Chapter 8

Alice couldn’t explain why, but nothing had ever aroused her as much as watching Paul’s cock pumping in and out of their little niece’s juicy cunt. It wasn’t her husband’s big, hard prick that intrigued her, it was Amy’s darling little pussy.

When Paul finally pulled his spent cock out of the youngster’s cum-flooded cunt, Alice couldn’t seem to take her eyes away from Amy’s pussy. Seeing a string of slippery cum oozing out from between Amy’s darling little cuntlips, Alice lost all control of herself.

Moving over next-to her cute little niece, Alice drew the naked youngster into her arms. Gently cupping one of Amy’s firm young tits in her hand, Alice covered the youngster’s softly-parted lips with her own heated mouth. The older woman had never had any desire for a girl before, but right now she was madly lusting for her little naked niece.

Still teasing Amy’s cute little tits with the fingers of one hand, Alice moved the other down between the youngster’s slightly-parted thighs, excitedly seeking her sweet young pussy.

“Oh, Aunt Alice,” Amy giggled when she felt the woman slip a finger up into the moist hotness of her little cum-filled pussy. “You’re doing something naughty.”

“I know,” whispered the woman. “But isn’t it fun?”

“Shit, yes!” exclaimed Amy. “It feels neat.”

“I’m glad,” answered her aunt, drawing the youngster’s deliciously-naked body closer to her, once more covering Amy’s sweet young lips with her own warm mouth. The cute little redhead began squirming with delight when she felt Aunt Alice’s probing tongue in her mouth.

As they passionately French kissed, Alice cupped the youngster’s tit more firmly, feeling Amy’s naked little body trembling with unconcealed excitement as she began kneading Amy’s erect nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

“Oh, Aunt Alice,” the child whispered when the woman covered her swollen nipple with her lips. “That feels so shittin’ good.”

Still sucking on her young niece’s cute tit, Alice continued fingering the youngster’s hotly-creaming cunt.

“Oh, shit, Aunt Alice,” Amy whimpered, writhing her steaming pussy around the woman’s deeply embedded finger. “That feels wild.”

Clinging tightly to her aunt, Amy pressed her passionately-parted lips to Alice’s as the woman’s finger plunged in and out of her little scalding cunt.

Every thrust of her aunt’s finger was carrying the child to a higher plane of ecstasy.

“Mmmmmmm, Aunt Alice!” she moaned with joy when the woman’s finger found her clit. “That’s it! Oh, how good… how good!”

Holding Amy’s cute, naked body in her arms, Alice continued toying with her sensitive joy-button until the youngster was almost beside herself from the intense pleasure.

“That’s it, Aunt Alice!” squealed Amy, opening her sweet young thighs still wider, giving the depraved woman even more access to her wantonly-exposed cunt. “Oh, shit, that feels good!”

With her shapely little legs splayed lewdly apart, Amy could feel her aunt’s middle finger carrying her closer and closer to a bell-ringing climax.

“Don’t stop!” screamed the little redhead when her aunt suddenly pulled her finger out of her cunt. “I’m almost ready to come!”

“It’s all right, baby,” panted Alice, jumping to her feet and rolling her young niece onto her back. “You’re gonna come.”

“What are you doing?” asked Amy as Alice tugged the child’s ass to the very edge of the bed, letting her legs hang over.

“I’m gonna eat this cute little pussy,” whispered the woman, dropping to her knees between Amy’s thighs.

Alice had never dreamed of licking another woman’s cunt until this very moment, and now looking up between her niece’s open legs, she had this wild desire to go down on her.

“Oooooooh, Aunt Alice!” little Amy excitedly squealed when she felt the woman’s tongue swipe hotly across her juicy young pussy.

Completely carried away by her sudden lust for the youngster, Alice didn’t give a shit whether it was a girl’s cunt or not. All that mattered was that the sweet, soft flesh tasted good. What difference did it make whether it was male or female flesh as long as it was exciting to suck on?

“Oh, Aunt Alice,” the youngster whimpered, spreading her thighs farther apart to give the woman easier access to her steaming pussy. “That feels so shittin’ good.”

The deliciously-moist flesh of the little girl’s pussy was wildly exciting to Alice as her warm tongue explored the hidden recesses of the child’s cute pussy. The strange, but erotic taste of Amy’s sweet cunt-juices was enough to blow the woman’s mind.

“Oh, Jesus!” squealed Amy when her aunt’s tongue found her sensitive clitoris.

“That’s it, Aunt Alice!”

Sucking the pearly little joy-button between her lips, Alice began flicking her tongue all around it, bringing squeals of delight from deep in the cute youngster’s throat. Being a woman, she instinctively knew how to bring profound pleasure to her niece’s clit.

