Chapter 7

Going upstairs the following afternoon, Alice was shocked to see the twins squirming around nakedly on Amy’s bed. The girl was spread out on her back and Jimmy was kneeling between her legs, trying to get his hard little prick into her cunt.

“What are you kids doing?” gasped the woman, unable to believe what she was seeing.

“Nothin’,” they mutttered as Jimmy pulled away from his sister.

“Don’t lie to me.” Alice grinned, amused by the sight of Jimmy’s hard young cock. “Why were you trying to put your prick into your sister’s pussy?”

“He was gonna fuck me,” admitted Amy.

“What do you kids know about fucking?” asked Alice, smiling.

“We started doing it a few days ago,” said Jimmy, surprised that their aunt didn’t seem to be mad at them.

“Who taught you how to do it?”

“No one.” Amy grinned. “We sorta figured it out for ourselves.”

“I’m very proud of you,” their horny aunt said with a smile. “But there’s a lot more to fuckin’ than just pumping a cock in and out of a girl’s pussy.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” answered Alice, starting to feel hot and wet between her legs as she stared at Jimmy’s cute hard cock. “There’s a lot of different ways to fuck.”


“Of course.” Their aunt smiled, unable to take her eyes away from the little boy’s exciting young prick. “There are so many different positions.”

“How can we learn them?”

“Well,” whispered Alice, reaching down and lightly running her fingers across the sensitive head of Jimmy’s stiff cock. “Why don’t you let me give you some lessons in fucking?”

“What are you doing?” gasped the boy, startled that his aunt would touch him down there.

“Messing with your prick,” giggled Alice. “Do you mind?”

“I guess not.”

There was something extremely erotic about the feel of his hard cock, and Alice was getting even wetter between her legs as she gently fondled his hard prick.

The youngstr’s cute cock was at least four or five inches long and was as hard as steel.

“That’s a real beauty,” she whispered. “I’ll bet you have fun fucking Amy with it.”

“Shit, yes,” he grinned. “It feels neat.”

“Then let me get my clothes off so I can start giving you kids some lessons,” said the depraved woman.

When his aunt had stripped, Jimmy gazed excitedly at her gold-fringed twat.

“What are you staring at?” Alice giggled, seeing the obvious pleasure on his face.

“Your pussy.”

“Do you like it?”

“Shit, yes.”

“Would you like to fuck it?” she asked, gently stroking his hard cock.

“Sure,” he grinned.

“Then let’s do it,” whispered Alice, lying down on the bed and spreading her legs for him. “Amy can watch this time, and then you can fuck her next.”

Trembling with excitement, the little boy moved up between her legs, and grasping his hard prick, he guided it toward her juicy, gold-fringed cunt.

After Jimmy had made two clumsy attempts to insert it, Alice gently took his hard young cock in her hand and nosed the head of it into her hot, drooling cunt.

“Oh, Jeez!” panted Jimmy, feeling the soft hot flesh of her juicy cunt closing around his sensitive cock. When his young prick was completely buried in her, he could feel the slippery, warm tissues of her talented cunt walls expertly squeezing around the tingling length of his throbbing boner.

“Oh, honey, that’s sure a nice, hard cock,” whispered Alice, wrapping her shapely legs around his body.

Jimmy realized that Aunt Alice’s pussy wasn’t as tight as Amy’s but the way her experienced inner muscles milked, sucked and pulled on his cock was the wildest thing he’d ever experienced.

“Now let’s fuck,” she whispered, firmly grasping his hips as she began guiding his prick in and out of her slippery pussy. “Stay up high so the top of your cock rubs my clit.”

“Like this?” he panted, raising up slightly on his knees.

“That’s the way, honey,” she whispered. “You’re gonna be some fucker when I’m finished with you.”

The youngster was soon drilling his prick in and out of his aunt’s deliciously-hot twat with no further assistance from her.

“That’s it, honey,” panted Alice, a delicious pleasure filling her loins as the top ridge of his steel-hard cock vibrated against her tingling clitoris. “Amy’s gonna love this.”

