Chapter 10

›From that afternoon on, all four of them slept together in Uncle Paul’s and Aunt Alice’s big king-sized bed. They spent every night sucking and fucking each other into a wild frenzy.

The following Sunday they all went on a picnic together. So they could frolic around in the nude, Paul drove them to a deserted area near the river where there was nothing but a few scattered farms.

Finding a spot by some trees on the edge of a meadow, Paul parked the car, and they all got out. After spreading a couple of blankets on the ground, the family quickly disrobed so they could enjoy the sun and fresh air on their bodies.

“Gee, this is nice,” commented Alice as she lay on her back, gently stroking Max’s hard cock.

“It sure is,” little Amy agreed. “But I think I’ll take a walk along the riverside.”

“That sounds like a great idea!” exclaimed Alice. “Do you mind if Max and I come with you?”

“Heck, no,” Amy said. “I wish you would.”

Getting up from the blanket, they slowly walked over by the river.

Strolling along nakedly with Max following them, they had just walked around a clump of bushes when they almost bumped into a donkey that was grazing by the bank.

“My God!” cried Amy. “Look at the hard cock on that bastard!”

“Holy shit!” Alice gasped. “It’s as big as my arm!”

“How would you like to be fucked by that thing?” questioned Amy.

“I’d love it!” exclaimed the depraved woman. “Imagine having that big beauty shooting jizz up your cunt.”

“You can have him if you want,” urged Amy. “But I’m afraid that goddamn big cock would rip me open.”

“You’re probably right,” Alice wistfully sighed as they slowly approached the animal. “But I’d sure like to try it.”

“He’s ready,” observed the little redhead as they stepped up next to him. “Look at that shittin’ hard-on he has.”

“Maybe we should jack him off,” Alice suggested when the donkey made no attempt to shy away from them. “The silly thing sure looks like he needs relief.”

“Help yourself,” urged Amy. “I’ll bet he’ll shoot a bucket of jizz.”

Curious as to what his big, hard boner would feel like, Alice reached under his belly and stroked the length of his hard shaft with her fingers.

“Jesus Christ!” she breathlessly whispered. “That’s the hardest, hottest cock I’ve ever touched!”

“What’s it feel like?”

“Try it.”

Reaching out, Amy grasped the donkey’s thick prick in both of her soft little hands.

“Oh, shit,” she said with a giggle. “Touching his cock makes me horny.”

“I know,” agreed Alice. “I’m starting to get all hot and wet between my legs.”

“Look at that,” Amy whispered, pointing to a glistening drop of fuck-fluid that was bubbling from the end of his prick.

“I wonder how it tastes,” mused Alice.

“Try it.”

Moving her face down under the donkey’s belly, the woman swiped her tongue across the head of his cock, making the dumb beast quiver with excitement.

“Holy shit!” she exclaimed to her little niece who was excitedly watching.

“This fuckin’ cum tastes good.”

“Let me try it,” said Amy, seeing another drop oozing out from the slit in the end of his bloated cockhead.

Bobbing her cute little freckle-dusted face down, Amy quickly licked up the tiny bubble of slippery cock-juice.

“Goddamn!” exclaimed the youngster, rubbing the head of his prick against her cheek and neck. “His dick does taste good.”

“I wonder if he’d like a blow-job.”

“I’ll bet he would,” Amy giggled. “Let’s give him one.”

“I’m willing,” claimed her depraved aunt as she began licking his big knob.

While Alice slobbered around the donkey’s cockhead, Amy grasped the base of his thick prick and began running her tongue up and down along the sensitive underside of it, making the animal bray with delight.

“He likes it,” said Alice.

“D’ya think so?”

“Shit, yes!” the woman repeated. “Just keep lickin’ and we’ll soon pop his nuts.”

Feverishly licking and lapping on the donkey’s enormous cock, they soon had the full length and girth of it completely saturated with their sweet, warm spit.

