Chapter 9

Ted Morgan studied the single sheet of paper atop the desk, his pen poised above the three names he had written. His handsome mouth tilted in amusement as he closed his eyes and let the point touch the paper.

His eyes opened to find a tiny dot between the names of his stepmother and his sister. The grin broadened.

Why not, he mused. It would be fun humping the two together. So far, he had confined his screwing to Joyce and Susan, but he had no intention of passing up the obvious pleasure of those two pussies he had not as yet sampled.

He glanced down at the third name on the sheet. It seemed appropriate that he should save the blonde haired Beth until last. By the time he was ready to initiate the youngest member of the Porter family, the others would offer little opposition to his plans for her.

Yes, Dorothy and Linda would be quite able to supply all the activity he would require for one night. He recalled the way his stepmother had reacted after she got her first taste of his cock, and he felt that meaty shaft begin swelling inside his slacks. It would be interesting to have them both work on it.

Linda lacked experience. But she made up for that lack with her youthful enthusiasm. Moreover, Ted was convinced that the girl would do anything he might suggest, a trait Dorothy had not exhibited. That possible hesitation would provide an extra thrill. All he had to do, he concluded, was find out what the redhead didn’t like, and force her to do it.

Climbing to his feet, he left the room to find his stepmother arranging a centerpiece of freshly cut flowers in the dining room. Without speaking, he walked up behind her and jammed his pelvis against her lush ass, grinding the bulge of his swelling prick into the warm crease of her buttocks.

Dorothy braced her hands on the table and flexed her ass cheeks cooperatively, sucking in a sharp breath when his hands reached around to cup her firm breasts and squeeze their resilient mounds.

“I wondered when you’d get around to finishing what you started,” she murmured in a throaty purr. She moved her bottom against the stiffness that throbbed insistently. “I can do more with that thing than Joyce.”

Ted chuckled. “You’ll have to really put out to beat her,” he murmured, moving his hips to slide his erection through the deep cleft. Her dress yielded to the pressure, permitting the outlined cock to slip delightfully between the firm cheeks.

“Bring Linda to my room tonight,” he said quietly. “We’ll see if you’re as good in the sack as you are on your knees.”

Dorothy stiffened slightly. “You’re going to let her watch?”

He pinched her nipple, making her grunt with the slight pain. “She’ll be doing a hell of a lot more than watching,” he assured her. “It’s time my baby sister learned how to use that pussy.”

Dorothy’s voice showed more excitement than surprise as she said, “Do you think she’s ready, for that big thing?”

“If I tell her she’s ready,” Ted replied softly, squeezing the nipples of both tits with each word, “she’s ready.”

Her breasts tingling, Dorothy watched her stepson walk from the room, her brain whirling with conflicting emotions. She detested the boy’s arrogance, yet she had to admit that it was the same demanding harshness that made her willing to cooperate in any plan he might devise.

That first night, she had surrendered to his lust in order to maintain her personal security. But her willingness stemmed from her own hunger.

Not even Ralph’s eager assault had diminished the quivering need between her voluptuous thighs, and her throat ached for yet another baptism of bubbling hot sperm.

Still another desire swept through her body when she informed Linda of Ted’s demand, for the lovely girl clapped her hands with happiness and threw herself against Dorothy’s firm breasts with a little squeal of delight.

“I’m glad you’re going to be there, Dorothy,” she told her stepmother.

“I love Ted so much that I’d do anything in the world for him. But I am scared.” She moistened her lips nervously. “He’s so big!”

Dorothy found her hands fondling the girl’s ass cheeks and her hips moving to rub her enflamed cuntal mound against the wiggling pelvis.

“Don’t worry sweetheart. It’ll stretch.”

At dinner, Ted added another item to the evening’s agenda when he calmly informed Ralph that Clyde would be joining him and Joyce for the night, while Susan would share Beth’s bedroom.

The two girls merely smiled their acceptance of the order and both Joyce and Clyde found it difficult to disguise their willingness to cooperate. But Ralph glared at Ted with angry eyes.

“You won’t be satisfied until you’ve turned us all into monsters!” he exclaimed. “Haven’t you done enough?”

Ted arched one brow at the man, his voice betraying amusement at the sudden outburst. “You don’t have to take part Uncle Ralph,” he reminded him. “I’m sure Clyde will be able to handle things by himself. But I do insist that you watch.”

