Chapter 8

Linda Morgan was upset with her young cousin. Had she been capable of real anger, it would have been directed at Beth Porter for suggesting that Ted was even considering the dreadful thing the girl had so vividly described.

“Ted’s eighteen years old, Linda,” Beth had argued in their conversation following the interrupted dessert. “You’re still a kid. If he does anything to you, it’ll be both rape and incest.”

Linda had shaken her head firmly, her baby face determined. “I know what rape is, Beth,” she reminded the girl. “Everyone thinks I’m stupid, but I know a few things. Ted would never make me do something I didn’t want to do. As for the part about incest, I don’t care. I’ve wanted Ted to love me for ages.”

“We’re not talking about love, darn it!”, Beth exclaimed. “He wants to screw you. Don’t you understand that?”

“And what’s wrong with that?” Linda rejoined. Her shoulders shook with a little shiver of anticipation, making her small breasts tremble under the thin blouse. “Don’t you ever want to let Clyde do it to you?”

Beth framed a shocked protest that became, instead, a mysterious smile of possible admission. Her tongue made a sensuous circuit of the red oval, finally curving its pointed tip upward as she studied her cousin’s questioning face. The eyes, long-lashed and posing a question of their own, moved down to study Linda’s thrusting tits, tracing the outline of their tiny nipples through the clinging blouse.

“Do we really need our brother’s for what we’re both thinking about?” she asked in a hush voice. “Couldn’t we have fun without them?”

Linda stared at the girl with a confused frown. “I don’t understand,” she answered hesitantly. Seeing the direction of Beth’s stare, her own eyes dropped to peer at the little tips that punched the thin fabric.

“Do you like my titties?”

“I’d like to see them without that blouse,” Beth responded. Her lashes flickered their excitement. “Did you ever have another girl play with them?”

Linda seemed unsurprised by the query, shaking her head as she answered. “No. But it sounds interesting.” Her fingers toyed with the top button. “Would you like to play with mine?”

Beth’s blonde hair bobbed an admission. “It’s more fun when we play with each other’s,” she observed, taking a step toward the twin beauties that were revealed by the slowly opening blouse. “Why don’t we both get undressed?”

Agreeably, Linda shrugged off the blouse, the small breasts tightening with her movements, and began unzipping her short skirt. Beth stared with mounting excitement as the bikini panties were pushed down and she saw the chestnut curls of her selected target.

In moments, both girls were naked, their clothes left in two careless heaps as Beth drew the blonde nymphet against her own eager flesh.

Linda gasped as their breasts met, pressed and yielded to their firm counterparts. Her hands explored the curve of a delightfully rounded ass. She stared at her cousin with wide eyes.

“Are you going to do what Ted did?” she asked innocently.

Beth’s fingers tightened on a deliciously slender waist. “What did Ted do?” she asked, anticipating the answer.

“He stuck his tongue in my pussy,” was the naive reply. “It felt so good, I couldn’t stop coming.”

“Why don’t you pretend that I’m Ted?” Beth whispered, moving her torso to rub her tingling tits against the swollen tips of the girl’s firm breasts. Her own pussy was shivering with anticipation. If she could persuade Linda to use that dainty tongue on it, she would give her cousin a muff job she would never forget.

Linda’s response was one Beth had not expected. “I don’t like pretending,” the girl murmured. She moved her furry crotch against Beth’s plump labial mound. “Why can’t we just be ourselves?”

Beth answered the delicious pressure by working her agile hips, increasing the pressure of the two young cunts. “Will you do what I ask you to?” she demanded huskily.

The brown head bobbed an eager assent, and the fingers on her quivering buttocks tugged aggressively. “It might be even better with you,” Linda admitted. “I could do what you’re doing. That would be fun.” She grinned at Beth’s hot gaze. “I’ve often wished I could reach my own pussy and lick it.”

Beth began urging her back toward the bed, grinding her furry crotch against the warm moistness of its counterpart. She moved her flat belly in a delicate massage of Linda’s softer abdomen, desire hastening their awkward progress toward the waiting mattress.

Linda fell backward, pulling Beth down with her, giggling as the girl’s knees forced her legs apart and the warm naked body fitted itself against hers, Beth’s face hovering with an expression Linda instinctively recognized. Her giggling subsided as she felt the girl’s pussy slide its yielding lips against hers, and she gave a soft gasp as Beth’s clitoris, stiffened with lust, eased its throbbing erection between her sensitive labia.