Anxious to bring the animal off, they continued lustily sucking and licking on his huge, thickly-lathered prick.

Braying noisily as the intense pleasure in his throbbing boner increased, the trembling beast began excitedly pawing the ground with his hoofs.

“Jesus Christ!” exclaimed Aunt Alice., “The silly sonovabitch really digs this!”

“You’re not just shittin’!” agreed Amy as she continued feverishly licking up and down the slippery length of his spit-drenched cock.

“It’s blowing his mind.”

“Mine, too,” the horny woman panted. “The taste of this prick is really turning me on.”

As Alice momentarily started licking the animal’s lusty balls, little Amy brushed her long red hair back from her face, and opened her mouth as wide as possible, she slowly moved it toward his bulbous cockhead.

Finally managing to wrap her widely-stretched lips around his huge knob, the youngster proudly smiled at her aunt who was vigorously licking the donkey’s lust-swollen balls.

Smiling back, Alice was thoroughly enjoying the feel of his cum-bloated balls against her tongue. The bigness of his balls and the exciting texture of his heavy ball-sac were sending a series of heavenly sensations streaking through her cunt. There was something about the weight of the animal’s deliciously-swollen balls in the palm of her hand that was really driving the depraved woman wild.

Little beads of perspiration stood out on Amy’s upper lip as her leeching mouth sucked and pulled ravenously on the donkey’s enormous cockhead.

“Goddamn!” panted Alice as she slavishly licked and sucked on his bloated balls. “How the hell were you able to get that big fuckin’ prick in your mouth?”

“It wasn’t easy,” the little redhead gurgled around his big, meaty cock.

Excitedly braying, the trembling donkey began pumping his hindquarters back and forth in a frantic fucking motion, working his spit-soaked cockhead around in little Amy’s hotly-sucking mouth while, Alice continued licking and slurping on his deliciously-big balls.

Watching the donkey’s magnificent boner fucking into her little niece’s mouth, Alice wished it was buried in her cunt. She realized the huge thing would probably hurt a bit at first, but God, what a fuck it would be before it was finished! Watching the donkey’s huge prick working around in Amy’s mouth, Alice’s horny cunt was burning and itching with desire. She passionately licked and sucked on the donkey’s lusty balls.

Loving every moment of it, little Amy was slurping noisily on the big cock that was fucking into her very-willing mouth. The feel of his thick prick slithering around in her mouth and the feel of the bumpy, sinewy surface of his hard cock rippling over her tongue and lips was the most erotic thing she’d ever experienced.

Momentarily removing her mouth from the donkey’s balls, Alice began once more licking up and down the entire length of his huge cock, running her hot, writhing tongue all over the sensitive underside of his throbbing prick. The excitedly-braying animal was jerking and lurching wildly as the depraved woman continued licking his prick and balls while her little niece passionately sucked on his big cockhead.

The trembling beast’s body was jerking crazily as their ravenous lips sucked and pulled on his tingling cock and balls.

The thrill of sucking off a donkey was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to Amy, and the way his huge cock filled her mouth was—driving the horny youngster wild. Because of his loud braying and from the way his trembling body was jerking, Amy knew the donkey was on the verge of blowing his load. Thrilled at the prospect of tasting donkey-cum, the cute youngster clamped her horny little lips more tightly around the base of his huge cock.

Suckding with all her power, she began drawing the cum up from deep in his balls.

Alice deliciously mouthed his hot balls while Amy sucked on his cockhead. The pretty little redhead suddenly felt the thick hot jizz splattering against the back of her throat. She had never dreamed that anything could shoot such a huge amount of cum, but the youngster valiantly sucked and swallowed until the donkey quit coming.

“Wow!” she exclaimed as she crawled out from under the animal with her mouth full of jizz. “That was neat!”

“How did it taste?” Aunt Alice excitedly asked.

“Like this,” gurgled Amy, throwing her arms around the woman and pressing her open, cum-filled mouth to hers.

