Chapter 4

For the next few days, the twins did nothing but jack off and finger-fuck each other. One afternoon when their aunt and uncle had gone shopping, the two children were spread out naked on Amy’s bed when Max walked into the room.

Having just finished bringing each other off, the twins were too exhausted to pay any attention to the dog.

Moving nervously around the room, Max was excitedly sniffing the air, inhaling the unmistakable scent of hot, ripe pussy. Amy’s eyes were closed as she lay back with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed.

Floating on a dreamy cloud of ecstasy from her recent orgasm, she was completely unaware that Max was sniffing up between her legs.

Suddenly feeling the heat of his breath on her pussy, Amy opened her eyes to see the big animal’s face between her thighs.

“What do you want?” she innocently giggled, completely unaware of what the dog had in mind.

Max had licked and fucked Alice enough to know what to do with a woman’s juicy pussy, and this cute little red-fringed cunt was the best thing he’d ever sniffed.

“Don’t!” Amy giggled when he suddenly pressed his cold wet nose into her fluffy, little bush of red pussy curls.

She was just about to push the pesky animal away when his tongue flashed out and swiped up along the length of her sweet young slit. The youngster’s entire body shuddered from the intense pleasure it brought her.

“Oh, Max,” she excitedly whispered. “You’re a naughty doggy, but that sure feels neat.”

Before the youngster fully realized what was happening, the big animal drilled his long, pink tongue into her cunt. The incredible feel of Max’s tongue slipping into her hot little pussy sent jolts of frenzied ecstasy through every tingling nerve in her naked young body.

“Ooooooooh!” she squealed with joy, excitedly writhing her juicy cunt up against his snout as the animal’s hot, wet tongue swirled deeper and deeper into the tasty depths of her deliciously-scented twat.

“Is he hurting you?” Jimmy excitedly asked.

“Fuck, no!” panted Amy. “This feels fantastic!”

“He’s lickin’ your cunt just like Uncle Paul did to Aunt Alice.” Jimmy laughed.

“I know!” squealed Amy. “No wonder she liked it so much!”

The cute little youngster was almost hysterical, her breathless squeals filled with passion. Grabbing at the dog’s ears, she forced his mouth further into her open slit. The joy of her very first tongue-fuck was filling her cunt with an excruciating pleasure.

“Ooooooooh… aaaaahhhhhh!” whimpered the horny little girl, writhing her dripping cunt up around the big dog’s plunging tongue.

Screaming in blissful agony, the cute little redhead couldn’t believe this exquisite pleasure she was feeling for the first time in her life.

Watching the animal’s broad nose and mouth burrowing hungrily up between her wantonly-spread legs, Amy was grabbing at his face, trying to force more of his incredible tongue into her little, hotly-flowing pussy. Her entire young body was filled with a lascivious warmth as the beautiful animal feverishly licked on her naked young cunt.

The big, black Labrador licked deeper and deeper into her fresh-tasting cunt as her delicious juices oozed out, spreading a frothy film over his nose and mouth. Max plunged and twisted his tongue around deep in her steamy little pussy. Max’s cock throbbed violently under his furry belly.

“Ooooooh! Yesssssss!” she squealed, her entire body tensing as she thrilled to the feel of his tongue gliding in and out of her hot, slick channel. Her adolescent body aflame with lust, the youngster began unconsciously rubbing her cute, hard-nippled tits as Max hungrily licked and tongued the velvet-soft flesh of her drooling cunt. Half-crazed from the feel of his wonderful tongue in her pussy and the hotness of his animal breath against the tingling flesh of her flowering cuntlips, she passionately writhed her cunt up around his tongue.

“Oh, God!” she sobbed almost beside herself from the intense pleasure she was feeling. “It feels so fuckin’ good!”

“D’ya think he’ll make you come?” her brother excitedly asked.

“Shit, yes!” she gasped. “I’m almost there now!”

Wantonly squealing with joy, Amy was grabbing at his head, trying to force his mouth even deeper into her sopping cunt. Feeling the animal’s tongue drilling into the hot slickness of her frothy little twat, Amy’s long, red hair was flailing wildly around her face as her head whipped from side to side.

Excitedly writhing her drooling cunt up against his snout, the horny youngster was wriggling her cute ass all over the bed, her sweet young body lurching nakedly as her hotly-aroused pussylips sucked passionately around his tongue.

“Ooooooh, you sweet fuckin’ doggy!” she moaned with joy as the intense pleasure built and built.

Her excited young body lurched violently as his hot, rough tongue lapped around in her cunt, the rough, wet surface sending a million delicious sparks flying through her pussy.

“Oh, shit, Max!” she gasped. “That’s the way to lick a cunt!”

Never had the youngster experienced such thrilling sensations. Closing her eyes, she could feel the pleasure radiating from between her legs to every part of her little, adolescent body. She could hear the obscenely moist sounds of his tongue slurping on her swampy cunt while the tip of the dog’s tongue teased her quivering clit. The delicious sensations were building and building in her loins. The youngster realized that it was depraved and perverted to let a dog lick her pussy, yet it was filling her with the most intense joy she’d ever experienced.