From her place at the table, Linda asked, “Is Clyde going to do it to Aunt Joyce?”

Dorothy stifled a laugh behind her napkin at the girl’s innocent question and Beth favored her cousin with an understanding smile.

Clyde surprised everyone. “I don’t see why we have to make such a big deal out of all this,” he stated firmly. “Mom likes it as much as I do.”

Ralph’s face flamed as he half-shouted, “It’s just not right! Damn it!

Joyce is my wife!”

“But you got a real blast out of seeing me hump her,” Ted reminded the angry man. His face hardened and a note of coldness entered his voice.

“We’ll do it my way no matter what any of you think. Is that clear?”

Slowly, his eyes went from face to face, holding until he received some gesture of agreement. Finally, his slight frown faded and he flashed a grin at their strained expressions.

“That’s better,” he observed, his voice softer. “I’m planning a little surprise for all of you in a few days.” He chuckled at Ralph’s startled look. “No, it isn’t what you’re thinking. This is something you will all find very pleasant.”

Joyce and Susan made an attempt to draw him out, but he refused their thinly veiled hints, merely shaking his head and grinning until Dorothy caught his eye and indicated the upstairs with a little movement of her head.

Deliberately, Ted waited until the others had filed from the room.

Then, glancing down at the tented leg of his slacks, he stood up and walked toward the stairs.

Linda had already undressed when he opened the bedroom door, and Dorothy was just stepping out of her sheer panties. He paused to watch the undulations of her plump pussy as she raised each leg, his cock stiffening almost painfully behind the restraining trousers.

Without speaking, he began removing his clothes, feeling the hot eyes of his stepmother and his sister caressing his muscular body. Then, as he slid his shorts down and his huge prick reared upward against his belly before settling into a throbbing angle, Linda gave a little squeal of anticipation. Dorothy, seated on the edge of the bed, flicked her tongue across her parted lips.

Brushing past the redhead’s inviting curves, Ted sprawled on the bed, pushing a giggling Linda to one side as he settled his back against the comfortable mattress and spread his hairy legs to expose the swollen globes of his big balls.

His arms drew them both down against his broad chest, their warm tits yielding slightly, and the taut nipples stiffening still more as they moved in gentle massage. Linda’s lips teased his right cheek, while Dorothy’s moist mouth neared his own, and the tip of her tongue flicked out to trace the curve of his parted lips.

Ted’s arms urged the two closer, bringing both mouths into contact with his and with each other in a three-way kiss that became a furious thrusting and twisting of tongues. To his delight, he discovered that Dorothy and Linda were exploring each other’s mouth as often as they invaded his. Their saliva, sweet and warm, trickled down into his mouth, and the two slithering tongues chased after it, probing between his teeth and making his hips jerk with excited desire.

Freeing himself long enough to speak, Ted whispered instructions to the two aroused females, his prick pulsating as he described exactly what he wanted each of them to do.

To Linda, he said, “I’ll fuck Dorothy first, baby. If I do it to you first, I’ll come too quickly. This way, you’ll be all hot and juicy when I slide it in, and we can make it last a long time.”

“That’s all right,” Linda smiled happily. “I’ll get to watch Dorothy do it to you.” Her eyes narrowed and she sucked in a little breath through clenched teeth. “Anyway, I love to feel your tongue in me.”

Ted patted the girl’s flushed cheek. “You’ll love my prick a lot more.”

He looked at Dorothy. “Mount up, Mother. Let’s fuck!”

Dorothy climbed to her knees and swung one shapely leg across the youth’s thighs, leaning forward until her breasts quivered with the strain of their own weight. A strand of red hair fell teasingly over her face, but she ignored it as her slender fingers curled eagerly about the column of hard cock-flesh that jutted upward beneath her crotch, its reddened slit seeming to peer at the moist crevice that lowered itself toward the purple helmet.

Linda knelt facing her stepmother, shifting her weight as Ted steered her into position astride his face, her young pussy lips parting to reveal the wet tunnel that awaited his probing tongue. Gently, her whole body trembling with desire, she yielded to her brother’s tugging hands, whimpering with pleasure as his mouth claimed her delicious cunt and his tongue bored up into her clenching vagina.

“Oh, Christ!” Dorothy moaned. She had fitted the swollen head of Ted’s cock into her labial entrance, and the tender lips were stretched into a circle of unprecedented size by its huge girth. She cried out when the glans snapped through the tight cuntal grip and she felt the massive shaft inside her vagina, hot and pulsating as it moved inward with her slowly descending hips.