Writhing their naked bodies together, they sucked the slippery jizz in and out of each other’s passionately-kissing mouths for several delicious moments.

They were suddenly brought back to reality again by the donkey’s excited braying. Staring at him, they could see a string of slimy sperm dripping from the end of his rigidly-erect boner. He nervously pawed the ground with his hoofs.

“Jesus Christ!” exclaimed Amy. “The silly bastard still has a hard-on.”

“You’re sure right,” Alice grinned. “He acts like he wants another blow-job.”

“My God!” gasped the horny woman when the donkey suddenly lowered his head and wetly licked her naked pussy. “He’s after my cunt.”

“He must like the smell of it,” Amy observed with a giggle as the animal continued sniffing and licking her aunt’s gold-fringed twat.

“Holy shit!” Alice squealed with joy as the donkey began licking her hot, juicy cunt a bit more vigorously. “He’s really going after it.”

“I think he wants to fuck you,” Amy said, seeing lust in the donkey’s eyes.

“And I’d like him to do it,” Alice excitedly panted. “But he’s too big and heavy to hump on top of me like my dog.”

“There must be some way you can do it,” said Amy, glancing around for a solution.

“Look,” said Alice, pointing to an old broken down cart that had been abandoned in the field. “Maybe we can use that.”


“I could lay on the bed of it with my legs hanging over the edge. My cunt would be at just the right position for him if we could get his front hoofs up on the wagon bed,” she excitedly explained.

Leading the donkey over to the old broken-down wagon, Alice lay back on it with her legs dangling over and her cunt perched on the edge while the animal continued sniffing and licking her deliciously-exposed pussy. Alice and Amy were trying to figure out how to get the donkey’s front feet up on the bed of the wagon when he suddenly reared back and did it. Donkeys aren’t noted for their smarts, but it didn’t take this one very long to figure out how to get at that sweet-smelling pussy.

“Help him get in,” Alice whispered to her little niece when the animal had made two or three futile stabs at the woman’s cunt.

Taking the long, thick shaft in her hand, Amy inserted the swollen head of it between her aunt’s hotly-oozing cuntlips.

“Come on, dummy,” she urged. “Stick it in.”

Feeling the moist heat of her pussy closing around his big, sensitive knob, the donkey suddenly reared back and drilled into her.

“Eeeeeeeggghhh!” the woman shrieked from the sudden, brutal penetration of the long, thick cock.

Glancing up at the animal’s head above her, Alice could see the wild joy in his glazed eyes as he began frothing around his mouth and nostrils.

Stomping his feet on the bed of the old cart, the donkey began thrusting his thick meat in and out of her more-than-willing cunt. They were fucking rather clumsily at first, but after a few moments of trial and error, Alice was soon rhythmically slamming her hips up to meet the heavenly thrusts of his magnificent cock.

“Holy shit, Amy!” she squealed to her little niece. “This bastard can really fuck!”

The animal had fucked a lot of donkeys in his life, but he’d never found a cunt that was as tight and hot as this one. Feeling his cock being so deliciously squeezed by this new kind of pussy, the donkey began fucking into her with a wild frenzy.

“Oh, you beautiful fucker!” squealed Alice, thoroughly enjoying the fantastic thickness of his long prick.

Having never felt anything to equal this hot, human, cunt, the donkey was soon feverishly fucking into it, bringing the woman more pleasure than she’d ever had in her life.

“Yes! Yes!” Alice chanted. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

With the huge head of his cock banging against the very end of her cunt, it was almost more ecstasy than Alice could handle. Staring under the donkey’s belly through lust-glazed eyes, she could clearly see his obscenely-big prick fucking into her little gold-fringed hole. Watching his shaft plunging in and out of her writhing depths, she could see how thickly coated it was with her hot slippery juices. With her head rolling from side to side in rapture, the erotic sound of his thick, hard cock squashing in and out of her hotly-juicing pussy seemed to further excite the depraved woman.

