Chapter 10

“I won’t do it!” Ralph Porter exclaimed angrily, springing to his feet and pacing back and forth before the desk where Ted sat, watching his reaction with an amused smile. From their chairs, Joyce, Susan and Clyde maintained a waiting silence as Ralph placed his palms on the desk and glared at his nephew with hate-filled eyes.

“You’ve turned us into animals!” he grated. “Now, you expect me to stand by and watch you rape my youngest daughter! By God, I won’t do it!”

Ted leaned forward without losing his faint smile. “Sit down, Uncle Ralph,” he said quietly. “Before you blow the whole deal, there’s something I think you should know.”

He opened a drawer of the desk and extracted a folded paper, tapping it on the desk top as he continued. Ralph straightened and stepped backward to slump heavily into a chair beside his wife. His eyes were still angry, but he listened as the youth explained.

“You have a pretty good idea of what this farm is worth,” Ted said, his gaze moving from face to face. “You also know how much you’ll have if you call it quits and go home.” He shook his head. “None of you wants to give all this up. Hell! You’ve got anything you want.”

“Everything but dignity!” Ralph grated, avoiding Ted’s eyes.

“OK,” the youth retorted. “So you’re still on that old-fashioned morality kick. Is it worth a third-interest in this estate?”

Ralph’s head snapped up and his mouth opened, his lips working for a moment before the words tumbled out. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“I’ve been doing a little more than screwing Joyce and Susan,” Ted grinned. “I had the attorney draw up this paper for me. It divides the entire estate into three equal shares. Dorothy gets a share, all of you get a share, and Linda and I get one.”

“My God!” Joyce exclaimed, reaching over to clutch Ralph’s arm in her excitement. “Do you realize how much money that is?”

Ralph’s face was flushed as he demanded, “What do we have to do for all this?”

“Just stop making waves, Uncle Ralph,” Ted replied. “I’ll be leaving for college in a couple of months, and I want to have fun between now and then. His eyes flashed back and forth between Joyce and Susan, lingering on their prominent breasts and full lips. “I plan on studying like hell, so I won’t have time for balling for the next few years.

But, I have the time now.”

Ralph’s shoulders slumped in resignation. “In other words,” he said slowly, “you plan to tear up that paper if I don’t let you rape Beth.”

“I don’t want permission,” Ted answered in a soft voice. “I want cooperation from all of you.”

“Agree, Ralph,” Joyce urged. “Beth’s not a child anymore!”

“I’d love to see her take it!” exclaimed Susan.

Clyde shifted his legs, exposing a huge bulge at his crotch. “I’d love to give it to her!” he murmured, closing his fingers about the swelling. “Jesus!”

Susan turned an accusing face at her father. “I’ve seen you watching Beth and me,” she announced dramatically. “I’ll bet you’d do it to either one of us if you had the chance.”

Ralph opened his mouth to deny the accusation, then closed it without speaking. He turned to Ted.

“All right,” he sighed. “I don’t see how we can get any worse. We’ll do whatever you say, Ted.”

“Good,” the boy answered, his smile broadening. “Now, listen closely.”

Fifteen minutes later, Ted and Clyde were busy in the latter’s bedroom, shoving the furniture back against the walls, then dragging the mattresses from the bed and placing them on the floor. From another bedroom, they carried a second set of mattresses, fitting them alongside the others to shape a makeshift bed that covered almost the entire floor.

“Christ!” Clyde hissed surveying the result of their labor. “Just thinking about all of us on there is enough to make me come!”

“Save it, old buddy,” Ted laughed. “We’ve got five horny females and there are just three of us.”

“Yeah,” Clyde grinned, jabbing a finger at Ted’s crotch. “But I’ll bet you end up sticking that damned pole in every one of them.”

“You’ll get your share of pussy,” Ted assured his cousin. “Tonight we don’t stop for anything.”

He stretched his arms above his head with an exaggerated yawn, the motion tightening his slacks across the pronounced outline of his huge cock. Clyde’s eyes flickered down at the lengthy bulge and his lashes lowered, a faint blush spreading over his handsome face.

Ted saw the lad’s glance and his own lips curled in a slight smile of understanding. Deliberately, he dropped his arms and framed his crotch with curled fingers, pushing the bulk of his prick and balls into greater prominence.

“Don’t be ashamed, Clyde,” he said gently. “Just remember what I said about tonight. Anything goes.”

Clyde’s tongue slid across his full lips, questioning and uncertain.

“Jesus!” he whispered. “Oh, sweet Jesus!”

Dorothy and Linda were instructed as to their roles, and both agreed with anticipatory smiles. Only Beth remained ignorant of Ted’s plans until Joyce, leaning across the dinner table, read her lines with amazing sincerity.

“Beth, darling,” she said with an apologetic smile, “I know you don’t approve of some of the things that have been going on. However, tonight is a very special night. We’re all going to watch something I’m sure you’ll enjoy.”

Beth’s brows tilted questioningly. “Such as?” she asked.

