Gil had been fucking his horny little sister since he first got into her pants, but he’d never been so hot to fuck her as he was tonight after watching their mother and Max.

“Oh, honey,” Amy whispered when they entered her room and closed the door behind them. “I’m just gonna fuck you silly tonight.”

“I hope so,” he said as his cute sister stood in front of him with her hands on his shoulders.

Putting her arms around him, the young blonde pulled his body against hers, offering him her softly parted lips. Passionately kissing him, she slipped her hot little tongue deep into his mouth.

“We’re sure gonna have a lot of fun tonight,” she whispered, lowering one of her hands and lightly tracing her fingers over the big bulge in the front of his pyjamas.

“I know,” he groaned as she teasingly licked his lips with the tip of her tongue.

“Oh, baby,” she cooed at her brother as her big blue eyes blazed with lust. “This is gonna be one night you’ll never forget.”

His incestuous desires were burning hotly in his loins when he felt her young cunt writhing against him through the thin material of her nightie. He tenderly kissed her lips, letting his tongue wander around against the smooth line of her sugar-sweet mouth. He could feel her soft hair against his cheek as they kissed. Moving his hands around her back, he pulled her even more tightly against him. He could feel her young body shivering with lust as she rubbed her pussy against the throbbing hard-on in his pyjamas.

Keeping his tongue deep in her mouth, he grabbed her asscheeks in his hands and began humping back at her.

“Oh, Gil,” she crooned. “You’re gonna get such a hot fuck tonight.”

Reaching down between their two bodies, she closed her hand over his throbbing bulge. After gently caressing it for several breathless moments, the horny youngster reached through the front of his pyjamas, and she eased his cock out. Amy felt him shiver with ecstasy as she began slowly jacking his thick cockmeat.

“I’m gonna make your big prick shoot jizz all night long,” the girl hotly whispered as her soft fingers curled around the throbbing length of his cock. “I’m gonna suck and fuck you dry before morning comes.”

Tightening her grip, she began jerking her hand savagely up and down, squeezing his hard prickflesh until she could feel her brother’s cockhead swelling even larger.

“Oh, God!” she gasped. “I just love to play with your big prick.”

His legs were starting to tremble from the intense pleasure she was giving him. Gil leaned his shoulders back against the wall for support.

“Shit, that’s a beauty,” whispered Amy as she stepped slightly back to get a better look at the hard shaft she was handling. Staring excitedly at his throbbing cock she began stroking it with a smooth, fluid motion. His tightly stretched foreskin slid back and forth over his prickhead.

“Gil,” she suddenly whispered. “Do you really like the taste of my pussy?”

“God, yes!” the boy moaned. “I love it.”

“Do you feel like lickin’ it now?”

“Shit, yes.”

“Then let’s strip and get this show on the road!” exclaimed the cute youngster, quickly peeling her nightie off.

Within a matter of seconds, they were both totally naked. Amy lay on the bed with her thighs spread apart, her steaming cunt quivering with anticipation.

“That’s it, honey,” she whispered when he moved his face up between her legs. “It’s time to eat my hot little pussy.”

When his nostrils caught the fragrant aroma of her horny little cunt, Gil plunged his mouth down over it.

“Lick my cunt, darling! Lick it good!” she excitedly panted, grabbing the back of his head and forcing his mouth down tighter over her swollen pussy.

Gil began running his mouth up and down in her open fuckslit, and the thrilling taste of her little pussy made his cock throb more violently. He could feel her small body squirmed under him as his nose pressed into the scented bush of her golden pussy hairs. Her aroused cunt was gushing juices against his chin and cheeks as she twisted in ecstasy, and her soft thighs squeezed against the sides of his face.

Suddenly wanting to take a good look at her little pussy, he momentarily pulled back. It was so soft and open, with, a downy growth of feathery blonde curls around it. Her cute cuntlips looked like the open petals of a flower as they exposed her hard little clit at the top of her fuckslit.

He stared excitedly at the slick, wet flesh between her cuntlips where the horny juices were oozing out, trickling down over the crack of her sweet, young ass. The sight of her wet pussy, and the heavenly aroma that filled his nostrils were enough to blow his mind.

“Oh, yes,” Amy whispered down to her handsome big brother. “Just lick the hell out of my hot little cunt.”

Quickly lowering his face again, Gil began running his tongue up and down in her fuckslit.

“Oh, yes! Oh, God, yes!” whimpered Amy, shoving his mouth down deeper into her drooling pussy. With her naked thighs scissored against his face, the youngster began frantically humping her cunt up and down against his wildly licking tongue.

“Oh, shit,” she panted, grinding her hot little pussy up against her big brother’s mouth. “That’s it, honey! Lick it, darling, lick it!”

