Chapter 7

Susan Porter was aware that something unusual was happening, for the transformation in her parents and her brother was too apparent. But she had no idea that her mother had succumbed so completely to Ted’s huge organ, nor did she imagine that Clyde had already committed incest with the blonde lovely.

When Joyce told her what was expected of her, she stared at her mother and discovered she was speechless with astonishment. At seventeen, she was not unaware that such arrangements were often made. But, she had never expected that she would become a part of one.

“Try to understand, darling,” Joyce pleaded anxiously. “It’s for all of us. Ted’s really a nice boy. If you’ll just cooperate, it can be fun.”

Susan squeezed her thighs together, glaring at her mother. “You’re saying that I’m supposed to let Ted do anything he wants to?” Her frown deepened. “What if he wants to do something really kinky?”

Joyce shrugged her shoulders impatiently. “You’re a big girl, Susan.

Just think of what it means to your father and me.”

The girl listened, open-mouthed, to her mother’s recital of her own sacrifices, ending with, “How do you think I felt when my own son had to make love to me?”

Susan’s generous lip curled disdainfully. “Clyde didn’t make love to you. He fucked you!” Her voice climbed the scale toward hysteria. “My God! What’s happening to us? Daddy lets you act like a common whore, and you spread for your own son!”

Joyce’s face hardened. Angrily she walked to the door of the bedroom, turning to exclaim, “You’ll do as you’re told, young lady! It’s not going to hurt you to do your part in this.”

The girl managed to hold back her tears until the door closed. Then, her skirt sliding high about her exquisitely rounded thighs, she threw herself face-down across the bed, sobbing until anger replaced the fear and hurt.

When she stood up, she was smiling grimly. She looked at the wall mirror and tossed her head, shaking the brown waves of hair.

As if it were Ted in the glass, rather than her own reflection, she whispered, “You may screw me, cousin Ted, but you’ll be sticking it in a block of ice! I’ll be damned if you’ll enjoy it!”

Methodically, she prepared herself, luxuriating in a scented bath, then, after toweling her tanned body, she applied a subtle perfume behind her ears, beneath her firm breasts, and along the inner curves of her perfectly formed thighs. Then, with a mocking look at the brown curls that shaped her plump pussy mound, she added the elusive scent to that verdant jungle.

For dinner she wore only a nearly transparent negligee, smiling at the stern look her father gave when she marched to the big table and stared directly into Ted’s appraising eyes.

“You should have worn something more than that,” Ralph murmured to her.

“You’re making a spectacle of yourself.”

Maintaining the exaggerated smile, Susan answered from the corner of her curved lips, “You’re a fine one to talk! After what mother told me, I’m surprised you haven’t already tried to rape Beth and me.”

She turned her face toward the surprised man, fluttering her lashes and giving a little shake of her shoulders to set the outlined tits to quivering beneath the thin fabric.

“Do I seem ready?” she demanded in a sultry voice. “Don’t you want to check me over before sending me off to be raped?”

Choking back a retort that blended anger and shame, Ralph pushed his chair back, rose and stalked from the room, followed by Susan’s mocking laughter.

“What’s wrong with your father?” Joyce asked from her seat down the table. “He seemed very upset!”

“I think he’s angry,” Susan retorted, “because he wasn’t invited to the party.”

Joyce’s face colored, and she returned to her plate without a rejoinder, pretending not to hear Ted’s knowing chuckle. Moments later she excused herself, followed by Dorothy and Clyde. Beth and Linda demanded a second dessert, and Ted signaled the hovering maid.

To Susan, he said, “Did Aunt Joyce explain everything to you?”

Susan felt a tingle of apprehension between her tightly clenched thighs. But her face was expressionless as she nodded.

Linda looked up from her plate, giving her brother a worshipful smile.

“When are you going to do what you promised?” she asked innocently. Her eyes held a hopeful gleam.