“It’s something like what we did, Beth,” Linda added from down the table. “Susan and Dorothy are going to put on a show for us.”

Beth’s eyes lifted with interest, then narrowed in suspicion. “Will everyone be there?”

“Of course, darling,” Joyce assured her. “After all, we are just one big family.”

To Susan, Beth said, “Why didn’t you tell me you were making it with her?”

Susan tossed her head, giving her sister a little curl of her red lips.

“Did you think you had a monopoly on that trick?” Wait till you see a couple of experts in action.”

Ralph cleared his throat and stared at his daughters in silence. Clyde stared boldly at Dorothy’s full breasts as he commented, “I’ll be glad to fill in for Susan in case she chickens out.”

Dorothy gave the boy a sultry smile. “See me after the show,” she purred. “I might be interested.”

“You’re all mad!” Beth exclaimed. “My God! Before we came here, we weren’t allowed to watch some of the movies on television. Now, we’re going to see the real things.”

“We have to adjust to reality,” Ralph stated hollowly. “Perhaps we were much too strict.”

“Hooray for liberation!” Susan grinned. She stared pointedly at her father. “Of course, we still have a long way to go.”

Ralph’s face colored, but the others could read the desire that gleamed in his eyes as he dropped his gaze to Susan’s outlined breasts and mumbled, “We’ll get there.”

With Ted leading the way, they trooped up the stairs to the mattresslined room and Beth paused at the door to give her cousin a suspicious glare.

“I suppose you expect us to take all our clothes off when we get inside,” she grated.

“Would you like to be the only one still dressed?” Ted demanded. His eyes wandered down over the thrusting tits and narrow waist. “Frankly, I’m curious as to how you look without those clothes.”

Her eyes blazed with anger. “Just don’t get any ideas about what you see! I know what’s been going on with Mother and Susan. But that doesn’t mean you can do that to me.”

From inside the room, Joyce called, “Come on, darling! We’re holding up the show!”

Beth’s face registered astonishment and excitement as she turned to survey the others, her gaze flitting from body to body in quick appraisal. Helplessly, she found her stare lingering on the semi-erect organs of her father and brother, and discovered that both of them were watching her with curious smiles.

Stepping past her, Ted began undressing, tossing his clothes onto the others and giving Beth a quick grin when he slid his trousers down to reveal the enormous prick that dangled from the base of his wellmuscled belly. Deliberately, he cupped the heavy balls and lifted his cock in a mocking salute.

“Like your mother said,” he drawled softly, “you’re holding up the show. Now, be a good girl and get out of those fucking clothes. Let’s see if you’re really a blonde.”

Startled and angry, Beth whirled toward the door, finding it blocked by the naked form of her brother, his prick already erect and pointing its slitted head at her in obvious lust.

“Clyde Porter!” she gasped, unable to tear her eyes from his distended cock. “You let me out of here!”

He wagged his head, answering her stare by watching the quick rise and fall of her outlined tits. “Better do as the man says, Sis,” he advised.

Beth turned to her mother, anger giving way to fear in her changing features. “I didn’t agree to all this!” she protested. “You didn’t tell me that we’d all be naked.”

Joyce took a single step toward the girl, her nipples taut and quivering and her blonde bush damp with excitement. “Why don’t you take your clothes off, darling? There’s nothing to be ashamed off.”

Beth’s face tightened, eyes seeking her father and falling to examine the sizable organ thrusting outward from his crotch. In spite of her apprehension, she felt a surge of desire at the sight of his cock, an emotion she forced aside with determination.

“Daddy!” she pleaded. “Tell them to let me go.”

Ralph Porter’s prick stiffened as he watched his daughter’s reactions, and he tried to make his smile reassuring. “Just try to cooperate, Beth,” he said gently. “It will be better for all of us.”

“Damn!” was the girl’s angry retort. “I’ll undress. But nobody is going to touch me! I think you’re all just awful!”

She was very conscious of her father’s hot stare as she began unfastening her blouse, baring the strutted nipples of her nubile breasts and feeling them tingle as she dropped the blouse onto the pile of discarded clothing. She saw Clyde’s prick jerk upwards against his flat belly, a glob of translucent liquid oozing from its tiny eye, and she forced her eyes away as a burst of heat invaded her own moist vagina, sending shudders down into her taut thighs.

Wiggling her slender hips, she slid her skirt downward, ignoring her brother’s soft whistle of appreciation at the sight of her lightly furred cunt. Completely naked, she turned to find Ted watching her with an amused grin.

“Satisfied?” she demanded archly. “Now we’re all animals!”

Her cousin’s eyes mocked her as he ran his gaze up and down her body, lingering on the pouting lips of her prominent pussy. His cock, thick, even in its flaccidity, stirred with interest.

“I can understand why Linda enjoys licking that slit,” he murmured softly. “But, it does have other uses.”

