While Max Layton was fucking the hell out of Amy, the girl’s big brother was at the public swimming pool with his friend, Chuck. As he reclined in the sun, Gil noticed a girl in a brief bikini and a fabulous figure spread out in a lounge chair.

“Look at that broad.” Gil said to his friend. “I’ve never seen her around.”

“That’s Sherry Lyman,” said Chuck. “She and her parents just moved into town.”

“How do you know?”

“They live across the street from me.”

“Wow!” gasped Gil. “I’d sure like to lay that tasty little blonde.”

“That’s no problem,” boasted Chuck. “I got into her pants last night.”

“Are you serious?”

“Sure!” exclaimed the youth. “She was out on her front lawn, and I went over and introduced myself to her. Fifteen minutes later, she was giving me a blow-job on her back patio.”

“Holy shit!” gasped Gil. “That’s tough to believe.”

“You better believe it,” his friend asserted. “And as soon as I got another hard-on, she gave me the wildest fuck I’ve ever had.”

“Well, I’ll be Goddamned!” exclaimed Gil. “Would you like to meet her?”

“Shit, yes.”

The beautiful blonde gave them a big, warm smile as they approached her.

“Hi, Chuck,” she greeted her neighbor.

“Hello, Sherry,” said Chuck. “This is my friend, Gil Wilson.”

“Hi, Gil,” she softly purred. “Chuck told me some naughty things about you last night.”

“What kind of naughty things?” asked Gil, blushing.

“Well,” she said with a twinkle in her eyes. “He says you like to mess around with hot little pussies.”

“I sure do,” the young man admitted.

“Then why don’t you boys drop by my house in about an hour,” she whispered. “My folks will be gone all afternoon.”

When they arrived a little later, Sherry excitedly rushed them in. The moment the little blonde sat down next to Chuck on the sofa, he took her into his arms and covered her softly parted lips with his mouth. Both of them were soon heatedly panting, and their tongues passionately entwined. Chuck slipped his hand up under her skirt, and he teased up along the inside of her bare thigh as her young body trembled from his erotic touch.

“Mmmmm,” she softly moaned as his thick middle finger slipped under the crotchband of her brief panties.

The horny blonde involuntarily arched her hips up as he wormed his finger into the slick hotness of her oozing cunt.

“Oh, God,” she passionately moaned into his mouth, clinging tightly to him as the friction of his finger moving around in the slippery folds of her pink pussy filled her with lust.

Her intense pleasure was greatly increased when he briefly moved his finger up to the top of her fuckslit to tease her hard, tingling clit. Then she let out another moan of uninhibited delight, writhing her body against his when he slipped his thick middle finger back deep into her pussy.

“Does that feel good, honey?” he whispered as he screwed his finger around in her frothy little pussy.

“Shit, yes, but why don’t you let me suck your cock for a minute?”

“That’s okay with me!”

“Then let’s go in on my bed,” she suggested, taking his hand and leading him to her room as Gil excitedly followed.

Quickly pulling his pants down, Chuck spread himself put on the bed.

“Come on,” he moaned, waving his cock around as Sherry smiled at him. “It’s all ready for you.”

She quickly kneeled over the youth on her hands and knees and, with his prick pointed straight up, she lowered her head toward it. Flicking her tongue out, she licked the tip of it across his swollen cockhead, bringing a soft moan from deep in his throat.

Firmly holding the base of his throbbing fuckshaft, Sherry began running her tongue up and down its meaty length. The girl was still not taking his cockhead into her mouth. She just teased his prick with the tip of her tongue driving the young man into a wild frenzy.

Cupping his lusty balls in her palm, Sherry lowered her head, and she lightly ran her wet tongue over them. The curly hair tickled her nose. She nuzzled her face forward, opened her lips and slowly sucked both of his balls into her mouth. She could hear him groaning with pleasure as he dug his hands into her long blonde hair, unconsciously pressing her face tighter against his crotch. With her tongue lapping at his balls, she gently rolled them from cheek to cheek. After sucking and licking his swollen balls for several more moments, she raised her mouth up to his cockhead again.

“Jesus Christ!” gasped Chuck when the horny young girl suddenly plunged her warm, soft lips down over his sensitive knob.

