Chapter 6

When they finally recovered from their fantastic fuck, Bernie went into the bathroom to take a piss. Smiling at Alice as he returned, the handsome man sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Goddamn!” he exclaimed. “You can really fuck!”

“So can you,” whispered the horny blonde as she reached out and stroked his thick, limp prick. “Am I gonna get some more? Paul and the twins won’t be back until late this afternoon.”

“You bet you are,” grinned Bernie. “All we have to do is get my goddamn cock hard again.”

“Don’t worry about that.” Alice giggled as she dropped to her knees on the floor in front of him. “My hot lips will take care of your cock.”

Gently inserting his limp prick into her mouth, Alice was thrilled with the taste of his spunk mixed with the cunt-juice that covered his thickly coated cock. After swirling his flaccid prick around in her hot mouth for a few minutes, Alice was thrilled to feel his cock starting to swell and throb.

The man’s tasty prick was rapidly growing in her mouth as she rhythmically bobbed her head up and down over his cock. Feeling his cock getting harder and thicket, the woman loved the texture of his throbbing prick as his cock deliciously filled her mouth.

The kneeling woman was so engrossed with Bernie’s thrilling cock that she didn’t notice Max stinking into the room. The big dog sat down on his haunches directly behind Alice, his eyes riveted on the hot cunt that was so deliciously exposed just below her little pink asshole.

With his tongue hanging out and dripping perspiration, the feverishly aroused animal was whimpering and trembling.

Slowly inching forward, Max was sniffing around her juicy, cum-filled cunt with his nose while his throbbing cock thrust out from under his furry belly. Alice was vaguely aware of his hot breath on her cunt, but she was too involved with Bernie’s prick to pay any attention.

Suddenly letting out an excited whimper, the huge dog leaped up and threw his paws over the kneeling woman’s shoulders, driving the full length of his fiery, red cock into her slippery cunt. Pinned down under the animal, Alice could feel his hard shaft spearing rapidly in and out of her pussy.

As the deliciously-wild sensations mounted in her flaming cunt, Alice threw her arms around Bernie’s waist to help support the animal’s weight on her back.

“Oh, yes!” she squealed, momentarily removing her mouth from Bernie’s cock as she raised her ass to give the dog easier access to her slippery cunt. “Just fuck me good!”

Once more sucking frantically on the man’s tasty cock, Alice’s entire body was charged with electric-like sparks as the beautiful animal’s super-hard prick rubbed rapidly against her screaming clit. The machine-gun rapidity of the dog’s strokes was building up to such an intense ecstasy that Alice could hardly stand it.

With her arms locked around Bernie’s waist and her lips sucking frantically on the man’s lurching cock, she could feel the animal’s fantastic prick knifing faster and faster into her sizzling cunt. It was thrilling to feel that bright-red cock drilling deep inside of her as she sucked. Alice’s big, full tits were swinging wildly beneath her as the force of the animal’s wild humping violently shook her naked body.

“Harder, Max, harder!” she whimpered around Bernie’s spit-drenched boner.

Sucking passionately on the, man’s thick cock, Alice felt a delicious warmth between her legs as Max’s long, red penis made her seething pussy boil. The wildly-aroused animal was panting loudly as he drilled in and out, slamming the entire length of his prick into her with every rapid thrust.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned in ecstasy. “Mmmmmmmm!”

Each time the animal drew back for another inward thrust, the thrill of it made Alice shudder and shake. She could feel it fucking into her with a jerky rhythm, probing into her hot, slick pussy with a canine hardness. Knowing nothing about gentleness, the panting beast was ravaging her hot cunt with his plundering cock, his furry haunches pounding against her soft ass with every rapid thrust.

“Goddamn!” Alice panted around the thick prick in her mouth as the unbelievable joy between her legs increased.

Crazed by the moist hotness of his mistress’ juicy cunt around his stabbing boner, the whimpering dog began fucking even faster. The woman was so hot and wet that the animal was insanely drilling his long, red cock through the delicious folds of her scalding cunt-flesh.

Thinking how good it felt to be fucked by her beautiful Labrador, Alice tightened her pussy muscles around his wondrous tool, increasing the friction as he pumped it in and out. Thrilled by the way her dog’s bone-hard prick was fucking into her, Alice’s tongue began working overtime on Bernie’s cock, whipping it into a lathered frenzy. Taking almost the entire length of his thick boner into her mouth, Alice could hardly wait to taste the man’s creamy cum.

“Oh, I love these cocks!” she excitedly whimpered.

Alice was almost out of her mind from the intense ecstasy as Max penetrated her cunt deeper and deeper with every thrust. Each time he pulled back, his swollen cock drew her pussylips and clit out with it, and each returning thrust would deliciously push them back into the soft folds. The way his hard prick was pushing and pulling her slippery cunt-flesh in all directions was the most incredible thing Alice had ever experienced. The unbelievable hardness of her dog’s cock was enough to drive the woman wild.