Ted reached across and patted the girl’s arm, his fingers lingering to trail up and down the smooth skin. “Soon, Linda,” he answered softly, his dark eyes caressing the points of her small breasts as they strained against the tight blouse.

Beth leaned closer to the girl, speaking so softly that only she could hear her whispered question. “What did he promise?”

Linda turned a glowing face to her cousin, answering her in the same hushed voice. “Ted’s going to fuck me,” she said quite simply.

Beth Porter’s mouth opened, and her blue eyes widened with shock.

Quickly, she darted a glance about to see if either Ted or Susan had heard the girl. Still speaking quietly, but with a shocked urgency, she said, “Let’s go up to your room, Beth. I think we’d better have a long talk.”

The two youngsters rose, their young bottoms twitching with suggestive innocence as they excused themselves and left Ted staring at Susan with that irritating appraisal.

She glared back with a contemptuous droop of her generous mouth. “How does it feel to have everyone so willing to play whore for you?” she asked in a deceptively mild voice. “Isn’t it too much for such a child as yourself?”

Ted refused to rise to the bait. Placing his elbows on the table, he leaned forward, amusement glittering in his eyes as he dropped his gaze to her breasts. He ignored her question.

“I wonder if you’re as passionate as your mother,” he said in a soft drawl. “Did you know that she never let your father stick it in her asshole until I loosened it up?”

The girl gave a sharp gasp. “You’re filthy!” she hissed. “And you’re making all of us do filthy things!”

Ted stood up, flexing his muscles and drawing his slacks tight over his bulging crotch. He saw the girl’s quick glance and he chuckled.

“Let’s go upstairs, Cousin,” he ordered in that same soft voice. “I’m going to show you just how filthy I can be when I try.”

Susan found that her legs were trembling when she followed the youth from the dining room, and up the broad stairway, and she had difficulty recapturing the determination she had summoned earlier. Then, she had assumed that Ted would simply screw her and let it go at that. Now, she was less certain that he would be satisfied with such an orthodox act.

Although not a virgin, Susan was inexperienced, having found the clumsy penetration of her pussy by fewer than a half-dozen assorted cocks to be little more than an irritating tickling. Her partners had been too young, too small, and too fast, spilling their sticky come inside her belly before she could even begin to appreciate the rhythmic massaging of her vagina.

She knew that some girls permitted their dates to invade that second, smaller hole, but she had never considered that she might find herself submitting to such an indignity. Nor had she ever dreamed that she might be called upon to touch a cock with her lips, another method that some of her friends insisted was more enjoyable than straight screwing.

By the time Ted wrenched open the bedroom door, Susan had regained her self-control, marching past her cousin with a deliberate twisting of her hips that brushed the ominous bulge of his crotch. She walked over to the bed and turned, tossing her head to push a stray tendril of brown hair from her forehead.

“What do I do first?” she demanded in a flat voice.

Ted was already unbuttoning his shirt as he answered, “You take that damned negligee off, and let me look at you.”

Obediently, Susan loosened the narrow sash and let the garment slide downward, exposing the creamy breasts with their coral tips poking arrogantly from their pink aureoles. Lower, the negligee slid, past the lithe waist and flat belly to the brown curls of her pubic thatch.

She saw Ted’s eyes stare at the narrow band of white flesh that marked the protective zone of halter and bikini during her almost daily sunbathes, contrasting sharply with the deep tan of the rest of her delightfully curved body. Then, as the garment dropped past the exquisitely molded thighs, she felt a tingling warmth between them. His stare was focused on the dainty vertical cleft of her pussy, and he was unfastening his belt.

It was Susan’s turn to stare, for her limited experience did not include the sight she was about to witness. The few times she had surrendered to her male companions, she had deliberately averted her eyes from the stiff member that they seemed so eager to fit into her snug little cunt. As a result, she could not completely style the gasp of amazement as Ted exposed the flaccid thickness of his dangling cock.

Instinctively, her hands flew to protect the delicate gateway through which the ominous cylinder was designed to pass.