“Oh, fuck it to me, you big-cocked beauty!” she screamed as she reached down and grasped his swollen balls.

The wildly-raving blonde had lost all sense of reality, and right now there was nothing else in the world for her except this fucking donkey’s big, lewd prick.

“Goddamn!” she shrieked. “Fuck me harder!”

Excitedly watching them, Amy was vigorously rubbing her own naked little cunt, wishing she had a nice hard prick in it. She couldn’t understand how her aunt’s cunt had ever been able to take such a huge cock, but it was obvious that it had been elastic enough to adapt to it, and the woman was thoroughly enjoying herself.

“Oh, fuck!” whimpered Alice as the wildly-aroused donkey pounded his thick cock into the deepest recesses of her obscenely stretched fuckhole. “Oh, Christ, how I love that cock!”

Being such a hopelessly depraved slut, the satisfaction of getting fucked by a donkey’s monstrous prick was the ultimate in sexual fulfillment. The knowledge that her cunt would soon be bathed in donkey-spunk seemed to further arouse her. The perversion of what she was doing made the whole thing even sweeter.

Mewling incessantly beneath the wildly fucking beast, the feverishly-aroused slut was writhing her slippery hot twat up and down over the thick length of his plunging cock. Excitedly digging her heels into the donkey’s flanks, Alice arched her ass up to get the full force of his deep thrusts. The slick lips of her steaming pussy were sucking and pulling on his throbbing prick, trying frantically to get even more of it into her horny pussy.

Writhing beneath the animal, Alice could feel the head of his boner swelling even larger as it slid in and out between the heavenly-soft ridges of her hotly-sucking cunt walls. She was aware that the fucking, braying animal was about to shoot her pussy full of cum, and she could hardly wait.

“Oh, fuck it to me!” she whimpered as the glazed-eyed donkey fucked harder and deeper into the steaming hotness of her deliciously-ravaged cunt. “Fuck it to me!”

Every wild plunge of the animal’s big rock-hard cock was carrying the perverted woman closer and closer to an orgasm. The ecstasy of his heavenly-big prick pounding into her cunt was enough to blow her mind.

Feeling Max rubbing his face against her bare leg as she excitedly watched, Amy dropped down onto the grass with him and began stroking the dog’s throbbing hard-on.

“Are you having fun?” she whispered to the whimpering dog. “Is it fun to watch your mistress being fucked by a donkey?”

Still whimpering, Max began burrowing his nose up between her bare legs.

“Oh, you naughty doggy,” she scolded, still fondling his hard cock and balls.

“You’re ready to fuck.”

The dog’s tongue flashed out and swiped hotly across her naked little pussy, making the horny youngster shiver with ecstasy.

“Okay, I’ll let you fuck me,” Amy giggled. “But wait until the donkey and Aunt Alice are finished. I wanta watch him shoot his load into her.”

Over on the wagon, the power of the donkey’s thrusts were literally rattling Alice’s teeth as his huge cock drilled deeper and harder into the woman’s juicy cunt. The nearly-hysterical slut could feel her orgasm wildly building up in her loins. Suddenly every nerve in her body drew taut as she tensed for her explosive climax.

“Fuck, donkey, fuck!” she squealed. “Cream my cunt!”

Suddenly feeling the animal’s thick, hot cum gushing into her pussy, Alice started climaxing all over his big squirting cock.

“Oh, fuck!” she screamed, screwing her hot slit up tighter around the length of his shooting boner. “That’s it! Juice my cunt! I’m coming… coming!”

Spread out on the grass as she watched the donkey back off her aunt’s exhausted body, Amy was once more aware of Max licking her pussy.

“Okay, you horny bastard,” she said, getting up on her hands and knees.

“Here it is.”

Needing no further encouragement, the animal quickly jumped up and mounted her.

“Oh, yes, Max!” Amy whimpered back over her shoulder when his hot, hard prick was buried to the hilt in her horny little cunt. “Now give me a good fuck.”