Before Beth could answer, Joyce’s exclamation drew their attention to the two naked females at the far end of the makeshift bed. Dorothy and Susan, oblivious to the staring eyes, were already locked in a frenzied embrace, each one with their faces buried between the other’s flexing thighs. The sounds of their avid feasting drew a gasp of excitement from both Linda and Joyce, and Beth discovered a gathering wetness in her cunt as she watched her sister’s head roll expertly, grinding her open mouth against the redhead’s juicy snatch. Dorothy’s method was more direct. Only her jaw moved, sucking fiercely on Susan’s cunt as her tongue swirled inside the labial lips.

Beth’s attention was riveted to the two writhing figures, her own mouth twisting with desire for that voluptuous creature whose pussy was responding to Susan’s suction with noisy gurgling. She hardly felt the hands on her wrists until they began tugging her downward toward the soft mattresses.

Surprised, but not yet afraid, she jerked her head from side to side, seeing Linda and Joyce, their faces glowing with anticipation, naked bodies undulating as they strained with effort.

“What are you doing?” Beth demanded, resisting their pull and tugging them forward.

Fingers encircled her ankles as Clyde and Ralph, kneeling on either side, held her feet in place while Joyce and Linda toppled her backward. Before she could voice another protest, Beth was on her back, and her legs were being pulled far apart by her father and her brother.

She felt the cool air invade her cunt as its lips opened.

Helpless, for she had already tried to tug her arms and legs from the clutching fingers, she stared up at Ted as the boy moved forward to stand between her widespread legs. Her mouth opened in a soundless scream at sight of the enormous prick that reared in throbbing erection from his hairy crotch.

“No!” she grated, her hips writhing wildly at the thought of having that huge cock bore up into her belly. Her eyes flickered from Ralph’s face to that of her brother, searching for assurance and finding only lust in their staring eyes.

“Oh, yes!” her cousin corrected with a savage grin. “You’re gonna be fucked! Not only that, baby. You’re gonna be gang banged!”

Beth’s face contorted and she strained against the clutching fingers on her wrists and ankles. Her pelvis leaped and twisted, the lips of her plump pussy quivering as she watched Ted drop to his knees and wrap his fist about the engorged shaft of his cock.

It was impossible, she reminded her whirling brain. Her pussy would never admit such a formidable organ. She glanced at her father’s swollen prick and compared it with Ted’s huge tool.

“Let Daddy do it first!” she cried, surprising herself with the sudden plea. “Please! You’ll split me wide open with that big thing!”

Ralph Porter licked his lips with a quick flick of his red tongue, his eyes staring at the dainty slit that winked hack at him from between her slender thighs. His prick lurched upward in a savage jerk, its strutted tip yielding a glob of slippery jizm that rolled sluggishly down the taut cord that marked the beginning of the swollen ventral ridge.

“How about it, Uncle Ralph?” Ted asked quickly. “Do you want to be the one to take her cherry?”

“Christ!” Clyde murmured, holding Beth’s ankle with one hand while the other fondled the curve of her slender calf. “I’d like to volunteer for that job!”

“Go on, Ralph!” Joyce urged her husband. “You know you’re going to do it anyway.”

Ralph swallowed convulsively. “Are you sure, Beth?” he whispered in a hoarse voice. “My God! I can’t help wanting to!”

The girl nodded her head fiercely, a trickle of saliva oozing from the corner of her parted lips. Her breasts, drawn into two firm hemispheres by her outstretched arms, quivered their dainty nipples in invitation.

“I’ve always wondered how it would be to have you screw me,” she panted. “They won’t even have to hold me.”

Ted reached over to grip her ankle, shifting his body to one side and watching Ralph take his place between Beth’s legs. “We’ll hang on,” he told the girl, “just in case.” To Ralph, he said, “Let’s get on with it, Uncle. Clyde follows you and I’ll take greasy thirds.”

“Jesus!” Clyde hissed. “I’m about to come, just watching her work that thing!”

“Save it!” Ted chuckled. “With five pussies just begging for it, it’d be a shame to waste it.”

Ralph leaned forward over Beth’s nakedness, his prick jutting downward toward the narrow cleft of her cuntal mound. He was sobbing with anticipation as he shifted one hand to grip the engorged prong. He stared down into his daughter’s wide eyes.

“Forgive me, baby!” he groaned, guiding his cock down and forward until the rounded tip pressed itself into the furrow of her labial lips. “I can’t help it!”

Beth’s lips worked for a moment before the words spilled out. “Don’t talk, Daddy!” she hissed. “Just fuck me! That’s what they want to see!

They want to see your cock in my pussy!”

Ralph’s ass cheeks tensed and his fingers moved the head of his prick in the moist crevice, sliding it up and down in the pliant crack and loosening it for his initial assault.

The girl’s eyes closed tightly, her lips drawing back in a grimace of anticipation as the cock massaged her sensitive labia, sending little thrills back into the virginal sheath that was already quivering with expectation.


Her sharp cry escaped from behind clenched teeth as Ralph forced the knob of his prick into the spasming oval of tender tissue, stretching the pussy into a straining circle around the pulsating shaft of throbbing hardness that bored inward, expanding the delicate walls and massaging the nerve-lined passageway with its meaty bulk.