“What’s wrong?” the lad demanded with a grin. “Is it too childlike for you?” He slipped his fingers beneath the hairy balls, lifting them together with the limp prick and pointing its slitted tip at the wideeyed girl. “It will get larger.” The fingers squeezed caressingly. “In fact, you’ll be wishing it wasn’t so damned big before the night’s over.”

Susan tried to keep the fright from her voice as she answered, “I was surprised because it’s so little. From what mother said, I thought you were a real man.” She patted the curls of her cunt. “You’ll need more than that to satisfy me.”

Stepping out of his slacks and standing naked, he reached for her, gripping her slender waist and jerking her forward until her tits dug firm nipples into his chest. Her belly yielded to the harsh shove of his pelvis, and she felt the hot meatiness of his cock roll between their flesh. She offered no resistance, but let her arms fall limply at either side, forcing Ted to sustain her weight as he sought her lips with an open mouth.

She felt the warm wetness of his kiss, and his tongue slithered between her teeth, seeking hers. Deliberately, she dug its tip down against its own root, while his tongue danced about in solitary passion, bathed in her salvia, but finding no response to his savage tonguing of her teeth and gums.

Grunting with disgust, he pushed her away, toward the bed. The back of her knees touched the edge, and she fell backward, keeping her knees together as her hips struck the soft mattress.

Immediately, Ted was on top of her, straddling her clenched thighs and palming her pliant breasts as he pushed her onto her back. He held her there while his hands fondled the twin mounds, tweaking the two nipples and rolling them between thumbs and forefinger. He watched her eyes as he tugged the tips upward, stretching their spongy fingers, then forcing them back into their own aureoles.

Susan looked back at him without expression, acutely aware of the manipulation of her sensitive nipples, but willing them to continued flaccidity. She felt his heavy balls drag over her thighs, and a wave of heat washed through her pussy. Deep inside, she was conscious of a hot wetness spreading through her vagina.

Ted shifted his powerful body upward until he was astride her breasts, his balls and limp prick sliding between the lush mounds while his thighs pushed them inward to shape a warm nest of yielding flesh.

Tilting his head to stare down at her, he rocked his hips to force his scrotum back and forth through the velvet valley.

“Having fun?” Susan hissed at him. “I thought you were supposed to be a real stud! You can’t even get it up!”

Ted’s face contorted in sudden anger, and he lifted his hips, pushing them upward until Susan was staring up at his crotch. His fingers clutched her hair, holding her head in position, and he shoved the scrotal sac down against her mouth, twisting his hips to work the pliant pouch over her tightly closed lips.

Susan closed her eyes and tried to hold her breath, blocking the masculine scent of his testicles and the prick that dangled its plumlike head over her dainty nose.

“Goddamn you!” he grated in a savage whisper. “I was gonna be easy on you. Now, I’m gonna cram it so far up your snatch you can taste it!”

His hips twisted more fiercely. “Open your fucking mouth and lick my balls!”

Susan managed to turn her face aside, taking the weight of his sac on her cheek. “If you make me do that,” she hissed angrily, “I’ll bite the damned things off!”

The pressure eased, and the youth rocked back to glare at her. “Didn’t Aunt Joyce tell you what would happen if you didn’t cooperate?”

The girl’s voice was steady as she replied, “I agreed to let you screw me. Anything else is out. I don’t care what anyone says.”

His eyes narrowed thoughtfully, and he swung his leg over her body, rolling off and arranging himself on the bed, flat on his back. He pulled his hairy thighs together and pointed at his limp cock.

“OK” he drawled. “I’ll go you one better. You fuck me!”

Susan pushed herself up onto one elbow, sneering at his dangling prong.

“Even if I agreed,” she said mockingly, “you’re still soft.”

“That’s your problem,” he reminded her. “Try rubbing that cunt over it.

It’ll get hard.”

The girl sat up, turning gracefully to crouch on hands and knees beside him, her breasts swaying but little in their young firmness. For the first time since they entered the bedroom, she felt a surge of confidence.