Thrilled at the way her pet’s fantastic prick was reaming out her slit from the rear, Alice’s face was bobbing faster and faster over Bernie’s loins as she sucked ravenously on his straining prick. The handsome man’s entire body was trembling and jerking from the wild sensations being induced by Alice’s hot, slavering lips.

“Oh, my God!” Bernie gasped, digging his hands into her long, blonde hair as the softness of her tongue swirled around his big, hard cock.

The feel of his tasty prick sliding over her tongue was driving the horny woman crazy. Wrapping her hot, juicy lips tighter around his cock while her dog continued fucking into her cunt from the rear, Alice took his prick deeper and deeper until she felt his swollen cockhead nudging against the back of her throat. Slowly lifting her mouth with a powerful suction, she could feel the man’s entire body shuddering with ecstasy.

“Suck, Alice, suck!” he moaned, half-crazed from the heavenly feeling of her leeching lips slithering up and down over his ready-to-explode cock.

With his breath coming in short hot gasps, his hands were curled into her hair, forcing her mouth down tighter over his throbbing boner.

“Suck, Alice, suck!” he shouted again, almost out of his mind from the intense pleasure she was giving him.

Sucking passionately on his shaft as she knelt beneath her feverishly fucking dog, the woman’s entire body felt warm and wet from the intense ecstasy that was flowing through her. Her soft lips were sucking deeply on Bernie’s thick cock as wave after wave of prurient pleasure washed through the depraved woman’s naked body. Alice could feel the tumultuous pleasure mounting throughout her writhing loins and could hardly wait to feel the animal’s hot dog-jizz shooting into her pussy.

“Come on, Max!” she squealed back over her shoulder as she temporarily pulled her mouth off Bernie’s big, tasty prick. “Fuck me harder, you big-cocked beauty!”

As if he actually understood her, the big, dumb beast began drilling his prick even harder into her pussy while Alice ground her cunt back against his furry loins.

“That’s it, Max!” she screamed.

Each backward thrust of her soft, wiggly ass was bringing her new and more intense waves of convulsive pleasure.

“Oh, you sweet doggy!” she whimpered. “Fuck me good, darling! Fill me with jizz, you beautiful, big fucker!”

The unbelievable joy that was streaking through the naked slut’s body was further enhanced by the knowledge that she was being ravaged by an animal. The realization that a dog was fucking her seemed to intensify the pleasure.

“Oh, my God!” she heard Bernie sob as she started sucking even harder on his cock.

Alice was aware of how much the handsome man was enjoying the blow-job, and she wanted to please him even more. Her mouth was flying up and down over his spit-drenched boner as her swirling tongue lapped wildly around it.

Reaching down as Alice vigorously sucked on his throbbing cock, Bernie grasped her bouncing tits. He lightly pinched and pulled on her big, turgid nipples as the beautiful cock-sucker writhed and jerked beneath her feverishly-humping dog.

“Suck it, honey!” he sobbed as the incredible suction of her lips increased.

“God, what a hot broad you are!”

Lurching wildly, Bernie’s hips were rocking up and down on the edge of the bed as he frantically plunged his cock in and out of her mouth.

“Jesus Christ!” he panted, his breath coming in hot, ragged gasps as he pressed his hands down on the back of her head. “Keep suckin’, baby! I’m almost there… almost there!”

Wanting to please the handsome man as much as possible, she sucked deeper and harder on his lurching tool as her dog continued fucking into her from the rear.

“Oh, shit!” the man cried out. “I’m ready to shoot! Just keep suckin’ that cock!”

Sucking deeper and harder, the beautiful woman could hardly wait for him to flood her throat with his deliciously-thick cum.

“Ooooooooh!” roared Bernie, digging his fingers into her long, blonde hair and slamming her mouth down tighter over his prick. “Here it comes, baby! Here comes the juice!”

Then without any further warning, the man exploded a torrent of cum into her mouth. Sucking wildly, Alice was able to swallow every tasty, slippery drop of it. Thoroughly enjoying the delicious treat he was giving her, she thirstily drank up his heavenly spunk until his limp penis slipped out of her sucking mouth.

Excitedly licking her lips, Alice was once more able to concentrate on the wonderful dog-cock that was fucking into her from the rear.

“Oh, yes, Max!” she panted. “Fuck me, baby! Fuck me good!”

The woman was almost out of her mind with pleasure as Max’s long, red prick penetrated her pussy deeper with every stroke. Pinned down under the animal’s weight, Alice was moaning with joy as his hot, slippery cock zipped wildly in and out of her writhing cunt.

“Oh, Max, baby!” she squealed. “You sweet fucker!”

Sitting on the edge of the bed with his limp, wet prick dangling down between his legs, Bernie could hardly believe his eyes as he watched the animal fucking his friend’s beautiful, blonde wife.

“Fuck it to me!” Alice screamed.

Like a bitch in heat, the wanton slut kept her creamy ass high in the air, giving the animal plenty of access to her overheated cunt.

Whimpering with joy, Max was drilling his long, shiny cock deeper and deeper into Alice’s sizzling pussy. His furry hips were just a blur as he rapidly fucked his bright-red boner in and out of her slippery cunt.