The girl’s body stiffened, her legs jerking against their restraint and her ass twisting in an effort to evade the deeper invasion of her protesting cunt. Ralph’s prick was already beyond the point where she had welcomed the tingling caress of writhing tongues and exploring fingers. It was breaking new ground, forcing its rounded tip into her yielding depths with quivering urgency.

“Does it hurt, baby?” Ralph panted, still easing the cock into her grinding pussy with a slow lowering of his arched hips.

Beth tried to answer, her mouth working soundlessly as the pressure in her belly became almost intolerable. Then, as her father fed another inch of prick into the torrid sheath, she gave another cry of anguished pleading.


“She’s just putting on a big act!” Joyce exclaimed. “She can take it, Ralph!”

Ted leaned over Ralph’s rearing ass, placing his big hand on the rounded cheeks and shifting his full weight onto the unsuspecting buttocks. Before the man could brace himself, his hips were forced downward, driving the full length of his cock into the helpless cunt.

“Goddamn!” Ralph cried, his balls jamming against Beth’s winking anus as his prick buried its engorged bulk in her pussy, jerking and throbbing in its reaction to the sudden engulfment.

“UNNGGHHH!” Beth yelped again, her ass bucking in a desperate bid for freedom. “TAKE IT OUT!”

Ralph’s hips jerked upward, dragging his cock back through her convulsing grip and tugging the membranous lips outward with the retreating pressure. Both father and daughter gasped at the friction of their flesh, and Ralph’s ass shivered as he felt his cockhead gripped by Beth’s flexing labia.

Again, Ted’s palm forced Ralph’s hips downward, and the cock slid back into the slippery nest with greater ease, bringing only a muted whimper from the wriggling girl as the prick filled her pussy and nudged the convulsing mouth of her previously untouched womb.

Ralph needed no further urging. With little grunts of lust, he began driving the tool in and out, gathering speed with each stroke and pressing his scrotal sac firmly against his daughter’s asshole as his cock hilted its length in her torrid cunt.

Beth’s ass lifted and twisted, working her pussy around the sliding hardness to increase the delicious friction of her aroused vagina. Her tongue protruded from between her bared teeth, curling upward and flicking with each thrust of his plunging cock.

“Oh, God, Daddy!” she gurgled, pushing her cunt up to insure the maximum depth of each delicious thrust. “It’s good!”

Ralph’s answer was to cover her parted lips with his open mouth, driving his tongue against hers in a savage kiss that made their connected loins work more vigorously. His chest mashed her resilient tits, rubbing the engorged nipples as he hunched his prick in and out with gathering speed.

“Damn!” Clyde observed, using one hand to caress his own distended tool. “I believe he’s struck oil! Look at the cream on that fuckpole!”

Ted grinned in agreement as he watched the prick’s rhythmic slide. It was true, he mused. Beth’s pussy had responded to the defloration with an overflow of slippery juices that coated her father’s prong and seeped out to puddle in the crack of her writhing ass. The blonde hairs about her gurgling snatch were drenched with the thick cream, and each stroke of the cock was an audible sound of slurping flesh.

Clyde’s fingers curled about his cock, beginning a steady stroking that matched the rhythmical hammering of his father’s hips. He saw Ted’s amused glance at his avid masturbation and his own lips curled in a savage smile of mounting pleasure.

His own cock throbbing, Ted commented, “Why don’t you let Aunt Joyce suck it for you?”

Without waiting to be asked, Joyce inched her way toward the inviting sight, still holding Beth’s wrist as she moistened her lips in eagerness, staring hungrily at her son’s towering erection.

“Lick it for me, Mom!” the boy murmured, pulling the loose skin back from the purple knob and shoving his hips forward to aim the prick at his mother’s wet lips. “Christ! I love to feel a hot tongue on it!”

As Joyce extended her tongue to caress the swollen glans, Ralph gave a grunt of ecstasy and buried his cock in Beth’s pussy, holding it there as her pelvic contortions milked the semen from his bloated balls. Beth whimpered with pleasure as the hot sperm splashed deep inside her vagina, and her ass twisted and hunched in an effort to reach a climax of her own before the last spurt of come showered her spasming cervix.

Dorothy and Susan, their faces flushed from their prolonged session of oral play, joined the six figures just as Ralph, gasping for breath, hauled his dripping prick from Beth’s overflowing cunt.

Dorothy slipped an arm about Linda’s waist and claimed her lips in a tongue-driving kiss, while Susan, her eyes widening as she watched her mother’s lapping caress of Clyde cock, pressed her moist crotch against Joyce’s hip in grinding friction.

“You can turn Beth loose,” Ted suggested. “Aunt Joyce, why don’t you and Susan imitate Dorothy and Linda? Clyde is gonna be using that prick for the next few minutes.”