Gracefully she swung one slender leg across his thighs, inching upward until she straddled his hips, her pussy gaping its narrow slit directly above his thick tool. She placed her hands on his chest, the fingers curling slightly as they touched the hard pads of muscle, lightly haired and each tipped with a tiny replica of her own lush tits.

Slowly, she lowered her crotch until she felt the heat and meatiness of his prick against her parted labia, inducing a sensation of pleasure in the dampening corridor of her pussy. She increased the pressure and began working her crotch back and forth against the curved member.

“Now, you’re doing it!” Ted grunted, moving his hips in response to the moist caress of his cock. He curled his fingers about her arms and slid them up to her shoulders, then to her thrusting breasts, cupping both mounds with kneading grip as she continued her pelvic massage. “Get it good and stiff,” he murmured, “and then slide that hot cunt right onto it.”

Susan felt the prick throbbing against her cunt, swelling and hardening as it filled with blood, and it was impossible to restrain the slippery liquid that seeped from her labia to bathe the stiffening shaft and prepare her own tingling pussy for its entry. Deliberately, she concentrated on the slowly enlarging knob, sliding the quivering lips of her snatch over its rounded tip with rapid jerks of her hips.

The prick forced its way upward between her thighs, and she raised her crotch to permit it to spring back against his flat-muscled belly, dropping down onto it again and sliding her wet labia up and down its still-lengthening hardness.

“Christ!” Ted groaned, squeezing her breasts until she gasped with mixed pain and pleasure. “Put it in!”

Maintaining her balance by leaving one hand on his chest, Susan reached down to curl her fingers about the distended length of his prick, moving the grip up and down in a quick estimate of its size. Her lower lip folded back between her teeth and she stole a quick glance at the rearing shaft, her eyes narrowing in speculation.

The cock was much bigger than she had expected, and fully two inches longer than any of the few she had entertained inside her snug vagina.

It was thicker, too, for her fingers and thumb could not completely encompass its throbbing girth.

No wonder, she thought, rubbing the slitted tip through her slippery labial trough, that her mother had responded to the handsome youth. It would be difficult to remain calm with a nine-inch prick jabbing deep and hard inside an admittedly hungry snatch.

The mental image produced a fresh flood of vaginal juice that seeped from her swollen pussy lips and spread over the head of Ted’s cock, trickling down the thick column to bathe her fingers as they squeezed and rubbed the big prong back and forth, setting her own belly to trembling with desire for that engorged hardness.

She felt the prick lurch in her grasp, and the head seemed to swell for a moment in the furrow of her aroused cunt. A glob of seminal fluid erupted from the quivering slit to bathe her sensitive labia, sending a thrill back into the slippery grotto that was beginning to pulsate with eagerness.

Hoisting her hips higher, Susan guided the tip of his cock between the lips of her cunt, holding her breath as she lowered herself just enough to feel the expansion of the nerve-laced tissues that fitted themselves about the sloping glans. Then, with a suppressed gasp, she forced her pussy onto the throbbing knob, her hips trembling as the stretched folds slipped past the rim of the huge helmet and tightened about the circular hardness of his rearing shaft.

For a moment, she made no movement, simply savoring the delightful sensation that radiated inward from that shallow insertion. Her cunt had never been opened so widely, and it seemed that the expanded lips were far more sensitive than ever before, sensing even the slight tremors of the prick as Ted reacted to the hot clasp of her pussy about its implanted head.

She felt his hands desert her tits to grip her waist, and only her own hands, bracing against his chest, kept her from yielding to his downward tugging. Her thighs tensed, and she managed to maintain her position until Ted relaxed his efforts.

Slowly, feeling her vagina swelled by the increasing bulk of the big cock, she began easing her cunt down onto the thick column, adding a little circular movement to the descent that rubbed the tender walls of her flexing corridor into a shivering dance.

“Goddamn!” Ted groaned, adding an inch to the two already inside her shivering pussy by shoving his hips upward. “You’ve got a hot snatch!”