Amy’s cunt was hotly oozing pussy cream as the excited boy’s tongue slithered between her cuntlips. With his nose nuzzled in her pussy, Gil was thoroughly enjoying the tasty flavors that were flowing into his mouth. Moving his tongue up to the top of her fuckslit, he drew a soft moan of pleasure from her when his tongue-tip found the hard nub of her sensitive clit.

He spent several long moments teasing her clit into a wild frenzy before he lowered his mouth again and slipped his tongue up into the oozing channel of her hot, slippery cunt.

“Ahhhhhhhhh… so good… so good!” she whimpered, her entire body quaking with wanton desire.

She grabbed the back of his head, forcing his mouth down even harder against her hotly flowing pussy. Grinding her cunt up against his lips in frantic circles, she was screwing her hot young fuckslit up around his deeply embedded tongue. With his mouth pressed passionately against her open cunt, Amy’s pussylips were feverishly kissing back at him as he breathed in the horny fragrance of her writhing crotch. His mouth was filled with the slippery juices from deep in her little cunt.

“Fuck me deeper,” she softly crooned. “God, honey, you sure know how to eat pussy.”

Wildly turned on by the scent and taste of his little sister’s swampy cunt, Gil was rolling his tongue from side to side in the slippery softness of her pussy. He was straining, to force his tongue even deeper into her heavenly fuckhole while his nose excitedly rubbed into the fluffy bush of golden pubic hair.

Little Amy moaned with disappointment when he finally pulled his tongue back out of her hot, narrow pussy so he could get a breath of air.

“Don’t stop, honey,” she begged, digging her fingers into his thick hair. “Please, make me come.”

Taking a few deep breathes to fill his lungs, Gil again burrowed into the cute youngster’s swampy, hot cunt.

“Yes! Yes!” she cried out, passionately grinding her hips up against him, smearing the wetness of her drooling pussy all over his face.

Realizing that his horny little sister was close to coming, he lapped up along the length of her fuckslit until his tongue found her clit, sending a wild shudder rippling through her body.

“Oh, yes, darling!” she joyously whimpered. “Suck my clit, baby! Make me come!”

After teasing her clit for a few delirious moments, he drove his tongue back into her hot little cunt again. Then he slowly worked it back up through the slippery folds of her fuckslit until he was once more teasing her clit. Her tingling clit was erect and throbbing as he rolled it around with his tongue and lips. He teased and licked and sucked on her sensitive little clit until she could hardly stand the intense ecstasy he was giving her. Wanting to bring his adorable little sister off, Gil began savagely rippling his tongue back and forth across her tingling clit.

“Yes! Yes!” she shrieked with joy, feeling his stiff tongue stroking her clit into a wild frenzy. “Oh, shit, that’s good!”

Hotly writhing her sizzling pussy up against his sucking mouth, Amy could feel his tongue digging all around her quivering clit, bringing squeals of delight from deep in her throat. Again and again, she felt his tongue lashing against her clit as he firmly held it between his lips.

“Oh, my God!” she shrieked as the intense pleasure increased.

Her fingers were frantically curled into his hair as she strained and humped her oozing cunt up around his juice-soaked face. She was cumming so violently that he had to firmly grasp her asscheeks and pull her squirming fuckslit more securely against his mouth.

His face rolled from side to side as his tongue tried to follow her wildly gyrating cunt. Realizing she was starting to climax, he didn’t want to miss a single stroke. He slashed at her ecstatically erect clit, licking it, lapping it and sucking it until the girl was in a seething frenzy.

“Oh, shit!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. “I’m coming… coming!”

Her loins were shaking wildly as the pleasure in her cunt began radiating out to every, part of her body. The youngster’s hot juices were flooding wildly into his mouth as she writhed and lurched all over the bed. She was whipped into a wild frenzy by the tumultuous climax that was racing through her body. Her shapely little legs seemed to stiffen as she clamped her feverish thighs firmly against his face, arching her hips up, hotly rubbing her cunt around his plundering tongue.

The youngster’s entire body grew taut from the unbelievable pleasure of her intense orgasm. Screaming little obscenities of joy, she curled her fingers into his thick hair, and firmly held his mouth down against her hotly oozing fuckslit.

His tongue was still swirling around her throbbing clit, still working as feverishly on her as he’d been doing before her thunderous climax.

“Oh, my God!” squealed the youngster. “Don’t stop, honey! I’m starting to come again.”

He quickly pulled his tongue away from her clit and drilled it deep into her wildly spasming fuckhole. With his hard cock throbbing up against his belly, Gil began swirling his tongue around in the creaming depths of her sizzling cunt.

“Oh, Gil, you darling!” she cried out. “Don’t stop, honey! I’m still coming… still coming!”