The feel of Alice’s hot, slippery cunt-flesh rubbing and squeezing against his thrusting boner was almost more than the young boy could stand. Crazed with the joy of these delicious new sensations, the youngster was pumping his hard cock in and out of her pussy at an ever-increasing tempo.

“Is this the way you fuck Amy?” Alice giggled.


“Well, slow down,” she grinned. “You’ll pop your nuts before she’s even ready to come.”

Taking his aunt’s advice, Jimmy began slowly moving his hard prick in and out.

“Now that’s much better,” she whispered. “Just take it nice and easy for awhile.”

Unable to control his excitement any longer, he suddenly began pounding his cock into her pussy again with the same impatience he’d shown only moments ago.

“Stop that. Slow down,” panted Alice. “You don’t jack-off in a cunt, you just fuck it sweet and slow.”

“I can’t help it,” he gasped. “It feels too good to slow down.”

“All right, honey,” she giggled. “Roll over on your back, and let me show you how it’s done.”

Reluctantly pulling his hard little tool out of his beautiful aunt’s juicy cunt, Jimmy did as she suggested. Spread out on his back with his stiff boner spearing straight up in the air, he watched Alice face him and straddle his loins, lowering her hot, slippery cunt down over his hard cock.

“Holy shit!” he spluttered with excitement, watching his cockhead disappear into his aunt’s juicy pussy. The heavenly feeling of her hot, grasping cunt walls slipping down over his throbbing hard-on was almost more than the excited boy could stand. Once the length of his virile young cock was completely buried in her steaming slit, the woman began lewdly rotating her hot, juicy pussy around the base of his tingling cock.

As she rubbed her own little oozing twat, Amy stared at her aunt squatting on Jimmy’s rock-hard prick. It was driving her crazy to see the joy on the woman’s face as she slid her hot, slippery cunt up and down over his stiff prick. Amy could hardly wait for her turn.

In the meantime, Jimmy’s fingers were playing with aunt Alice’s hard nipples as she continued slowly moving her hot, sucking pussy up and down over his slippery cock.

“Shit, this is neat!” whispered the boy.

Finally stopping the up and down movement, Alice reached back and, bracing her hands against his knees, she began sliding her cunt from side to side over his rigid prick. First she’d slide slowly to the left until only the head of his bent cock remained in her, then she’d slide quickly to the right, bringing squeals of delight from the horny little boy. Each rapid motion forced the top ridge of his hard young boner to rub deliciously against her wildly-aroused clit.

He was only a kid with a five-inch dick, but Alice was almost out of her mind as she frenziedly rubbed her tingling joy-button back and forth over his steel-hard prick. She was no longer fucking him with the slow, sensual rhythm she’d used earlier. Now she was frantically sliding her cunt back and forth over his jerking cock with a maddening urgency. Realizing that Jimmy was almost ready to shoot his wad, Alice rolled him over on top of her with his prick still deeply embedded in her sizzling cunt.

“Now fuck me, baby!” she panted, clutching him tighter in her arms.

“Just fuck me as hard as you can!”

Spreading her soft thighs farther apart, Alice grasped the cheeks of his tight young ass and pulled him deeper into her hot, juicy hole. As he began excitedly drilling his cock in and out of her slippery pussy, she continued clutching his lean asscheeks, pulling him more violently into her. Wanting to give the cute youngster an extra thrill, Alice began teasing her naughty fingertip around the sensitive ring of his little puckered asshole.

Feeling his pretty aunt’s finger tracing lightly around his sensitive asshole, Jimmy began pounding his cock in and out at an ever faster tempo. Then feeling her finger slipping into the opening of his ass, the boy drilled his prick deeper into her hot, juicy cunt.

“Oooooooh, yes!” she shrieked with joy. “That’s the way to use a cunt, you cute fucker!”

As his beautiful aunt lewdly massaged his fiery asshole with her finger, Jimmy frantically fucked his hard tool in and out of her cunt at an even faster tempo.

“Eeeeeeeeggghhh!” she squealed, thrilled by the way his hard cock was sawing and vibrating against her clit. “Oh, shit, that’s good! Fuck me, honey. Fuck me good!”