“Ummmm! That looks good!” Linda panted, staring at the juncture of their joined organs. Her hips were moving, still guided by Ted’s hands, but developing a rhythm of their own as his tongue caressed her sensitive slit into a shuddering undulation of ever increasing pleasure. “Does it feel good, Dorothy?”

The redhead was almost halfway down the nine-inch shaft, her ass jerking with the ecstasy produced by the constant friction of the thick hardness that was filling her cunt to an almost frightening degree. She blinked at the girl, then dropped her eyes to watch Ted’s chin move in the chestnut curls of Linda’s pussy.

“It’s heavenly!” she groaned. Her arms reached out to pull Linda toward her, their mouths meeting in a wet, tongue-lashing kiss as Dorothy screwed her slippery cunt farther down on the cylinder of throbbing prick, giving a nasal grunt when its blunt knob pressed her womb mouth before she had accepted the full length.

“Suck my tits, Linda!” she gasped, wrenching her lips from the girl’s wild kiss and pulling the excited face down toward her distended nipples. “Ahhhh! Yes! That’s it! Bite it! Don’t be afraid of hurting me!”

Beneath the two bodies, Ted gave a silent chuckle of satisfaction, sliding his tongue deep into his sister’s delicious cunt and drawing the tart vaginal juice from its mysterious well. His hips, held motionless during Dorothy’s initial descent, now began moving in harmony with her slow posting.

He had been surprised at the tightness of his stepmother’s pussy, and delighted at the heat of that shuddering embrace of wet, wriggling tissue. Even more pleasant was that spasming cervix that came pressing down against the head of his prick with each hunch of her agile hips.

Her womb had yielded a little. But Dorothy’s sliding cunt seemed unable to accept the last two inches of the wrist-thick shaft. When Ted shoved his hips upward to meet her downward thrust, she quickly reversed her direction, avoiding the full force of the plunging knob.

It was unimportant at the moment. He would let Dorothy set her own pace during this first session. Later, when he had finished with Linda, he would force the gorgeous redhead to take it all, regardless of her wishes.

Linda was coming, he realized. Her cunt was shaking and smashing against his sucking mouth, and he could feel the hot lips tighten about his flashing tongue as it bored in and out of her pulsating slit. He concentrated on the clitoral nub for a few moments, and her ass bucked in avid response to the rapid licking of that sensitive organ. A fresh gush of nectar bathed his tongue and he went back to vacuuming her pussy, swallowing the juice with noisy gulps, and shoving his prick up into that slippery cunt that slipped and nibbled about its engorged length.

Dorothy had pushed Linda’s mouth away from her tit, and was now arched forward, sucking greedily on the girl’s left breast, while her ass hammered away at Ted’s middle. Her cuntal juices, drawn from her by the delightful massage of her pussy walls, trickled down into the thick hair at the base of that rearing shaft, and the undulating pussy spasmed repeatedly as its muscles contracted in orgasmic delight.

Ted counted seven climaxes before he urged Linda’s well-licked cunt from his face and forced the girl to free his head from between her warm thighs. Then he reached to grip Dorothy’s slender waist with both hands, halting her rabbit-like hunches on his strutted prick.

She gasped in surprise, still flexing her vagina about his cock as she poised above his hips, six inches of hardness still packing her excited pussy with its delightful hot throbbing.

“Don’t you want to come?” she panted. Perspiration bathed her heaving breasts, the nipples full and stiff, jutting from their coral circles like pointing fingers.

“Hell, yes!” was Ted’s grunted response. “Right in your mouth! Come on, Mother! Give Linda a lesson in cock-swallowing.”

Dorothy was too excited to react with anything other than obedience.

She had already come until her pussy was soggy with the overflow of slippery juice from the massaged walls, and it would be a pleasure to switch to the method she found almost as delightful as screwing.

Flexing her thighs, she pulled her cunt upward on the huge shaft, grunting when the knob popped out of the tight lips with a noisy slurping sound. Quickly, she slid down in the bed, bending over the juice-coated prick to fasten her mouth around the purple glans. Her tongue curled and fluttered, massaging the plum-like head until Ted’s hips pushed upward, and she was forced to take the cock deeper into her already sucking mouth.