She knew she should push the animal’s mouth away from her cunt, but she completely surrendered to the overwhelming ecstasy that was flooding through her body. Maybe it was depraved, but she didn’t give a shit as her tingling flesh responded to the fantastic tongue-fuck she was getting.

“Oh, yes, sweet Max,” she whimpered as the heavenly ecstasy continued building in her pussy. “Eat me good, honey.”

Reaching down with her fingers, she spread the fleshy lips of her cunt farther apart to allow his swirling tongue greater access to her little lust-swollen pussy. The youngster was completely overwhelmed by these wild new sensations as the intense pleasure seemed to increase.

“Oh, you hot-tongued beauty!” she insanely babbled. “Don’t ever stop lickin’!”

Deep in her mind, the horny little redhead knew she was committing a depraved act, but she’d never experienced such joy in her young life.

Suddenly nothing else seemed to matter except her rapidly-approaching climax that seemed only seconds away. She writhed her crotch up against his face, trying to get more of his heavenly tongue into her steaming little cunt.

The intense pleasure between her legs grew and grew until she was aware of nothing but the electrifying sparks of sensation that were exploding throughout her body. An ecstatic tension gripped the youngster deep in her cunt and she seemed to freeze. Holding her breath in her hot, scorched lungs, she waited… waited… and then suddenly exploded.

“Oh, fuck!” she screamed to her brother who was still excitedly watching. “I’m coming… coming!”

Squealing in ecstasy, Amy twisted and thrashed, frantically writhing her spasming cunt up around his hotly-licking tongue.

“Oh, shit, Jimmy!” she shrieked. “I’m coming again! Pull him away from me! I can’t take any more!”

Wanting to protect his sister, Jimmy grabbed Max by the collar and pulled the animal out from between her legs.

“Holy shit!” exclaimed Amy a few moments later as she sat on the edge of the bed slowly recovering. “That was really something.”

“Did it feel real good?” her brother asked, still holding the trembling dog back.

“Fuck, yes,” Amy giggled. “It was fantastic.”

Suddenly breaking away from Jimmy, Max lunged forward and began frantically fucking his cock against the little redhead’s leg.

“What the hell’s the matter with him?” gasped the startled girl.

“I think he wants to fuck you.” Jimmy grinned, seeing how hard Max’s prick was as he rubbed it against his sister’s leg in a wild, fucking motion.

“Do dogs fuck people?” Amy asked in a shocked voice as she stared at his long, red cock.

“Beats the shit out of me,” laughed Jimmy. “But he’s sure horny for you.”

“Do you think he’d really try it if I gave him a chance?”

“I don’t know.”

“Shall we find out?” she giggled.

“That’s up to you,” he answered.

“I’m gonna try it,” decided Amy, wondering how his hard, red prick would feel in her cunt.

Remembering how Aunt Alice had crouched for Uncle Paul yesterday, the horny little redhead dropped to her hands and knees on the floor. Max had fucked Alice enough to know what this position meant. Slowly inching forward, the dog began sniffing around Amy’s juicy cunt while his bone-hard cock speared out from under his belly.

“What’s he doin’?” Amy whispered to her brother as she felt the dog’s hot breath on her bare ass.

“Just smellin’ your pussy,” said Jimmy, excitedly rubbing his own hard prick.

Without any further warning, the dog let out an excited whimper and hurled himself onto Amy’s kneeling body. Throwing his big paws over her shoulders, he drove the full length of his fiery, red cock up into the youngster’s little virginal cunt. Pinned down under the huge animal, Amy was surprised that she felt practically no discomfort at all as he began rapidly spearing his hot, slippery cock in and out of her unused pussy. The youngster hadn’t known what to expect, but as the deliciously-wild sensations mounted between her legs, she slammed her little ass back to give the beautiful animal complete access to her slippery cunt.

“Holy shit!” she squealed to her brother. “I’m gettin’ dog-fucked! Look, honey, I’m being fucked by a dog!”

The youngster’s entire young body was charged with electricity as the animal’s super-hard prick vibrated rapidly against her screaming clit. The machine-gun rapidity of the dog’s thrusts was almost driving the youngster out of her mind. Digging her fingers into the carpet as she knelt, Amy could feel Max lustily drilling his hard boner in and out, making her young tits bounce crazily beneath her.

“Yes! Yes!” she screamed, her cute ass wildly wriggling as the animal feverishly fucked into her hot, little cunt. “That’s a good doggy!”

“How does it feel?” her brother excitedly asked. “Does it hurt?”

“Shit, no!” She grinned. “It feels neat.”

Her entire young body was tingling with pleasure as Max’s rigid cock blazed in and out, stimulating every slippery inch of her sweet, little pussy.

“Ooooooh, yes!” she whimpered, creaming all over his fantastic dog-cock as she shook and wriggled her ass. “That’s the way, you sweet fuckin’ doggy!”

