When Amy’s father got off work the next afternoon, he and his friend, Ed Martin, stopped in a bar before, going home. Two hours and six drinks later, they staggered out onto the street where they saw a sexy little redhead strolling along the sidewalk. She appeared to be in her late teens with a shapely little ass that wriggled around teasingly beneath her short, tight skirt.

“Goddamn,” slurred Ed, trying to steady himself against the side of the building. “How would you like to get into her pants?”

“Wow!” gasped Amy’s father, staggering slightly. “I’ll bet she’d be a hot piece of ass.”

“I’d sure like to fuck her,” sighed Ed.

“Who wouldn’t?”

“I haven’t had any tail since my wife went to visit her sister two weeks ago,” Ed continued, trying to focus his eyes on the cute redhead’s ass as she walked down the street. “And Goddamn. I’m in a horny mood.”

“Why don’t you go get laid?”

“I don’t know any broad that puts out,” he admitted.

“Do you like young stuff?” asked Amy’s father.

“I don’t care whether she’s young or old,” slurred the man. “I just need a piece of ass.”

“D’ya wanna fuck my kid? She’s cuter than hell and loves to fuck.”

“How old is she?”

“Younger than your son.”

“Wow!” gasped Ed. “That is young stuff.”

“Wanna try her?” the girl’s father asked. “She’s really a hot little bitch.”

“Why not?” snorted the man. “I haven’t fucked anything that young since I was a kid.”

Later, when her father and the man staggered into the house, little Amy wasn’t wearing anything but a slip.

“Oh, excuse me!” she gasped, seeing the handsome stranger with her father. “I wasn’t expecting you to bring any company home.”

“It’s okay,” soothed her dad as the two men entered the room. “Honey, this is my friend, Ed Martin.”

“Hi, Mr. Martin,” she greeted him.

“Hello,” the man answered, shocked by the beauty of the half-dressed youngster.

“If you’ll excuse me,” said Amy, “I’ll go put some clothes on.”

“Don’t bother, honey,” said her father.

“Why not?”

“Because Ed wants to fuck you.”

“Really?” she beamed at the handsome stranger.

“Do you mind?” he asked.

“Shit, no!” said Amy. “I was just getting ready to finger-fuck myself when you came in.”

Taking his hand, the cute little blonde, led him into her bedroom as her father followed.

Unable to believe what was happening to him, the man sat on the edge of the bed. Sitting down next to him, Amy tested her hand on the front of his pants. She was pleased to feel his incredibly hard cock throbbing through the material.

“Well,” she whispered, lowering his zipper. “Let’s see what you’ve got there.”

Reaching through his fly, Amy quickly pulled his prick out. The girl was thrilled to find that it was even larger than her dad’s big cock, and she excitedly wrapped her trembling fingers around his thickly swollen fuckshaft.

“God, Mr. Martin,” she whispered, gently squeezing his prickrod. “That’s sure a neat cock.”

After stroking his hard-on for a few thrilling moments, she asked him to stand up and remove his clothes. Once he was stripped, the excited man sat back down on the bed again, his throbbing fucktool spearing up from between his legs.

Standing in front of him, Amy pulled her slip off over her head, then dropped it onto a chair. His eyes almost bugged out of his head as he stared at her nubile tits. Though her cute young tits weren’t fully developed yet, they were perfectly shaped. Two big, oversized nipples puckered out from them.

Next, she curled her fingers into the elastic waistband of her panties, peeling them down over her little ass, then letting them slither down her legs to the floor.

Panting excitedly, the man stopped staring at her tits and let his gaze wander down over her flat little tummy to the youngster’s pubic area. Her pussymound was sweet and puffy with a wispy growth of downy hair clinging softly to her creamy skin. The wetly parted lips of her little pink cunt were glistening with shimmering droplets of cunt juice.

Smiling at the man as her dad looked on from across the room, she gently pushed him back on the bed and crawled up next to him.

“Well,” she said, giggling and, putting her arms around him, drawing his naked body up against hers, “I guess it’s time for your fuck.”

A delightful warmth washed through Amy’s horny little body as her hands tenderly caressed him. Her fingers encircled his erect prick as her lips and tongue searched for his mouth. The excited man began writhing wildly beneath her, his hips arching up against her as she stretched out above him. His entire body was trembling with excitement as her naughty little tongue wormed around sensuously in his panting mouth while her fingernails traced burning trails across his naked flesh.

Ed Martin was getting more excited by the minute. He fully realized that she was only a teenager, but she was the horniest, sexiest little bitch he’d ever met.

Once more taking his throbbing prick in her hand, Amy began brushing his sensitive prickhead against the soft, warm flesh of her inner thighs.

“Does this feel good?” she whispered when she felt his body starting to quiver.

“Christ, yes!” gasped the man, his voice heavy with passion.

“If you think this is good,” she softly crooned, “just wait’ll we start fuckin’. My horny little cunt is gonna squeeze and milk every drop of jizz out of your big hard cock.”

“Then let’s start fuckin’,” he panted.