“Oh, shit!” the youngster shrieked. “That’s so good, Aunt Alice! It feels so fuckin’ good!”

Uncle Paul and Jimmy could hardly believe their eyes as they watched Alice hungrily going down on her little niece’s pussy.

Alice could feel Amy’s soft thighs squeezing against her face as she drew closer and closer to an orgasm. Thrilled by the way Aunt Alice was eating out her hot little cunt, the horny child spread her legs wider apart, and then grasping the woman’s head, she pushed Alice’s mouth down tighter against her seething crotch.

“Oh, yes! Yes!” squealed Amy, feeling her aunt’s hot, wet lips sucking on her pussy. Completely aroused by the erotic contact of Aunt Alice’s tongue, little Amy arched her hips up, excitedly writhing her hotly-oozing pussy against the woman’s mouth.

“Oooooooh! Oooooooh!” shrieked Amy as Aunt Alice’s tongue swirled around deeply in her juicy slit. “Oh, shit, it feels so fuckin’ good!”

Thrilled by the horny fragrance of her young niece’s tasty cunt, Alice’s tongue was slashing rapidly in and out between the slippery lips of the little redhead’s helplessly-aroused slit.

“Mmmmmmm… so good… so good,” sobbed the wildly-excited child.

Watching through half-closed eyes, little Amy could see Aunt Alice’s juice-lathered face rooting around between her shapely young legs. The youngster began whimpering louder as her aunt’s tongue continued stabbing at her throbbing clitoris. Writhing feverishly on the edge of the bed as her brother and uncle watched, the cute youngster was almost out of her mind with joy.

Hungrily going down on a pussy for the first time in her life, Alice seemed to instinctively know how to bring the cute child the most pleasure. Swirling her tongue into the most sensitive parts of the girl’s heated cunt, the depraved woman reached under Amy’s ass and slipped her fingertip into her little puckered asshole.

“Oooooooh, Aunt Alice!” the youngster squealed with delight. “That feels good!”

Whimpering and moaning from the intense pleasure she was feeling, Amy squeezed her soft little thighs more tightly against her horny aunt’s juice-drenched face. The intense ecstasy was streaking so wildly through the youngster’s body that she could hardly control her screams.

As her depraved aunt’s tongue carried little Amy closer and closer to a climax, the cute little girl thought she was losing her mind.

Alice was so busy going down on her niece’s tasty cunt that she didn’t notice Max slinking into the room. Seeing his mistress kneeling a throbbing erection as he sniffed around her juicy cunt and asshole.

“Eeeeeeeeggghhh!” Alice shrieked, completely shocked when the animal suddenly mounted her and speared his long red cock into her cunt from the rear.

Alice always enjoyed her dog’s fantastic prick, and feeling it burrowing into her, the cunt-sucking blonde eagerly welcomed it. Still licking feverishly on her niece’s little pussy, the woman began slowly grinding her hips in a circular motion as Max worked his cock deeper and deeper into the hot slickness of her writhing cunt. The sex-crazed woman was filled with a wanton ecstasy as her beautiful dog’s hard boner slowly filled her tingling pussy. When Max had buried the last hard inch of his canine-cock into her juicy, overheated slit, the feverishly-aroused woman lewdly writhed her creamy ass back against his haunches.

“Oh, goddamn it, Max!” she gasped, momentarily removing her mouth from the youngster’s little red-fringed pussy. “That big cock feels so fuckin’ good in my cunt!”

With the beautiful Labrador’s heavenly prick buried deep in her horny pussy, Alice once more lowered her face into Amy’s hotly-oozing crotch. The deliciously-fresh aroma and taste of the child’s sweet young cunt seemed to get better and better as the dog began fucking his cock in and out of her pussy more rapidly. Her entire body trembling with excitement, the kneeling woman thrust her tongue deeper and deeper into her cute young niece’s hotly-leaking cunt.

Hungrily sucking the tasty juices from Amy’s little pussy, the depraved woman was acutely aware of her dog’s fantastic cock plunging in and out of her seething cunt. With the animal’s furry weight on her back, Alice was almost oblivious to it, conscious of nothing but the delicious warmth of the slippery, red boner zipping in and out between her legs.

Pile-driving his rigid cock into her with the blinding speed that only a dog can achieve, Max had her cunt deliciously tingling from the hot friction, bringing wanton squeals of lewd rapture from deep in the debased woman’s throat. With his forepaws wrapped firmly around her naked waist, the insanelyaroused animal was pounding his long, red boner deeper and deeper into Alice’s writhing cunt while she feverishly sucked and licked on her sweet young niece’s pussy. Buffeted by the wildly-fucking dog, her big, full tits were bouncing and jiggling wildly beneath her. The hotly-aroused animal’s hard cock sent wondrous sensations churning through her cunt.