The youth’s mouth was soon filled with her slippery pussy juices as Amy’s scalding cunt sheath contracted around his tongue. Thrilled by the depravity of his incestuous attack, he continued stroking his tongue in and out of her juice-slickened cunt, bringing more squeals of joy from deep in the youngster’s throat.

“Oh, honey!” whimpered Amy, feeling her body stifling to tense once more. “Oh, God, make me come again!”

Swiping his tongue back up to her tingling clit Gil lapped and licked until his cute little sister exploded into her third orgasm.

“My God!” she whispered when her brother finally pulled his soaked face out from between her hot thighs. “You’re sure some cunt-eater.”

Rising to his knees. Gil found himself looking directly down at her hot, open cunt, which was still bubbling with a mixture of his spit and her orgasmic juices.

“Help yourself,” Amy said with a giggle, seeing the wild lust on his face as his cock throbbed up violently in front of him. “You’ve more than earned a hot fuck.”

Wiping her cunt juices from his mouth with the back of his hand, Gil grasped his hard prick in the other, and he guided his cockhead up between her widely spread thighs. Pushing his prick up between her pussylips, he could feel the moist heat of her little cunt spreading across his sensitive cockhead.

“Oh, Jeez!” she gasped, feeling his hard cock sinking into her pussy.

Her young cunt was still tingling from the series of orgasms she’d just had. Her cute face was flushed with wanton lust as her half-closed eyes looked up at him with adoration. Her wonderful brother had just given her such a glorious tongue-job, and now, seeing the burning passion on his face, she knew he was going to fuck her ass off before they were finished.

Trembling with excitement, she grasped the base of his prickshaft, then stuffed it deeper into her horny little cunt.

“Oh, yes!” she panted. “Fuck me deep and hard, honey!”

He watched her soft, pink pussylips clinging moistly to his thick prick as it moved in and out. He pulled back until only the tip of his cock remained in the juicy folds of her cuntlips, then he slammed forward, their bellies slapping loudly together, as he drove his prick deep into the girl’s little fuckhole.

“Oh, my God,” she sobbed, affectionately holding his big, swollen balls as his hard cock fucked in and out through the body gripping tunnel of her cunt. She was breathing in short gasps as the burning fire between the young thighs exploded.

Gil was slowly speeding the tempo of his thrusts with every stroke until he was savagely ramming his prick in and out of her sucking fuckhole. He was now mercilessly fucking into her with all his strength, and his adorable little sister was wildly, responding to his feverish assault, slamming her cunt up to meet every hard plunge.

“Oh, honey!” Amy suddenly cried out as the ridge of his hard cock rubbed hotly against her tingling clit. “That’s it! You’re gonna make me come!”

Gil began pounding even deeper and harder into her little writhing pussy. Lost in the wild frenzy of fucking, Amy was arching her ass high off the bouncing bed to meet his downward plunges. An animal-like cry escaped from deep in her throat as the muscles of her spasming cunt suddenly damped around the thick length of his throbbing cock.

“Eeeeeeeeeggggghhh! Oooooooooh!” she screamed. “I’m coming again! Your big hot cock’s making me come… come… come!”

No longer able to control his flaming lust, Gil knew he was about to shoot his sizzling wad. Prickles of delight were streaking up and down the length of his tingling prick as he drilled it deeper and faster into the clinging hotness of her sucking cunt.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!” the youth roared as his boiling jizz suddenly exploded from his cockhead.

His climax was the most forceful he’d ever experienced.

“Oh, yes, honey!” she hysterically screamed. “Cream me good, you big-cocked darling! Fill my hot little cunt with it!”

Gil fucked into his sister like a wild bull. His sticky flow of jizz was drenching her cuntslit, oozing out between her pussylips. The young man had never felt anything so incredibly good as the sensation of his seething cum gushing and swirling into her hotly writhing pussy. His hard prick was drenched in his own bubbling cum as his spurting cock thoroughly coated the warm, velvety walls of her cunt.

The pleasure was almost overwhelming in its intensity as wave after wave of hot cum jetted from his cockhead. Driven almost mad from the joy of his fantastic climax, Gil was still fiercely driving his squirting prickmeat in and out of her clasping pussy.

“Don’t stop, honey!” the cute youngster desperately shrieked. “I’m coming again, darling… still coming… coming… Commmmmmmmiiiiiiinnnnggg! Oh, shit, how I’m coming!”

The youth continued drilling into his little hot, horny young cunt until the girl’s orgasm finally ceased, and then they collapsed in each other’s arms.

“Oh, Gil,” she whispered a little later, as they slowly recovered from their exhausting climaxes. “You sure know how to use a cunt.”

“God!” panted Gil. “I’ve never shot that much jizz in my life.”

“Then I’m glad you shot it into me,” his little sister said with a giggle. “That was some wild fuck.”


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