The four naked females tumbled aside, bodies shifting as their lips and tongues began an avid exploration of their new partners. Beth, her eyes glazed with desire, held up both arms to welcome her brother, pulling him down onto her heaving tits and hunching her pussy up to receive the stiff cock that slid easily into her hungry vagina, its passage lubricated by the slippery come left there by their horny father.

Her legs free, Beth raised them to scissor Clyde’s waist as he began fucking her, his prick driving deeper than Ralph’s had managed, and making the girl grunt with each powerful thrust.

Ted moved around to the two blonde heads and dropped to his knees, waiting until Clyde released his sister’s mouth and raised his face to stare excitedly at his cousin’s huge prick arching forward over Beth’s head as Ted eased his hips forward. Sliding his knees apart, Ted lowered his crotch until his balls were within reach of the girl’s flashing tongue, and he gasped with delight as she caressed their hairy globes with a wet lapping.

Clyde’s ass rose and fell between Beth’s thighs, his cock ramming deep into the mushy depths and throbbing as the pussy flexed its torrid walls about the driving prong. Inches from his face, he watched his sister’s tongue toy and tease the huge scrotal sac, and his eyes almost crossed as he tried to focus his gaze on the plum-like knob that reached out over her face. Ted’s suggestive whisper was like a voice inside his whirling brain.

“Don’t be bashful, Clyde! Like I told you, anything goes!”

Ecstasy thundered through his stroking prick and rolled in his swaying balls, and Clyde surrendered to the hunger that filled his body until he could no longer resist.

“I’ll be damned!” was Ralph’s only reaction as he watched his son slip his wet lips about the swollen head of Ted’s cock.

The brief contact was all Clyde required to trigger his come. His ass hammered wildly, stirring his cock inside the girl’s convulsing snatch, and his sperm bolted in savage spurts into the gulping mouth of his sister’s womb.

Beth, lost in the ecstasy of yet another dazzling climax, worked her hips to milk the hot sperm from that jerking prod, rubbing the walls of her exploding cunt around its delightful invader. So lost in her personal pleasure was the girl that she failed to see her brother’s tongue give a lusty lick at Ted’s prick as it was tugged from his noisily sucking lips.

Suddenly, she felt herself being lifted, doll-like, and placed on her knees astride a pair of male hips, her cunt, its entrance juicy from the two loads of sperm, poised over a cock much larger than its predecessors. Still only half-conscious of exactly what was being done to her, Beth felt two hands on her narrow waist, forcing her down until the head of the enormous prick pressed hotly against her dripping snatch.

Her hands went out to balance herself, clutching the powerful chest muscles of her grinning cousin as his prick slid up into her pussy, filling it beyond her expectations and massaging new nerves in the tender channel, its walls made more sensitive by the two previous fucks.

“Oh, sweet Jesus!” she whimpered. It was not a protest, for every nerve in her pussy was tingling with ecstasy as the cock inched deeper into her belly. “I don’t give a damn if you split me open with that dick! I want it all!”

“Don’t worry, Cousin,” Ted murmured. “You’ll get it all!”

Beth Porter’s body arched forward, her breasts dipping strutted nipples into the open mouth of the youth whose huge prick was sliding deeper and deeper into her eager snatch. She gasped as his lips and teeth nibbled at the succulent spears and his tongue worked back and forth across the sensitive tips, releasing each one as its quivering mate took its place.

The cock filled her pussy so completely that the accumulated semen was forced out around its thick root, forming a slippery sheath of white cream that gurgled noisily when Beth managed to screw her cunt to the base of that enormous pole, marking her conquest with a grunt of satisfaction.

Only an hour ago, she had sworn that Ted Morgan would never touch her with that fantastic cock which had so bedazzled her mother and sister.

Now, with its hot hardness stretching her vagina and slamming almost painfully against her spasming womb mouth, Beth welcomed the probing spear with cries of ecstasy, her ass twisting to grind her expanded labia about its cream-smeared base.

“Ride it, baby!” Ted groaned, pushing his hips upward to encourage the pelvic gyrations of the excited girl. Her lips had deserted his as she began hunching her pussy up and down on the stiff column. She was no longer interested in the feel of his tongue on her tits or darting about in her mouth. It was that cock she wanted, deep and hard, until it showered her churning depths with its delicious come.

“Christ!” came Clyde’s admiring observation. “Look at my little sister go!” Recovered from his own enjoyable pounding of the girl’s receptive cunt, he knelt behind her, watching the rise and fall of Beth’s delightfully curved bottom, his stare drinking in the erotic sight of her froth-rimmed pussy sliding up and down Ted’s rearing prick.

Lips pulled back in a snarl of ecstasy, Beth added a savage twist to her bouncing hips as another orgasm spiraled through her spasming cunt.

Fresh juices spilled from deep inside her belly, laving the cock that jolted her womb with its upward thrusts and adding to the circle of wetness about its hairy base.