“Not so fast,” she teased, her eyes twinkling with mischief as her fingers stroked his prick, feeling it growing to an even greater girth and length. “Let’s play with each other a little longer before we start fucking.”

It seemed perfectly normal to Amy that she should be caressing this handsome stranger’s beautiful cock while her father casually looked on from across the room.

“Mr. Martin,” she passionately whispered to him. “Why don’t you suck and play with my tits?”

The man tentatively reached out, and he brushed his fingers across one of her stiffly swollen nipples. He touched it lightly at first, and then suddenly losing all control, he began rolling and pinching it between his fingers, sending wild little thrills streaking through her body.

“Oooooaoh, yes!” she excitedly moaned. “Now lick ’em and suck ’em!”

Needing no further urging, the feverishly aroused man quickly mashed his mouth down over one of her firm, young tits.

“Ooooooooh… yessssss!” whimpered the girl as he took her tender nipple into his mouth and began sucking and pulling on it with his lips. “That’s the way!”

Listening to her moans of ecstasy, he momentarily thought he was hurting the youngster, and he quickly pulled his mouth away.

“Don’t stop, honey! Please don’t stop!” she panted, fiercely pulling his face back against her tit. “Just keep suckin’, it feels so good!”

Once again circling her swollen nipple with his lips, the man felt her soft fingers lightly stroking his swollen prick.

“Honey,” whispered Amy, pushing his face away from her tit. “Roll over on your back.”

Kneeling over him, Amy pressed her moistly parted lips against his mouth. She began tracing her teasing fingers all over his muscular body, down over his chest and hips to his thighs, then back up again until her fingernails brushed lightly over his obscenely wobbling cock. Now concentrating on his hard prick, she began lightly stroking the sensitive underside of his swollen fuckshaft, sending shivers of ecstasy through his trembling body. Lowering her hand a bit farther, she cupped his big, warm balls, running her fingers through the wiry curls that covered the loose crinkly skin of his cum-swollen balls.

Finally moving her mouth down over his neck and shoulders to his broad chest, he let her tongue tease around his sensitive nipples.

“God, that’s such a nice, big cock,” whispered the horny little girl as she lovingly stroked his throbbing fuckshaft with her fingers. “Does this feel good?”

“Fuck, yes!” the man gasped.

Amy’s nostrils were filled with the strong male scent of his hotly leaking cockhead as she raised her mouth and lightly ran the tip of her tongue across his big knob.

“Oh, my God!” he panted.

“What’s the matter?” she teased. “Don’t you like it?”

“Jesus, yes!” he gasped. “It’s fantastic!”

After licking his thick fucktool for several heavenly moments, Amy wrapped her warm lips over his cockhead. She was thrilled by the flavor of the slippery pre-cum juices that were bubbling up from his piss slit.

“D’ya like this?” whispered Amy, lifting her mouth from his rigid prick.

“Fuck, yes!” he panted. “It’s wild.”

Cupping his swollen balls in her hands, the pretty youngster lowered her dimpled face, and she began swirling her hotly dripping tongue all over the loose skin of his hairy ball sac. When his balls were thoroughly drenched with her saliva, the horny youngster once more stuffed his big knob back into her mouth.

“Holy shit!” he groaned, digging his fingers into her long blonde hair as he slammed his ass up from the bed, trying to stab even more of his hard prickmeat into her mouth.

Wrapping her hot lips more tightly around his swollen prick, she pumped her head up and down over him at a faster tempo. Amy was thrilled by the way his cockhead was softly pounding against the back of her throat.

“Suck, baby, suck!” the man groaned as the ecstasy increased in his loins.

Watching from a chair across the room, Amy’s father had whipped out his own cock and was idly stroking it until he could use her hot little pussy. The sight of his daughter’s pretty face bobbing over his friend’s prick was almost enough to blow the man’s mind.

“That’s the way, honey!” Ed was panting. “Suck that cock! Suck it good, baby!”

“That’s enough,” giggled Amy, lifting her mouth from his hard boner. “We’d better start fuckin’ before you shoot your wad.”

“You’re sure right about that,” the man said.

“Just stay on your back,” whispered Amy. “I’ll fuck this time.”

Straddling his hips on her knees, her juicy pussy positioned just above the head of his stiff cock. She grasped the base of his cockshaft and aimed his knob up at her cunt. Slowly lowering herself over his cock, her young body shivered with delight when her slippery cuntlips brushed against his pulsing cockhead.

Then suddenly lowering her hips, she felt his swollen prick plunging up into the creamy hotness of her lust-slickened cunt.

“Ooooooooh, yes!” she squealed out from the ecstatic pleasure that was streaking hotly through her horny little body.

“Oh, my God!” gulped the man, feeling the young girl’s pussy squeezing around his prick. “Jesus Christ, it’s tight and juicy in there!”

“And it’s gonna be a lot juicier before we’re finished,” she promised.

Feeling his hard cock throbbing deep in her cunt, Amy was shivering with excitement.

“Oh, Mr. Martin,” she whispered in a dreamy voice. “Your hard cock feels so good in my hot little cunt.”

