer. His hips jammed the throbbing bulk of his cock between her legs, and he felt it nuzzle the plump mound of her sex.

“Slaves,” she whispered, wetting her lips with a pointed tongue and sliding her arms about his neck. “Slaves to our own lusts, really.” She moved her hips, massaging the hardness of his prick. “Admit it, Ralph.

Didn’t you get a kick out of watching him screw Joyce?”

He answered the erotic caress with increased pressure, finding himself staring at those inviting lips. Helplessly he nodded.

“Don’t be ashamed of it,” she said soothingly. “It’s natural. Just like what you’re feeling at this moment.” She rammed her cuntal mound against his erection for emphasis. Her long lashes flickered. “Do you want to deny that you’re just itching to stick that thing in me?”

His arms tightened and his mouth covered her parted lips, tasting the sweetness of her tongue as it writhed against his in quick and eager response. Dorothy’s hand forced its way between their bodies to curl warm fingers about his outlined prick.

He was unable to resist fumbling at his zipper, and he groaned when her hand managed to effect an entrance and pull his cock out of its hiding place, squeezing and stroking until he was past caring what happened next.

Ralph’s fingers found the fabulous tits he had admired so many times, and kneaded the resilient flesh with an inexpert fondling. Aside from Joyce’s, they were the first breasts he had touched since his marriage, a fact which he considered and discarded as trivial in view of the pleasure he derived from tweaking the distended nipples.

“Sit down on the bed,” he heard Dorothy say, and he permitted himself to be maneuvered into the suggested position, his cock sticking out like an obscene drawing in its engorgement.

Before he realized what the woman had in mind, she had pushed her dress down over her shoulders to bare the magnificent orbs of succulent flesh, and was leaning over him, feeding one of the tips between his eager lips.

Ralph nursed the delicious nipple with a hunger he had not realized existed within his trembling body. Opening his month wider, he drew a portion of the creamy mound between his lips, nibbling on the pulsating spear and lashing it with his wet tongue as his hands fondled Dorothy’s firm buttocks.

He groaned again when she dropped to her knees between his thighs to fit the engorged cock between her tits, squeezing them together about its throbbing length while her mouth bathed his chest with wet kisses, and she deliberately clamped her mouth about one of his diminutive tits and sucked it with a savage vacuuming.

She had unbuttoned his shirt so skillfully that Ralph was surprised by the contact of her lips on his bare skin. His body trembled as her wet tongue licked an exciting circle, then moved to the other male tit to provide an equally pleasant caress.

Nervously, he groped for his belt buckle, loosing his slacks and baring his belly and crotch as the trousers slid down about his hairy legs.

His hands ran clutching fingers through the red hair, pulling the warm, soft lips against his navel. He gasped when her hot tongue bored into the indentation, twisting voluptuously, her breasts massaging his engorged cock with a sensuous sliding.

His prick nudged her throat, the head pressing beneath the delicate curve of her chin, and Ralph’s buttocks contracted with eagerness as Dorothy’s lips slid lower, her tongue flicking across the upper edge of his public hair.

“Does Joyce give good head?” he heard her murmur. Until that moment, he had assumed that her actions were a prelude to an old-fashioned screw.

Now, he realized that the beautiful creature was about to go down on his throbbing cock with that full-lipped and obviously talented mouth.

“When she’s in the right mood,” he gasped. “Usually, she just does it to please me.”

Dorothy drew the tip of her tongue across the head of his prick, pressing it back against his belly, then letting it spring outward to brush her cheek. Her tits jabbed firm nipples against his thighs, and her hands slid up and down the hairy legs before moving in on the rearing joint and the twin spheres that loomed immediately beneath the strutted cock.

“I’ll bet,” she whispered softly, “that she loves sucking Ted’s dick.”

Ralph did not answer, except for a slight clenching of his teeth and a tightening of the fingers entwined in her long hair. Dorothy planted a wet kiss just beneath the glans, then trailed her tongue downward to probe the scrotal sac. He moved his knees farther apart to accommodate her torso, and she responded by dipping her head and running her tongue beneath the heavy balls.

“Tell me,” Dorothy demanded, bathing his nuts with her warm breath.

“Does Joyce really enjoy what Ted is making her do?”

“Yes, damn it!” he groaned, easing his hips forward and pressing his sac against her parted lips. All he could see was her red hair, and the head of his cock thrusting up in front of her face. As he stared down at it, the prick exuded a glob of clear lubricant from its swollen tip.

“She’s gone crazy about that son of a bitch!”

Dorothy’s head lifted, her green eyes mocking him. “Would you rather be with her than with me?”