“My God!” she gasped, unable to slow her fierce hunching. “I’m gonna come myself to death!” She grunted when Ted’s strong arms slowed her movements, his body twisting to turn them over on the yielding mattresses. She quickly adjusted her legs, clamping them about his lithe waist as he settled his hips between her sweat-streaked thighs, his prick stirring the clenching channel of her pussy.

Ted’s chest massaged her tingling breasts and his hard belly slapped savagely against hers in a rhythm with which she was rapidly becoming familiar. His cock, seeming to grow larger with each thrust, speared her cunt with delicious force, stretching the vaginal walls and frictioning her pulsing labia until she felt still another violent climax shuddering inside her heaving belly.

Recognizing the sudden increase in her pelvic action and the powerful clamping of the cunt muscles about his prong, Ted drove his tool in and out more rapidly, shortening the strokes and pounding her womb with the plunging head of his massive cock.

His timing was perfect. The first hot spurt of his thick semen was swallowed by the orgasmic convulsion of her exploding cunt.

As though Beth’s panted cries of pleasure were some awaited signal, the other two males launched their naked bodies at the red-haired Dorothy.

Clyde Porter jammed his distended prick between the woman’s parted thighs and bent forward over her flawless back as he felt the throbbing organ ease into her mushy cuntal passage, sliding up into the undulating grip until his balls were jammed tightly against her clitoris and his belly was pressed against the sweet curve of her beautiful ass cheeks.

He licked her bare shoulder, tasting the slight salty tang and thrusting his cock deeper into her flexing cunt. His arms went around her and his fingers clutched the two firm melons of her glorious tits, pinching the swollen nipples until her pussy squeezed his shaft in unspoken protest.

Even as his son began dog-fucking the gorgeous redhead, Ralph Porter dropped to his knees before the crouching beauty, his meaty prick aimed at those full red lips he had enjoyed before. His hands grabbed the flaming hair for leverage, pulling the wet mouth over his cock like a hot glove, and he grunted with excitement and joy as the mouth claimed him, lips nibbling their way down the shaft until they circled the thick base of his prick.

Joyce took one look at the trio and quickly straddled Dorothy’s bobbing head, insinuating her lush lips between her son’s face and her husband’s panting lips. Without waiting for his reaction, she cupped Ralph’s head and thrust her bushy cunt forward against his open mouth, squealing with pleasure as his tongue slithered up into her pulsating cunt. Then, as Clyde’s tongue began licking eagerly about the delicate circle of her anus, she squealed again.

Ted Morgan, his cock still hard, dragged that lengthy member from Beth’s dripping snatch, working his way upward over her writhing nakedness and letting the wet knob of his prick caress her quivering skin. A faint trail of semen marked the passage of his tool, upward over her belly and between her small tits until he was crouched above her flushed face.

Slowly, supporting his weight on outstretched arms so he could observe his own actions, he lowered his hips until the head of his prick touched the girl’s parted lips.

For an instant, her lips clamped together in automatic rejection. Then, surrendering to a desire stronger than any aversion, her tongue reached out to caress the hovering cock, tasting and exploring until the glans pressed it back into her mouth, following with slow deliberation and stretching her lips into a taut circle about the huge knob. Her whole body jerked with the swift tremor of acceptance and she began sucking, hungrily and deeply.

Ted Morgan, his hips moving to slide his prick in and out of Beth’s greedy mouth, savored the thrill of the girl’s swirling tongue and laving saliva, and he grinned happily when Linda’s brown pubic triangle was thrust invitingly in front of his face.

Behind him, he heard Susan Porter’s soft gurgle of desire as she plunged her open mouth between Beth’s thighs to claim the overflowing cunt. He heard it but his vision was blocked by the brown curls and pink lips of his sister’s delicate pussy. Eagerly, he slid his tongue into the slippery hole and pressed his mouth about the pliant labia, filling his mouth with the tart juices. His cock, throbbing and stiff, probed deeper into Beth’s gulping throat, forcing the willing girl to swallow repeatedly, the hot muscles tightening delightfully about the head of his engorged pole.

The atmosphere of the room was heavy with the scent of their mingled juices, and for several minutes, the only sounds were those of slurping mouth, pounding flesh and soft whimpers of delight. Orgasms were enjoyed in relative silence as the unvoiced cries were blocked by a probing prick or a grinding cunt.

Ted pulled his own cock from Beth’s greedy mouth before she could draw the threatening load of sperm from its saliva-slickened length.

Ignoring Linda’s whimpered protest, he gave her delicious cunt one final swipe of his flattened tongue, then rolled aside just in time to see Ralph’s buttocks flex and quiver as he spilled his semen into Dorothy’s wildly gulping throat. The woman’s pleasure was doubled when Clyde, crying out with each powerful explosive contraction, shot his own hot come into her climaxing cunt.

Joyce, still reaching for her own climax, held her husband’s face jammed against her writhing crotch, working her hips to accentuate the thrust and twist of his tongue in her quivering cunt. She hardly realized that Clyde had stopped teasing her anal cleft with his wet lapping, and she made no effort to avoid Ted’s huge prick when he stepped across Dorothy’s body and pressed the head of his cock against Joyce’s saliva-drenched asshole.