“Oh, sweet Max,” whimpered Alice, once more removing her mouth from Amy’s cute young pussy and banging her hot ass back against his furry belly, almost matching the rapidity of his blazing, fucking prick.

“God, how I love the way you fuck!”

The heavenly friction of his slippery dog-cock speeding in and out of her lust-slickened cunt was driving Alice wild. Passionately sucking on her cute niece’s juicy, hot pussy, the horny woman’s entire body was on fire as Max’s long, hard cock reamed out her sizzling cunt from the rear. The woman’s slippery cunt juices were flowing all around the hard length of his prick, thickly coating the dog-cock with her frothy discharge.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she sobbed into little Amy’s hotly-oozing cunt as the feverishly-aroused animal’s strong forelegs gripped her deliciously-naked body and pulled her creamy ass back against his furry belly, working his long, red cock still deeper into her bottomless cunt.

The heavenly pressure of Max’s hairy body against her soft bare ass sent a searing heat scorching through her scalding pussy. The woman’s body began writhing more passionately as the awesome pleasure increased. It was the heavenly height of depravity to be sucking on the cute little youngster’s adolescent pussy while her beautiful, big-cocked dog fucked into her obscenely-exposed cunt from the rear.

Trying to work her tongue even deeper into Amy’s tasty young pussy, Alice’s lust-crazed face was saturated with the young girl’s hotly-oozing juices.

Sucking feverishly on the youngster’s teenaged cunt, Alice was becoming further aroused by the lewd sound of the dog’s cream-slickened cock pumping noisily in and out of her horny pussy.

As Uncle Paul and Jimmy sat on the edge of the bed watching, the man couldn’t understand how his wife could possibly enjoy what the dog was doing to her.

The animal’s savage fucking was virtually knocking the breath right out of her lungs.

“Oh, Max, honey!” the woman panted. “Give me more of that beautiful cock!”

Alice had never been so completely aroused in her life. It was pure heaven to be sucking Amy’s juicy little twat while her dog’s magnificent prick slid in and out between her hotly-sucking cuntlips.

“Oh, fuck!” she moaned, her mouth ravaging her niece’s cunt. “Fuck me good, you sweet doggy!”

Passionately sucking on Amy’s tasty quim, Alice was almost beside herself from the sweet agony of Max’s hard boner fucking into her writhing pussy.

“Oh, yes, Max!” she squealed. “That’s the way to fuck!”

With the dog’s prick driving recklessly into her steaming cunt, Alice was sucking out the hot juices from Amy’s tasty pussy. Max was fucking his mistress into an ass-shaking frenzy as he savagely pounded his boner in and out of her sizzling cunt. The beautiful animal was holding nothing back as he brutally slammed his hard prick into the woman’s slippery pussy.

“Oh, God!” Alice sobbed into Amy’s juicy little cunt. “You sweet fuckin’ dog!”

The beautiful animal’s cock made a slippery, meaty sound as it squished in and out of the depraved woman’s snug pussy. Whimpering and moaning in ecstasy, Alice could feel Max speeding up the tempo of his thrusts as he rapidly approached his climax.

“What a cock!” she suddenly screamed, momentarily pulling her face out from between Amy’s legs. “I love it! I love it!”

Once more stabbing her tongue deep into Amy’s tasty little pussy, she let out a moan of cunt-loving delight and wriggled her soft ass around Max’s plunging cock. Almost out of her mind with the joy she was receiving from the dog’s fantastic prick, Alice was sucking even more vigorously on Amy’s sweet young cunt.

“Oh, Max, honey!” the woman panted, slamming her ass back to meet every delicious thrust of the animal’s hard, red prick. “You’re really fuckin’ now!”

“Don’t stop suckin’, aunt Alice!” little Amy suddenly screamed. “I’m starting to come!”

Burying her face deeper into the squealing youngster’s cunt, Alice was completely lost in the depraved ecstasy that was flooding through her kneeling body. She could feel her climax rapidly approaching as Max continued pumping his blazing cock into her juicy pussy with even quicker thrusts.

“Ooooooooooh! Ooooooooooh!” Amy suddenly squealed. “I’m coming, Aunt Alice! I’m coming… coming!”

The woman began sucking more heatedly on the little girl’s oozing cunt, wanting her to have an unforgettable orgasm.

Suddenly feeling her dog’s cum gushing into her own cunt, Alice exploded into one of the wildest climaxes she’d ever experienced.

“Yes! Yes!” she shrieked, writhing her horny cunt back around the animal’s spurting cock. “Cream me good, Max! Fill me with your jizz!”

As Amy fell back on the bed and her aunt collapsed on the floor, a strange silence fell over those in the room.


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