Susan did not answer. Instead, she screwed her churning vagina farther onto the shaft, and increased the speed of her circular gyrations. She deliberately tightened the powerful muscles of her cunt, squeezing his throbbing prick and spreading her warm lubricating nectar over its quivering bulk.

She had never been so juicy before. It seemed that the sheer girth of the cock had loosened some internal fountain that sent the slippery liquid gurgling from deep in her belly to welcome the blunt-nosed invader.

There was no longer any doubt in her mind that she could accept his lengthy prong. Instead, there was an increasing determination to prove herself the sensual superior of the handsome youth whose prick was inching deeper and deeper into her belly.

No more than two-thirds of the way down the column, she reversed direction and began dragging her pussy upward, feeling the internal tugging as the thick cock massaged the vaginal walls in its enforced retreat. Pleasure radiated from the frictioning pressure, spiraling back into her vagina and making her gasp with its intensity.

Reaching the top of her ride, with just the swollen head inside her labia, she slid downward again, more rapidly, and farther, feeling the velvet tip press lightly against her womb mouth as her hips halted their descent and rose upward again. Beneath her, the boy groaned his delight and tightened his fingers on her waist.

Her agile hips climbed again, the slippery cuntal folds sliding upward over the pulsating column of engorged flesh, then plunged downward to find the boy’s pelvis leaping to meet them.


Susan found it impossible to block the unintelligible cry as she felt herself impaled on the throbbing shaft of Ted’s huge prick. Her labial lips were jammed tightly about the thick base and the quivering head of the cock was shoved hard against her yielding cervix. Her vagina was stretched to its capacity by the hot bulk of the organ, and the pressure was such that her mind could not identify it as either pleasure or pain. It was somewhere in between those two sensations, but producing a gut-wrenching desire that demanded still more of the exquisite frictioning she had just experienced.

Back arched, and waist undulating under Ted’s urging fingers, Susan steered her spasming cunt up and down on the rearing prick, its length liberally coated by her vaginal exudation until the hardness slid through her labial grip with ease, each movement sending another wave of incredible pleasure throughout her belly.

She found herself leaning forward, disengaging her tits from the lad’s hands as she maneuvered them toward his heaving chest. His arms went about her, and his fingers clutched at her rising and falling hips, digging savagely into her flexing buttocks to pull her convulsing pussy down onto his lurching prick.

Frantically, Susan forced her own hands beneath his shoulders, gripping for leverage, pulling her body upward as his cock plumbed the churning depths of her juicy cunt.

Long strokes were impossible in her new position, but she could work her hips with greater speed. Keeping the cock sheathed in her torrid snatch, she hunched her ass with vicious jabs, feeling the rounded knob slam repeatedly against the mouth of her womb, threatening to force its way inside that willing cave of virgin tissue.

This, her whirling brain screamed at her, was fucking! All the others had been but childish imitations of the act she was performing with sweating body and lust-crazed mind. Within her convulsing pussy, its walls constantly massaged by that delightfully large prick, an orgasm was building, already knotting the muscles of her belly with its ecstatic tremors. When it came, she admitted, it would reduce all her previous climaxes to insignificance.

Faster and faster, her ass pounded the writhing corridor about the lad’s joint, forcing more of the secretion out of her clenching cunt to mat their pubic hair as the two pads met and parted with wet squishings that were obliterated in the gasps and grunts that marked the violence of their union.

Susan’s clitoris was subjected to a constant mauling as she fucked the thick prong. As her ass flashed backward, tugging her cunt upward, the meaty spear was momentarily freed to spring outward, its cream-coated bulk quivering with the caress of the cool bedroom air. Then, as she hunched forward, the bud was forced inward by the sheer size of Ted’s cock, and massaged by that throbbing hardness into a nerve-tingling bundle of excruciating ecstasy.