She groaned as the knob snapped through her sphincter, but the groan became a whimper of ecstasy as the hardness slid up into her undulating colon to begin a rhythmic massage of that delicate corridor, increasing the depth of its penetration with each slippery plunge. Her fingers gripped Ralph’s head, pushing his mouth deeper into her dripping labia, and she found herself noting the soft bounce of Ted’s balls against her husband’s busy chin.

It was Ted’s initial pressure that tumbled the trio sideways, but only lust could prevent the loss of contact during the brief descent. Tongue still fluttering in pulsating cunt, and cock throbbingly hilted in hotly flexing ass, they lay with bodies moving more freely on the resilient mattresses.

Fucking the whimpering Joyce with satisfying thrusts, Ted employed his hands on her big tits, squeezing and twisting the swollen nipples as his cock rode in and out of her tight asshole, lingering just inside the strained circle to enjoy the powerful clutch of her spasming sphincter muscles. Then, with his cockhead buried deeply inside her convulsing sheath, the lad hesitated again, grinding his hairy scrotum against his uncle’s bobbing chin, half-hoping that Ralph would add a wet tongue to that perverted contact.

He had intended a maximum release of inhibitions for that evening, and he had not been disappointed. The nubile Beth had proven every bit as responsive as her older sister, and Clyde had provided a surprise that was not completely unwelcome.

Without words, he forced Joyce over onto her belly, pushing Ralph out of the way and pulling the woman’s lush hips upward before resuming his delightful hunching. He watched Ralph draw the back of one hand across his cream-smeared mouth, his eyes drinking in the sight of the big cock that stroked in and out of his wife’s anus with audible sounds of wet suction. His lips curved in a lewd grin of appreciation and his fingers began a bold caress of his own semi-erect organ.

Ted answered the grin with a soft chuckle that became louder when he noted Susan’s approach. The girl crawled toward her father on hands and knees, breasts swaying provocatively and cutely curved bottom wriggling as she neared the object of her sudden interest.

Ralph looked down in surprise at his daughter’s head, his fist stripping the loose skin back from the purple knob of his swelling prick. A glob of jizm emerged from the tiny slit of the glans, and Ralph gasped with the sensation of the girl’s wet tongue sliding across the curved head to claim the salty juice.

“Yeah!” he groaned, fingers moving to slide the engorged tip back and forth against the warm softness of Susan’s lips. He saw her mouth open, shaping itself in sensual hunger.


The lips claimed him and her tongue began a worshipful dance around the meaty knob. Saliva bathed the sensitive flesh and he felt the swift tightening of his nuts as Susan began nursing his prick, her head bobbing with gathering speed and distance.

Ted slowed his assault on Joyce’s wiggling rump, ignoring her protesting grunt and flexing anal muscles. His head turned to see Clyde laboring between Linda’s flailing thighs, his cock flashing in and out of the girl’s slit with a steady and unimaginative rhythm. Just beyond the pair, Beth had positioned her nubile body between Dorothy’s voluptuous legs, sucking noisily on the semen-filled cunt that pressed eagerly against her hungry mouth.

His barked command froze all of them in position, hips and heads stilled, but maintaining their erotic contact with the willing targets.

Soft whimpers of desire filled the momentary silence.

Swiftly, graphically, he explained his wishes, his eyes challenging them as he spoke, reminding them of his power by continuing to slide his cock in and out of Joyce’s tail during the brief speech.

“Any objections?” Again, his expression dared them, and his lips mocked them as seven heads wagged a denial, Ralph almost gasping when Susan’s mouth moved from side to side on his strutted prick. His gasp became audible when the wet lips slipped off him with a final flourish of the girl’s tongue.

Joyce cursed when Ted’s huge cock tugged itself free from her juicy anus, and the curse became a grunt of pleasure when he reinserted the throbbing column in her dripping cunt, driving the full nine inches up inside her undulating sheath of slippery heat. His balls jammed against her swollen clitoris, massaging that delicate shaft with their slight rolling motion. Inside, the cock filled and stretched her vagina into a pulsating bundle of exploding tissue.

“Don’t stop!” she gurgled, her ass rearing and bucking against his muscled belly. “I’m gonna come!”

Ted did not stroke the climaxing pussy. Instead he jammed his hips harder against her gyrating ass and wrapped his powerful arms about the woman’s arched waist, twisting his pelvis to stir his rod in the steaming cauldron of her clenching pussy.

“That’s number one,” Ted said with a soft chuckle when Joyce’s body sagged beneath him. Slipping his glistening prod from her still convulsing grip, he lowered himself onto the naked body of Susan, fitting his prick into her hot slit with one deft motion and driving it in until he felt the palpitating resistance of her womb against his probing cockhead.

The girl had crawled over to lie waiting, eyes wide in anticipation.