“Take it all, bitch!” Ted groaned, using one hand to push her bowed head down onto his prick. The other pulled Linda down onto his chest, his lips opening for her eager kiss as he fucked his prong in and out of Dorothy’s skilled jaw.

Dorothy found the taste of her own cunt juice delicious, and she swallowed the mixture of saliva and tart cream before yielding to the pressure of Ted’s hand. Then, with a little whimper of lust, she let the strutted head slip pass her tongue to plunge down her gulping throat, using lips, tongue and jaw to massage the nine-inch spear as it moved in and out with furious strokes.

Linda watched in fascination as the redhead worked her mouth up and down on the huge column, her own taste buds tingling as she recalled the deliciousness of her brother’s cock-juice, and the throbbing goodness that had stretched her lips until her jaw ached with the strain. But it was her cunt that throbbed with anticipation. Within minutes, she realized, Ted would force that big prick into her and make her a woman.

As for Dorothy, her only concern was that thick, pulsating shaft of male meat that filled her mouth and jabbed between her tonsils with each eager bob of her red head. Her tongue swirled and flicked, pressed and curled, caressing the throbbing goodness as it drove between her teeth and into her hungry throat. She wanted only to make him come, and to drink that sperm-laced semen from the spurting tip of his prick.

“Don’t swallow it!” she heard him gasp, and she slowed her furious assault in surprise until his hand urged her to continue that fierce bobbing motion. “Make me come!” he went on, “but don’t swallow it!”

She tightened her lips and squeezed his heavy balls in protest, shaking her head and making the prick’s knob slide over the inner wall of each bulging cheek. Her whole body jerked in pain as he tugged angrily at her red hair for emphasis.

“Goddamn you!” he panted. “Save it! You’re gonna blow it into Linda’s snatch for me!”

There was no time for further explanation. The cock was shuddering in her mouth, and her tongue curled to catch the first powerful spurt of his slippery come.

Her throat ached with hunger for the warm cream that spilled against her palate and she could not resist the urge to let that first delicious glob ease beyond her tongue as it flayed the slitted tip of his jetting cock. She swallowed eagerly as the second surge of semen washed over her lightly gripping teeth. Then, when Ted’s fingers tightened their hold on her hair, Dorothy sucked obediently, holding the ropey sperm in her mouth until the prick ceased its ejaculatory pulsations.

“Don’t spill it!” Ted panted, loosing the savage grip on her red hair and watching her straining lips slide upward. “Blow it into Linda’s pussy!”

Linda, her eyes wide in excitement, scooted down beside him, spreading her slender legs for Dorothy’s descending face. She gave a little cry as the closed mouth fastened itself to her cunt, then opened to yield the slippery load of come. She whimpered with joy when Dorothy’s tongue slid into the tender slit, following its deposit of lubricating sperm.

“Ohhhh!” she moaned happily, her ass twisting to press her pussy more tightly against the oral caress. “It feels all wet and juicy!”

Her brother pushed himself upward, turning to bend over her contorted face and brush his mouth across hers. “That’s just the way I want it, baby,” he whispered. “I don’t want to hurt my little sister with my big dick!”

She stared into his half-closed eyes, her hips working feverishly as Dorothy’s tongue slithered in and out of her cunt, her hot breath forcing the semen farther up into the throbbing passageway.

His mouth covered hers, roughly and possessively, drawing her tongue out and into his oral grip, sucking it with fierce tugs. His body moved, his hips pushing Dorothy’s busy head aside as he fitted them between the girl’s thighs. Without help, the head of his prick found its target, nuzzling the virginal crevice where Dorothy’s lips had deposited the accumulated semen.

Linda felt the huge knob’s determined pressure, and she held her breath as the labial circle yielded, stretching and expanding around the meaty glans that slid into her cunt more easily than either of them had anticipated. She released her breath in a little gasp of delight.

“It feels good, Ted!…Oh, wow!…It’s so big!”

Ted watched her lovely face contort in a mixture of strain and pleasure. He forced his cock deeper inside the throbbing channel, grunting with the ecstasy of the wriggling muscles that gripped his shaft like a hundred greedy mouths. It was more than just another cunt.

This was his kid sister, the girl he had wanted to screw ever since the first time he had made the exciting discovery that his prick was designed to fit that delicate passageway at the base of her soft belly.