As the youngster’s steel-hard prick drilled into her at an ever-increasing speed, Alice could feel herself rushing toward a wild climax.

“Oh, Jesus, I’m coming!” shrieked the woman as she was engulfed by an intense orgasm. “I’m coming, honey, coming!”

Then as her spasming cunt sucked and pulled on his cock, she felt his hot load gushing into her writhing pussy.

“That’s it, you cute little fucker!” squealed Alice. “Shoot me full, baby!

Cream me good!”

They clung desperately to each other until the very last drop of cum dribbled out of his slowly-shrinking prick.

“Now it’s my turn,” Amy excitedly giggled when Jimmy finally pulled his limp dick out of their aunt’s jizz-drenched pussy.

“You’ll have to wait until I get another hard-on,” said her brother.

“But that won’t take long.”

They were startled when they looked up and saw Uncle Paul walking into the room. Thinking how much she’d like to have him screw her while Jimmy was recovering from his ejaculation, Alice gave him a sexy smile.

“Hi,” she grinned, lying there completely naked. “Why aren’t you at work?”

“It was slow today,” he answered, staring at the three nude people on the bed.

“So I decided to take the afternoon off.”

“Come on in, and get undressed,” she invited, wearing only a grin.

“We’re having a little party.”

“I can see that,” he answered, staring at the glob of cum oozing out from between her legs as well as the string of jizz hanging from the end of Jimmy’s limp prick. “But it looks to me like you’re robbing the cradle.”

“Not really,” Alice giggled. “I’m teaching the kids how to fuck.”

“Are you guys having fun?” he asked the twins.

“They are,” Amy said with a mock pout. “All I get to do is watch.”

“That doesn’t seem quite fair.” Paul smiled, feeling his cock explode into an instant erection at the sight of her little pointed tits and the soft wisps of downy hair around her cute pussy.

“It isn’t,” sighed Amy. “I like to fuck, too.”

“How long have you been fucking?” her uncle asked.

“Since Jimmy started fucking me a few days ago,” she grinned. “And I sure think it’s fun.”

“So do I,” agreed Uncle Paul, quickly removing his clothes, letting his thick boner spring free. “I’d be more than happy to fuck you.”

“You can’t do that!” exclaimed Alice. “She’s not big enough.”

“She looks big enough to me,” he said with a laugh, seeing the way little Amy was staring wide-eyed at his big, man-sized prick.

“Are you crazy?” Alice gasped. “You’d split the kid wide open with that big cock!”

“No, he wouldn’t,” Amy finally protested, still staring as if hypnotized at his huge prick. “I want him to fuck me.”

“But, darling,” Alice said, turning to her little niece. “His cock is too big for you.”

“Please let him try it,” the little girl pleaded to her aunt. “He can always stop it hurts too much.”

“Will you be gentle with her?” Alice asked her husband, seeing how determined her little niece seemed to be.

“Of course I will,” he answered.

Picking the naked youngster up in his arms, Paul put her down on the bed.

“Now darling, get up on your hands and knees,” he whispered.

Kneeling on the bed behind her, Paul grasped her hips and gently eased the bloated head of his cock between her juicy little cuntlips.

Gripping her firmly, he began pushing forward.

“Does it hurt, honey?” he asked when his thick cockhead slipped through the tiny entrance of her cunt.

“Not yet,” she whispered.

Digging her fingers into the sheet, Amy moaned with both pleasure and anguish as her uncle shoved and pushed his thick prick deeper and deeper into her little pussy until, at last, his cock was completely buried.

“See, my cunt’s big enough,” she whispered, feeling his enormous cock throbbing deep in her pussy. The horny youngster’s hot juices were flowing hotly around the thick length of Paul’s huge boner as she passionately writhed her ass back against his loins.

Staring at them, Alice couldn’t believe her little niece had been able to take the entire length of his prick so easily. It was quite obvious that the youngster was more than capable of handling anything Paul could give her.

“Do you like it, sweetheart?” Amy’s uncle whispered. “Do you like my big cock in her cute little pussy?”