Thrilled with the taste of his thick, hard prick, Sherry tightened her lips around his fuckshaft as she plunged her face down, and down until his tight swollen cockhead nudged against the back of her throat. Her tongue fluttered up and down the length of his prickshaft while she gummed it with her lips. The horny little blonde’s face was twisting from side to side in his crotch. Then, firmly pushing his hips, Sherry raised her head as slowly as she’d lowered it, running her tongue up along the underside of his fucktool until it was almost out of her mouth.

She was thrilled by the sight of curly pubic hair rushing up toward her mouth as her face plunged downward. Then his slippery cock slid out from between her sucking lips as she pulled her head up.

Watching excitedly from across the room, Gil was getting more turned on by the second.

“My God!” he panted to his friend. “She’s sure giving you a prime blow-job!”

“You better believe it,” groaned Chuck. “This little broad’s really got it all together. Why don’t you come over here and join us?”

Walking over next to them, Gil wasn’t sure what to do. Chuck was on his back, taking up most of the bed, and Sherry was kneeling over him as she sucked on his hard prick. As he stood by the bed, Gil was looking directly at her little panty-clad ass. Seeing that the kneeling girl’s ass was at just the right height, he quickly lowered his zipper.

After dropping his pants and shorts, he stepped forward and lifted her skirt up higher. His hard prick was throbbing violently as he ran his hands over the smooth nylon that was so tautly stretched over her ass. He reached up between her legs and felt, the heat of her pussy through the wet crotch other panties.

Grasping the waist of her panties with both hands, he peeled them down over her softly rounded ass and thighs. He slipped his thick finger into her steamy little cunt front the rear. After plunging his finger in and out a few times, he began spreading her oozing juice onto his cock.

Grasping her hips, Gil aimed his cockhead between her slippery cuntlips, then pushed forward until he felt his knob slithering into her tight little pussy.

“Mmmmmmm, shit, that’s good,” Sherry softly whispered around the thickness of Chuck’s hard cock.

Feeling her hot inner cuntflesh closing around his throbbing prick, Gil began slowly pumping in and out of her fuckhole. She was hot and wet and ready as his thick cock slid easily through the wet folds of her scalding cuntflesh.

Sherry tightened her cunt muscles around his prick, increasing the friction as he pumped back and forth. Feeling Gil’s thick cockshaft fucking into her, Sherry worked her tongue faster and harder on Chuck’s prick. Taking almost the entire length of his cock into her mouth, Sherry realized the youth was almost ready to shoot his hot jizz.

Chuck suddenly exploded a torrent of cum into her mouth. Sucking wildly, the horny girl tried to swallow every drop of his cum, thoroughly enjoying the hot cum he was feeding her, she drank his jizz until his limp wet prick slipped out of her mouth.

Sherry excitedly licked her lips and once more concentrated on the big, throbbing, cock that was fucking into her from the rear.

“Oh, yes!” she gasped. “Fuck it to me! Fuck me good, baby!”

Getting up from the bed, an exhausted Chuck walked around to the other side where he could watch his friend fuck his hard prickmeat into the horny little blonde’s pussy.

Sherry was almost out of her mind with pleasure as Gil pounded deeper and deeper with every stroke. Each time he pulled back, his thick cock drew her clit and pussylips out with it, and each returning thrust pushed them back in. The way his throbbing cock was pulling and pushing the slippery folds of her cuntflesh in all directions was the most incredible thing she’d ever experienced. His big prick was so thick and swollen that the pressure alone was enough to indirectly excite her clit.

The wildly aroused young man could feel his scalding jizz churning deep in his balls. Letting go of her hips, he grasped her bouncing tits so he could enjoy even more of her hot little body. Gil was fucking into her at a much faster tempo, driving into her juicy cunt like a wild animal. Each deep thrust of his prick was pounding against the very bottom of her fuckslit, bringing unbelievable pleasure to the horny little blonde’s aroused body.

Sherry could feel his balls slapping against her inner thighs as she desperately ground her ass back, trying to get even more of his fucktool into her little overheated cunt.

“Fuck me good! Fuck me!” she screamed as he frenziedly pounded his thick cock into her. “Fuck it to me!”