“Can you take it all, baby?” he whispered. He was having to really add the pressure to drive his cock into that tight hole. Linda had fingered her way through the hymen ages ago. But it was still tight in that hot snatch. Tight and slippery.

Her arms drew him down onto her pointed tits and her ass worked eagerly, screwing the jaws of her cunt upward about his lengthy joint.

“Make me take it, Ted!” she hissed. “Rape me with it!”

He added another inch to the four already stretching her shuddering vagina and his chest moved against the strutted fingers of her breasts.

He curled his hands about her shoulders, buttocks tensing as still another inch drove into the slippery orifice.

Linda’s tongue flickered wildly about the curve of her open mouth. Her eyes, glazed with a mixture of lust and ecstasy stared up at her brother’s perspiring face.

“Is my pussy good, Ted?” she panted, eagerness obvious in the breathless question. “Does it feel good?”

“Goddamn, yes!” he groaned, lifting his ass to drag the swollen shaft back through the undulating grip of her juicy cunt. The massaging of her labial lips made the girl’s hips jerk and wiggle in helpless response, the motion adding to the pleasure of his partial withdrawal.

Her nails dug into his broad back, demanding and urgent.

“Uuunnnhhh!” The cry blasted the momentary silence as Ted’s pelvis hurtled forward and downward, plunging his prick back into the slippery embrace and beyond his previous reach. To Linda, it felt as though the cock was driving up into her throat, stretching and filling her pussy until she was certain her belly would explode from the throbbing pressure of that huge, wonderful prick.

Her eyes widened in strain and surprise and her mouth gaped soundlessly after that single bleat of shock. No sooner had he forced the full nine inches into her cunt than he was pulling the shaft out again, driving it back with a violence that slapped his heavy balls against her quivering anus with a noisy squish.

“Oh, shit, baby!” Ted grunted, his ass hammering fiercely between her quivering thighs. “I can’t hold it!” His prick raced in and out of the clutching jaws with increasing speed.

He had intended to drag the fuck out, making it last long enough to give Linda several orgasms before spilling his load into her greedy snatch. But he hadn’t reckoned on the unbelievable goodness of the juicy cunt that nibbled and undulated around his cock with torrid muscles. Nor had he anticipated the incredible gyrations of his sister’s pelvis, a movement that screwed the slippery channel about his prick with a friction too delightful to resist. He hunched the swollen rod in and out with furious thrusts, feeling the bloated head ram harshly against the nibbling mouth of Linda’s womb, pushing that organ upward as the cock filled her vagina with it’s throbbing length.

Linda grunted each time the prick speared her belly, her ass pushing up to insure the maximum depth of that agonizingly delicious penetration.

She felt the juice-smeared balls slide against her anus, and her buttocks clenched as if seeking to trap those sperm-laden nuts. As the prick slid outward, she tightened her vagina around its enormous girth, flexing the muscles in an instinctive rippling that made her brother groan with ecstasy and fuck her even harder.

His strokes shortened and became more savage, the prick slamming deep inside her pussy and boring into the greedy mouth of her cervix. The hairy pelvic ridge hammered her distended clitoris, and his scrotum dragged and rolled in the cleft of her writhing ass. Above her whimpering cries, Linda heard the slap of their bellies and the wet sucking sound of his pistoning prick.

She knew that Ted was about to come. Within seconds, his cock would spill its thick, warm semen inside her cunt. Linda accepted the knowledge without question, welcoming the nearness of that moment with a gladness of childlike simplicity. But the savage hunger in her belly was far from infantile. Her ass worked with a rhythm and purpose far older than her sixteen years, and her pussy became a wildly sucking mouth on her brother’s deeply probing joint.

She fucked him back, eyes bulging with wonder at the increasingly powerful sensations that washed through her spasming cunt. Her mouth gaped, lips drawn back in a strained grimace of ecstasy, and her tongue flitted about in the red oval as if directing the twisting hunching of her quivering hips.

His mouth, wet and warm, claimed hers, and she sucked the writhing tongue that drove between her teeth, bathing it in her own saliva, but finding its taste utterly masculine. She heard him groan, nasally and hoarsely, a helpless sound that signaled the release of his roiling sperm. Linda’s body shuddered with expectancy, and she wiggled her ass in a vicious circle as she felt his prick, stretching her cunt with its suddenly increased girth, jerk savagely against the straining vaginal walls.