“God, yes!” she panted. “Now start fuckin’!”

“Don’t worry, honey,” he grinned, partially withdrawing his thick boner.

“When I’m finished with you, you’re gonna know you’ve been fucked.”

Then he suddenly slammed his huge prick back in, his swollen cockhead pounding against the very end of her cunt.

“Oooooooh, yes!” she shrieked with delight, her cute little ass wriggling deliciously as he lustily fucked into her hot, slippery pussy from the rear.

“Fuck me good, uncle Paul!”

The man could hardly contain his excitement. This was the tightest little pussy he’d ever been in. Her cunt was so deliciously hot and slick as her pussy squeezed and sucked on his thick cock with a feverish greed.

“How does it feel, sweetheart?” he panted. “Does it hurt?”

“Fuck, no!” she called back over her shoulder at him. “It’s really neat.”

Paul could feel her horny pussy-cream boiling all around his deeply-embedded boner as the youngster’s snug little cunt sheath squeezed passionately on his plunging prick. Her tiny pussy was hot and slick, the tightest cunt he’d ever fucked in his life. Unable to control his burning lust, he began fucking the youngster with long, deep strokes that tore deep into her luscious little cunt, almost knocking her off her knees with every thrust.

“Oooooooooh, yes!” she shrieked with prurient delight, hotly creaming all over his bloated cock as she shook and wriggled her ass back against him. “That’s it, Uncle Paul! Just fuck the piss outa me!”

Kneeling with her cute ass high in the air and her face resting on her arms, Amy was being bounced all over the bed, her pointy little tits jiggling deliciously beneath her as his huge, blue-veined prick rammed in and out of her hot young pussy.

“Oh, shit, your cock’s so good!” she whimpered. “I love your prick! I love the way you fuck!”

Paul was panting hotly as he plunged his thick cock into the delicious tightness of the young girl’s juicy cunt at an ever-increasing tempo.

In all his years of fucking, Paul had never found a cunt as hot and tight and juicy as the little pussy he was fucking now. He couldn’t believe the way the youngster’s strong young cunt muscles squeezed and sucked on his plunging prick.

“Oh, I sweet fuckin’ Jesus!” squealed the wildly-aroused girl, writhing her cute little ass more frenziedly. “Fuck it to me, Uncle Paul! Fuck me to death!

Oh, God, how I love it… love it!”

Wanting to please the pretty little child as much as possible, he once more increased the rhythm of his lusty fucking. As his big, slippery prick pounded into her wildly-stretched cunt, hot juices boiled out from between her cock-squeezing cuntlips, dribbling down her inner thighs.

The horny youngster had never enjoyed anything so much in her life, each lusty thrust of her uncle’s thick cock carrying her to new heights of ecstasy. A crazy grin split her lust-distorted face and her eyes rolled wildly around in her head as she clawed at the sheet with her fingers.

“Harder, Uncle Paul, harder!” she cried out at the top of her lungs.

“Give it all to me! Give me every thing you’ve got!”

Paul began fucking his huge prick into her for, all he was worth, slamming his tingling cock in with all his strength, almost lifting the child off her knees with every lusty thrust.

Amy couldn’t get over how good it felt to be fucked by a big, man-sized cock.

Her tiny little cunt felt raw, numb and tingly, experiencing an ecstasy beyond description. The tight walls of her little pussy were burning deliciously from the heavenly friction of his plunging boner. She could feel her nipples burning and stiffening with excitement as her wild climax rapidly approached.

“Ooooooooh, shit!” she suddenly screamed passionately waving her hot little ass around in the air. “I’m coming, uncle Paul! Oh, fuck how I’m coming… coming!”

Shuddering and jerking from head to toe as her climaxing cunt contracted and spasmed around the length of his massive cock, Amy exploded into an unbelievably wild orgasm. The joy was further intensified when his hot sperm began gushing into her little writhing pussy.

“Yes! Yes!” she squealed with delight as his thick, hot cum filled her cunt.

“Squirt, honey, squirt! Cream me good!”

Collapsing beneath the man, the exhausted little girl knew she’d just had a fuck that she’d never forget.


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