Standing by the bed watching them, Chuck was excitedly stroking his rapidly swelling prick.

“Oh, shit, baby!” gasped Gil as he felt his climax drawing closer. “You’re really gonna get a cuntful!”

Almost out of his mind from the intense feeling, Gil was cruelly twisting her tits as he began fucking into her with harder, deeper strokes. His throbbing prick was pounding into her like a wild stallion.

“More! I need more!” Sherry hysterically screamed, feeling her orgasm beginning. She knew nothing could stop it now. Just three or four more thrusts of his pounding rod, and she would explode into a wild, glorious climax.

Then she suddenly felt Gil stiffen and let out a loud grunt as his scalding jizz shot into her spasming pussy. Sherry’s entire body was writhing in rapture as Gil’s hotly spurting cock filed her cunt with an endless stream of cum.

“Aaaaaaauuuuuggg! Ooooooh, shit!” she shrieked, the muscles of her pussy sucking and milking on his throbbing prick with uncontrollable spasms. “Ooooooh, it’s so fucking good… so fucking good!”

As their wild climaxes slowly subsided, they continued to grind against each other like animals.

“Jesus, honey, that was fantastic,” panted Sherry, feeling his warm jizz dribbling down her inner thighs.

Still impaled on his cock, she thrilled to the way he was caressing her dangling tits. The horny little blonde’s thighs and ass were completely drenched with his cum mixed with her own juices. Her golden pubic hairs were damp and matted as his deflated prick finally slipped out of her oozing cuntslit with an obscene plop. It was like someone had pulled a plug as a thick stream of slippery cum poured onto the bed from her dripping pussy.

Watching the couple fuck had given Chuck a throbbing new hard-on. Eager to bury his throbbing fucktool in Sherry, he quickly stepped up behind the kneeling girl and gently rubbed the head of his prick against her cum-drenched pussylips. Then grasping her hips, he drilled his throbbing prick into the scalding heat of her sodden fuckslit.

Feeling his stiff cock pounding in and out of her juicy cunt, Sherry began feverishly rubbing her excited clit. Every one of his deep thrusts sent a shiver of delight racing through her aroused body, every shiver brought her closer to a second climax. There was no doubt in the horny girl’s mind that two cocks were better than one. The way his hard prick was pounding into her writhing pussy from behind was filling her entire body with pleasure. The waves of unbelievable joy that were flooding through her body brought the first heavenly sensations of a second climax.

As he clung tightly to her lurching hips, Chuck could feel his own juices boiling up in his balls, pushing for release. Aware that his orgasm was only seconds away, he began fucking harder and faster, eager to bring Sherry off before he shot his own wad.

Then suddenly the little blonde was coming beneath him, moaning and squealing with joy as an intense orgasm enveloped her.

“Oooooooh! Ooooooh!” she whimpered, twisting and turning violently as her climaxing body was wracked with the wild ecstasy.

Chuck suddenly felt his hot jizz starting its fiery journey up through his cockshaft, and his entire body stiffened with anticipation.

“Jesus Christ! Damn! Oh, my God!” she shrieked, her asscheeks quivering from the pleasure that was radiating out from between her legs to every part of her body.

Just as Chuck was about to shoot his wad, the writhing blonde accidentally pulled her cunt away from his cock. The boy knew that he wouldn’t have time to shove it back into her pussy. He frantically grasped his prick in his hand and began pumping. After only a few strokes, he was spraying her dimpled back with his thick, white jizz. The second spurt splattered against her ass. Reaching behind her, Sherry grasped his prickshaft, and she rubbed his cockhead in the puddles of gooey cum that had formed on her naked flesh. With his cock now thickly coated with the slippery fluid, she moved around and licked it clean.

“Jesus, you guys,” whispered the exhausted girl as she collapsed on the bed. “That was so fuckin’ wonderful.”

It seemed that she’d been laying on the bed for hours, though it was only a few minutes before she was aroused by a nudge at her mouth. Opening her eyes, she saw Gil pressing his prickhead against her cum-drenched lips. She could see the lust burning in his eyes. The horny young blonde knew how badly he wanted to empty his hot load into her mouth, and she was more than ready for it.