As the well-trained dog began pumping his cock in and out of her fiery little cunt, the cute youngster was feverishly slamming her ass back to get the full thrust of his wonderful prick.

“Fuck, Max, fuck!” Amy squealed at the top of her lungs.

Whimpering with joy, the animal’s furry hips were working swiftly as he drilled his long, red dog-cock in and out of her sizzling little slit.

Like all dogs, Max wasn’t a bit slow or gentle as he frantically fucked into her. The only thing on the dumb beast’s mind was shooting his wad.

Having recovered from her wild fuck with the donkey, Alice slowly walked over to where the dog was excitedly fucking Amy.

“Having fun?” she asked.

“Shit, yes!” exclaimed the cute little redhead. “That goddamn donkey’s cock would be too fuckin’ big for me, but Max’s is just right.”

“Good,” Alice said, suddenly noticing her husband and Jimmy walking toward them, their stiff boners standing up in front of their bellies.

“And now it looks like I’m gonna get some human meat.”

Paying no attention to her uncle and brother as they approached, Amy began once more concentrating on the nice, hot dog-fuck she was getting. Her adorable little face was twisted into a naughty mask of lust as she began slamming her sweet young ass back to meet his strokes, creating a red-hot friction in her horny little pussy.

“Oh, fuck it to me!” she wantonly screamed with joy. “You’re so nice and hard, you sweet fucker!”

The pretty little redhead was flushed with sexual bliss, squealing with delight as she blatantly took the deep, hard thrusts of the animal’s wonderful boner.

Max’s shiny, red cock was reaming the hot juices right out of her cunt, the slippery discharge splattering all over her canine-lover’s furry belly.

“Oh, it’s so shittin’ good!” whimpered the cute little redhead, clawing at the grass in her excitement.

The big Labrador’s long, red tongue lolled out, dribbling saliva all over the girl’s naked back, while he furiously fucked her. His furry hips were just a blur as he feverishly fucked into the slippery slickness of her hot little cunt with a blinding speed.

“Oh, sweet pissin’ Jesus!” she whimpered, raising her sweet young ass a bit higher to give the insanely-fucking animal even easier access to her ravaged cunt. “Now you’re really fuckin’, you sweet doggy!”

The youngster’s entire body was being jolted with electric-like sensations as the top ridge of Max’s long, red boner stroked against her clitoris. The machine-gun rapidity of the dog’s deep thrusts was almost blowing the cute youngster’s mind. The wanton pleasure grew and grew in her cunt as the big dog’s fantastic cock speared in and out of her hotly-juicing pussy.

“That’s a good doggy!” she squealed. “Now make me come, Max… make me come!”

Her uncle and brother had joined Alice, and now the three of them were excitedly watching the show.

“Goddamn!” Uncle Paul exclaimed, watching Max’s hard cock zipping in and out between the youngster’s legs. “That kid sure loves to fuck.”

“I do too,” chimed in Jimmy, reaching over and patting his beautiful aunt’s bare ass.

“What are you after?” giggled Alice, feeling her little nephew goosing his fingers into the soft crack between her asscheeks.

“You,” he whispered. “I feel like fucking.”

“Then just help yourself,” grinned the woman, spreading her naked body out on the grass for him. “I could use a good fuck myself.”

Paul continued staring at Amy and Max, anxious for the dog to shoot his load so he could get at his little niece’s cute hot cunt.

“Oooooooh!” he heard the youngster suddenly squeal. “I’m coming… coming!”

The adorable child’s body began jerking spasmodically as the overwhelming orgasm exploded in her loins. Oblivious as to what was happening, Max just kept pumping away until his big red cock filled her pussy with jizz.

When the exhausted animal finally pulled his prick out of her, little Amy rolled onto her back and saw her naked uncle smiling down, his hard cock in his hand.

“Oh, Uncle Paul,” she whispered. “Am I gonna get another fuck?”

“You sure are,” the man assured her, dropping to his knees between her wantonly-spread legs.

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