Hot and wet, his come bolted against her womb, bathing the hungry cervix and slithering through the greedy opening. Spurt after spurt washed over the expanded tissues, forced back along the passageway until it trickled sluggishly around the thick cock and down her taut perineal plane. Each wave of semen sent a powerful tremor through her well-packed pussy, a tremor of overwhelming pleasure that set her heels to drumming against Ted’s tensed buttocks and her ass grinding furiously to milk the maximum from his hilted prick. Every nerve in her body seemed afire with the heat of that liquid explosion inside her convulsing pussy, and Linda realized that all her previous orgasms had been little more than pleasant interludes. Clutching Ted’s shuddering body, she bucked her cunt up to siphon the last drop of milky sperm, whimpering with the intensity of her climax.

Crouched beside the sweating pair, Dorothy Morgan watched the muscles of Ted’s ass cheeks contract with the expulsion of the final spurt of his come. Her breasts, slightly pendent as she knelt on the big bed, pointed engorged nipples at the wrinkled sheet, and she felt her cunt lips palpitate with empathy as she heard Linda’s throaty gurgle of acceptance.

Dorothy was a little surprised at her reaction to the girl’s defloration. Initially, she had accepted Ted’s plan as a thing to be tolerated. Then, as she witnessed the huge prick boring into Linda’s virginal slit, her attitude had altered to one of eagerness. Suddenly, she had wanted the handsome boy to ravish his compliant sister, to fuck her until she squealed for mercy.

Ted had come close to doing just that. But Linda’s cries had been pleas for more of that deliciously hard cock, and Ted had supplied it with admirable expertise. Dorothy had counted seven orgasms while the youth fucked the responsive girl, and she had brought herself off twice with two plunging fingers as she watched.

Now, if she could talk Ted into it, she could enjoy that deliciously large prick again. And she didn’t care where.

Ted pulled his cock from Linda’s still-pulsating snatch, pushing himself upward until he hovered over the girl on hands and knees. He grinned down into his sister’s face.

“Baby,” he whispered breathlessly, “I should have popped that little pussy a long time ago. You really know how to use that thing.”

Linda’s answer was muffled by the descent of his chest onto her open mouth as he began working his body upward above hers, adjusting his knees until he was straddling her narrow waist, his cock sliding between her pointed breasts and his flat belly teasing her caressing lips.

Eagerly, Linda licked the sweat-soaked skin, her arms embracing her brother’s hips and urging him higher. She whimpered with desire when the plum-like knob of his prick touched her chin, and her mouth opened wide to claim the cream-smeared organ.

Feeding his cock into the greedy circle of wet lips, Ted tuned his head to give Dorothy a low-lidded grin. “How about using that tongue on my ass?” he drawled. “Do a good job and I’ll have Linda work on your cunt.”

Dorothy ran her tongue around the oval of her sensuous lips, answering his smile with a little arching of her neat brows. She tossed her red hair back from the lovely face, her eyes flicking down to watch the thick cock disappear into Linda’s straining mouth.

“You won’t mind if I suck on your balls,” she said in a husky voice.

“Will you?”

His eyes hardened. “I want to feel your tongue in my ass,” he said flatly. “Let’s not forget who’s boss.”

Crouched over his sister’s face, his prick already plunged deep in the girl’s willing throat, Ted felt his stepmother’s pliant breasts brush the cheeks of his ass as she moved into position behind him, settling herself between Linda’s legs and pressing her warm fingers on his rearing buttocks.

Her fingers spread the fleshy pads farther apart, exposing the striated brown circle of the lad’s anus. Without hesitation, Dorothy leaned forward to cover his asshole with her wet mouth, stiffening her tongue and pressing the pointed tip into the tight opening.

She felt his muscles tense at the attempted invasion, and she wiggled her oral muscle insistently, moistening the entrance with her warm saliva. Then, as Ted relaxed the sphincteral barrier, Dorothy drove her tongue up into his rectum feeling the constricted channel clench and vibrate around her deep intrusion.

“That’s it!” Ted gasped, his hips trembling with the pleasure of her assault and the continued caress of Linda’s mouth on his throbbing prick. “Suck my ass!”

The next few moments were more than Ted Morgan had bargained for. As he tugged his cock from Linda’s throat, his anus was impaled on Dorothy’s tongue, and he felt the incredible sensation of her salvia being forced in, then sucked out again while her hot tongue wriggled and twisted inside his asshole.