She knew what it was, although she had never dreamed that she would encounter one large enough to do what Beth was making hers do. The engorged cylinder was actually sliding in and out of her pussy as the girl’s hips performed a rhythmic rise and fall, and the sensation was devastatingly wonderful.

She wiggled her ass responsively, careful to keep the answering hunches short so the miniature prick would not slip out of her tingling slit.

Her fingers clutched the slowly bouncing bottom, and she welcomed the parted lips that descended upon her open mouth.

Tongues touched, tentatively and cautiously, then swirled eagerly and boldly as the taste of their blended saliva heightened the desire that pounded through their writhing bodies. The kiss seemed an extension of that exquisite massage, and the two mouths worked greedily, as if anticipating the moment when they would be glued to that other opening.

It was Linda who broke away to whisper, “Let me kiss your tittie, Beth.

I want to know how it feels and tastes.”

The small, thin sliver of hardened flesh slipped from its cozy nest as Beth climbed from between Linda’s slender legs to crawl hurriedly to the head of the big bed, turning about until she faced the foot. She leaned over Linda’s face, brushing her lips across her cousin’s mouth and exclaiming, “You do whatever I do!”

Linda bobbed her head in eager agreement, wetting her lips as Beth inched her body downward until the pointed tips of her young breasts offered themselves to her open mouth. Her lips closed about one succulent nipple at the same instant Beth began sucking on her left tit.

It was a new and exciting experience for Linda, for her pleasure was doubled by the thrill of that resilient finger she held between gentle teeth, flogging its pulsating tip with quick lashes of her hot tongue.

Beth was sucking greedily on her own target, and the two girls began a delightful series of matching caresses, each taking her cue from the other’s lips and tongue.

Beth transferred her attention to the other breast and Linda released the swollen nipple to roll her head into position to claim its equally tasty mate, licking the pliant bud before drawing it into her mouth and nursing it with hungry suction.

The blonde girl’s body shifted again, her mouth trailing wetly downward to where her tongue could twist its stiffened tip into the dainty indentation of Linda’s navel, her own belly contracting as she felt her cousin’s tongue provide a matching caress that sent a quiver of anticipation through her aroused pussy.

Technically, Beth Porter was still a virgin, as was Linda. However, while Linda had experienced only that one wonderful evening with Ted, Beth had been enjoying the pleasures of oral sex since she was twelve years old, persuading a select few of her girl friends to do the same thing Linda was doing.

She had never tried it with a boy, although the thought of taking a hard cock inside her mouth had crossed her mind more times than she would admit. If only they would be satisfied with that, she would have gone down on any one of a dozen males she had known. But, it was obvious that their immediate goal was forcing their big prick into her tight little snatch, and she was too afraid of the pain when her pussy was stretched by that thick hardness.

Having a larger than normal clitoris was a decided asset, Beth had learned, especially when she could talk her partner into letting her slide it into the hot grip of a virgin asshole. She had already determined that Linda would permit her that liberty, but she wanted to wait until they had explored the other possibilities before fucking the lovely creature whose chestnut-haired pussy now waited for her eager tongue.

She raised her head, examining the delicate trench with hungry eyes, observing the distended clitoris, much smaller than her own, at the peak of the moist slit.

“Let’s suck each other’s clit!” she exclaimed, lowering her hips above Linda’s upturned face so the girl could reach her furry crotch.

Instead of using words, Linda answered by fastening her wet lips about the meaty spear and working her tongue over its sensitive tip. Beth provided an extra friction by sliding the engorged stem in and out of the girl’s mouth, feeling the light touch of the teeth as Linda began sucking, awkwardly, but avidly.

Slowly, Beth lowered her tits to the soft belly and extended her tongue until it barely touched the moist membranes of the girl’s cunt, avoiding the inviting lovebud until she had thoroughly explored the yielding orifice that quivered at her tentative caress. She forced her tongue into the pulsing slit, tasting its tangy nectar and probing the shuddering corridor by twisting her oral muscle around inside its slippery grip.