Hunched over under the wildly-humping animal, Alice’s glazed eyes were staring crazily into space, her face flushed with excitement.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Bernie was breathlessly watching the dog fuck his prick in and out of Alice’s gold-fringed hole. He couldn’t believe the rapture on her face as she writhed beneath the savagely-humping animal.

Now fucking into her as only a dog can, Max’s cock was flying in and out at a dizzying speed, his tail wagging crazily as his drooling tongue dribbled saliva all over her back.

“Fuck it to me, Max!” she cried out with joy as the lust-crazed beast further increased the tempo of his rapid thrusts.

The woman’s dangiing tits were jiggling and bouncing like crazy as the big animal rocked her deliciously-naked body. He was almost knocking the breath right out of her every time he drilled his long, hard cock into her juicy cunt.

“Oh, yes, Max!” whimpered the depraved woman. “Fuck my cunt!”

Excitedly watching her, Bernie could see how much Alice was thoroughly enjoying getting fucked by the dog. Her beautiful face was grossly distorted with perverted lust, her tongue lolling out just like the dog’s, as she feverishly slammed her ass back to meet his deep thrusts.

Helplessly aroused by the red-hot friction of her pet’s hard prick, Alice was creaming all over the slippery length of his cock, making his prick glisten with her frothy juices.

“Goddamn!” she squealed. “This is so fuckin’… fuckin’ good!”

The beautiful blonde’s face was flushed with pleasure as she excitedly took Max’s hard, rapid strokes. The hard, red meat of the dog’s thrusting prick was fucking the juices right out of her sizzling cunt, the thick, white cream splattering all over his belly.

“Fuck, this is good!!” shrieked Alice.

Max’s furry hips moved with a blinding speed as he fucked his long, red boner into the slippery hotness of the beautiful blonde’s juice-slickened cunt. As the ecstasy mounted in her steaming pussy, Alice slammed her ass back even harder to receive the full thrusts of his hard cock.

Like all dogs, Max wasn’t slow or gentle about fucking, and as he feverishly fucked his mistress, his tail was wagging madly, his long, red cock pounding deep into her.

Watchin the woman perform this lewd act with her dog, Bernie could hardly believe what he was seeing. The big Labrador was fucking her with a powerful savageness, rocking her body, making her big, full tits jiggle crazily beneath her. Bernie could see that Alice was in a state of sublime ecstasy. Her lovely face was distorted into a mask of animalistic lust, her tongue lolling out just like her wildly-fucking dog’s. She was urgently slamming her ass back to the tempo of his strokes, creating a heavenly sensation as her slippery fuck-juices boiled ceaselessly from her wantonly aroused cunt, deliciously coating his long, red prick.

“Oooooooooh!” she screamed with joy. “You’re so nice and hard, you sweet doggy!”

Flushed with sexual bliss, Alice was shrilly squealing as she took the repeated thrusts of the animal’s hard cock. The noise of their wanton fucking was obscenely squishy as Max’s long, red boner reamed the hot juices right out of her.

“Oh, fuck, it’s good!” whimpered the crouching blonde, clawing at the carpet.

“Don’t ever stop, Max!”

Having no thoughts of stopping, the wildly-aroused dog’s teeth were bared in an insane grin as he vigorously fucked into her.

“Oh, sweet humpin’ Jesus!” sobbed Alice in ecstasy. “That’s the way to fuck a cunt!”

The woman’s entire body was being jolted by the thrusts of Max’s steel-hard cock. The machine-gun rapidity of the dog’s strokes was, carrying the wildly-aroused blonde to new heights of ecstasy. The perverted pleasure built and built in her loins as Max’s blistering cock knifed into her hotly-creaming cunt.

“Oh, Max!” she squealed. “Make me come, honey! Make me come!”

The animal had fucked her countless times in the past, but it had never felt as fantastic as now. Feeling herself rapidly racing toward a mind-blowing orgasm, the beautiful woman firmly braced her hands against the floor for support and passionately screwed her cunt back around the dog’s deeply-plunging prick.

“Oh, fuck!” she squealed. “Here I come!”

With her climax starting to engulf her, the woman was almost hysterical as her dog’s juice-slickened boner raced in and out of her exploding cunt.

“Ooooooooh!” she suddenly shrieked. “I’m coming… coming!”

Alice’s body was writhing wildly as her orgasm enveloped her. Her horny juices boiled out around the animal’s throbbing boner as her cunt muscles deliciously contracted around his cock.

“Cream me, Max!” she sobbed. “Fill me with jizz!”

The words were hardly out of her mouth when the dog began coming.

Yelping wildly, the animal shot spurt after spurt of slippery jizz into the beautiful blonde’s cunt.

When her exhausted pet finally pulled his spent prick out of her pussy, Alice rolled onto her back and smiled at Bernie who was stroking a brand-new hard-on.

“Oh, honey,” she whispered, spreading the lips of her cum-filled pussy apart with her fingers. “Why don’t you empty that hot load right in here?”


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