Amy began rotating her little pussy all around the base of his deeply embedded fucktool.

“Mmmmmmmmhh,” she whimpered with joy as she began raising and lowering her pussy up and down over his rigid pole of prickmeat. “This feels so fuckin’ good.”

She loved the way his virile cock rubbed against the tight walls of her horny little fuckhole as she feverishly slid up and down over his hard-on.

“God, baby!” gasped the man, clutching at the youngster’s softly rounded hips as her pussy sucked and milked up and down over his throbbing prick. “I never dreamed anything could feel so fuckin’ good!”

The man was half out of his mind with ecstasy as his friend’s cute little daughter bounced faster and faster over his jerking fuckrod. Never in his life had he experienced such intense pleasure. The heat of her tight young cuntslit around his prick was filling him with an unbelievable ecstasy.

“Do you like fuckin’ me?” she whispered down to him.

“Christ, I love it!” he gasped.

“Then fuck me like a dog,” she suggested, lifting her cunt up off his prick.

“Do you really mean it?”

“Yes, I want my pussy fucked from the rear,” she panted getting on her hands and knees in front of him.

Smiling back over her shoulder at him, the naughty youngster began waving her ass around in the air. The sight of her bare little ass made the man’s cock throb more violently.

“Jesus!” he panted, staring at her juicy cunt peeking out from the soft curl just beneath her little puckered asshole.

“There it is,” moaned Amy. “Now fuck the holy shit out of it.”

Trembling with excitement, Ed gently grasped her hips and slowly guided his throbbing cock toward her hot little pussyhole.

“Oh, Mr. Martin,” she whimpered, feeling his stiff prick penetrating deeper and deeper into her sizzling cunt. “Now just fuck the piss out of me.”

After starting a bit slowly, he was soon rhythmically drilling his juice-slickened fucktool in and out of her hotly squeezing pussy. She feverishly fucked her ass back against him, wanting the maximum penetration of his pistoning cock.

“Harder!” she squealed. “Harder, honey! Fuck me harder!”

“Jesus Christ!” he panted, increasing the tempo of his thrusts. “This is fantastic!”

“Do you like fucking me!” she shouted back at him.

“God, yes!”

“I love to fuck you!” he roared.

“Fucking my what?” she squealed with delight.

“Your hot little cunt!” he panted. “I love fucking your hot little cunt!”

“Are you gonna shoot a big load into my hot little cunt?” she continued to tease him as she thrust her ass back to better receive his deep, hard thrusts.

“You better believe it,” he gasped, pounding more vigorously into her scalding fuckhole. “You’re gonna get the biggest, hottest load of cum you’ve ever had.”

He was now fucking into her with all his strength. Every wild thrust of the man’s cock was carrying the wantonly writhing girl to new heights of ecstasy. The intense pleasure was almost more than she could stand as she buried her face in her arms and raised her ass even higher to better receive the man’s deep thrusts.

“I love it! I love it!” she screamed with joy. “Just fuck it to me, baby! Fuck the shit out of me!”

Her cries of passion were further arousing the man, and he pounded his cock deeper and harder into her little swollen cunt.

“Oh, God, Mr. Martin!” shrieked Amy as his prick feverishly zipped in and out of her hotly sucking cuntslit. “Fuck me, honey! Fuck me harder!”

Staring down, the excited man could see his juice-slickened prick gliding wetly into the hotness of her tightly squeezing cunt.

“Fuck it to me!” she shrieked. “Give me your nice hot cock-cream! Shoot it to me! Shoot me full!”

The half-crazed man could feel his climax building up deep in his balls as he frenziedly pounded his prick in and out of her scalding little fuckhole.

“That’s it!” screamed Amy. “Fuck me harder! Make me come! Make me come!”

Harder and faster, he fucked his cock into her, feeling his jizz swirling around in his balls as it started its fiery journey up through the length of his cockshaft.

“Don’t stop!” she gasped, feeling the first spurt of cum gushing into her hotly writhing pussy. “I’m almost there!”

The feel of his sticky cum spurting against her cuntwalls triggered the most mind-blowing orgasm she’d ever had.

“Oh, God, I’m coming!” she sobbed, screwing her cunt back around the base of his wildly spewing prick. “Keep squirtin’, honey! I’m coming… commmmmmmmiimmnnnnggg!”

Their two bodies writhed obscenely together until the last drop of jizz had been emptied from his belching cockhead.

“My God, Amy,” he whispered when he finally withdrew his limp prick. “That was so wonderful, sweetheart!”

“I know!” she exclaimed to the handsome man. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“I just can’t thank you enough,” he whispered.

“That’s okay,” said the horny little girl. “You can fuck me anytime you want. I can’t seem to ever get enough cocks.”

“Then how about using this?” they heard her father’s voice by the side of the bed.

Looking up, she saw her dad standing there stroking his hard prick.

“Oh, yes!” gasped Amy. “Stick it in me, Daddy. I want both of you to fuck me and fuck me tonight.”


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