She pushed her open mouth against the soft lips of the pussy, exhaling her warm breath into the delicate channel. Linda’s hips jerked, and her thighs leapt upward to clamp about Beth’s head. Her own mouth, greedily feasting on the oversized clit, released its hold so she could duplicate the delicious contact on the blonde cunt that mashed its pliant mound against her teeth.

Linda felt a flood of warm juice spill from the interior of the pussy, filling her mouth faster than she could swallow. Its tartness sent waves of pleasure through her gulping throat, and she worked her ass in eager response to Beth’s flashing tongue.

Her fingers clutched at the pumping hips above her head, tugging at the flexing buttocks as her tongue slithered in and out of the dripping cunt. The juice, escaping her busy lips, trickled down her cheeks and chin and she found herself welcoming the sensations it evoked.

She felt her orgasm building, spurred by Beth’s slashing tongue, and she yielded to the smashing waves of ecstasy that washed through her convulsing pussy, its spasming lips tightening about the thrusting oral muscle that massaged the tingling nerve-ends in the pulsing labia.

Even as Beth loosed another flood of cuntal honey into her greedy mouth, Linda found herself comparing her present pleasure to that created by Ted’s powerful tongue and huge throbbing cock. The thought of that rearing hardness made her seek Beth’s clitoris with her avid lips, sucking its delicious spear until the girl’s orgasm made it retreat into its fleshy hood.

Beth, half-crazed by the ecstasy of her come, worried her mouth against Linda’s slippery crotch, rubbing her chin, nose and forehead in that juicy trench, and coating her face with its tart exudation. She licked her way over the taut plane of the girl’s perineum and flicked the tip of her hot tongue against the tiny anal circlet, a caress that brought Linda’s lithe hips writhing upward in eager welcome.

Her own body shook with excitement as she felt Linda’s tongue perform the same delightful worship, culminating with its stiffened point forcing its way into the elastic ring of sensitive muscles to slide, wriggling and twisting, up her responsive asshole.

The two bodies curved, straining for a position where each could probe deeper into the forbidden channel. The two tongues curled and fluttered, massaging the nerve-laced rings of palpitating flesh. Two chins dripped with vaginal juice as the prolonged thrusting evoked another orgasmic outpouring from the empathizing cunts.

Panting with excitement, Beth dismounted, only to twist her body about and cover Linda’s cream-smeared mouth with her own in a wild kiss that ended with Linda licking her face to claim the juices gathered during their frantic coupling.

Easily, expertly, Beth fitted her hips between the girl’s willing legs, grinding her slippery cunt against its equally oily counterpart, feeling her clitoris regain its stiffened stance and slide into the hot grip of Linda’s pulsating pussy. Their tits, coated with sweat, slipped and rolled, nipple caressing nipple as their bodies moved in adjustment.

“Pull your legs up high, Linda,” Beth whispered, arching her neck to permit the girl’s tongue to bathe the area below her dainty chin. “Let me stick it in your ass!”

The slender legs climbed higher, scissoring the narrow waist and lifting her parted buttocks for the invasion of that prick-like clitoral spear, her body tensing as she felt the hardness slide up into her tender anus.

Employing short savage strokes, Beth began fucking the whimpering blonde, stroking her clit in and out of the clenching asshole while her belly slammed against the splayed lips of the adjacent cunt.

“Relax when I slide it in,” she instructed the moaning girl. “Then, tighten up as I pull it out.”

Eagerly, Linda worked her hot sphincter around the stroking clit, gasping with heightened pleasure as the hardness massaged her flexing circle. She stared up into her cousin’s flushed face with lust-glazed eyes.

“I wish,” she panted, “you had a real dick! It feels good!”

Beth’s pelvis pounded harder and faster, her clitoris stabbing the juicy asshole with vicious thrusts. She grabbed the girl’s blonde hair, holding her face in position as she moistened her lips for a kiss that would carry her into and through the approaching come.

“Don’t talk!” she cried. “Just let me do it!”

Linda did not object. She welcomed the tongue that fluttered inside her mouth and the hot stiffness that probed at her flexing bottom. Closing her eyes, she pretended that the clit was Ted’s prick. That was all she needed to loose her own orgasmic gusher, spilling the hot juice down onto Beth’s love shaft as that throbbing organ retreated in its own gut-wrenching climax.


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