As she kneeled with her ass in the air and her little freckle-dusted face resting on her arms, the big dog violently rocked her body. Her little pointy tits were jiggling deliciously beneath her as his furry hips drilled his hard, red prick in and out of her sizzling cunt. The youngster was almost out of her mind from the intense joy of it all, thoroughly enjoying the erotic slurping sound of the animal’s stiff prick as it deliciously fucked into her.

“Oh, sweet Max!” she cried. “I love your cock!”

Kneeling beneath the feverishly fucking animal, Amy was slamming her sweet, young ass back to meet every thrust of his rapidly-plunging cock. The lips of her frothy cunt sucked and pulled ravenously on his rigid prick, trying to get even more of the dog-cock into her little adolescent cunt. The hot juices that oozed out from between her prick-squeezing cuntlips were splattering all over his furry belly Little Amy had never enjoyed anything so much in her life. Each deep thrust of the animal’s bright-red prick was carrying her to new heights of ecstasy. A wild grin covered her flushed face, and her eyes rolled around crazily in her head as she frenziedly clawed at the carpet with her fingers.

“Oh, Max!” she suddenly screamed, wildly waving her ass around. “I’m coming, doggy! Oh, fuck, how I’m coming!”

Shuddering from head to toe as her cunt contracted and spasmed around the length of the animal’s plunging cock, little Amy was swept up into the wildest orgasm she’d ever had. The pleasure of her fantastic climax was intensified when she felt the dog’s scalding cum shooting into her cunt.

When the dog finally pulled his limp, wet prick out of her cunt and curled up on the floor, little Amy crawled back up on the bed and collapsed in her brother’s arms.

“Goddamn!” exclaimed Jimmy, excitedly rubbing his hard boner as his sister slowly recovered. “That sure looked like fun.”

“Do you wanta try it?” she asked.

“Are you serious?”

“Sure,” she giggled. “If I let a goddamn dog fuck me, I don’t see why you shouldn’t.”

“When can we fuck?” he excitedly asked.

“Right now if you want.”

“Okay.” Jimmy grinned. “Get on your hands and knees.”

“I think I’d rather lay on my back while you fuck me,” said Amy.

“Where did you ever hear of that?” asked Jimmy, thinking dog-style was the only position people ever used.

“I saw a picture of it in a book once,” she explained. “The guy was layin’ right on top of her as they fucked.”

“Okay,” agreed Jimmy, not giving a shit what position they used as long as he could stick his prick into her cute, little pussy.

When Amy was on her back, Jimmy crawled up between her widely-spread legs.

Grasping the base of his shaft in his fingers, the trembling boy guided it toward her sweet, little, red-fringed cunt. A wild wave of excitement rippled through him when his sensitive cockhead first touched the hot, slippery tissues of his sister’s pussy. Feeling her brother hesitate, Amy grabbed his ass and pulled him forward, forcing the rigid length of his hard little prick into her horny cunt.

Jimmy wasn’t prepared for the unbelievably-delicious feeling of her hot, juicy cunt-flesh squeezing around his throbbing cock. He couldn’t believe the hot moistness of her heavenly young pussy.

“Gee, honey,” Amy whispered when her brother began fucking his hard cock in and out. “That feels so good.”

The pleasure was so intense for Jimmy that he lost all control of himself and was soon driving his cock in and out of her pussy with a savage intensity.

“That’s it, Jimmy!” squealed the squirming girl as his prick drilled wildly into her little white-hot cunt. “Fuck me, Jimmy! Fuck me hard!”

The cute, little redhead was squirming madly under her brother’s feverishly-humping body. Her tight little cunt walls were squeezing and sucking passionately on his slippery cock as his prick raced in and out of her juicy little pussy. Their healthy young bodies tightly locked together, the youngsters were frantically fucking toward a thunderous orgasm.

Lost in the bliss of his very first piece of ass, Jimmy’s tight little ass was pumping wildly up and down between his cute sister’s wantonly-spread legs. The girl’s soft young thighs were locked tightly around his waist as she passionately clung to him. Her eyes shut tight, Amy was squealing with unsuppressed delight as her hard little titties burned against her brother’s chest.

“Fuck me, Jimmy,” the pretty youngster whimpered. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Crazed with these delicious, new-found sensations, the boy was driving his hard prick into her slippery cunt at a fantastic rate of speed. He could feel his climax building deep in his balls, and he knew that coming in his sister’s hot little pussy was going to be a million times better than coming in his hand.

“Oh, shit!” Amy suddenly squealed. “I’m coming, Jimmy!I’m coming!”

Jerking violently, the little boy began shooting a hot stream of cum into his writhing sister’s pussy.

“Oh, yes!” squealed Amy when she felt his jizz gushing into her climaxing cunt.

“Squirt, honey, squirt! Fill me with your cum!”

The little boy continued pumping until he’d emptied the last drop of jizz into her cum-filled cunt.

“Oh, Jimmy,” she whispered a few minutes later as they slowly recoverd.

“Wasn’t that neat?”


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