Her breasts, nipples engorged beyond anything she had ever anticipated, were plastered against his chest, rolling and sliding in the patina of perspiration and the delicious irritation of his wiry hair. Her belly, undulating with near-fluidic ripplings as she manipulated her hips above his, slapped down against the muscular hardness of his abdomen with noisy sounds of wet flesh pounding wetter flesh.

The pleasure was almost too much, yet such that she could do nothing but increase it by fucking the stiff cock with faster and harder hunches. She felt the shaft jerk, its heat suddenly increasing until she could easily imagine it to be glowing inside her racing cunt, and Ted’s hips bounced wildly beneath her continued assault.

A hot wetness blasted against her womb, followed by still another savage spurt of the fiery liquid that raged through the nine-inch shaft, into her belly. Ted’s body was writhing with the explosive convulsions of his come. His furious pelvic gyrations seemed to screw the exploding prick into her crotch, the jetting knob grinding against her womb as the semen was forced back about its originator to trickle sluggishly from the straining jaws of her cunt.

She lost control as her own orgasm ripped through her cock-packed vagina, setting the slippery walls into a shuddering series of undulating spasms that raced inward, squeezing the invading prong and milking it with powerful tugs, sucking the creamy come from its bucking hardness and rubbing it with greedy caresses as Susan’s ass twisted and hunched to heighten the already unbearable ecstasy. She screamed, but the sound was heard only in her lust-crazed brain, blending with the rhythmic surges of her climax.

She had expected Ted’s cock to detumesce immediately after spilling its copious load of semen, like the few others she had felt, jerking and spitting inside her cunt. But the shaft seemed more firm than before as she felt herself being toppled aside and onto her back, legs flailing in adjustment and scissoring the powerful hips that forced her thighs farther apart.

For the first time, she gave him her tongue in a saliva-drenched kiss, wiggling it about inside his mouth as he sucked its meaty bulk with a force that made her grunt in meaningless protest.

She grunted again when he drew his cock almost free of her cream-filled snatch and drove it in again, slamming his heavy balls against her writhing ass and smashing his pubic ridge down against the pad of her soaked triangle.

Again and again, her pussy exploded in orgasmic joy, churning its slippery grip about the pistoning joint and chewing that huge head that hammered her womb with breathtaking force. Her fingers dug into his flexing ass cheeks, and her hips lunged up to meet his savage thrusts, working the dripping jaws of her cunt in a constant chewing of his driving prick.

She lost count of her comes, and added still another when Ted’s cock began spurting its second load of nut-juice into her snatch. Too weak to move anything but her sweat-soaked breasts in an effort to recapture her breath, she felt Ted climb off, leaving her body tingling and weightless at the removal of the prolonged pressure, and her cunt still hungry for a continuation of that delicious stroking.

Eyes closed, she heard him pad across the room and open the hall door, but she was too enraptured with the lingering tremors in her belly to care why Ted was taking time out from his sensual labors.

The door closed again, quietly, and she heard the soft click of the lock. Lazily, she spread her legs wide, feeling the wetness seep from her cunt to bathe her perineum and anus. She was slick down there, slicker than she had ever been before. Slick and hungry for more of that demanding cock.

A knee pressed the bed, and she welcomed the hips that fitted themselves between her thighs. Her own hips swiveled upward to meet the hot hardness that slid pulsating]y into her juicy crevice. She brought her legs up to wrap them about the narrow waist. Her arms embraced and pulled him down onto her sensitive tits as he began fucking her, steadily and delightfully.

Her eyes opened and widened. Her lips shaped a surprised oval.

“Clyde!” she gasped, her ass still working cooperatively beneath his pounding hips. “My own brother!”

It was not a protest. Even if she had wanted to object, her eager cunt would not have permitted more than a token complaint. What he was doing to her felt too good, and she was too near another string of firecracker orgasms to make any attempt to halt his industrious probing of her slippery pussy.

Her ass bouncing and twisting in the throes of ecstasy, Susan was too busy coming to hear Ted Morgan’s husky chuckle of approval.


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