Linda’s tongue was busy too, lashing the head of his prick each time that lengthy shaft withdrew to where she could lick the slitted tip, and she sucked him with hungry tugs that made his whole body jerk with the mounting ecstasy of the combined attack.

“Goddamn!” he roared when Dorothy began fucking her tongue in and out of his tail, its passage made easy by the slick coating of her salvia.

His pelvis worked furiously, driving his prick in and out of Linda’s mouth without regard for her helpless position beneath him. Each thrust sent the head of his cock into her throat, and his balls slapped harshly against her greedily working chin.

On the verge of orgasm, he wrenched his prick from Linda’s lips and worked his hips higher, feeling Dorothy’s tongue follow him with determined thrusts.

“Suck my balls!” he gasped to the started Linda. “I don’t want to come so damn quick!”

It was pleasure such as he had never before experienced. His asshole was being thoroughly eaten out by his beautiful stepmother, and his scrotum was gently, but firmly enveloped by his sister’s warm, wet lips, her tongue massaging the twin sacs and rolling their sensitive cargo around inside her sucking mouth.

Cursing in his excitement, Ted jerked himself free and twisted around to grab Dorothy by her flaming hair, shoving her backward and scrambling between her quickly spread thighs to plunge his strutted prick into the torrid grip of her dripping cunt. His hips ground against hers, stirring the engorged cock inside her belly, and the woman’s eyes bulged with the happy strain of acceptance.

“Work that ass!” he gurgled, hunching to stroke the prick through the slippery grip of her convulsing vagina. “Make me come!”

Dorothy was too excited to answer in words, but her pelvis responded with a savage circling that tugged at his stroking cock with juicy undulations. Her arms clutched his waist, pulling his chest down onto the resilient melons of her breasts. Voluptuous thighs tensed and rippled as her ass rocked and hunched, driving the dripping jaws of her cunt up onto the nine-inch spear that thrust repeatedly into her vaginal depths, its throbbing head pounding her cervix with staccato rhythm.

Without intention, she loosened the walls of her cunt to permit the huge prick’s full length, and she gasped at the delicious filling as Ted’s balls pressed their rolling bulk against her flexing anus. Then, as the lad’s hips lifted, she squeezed the retreating shaft with rippling contractions of her vaginal muscles, a movement which produced a sucking vacuum that made Ted groan with delight.

Her legs climbed higher around his pounding body, elevating her hips as he fucked her with a furious harshness, his prick forcing the accumulated juices from her pussy to trickle down the crack of her ass, the slippery effluvium smeared by the repeated slapping of his heavy nuts.

Ted shifted into the short rows just as Dorothy’s cunt exploded in an orgasm that sent convulsive tremors throughout her body, and she cried out with the incredible pleasure of the deep jabs that massaged her clitoris and hammered at her spasming womb. Unknowingly and wildly, she clawed at his arched back as his prick leapt inside her grinding cunt, its spurting come bathing the dancing nerve-endings in the deepest recesses of that undulating corridor. Her own juices seemed to gush from some pulsating spring, forcing their way past his hilted prick to spill out over his balls where they rolled and shuddered in the crack of her wildly thrashing ass.

Dorothy felt the cock suck its way out of her pussy, and she groaned her welcome to the soft lips that claimed the gurgling crevice. Her hands sought Linda’s head, pushing the girl’s mouth more firmly against her cunt. A hot tongue slithered up into the cream-filled slit and Dorothy sighed at the suction that began drawing Ted’s semen out of her belly.

Opening her eyes, she saw her stepson fit his slippery cock between Linda’s thighs. The girl’s reactive tremor told her that Ted was forcing the still-hard shaft back into the newly opened channel of her pussy, its lips and walls still wet with his initial assault.

As the prick began stroking, Ted’s rhythmic hunches pushed Linda’s face against Dorothy’s sopping crotch, and the girl’s tongue bored deeper into the sensitive crack of pliant flesh. She swallowed repeatedly as the mixture of semen and vaginal juice filled her mouth, her eager gulps interspersed with grunts of pleasure as her brother’s cock drove in and out of her spasming pussy.

Their orgasms were noisy, and the bed shook with the prolonged writhings of the three naked bodies as the waves of ecstasy peaked and subsided, leaving them drained, but still hungry for a blending of their passion-swollen organs. It was daylight before sleep replaced desire.


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