“Hi, honey,” she sighed. “It looks like you need a nice, hot blow-job.”

“I sure do,” he gasped.

“Then, you’ve come to the right girl,” she said, grasping the thick base of his throbbing prick. “I’m the hottest little cock sucker you’ll ever find.”

“Oh, shit,” he groaned as her soft, juicy lips closed around his pulsating prickmeat, her naughty little tongue teasing into his piss slit.

She enjoyed the taste of the pre-cum fluids seeping out of his small piss-hole. Her ovaled lips began sliding under and over his thick prick as her tongue swirled around his big knob. The softness of her slippery lips was bringing unbelievable pleasure to his throbbing cock. As she sucked deeply on his prick, her tongue was passionately licking it the shiny surface of his bloated cockhead.

“Jesus Christ, baby!” gasped Gil. “You sure know how to give head!”

Grasping the thick base of his prickshaft more firmly in her hand, she ran her wet tongue up and down the sensitive underside, thoroughly coating his naked cock with her spit. Sherry then nibbled at his tingling flesh, bringing sobs of joy from deep in the aroused boy’s throat.

The horny little blonde was so engrossed in sucking and licking Gil’s big cock that she wasn’t aware that her thighs were being spread apart. She suddenly felt an exciting tingling between her legs. Still sucking deeply on Gil’s thick prick, she glanced down to see Chuck spreading her juicy cuntlips apart as he lowered his face down toward the golden curls of her oozing pussy. She trembled with excitement as he swiped his wet tongue up along the full length of her hot, juicy fuckslit.

“Mmmmmmrn,” she moaned around Gil’s thick cock.

Waves of rapture were washing through her body as she passionately clamped her naked thighs against his face, trapping him against her hotly flowing pussy. The feel of his tongue fucking and darting feverishly around her dripping cuntslit was enough to blow her mind. His rough tongue was teasing the velvety folds of her open pussy as they had never been teased before.

As Sherry sucked on Gil’s hard fucktool, she could feel his hand pushing on the back of her head, trying to force more of his thick prick into her mouth. Gobbling feverishly on his tasty cock, she was conscious of Chuck’s plunging tongue in the slippery flesh of her pussy as it explored the hot, slick folds of her oozing cunt.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she shrieked with delight when he came into contact with her little clit.

The beautiful young blonde sucked her breath in as he caught her sensitive little clit between his teeth. Teasing the tiny pearl of her clit with the tip of his tongue, Chuck was making her moan in ecstasy.

Sherry was writhing all over the bed as flames of arousal burned through her quivering body. It was pure heaven to have her pussy hotly licked and sucked while she was being fucked in the mouth with Gil’s thick cock. Sherry was sobbing with rapture as unbelievable pleasure raced through every part of her aroused body. The big, meaty prickshaft in her mouth seemed to be expanding even larger as it throbbed out against her widely stretched lips.

Gil was digging his finger into her long blonde hair and panting like a wild animal as he fucked his cock in and out of her sucking mouth. Wanting him to empty his hot load into her mouth, Sherry was passionately squeezing his swollen balls.

As Chuck’s thick tongue continued to lick and swirl around in her hotly quivering pussy, Sherry was racing toward a wild orgasm. Suddenly, Gil shot his load of cum into her frantically sucking mouth. His thick jizz was spewing hotly into her throat while Chuck’s licking, sucking mouth was rapidly propelling her toward an orgasm.

Just as she sucked the last drop from Gil’s shriveling fucktool, her climax exploded throughout her body.

“Ooooooah, God!” she shrieked as Chuck’s tongue swirled around deeply in her wildly spasming fuckhole. “I’m coming, honey! Oh, shit, it’s good! It’s so fucking good!”

Finally, after what seemed an eternity to the beautiful blonde, the heavenly, sensations slowly abated, leaving her feeling strangely empty.

“God, honey,” Sherry whispered to Chuck as he pulled his cum-drenched face out of her swampy pussy. “That was just fantastic.”

“I’m glad,” panted the young man as he stroked his thick, throbbing hard-on. “Now will you let me fuck you?”

“You know I will!” she exclaimed. “I can outlast you guys any day.”


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