Now, shining with excitement, her eyes widened even more as the prick filled her belly with its heat and hardness. Her legs scissored around Ted’s waist and her ass began a savage circling beneath him, grinding the walls of her cunt around the huge shaft. Her breasts, stiff-nippled and firm, yielded to the weight and touch of his chest.

Again, grinning down into Susan’s contorted face, the youth did not begin the familiar pumping she expected. Instead, he ground his pubic arch against hers, and was rewarded with a husky cry as her pussy convulsed in a nerve-shattering climax that drenched his cock with her hot juices.

“Number two,” Ted drawled, drawing the pole from its torrid nest and shifting his body over and onto Beth’s waiting nakedness. Deliberately, he pulled the girl’s slender legs up on either side and spread them wide, parting the reddened lips of her cunt before easing the head of his cock between them.

Slowly, watching the lust build and explode in her staring eyes, he fed his prick into the clenching channel, feeling it begin that familiar undulation as his balls spread gently against her winking anus. He held it hilted as Beth panted and came.

Linda was number four, her slender hips grinding wildly when Ted’s thick cock invaded her hungry snatch and ground its way to the spasming mouth of her womb.

Ralph and Clyde, their pricks jerking with excitement, knelt only inches away, staring at the row of inviting cunts and heaving tits.

Both of them grunted with envy as they watched Linda’s ass work its way through a frantic orgasm that spilled wetly around the juncture of their mated flesh.

Dorothy received her stepson with a soft whimper of welcome, embracing him with arms about his broad shoulders and lush thighs cradling his narrow hips. Her lips parted for his descending mouth and her tongue swirled happily about his. His prick, throbbing more powerfully, slipped into the slickened folds of her pussy and spread the vaginal walls into a caressing grip.

His own pleasure too intense for further control, Ted drove his cock into the redhead’s cunt until she whimpered with the intense pleasure of complete filling. Then, surrendering to the demand of his own tightening balls, he fucked her with a savage hunching that slammed her writhing ass down against the mattresses with each powerful thrust.

Sweat dripped from his chest, smearing the points of her big tits and puddling on the soft belly that heaved and wriggled to his pounding assault.

Dorothy tried to halt the explosive tremors of her climax, but Ted’s continued massaging of her tender vagina and sensitive labia was more than she could resist. Her ass twisted and lifted, screwing her gurgling cunt around that delightful fuckpole.

She expected him to stop, just as he had with the others, and her arms and legs tightened to hold him, hips working faster to extract the utmost pleasure from her gut wrenching orgasm. With her lips plastered wetly against his ear, she pleaded with him to continue.

Raising his head, but keeping his hips placed exactly between her quivering thighs, Ted eased his hands beneath her head and laced the red hair through his strong fingers. His ass cheeks flexed with the rhythm of his fierce strokes, each thrust jolting her womb and sending shivers of ecstasy through her writhing body.

His fingers gripped, holding her face in position as his eyes swept over her glazed expression, ending on her parted lips, wet, red and full, slightly tightened against white teeth. The tip of a dancing tongue flickered between the white rows.

“Like it, bitch?” he panted. His ass rose and fell more rapidly, his prick spearing her juicy cunt and his nut sac rapping wetly against her wriggling anal cleft.

“Yes!” she whimpered, arms shifting and fingers clawing at his arched back. “Oh, dear God! Yes! Don’t ever stop!”

His prick seemed to drive deeper, as though seeking to force its swollen tip inside her cervix, and she pushed her hips higher in eagerness. The fingers in her hair brought a pain that became pleasure as another come began building in her steaming cunt.

“Beg for it!” he hissed, hearing the squish and gurgle as his cock pistoned through her fluttering labia. “Beg for more of my dick!”

Beyond reason, Dorothy pleaded, gasping the words between sharp cries of ecstasy, using every obscenity she could dredge from her whirling brain. Her legs climbed higher on his arched back, scissoring and urging. Her hips twisted and pumped, milking the plunging cock and caressing it with juicy fingers of tingling cunt-flesh.

There was no longer any control in his womb-spearing jabs. Ted Morgan was racing toward his own satisfaction, preparing to spill his roiling sperm into that sucking, chewing nether-mouth that sent the preorgasmic shudders of ecstasy back into his loaded balls.

He was happy that he had decided to share his legacy with the others, but happier that he had first stripped them of their inhibitions. There was nothing they would not do for him, and little that he had not already planned for the nights ahead.

He settled himself for the short rows, fucking Dorothy with deep jabs that brought an answering grunt. Then, as his prick forced its throbbing head into the slavering mouth of her convulsing womb, he surrendered to the hot suction and milking muscles of her hungry cunt.

“Fill me, baby!” came Dorothy’s tortured whimper of lust. “Shoot that cream to me!”

Ecstasy swirled in his balls, liquefied and thundered through the length of his hilted prick, spurting in thick globs into the mouth of her churning womb. His buttocks flexed with the repeated shudders of his come.

“I’m next,” he heard, but could not identify the voice.

It did not matter. They were all waiting for his cock.

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