He licked his lips, frowning at the question, yet unable to reject the lust that thundered in his body. “No!” he gasped. “If you’ll just do what you started to do, I don’t give a damn if he balls her brains out!”

Her mouth curved appreciatively. “You’re sweet,” she said huskily.

“Will you promise to sit still, and not try to make me do it your way?”

He nodded emphatically, his face working. “Any way you want it.”

Her mouth curved even more, wet and promising. Her pointed tongue protruded, just flicking the head of his cock. She exhaled, baking the glans with her warm breath, and Ralph groaned at the feathery caress.

Again, Dorothy’s head went down, lips parting to slide their wet oval about one of his leathery pouches, drawing the pliant half of the sac into her mouth and laving it with saliva, her tongue rolling the oyster about inside its fluid-filled pocket.

Just when he was about to tug at her red hair with trembling fingers, she released the delicacy and sucked the other nut between her gently nibbling teeth. As she tongue-fondled the nugget, her fingers began a fluttering dance up and down the strutted length of his prick, causing it to jerk back against his hairy belly in eager response.

His scrotum was wet from her mouthing, and she trailed a continuation of the wetness upward along the pulsating underbelly of his cock, pausing at the taut V of his glans. There, her tongue stiffened and flashed back and forth over the sensitive area just below the tiny slit. Her fingers, having moved aside for her climbing tongue, claimed the throbbing column again, performing a slow milking of its stiffened length.

“I want to taste that fuck-juice!” she whispered fiercely, her fist rising until the prepuce trapped the tip of her tongue between its loose fold and the head of the rearing cock.

As if in obedience to her wishes, his prick spilled a slippery glob of pre-come from its single eye, and her tongue sponged it up with a delightful wiggle.

“Ummmmmm!” she sighed, swallowing audibly. “You taste good!”

Dorothy fitted her lips over the swollen knob and began massaging it with her hot tongue, cheeks hollowing as she nursed the prick with hungry suction. Her head dipped, forcing her mouth onto the cock until the glans was beyond her palate, and her lips touched the curled fingers of her pumping fist.

Her nasal whimper was authentic enjoyment. True, she had begun her seduction as a way of getting back at her stepson. Since Ted was determined that their enjoyment should be nothing more than a byproduct of his own lust, Dorothy found a peculiar thrill in disrupting the lad’s schedule. But, once she had tasted the salty masculinity of Ralph’s prick, she was no longer concerned with her original purpose.

Jealousy had been a part of that plan, she admitted, bobbing her head to slide her greedy mouth up and down Ralph’s delicious joint. Ted had forced her to go down on him, then had turned his attentions elsewhere, fully aware that he had awakened a facet of her sensuality held dormant since her marriage to Bruce.

She was younger than Joyce, she consoled herself, swallowing another glob of Ralph’s tasty jizm. Yet, Ted was spending all his time with the older woman. The thought produced a picture of Joyce’s blonde snatch, and Dorothy sucked harder on the throbbing meat of the tumescent prick.

Ralph’s ass was bouncing on the edge of the bed, shoving his cock into her mouth as her head flashed down, ignoring his promise to let her set the pace she desired. His fingers twined the red hair about them, and he dared to force her mouth farther onto his prick, sensing that she was too excited to protest the violation.

His fingers slid lower on the shaft, still pumping in time with her slippery lips and writhing tongue. Then, as the prick delivered another surge of that delicious nectar, she released his cock and cupped both hands beneath his balls, sucking the quivering knob back into her throat and tightening the muscles about it with quick gulps.

Ralph tried to hold back, for he wanted more than anything else to prolong the exquisite pleasure of the redhead’s mouth on his engorged cock. Now that she had taken the shaft deep in her throat, he could fuck his cock through those wet, sucking lips and heighten the pleasure even more. His ass bounced on the bed, and his nuts, held captive by her gentle fingers, slapped repeatedly against her dainty chin. He felt her tongue squeeze his prick, then lash the knob when he pulled it back to the barrier of her teeth.

Resistance was futile when Dorothy began swallowing more rapidly, and her throat muscles danced and shuddered about the glans with each thrust. In addition, she twisted her head as it bobbed up and down, giving her suction a screwing effect that tugged Ralph up and over the mountain of ecstasy.

Legs jerking and hips bucking, he pushed the woman’s head down onto his prick and surrendered to the waves of pleasure that washed up through the column and spurted against the back of her greedily gulping throat, feeling her fingers squeeze his balls as if seeking even more of the ropey sperm she swallowed with little whimpers of delight. She made no attempt to pull back, but buried her nose in his public hair as she drained his cock.


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