Early the following morning, Gil hurried over to pick Chuck up so they could take Sherry for a ride in the country and have another sex party. Being left home alone without the usual morning fuck with her brother, little Amy was exceptionally horny, when the doorbell rang. She was pleased to see Max Layton smiling at her when she opened the door.

“Come on in!” she cried, the sight of him making her even hotter and wetter between her legs.

“You look mighty pretty this morning,” he said, grinning as the youngster closed the door behind him.

“Thank you, kind sir,” gushed Amy. “I suppose you’ve come by for a piece of ass.”

“My, what a clever little girl,” said Max, chuckling. “That’s exactly why I’m here.”

“Then undress me,” she whispered, turning her back to him so he could unbutton her blouse.

Eager to get his hands on her sweet, little, naked body again, he quickly unbuttoned the blouse.

“Thank you,” she said, still turned away from him as he removed the garment and tossed it onto a chair.

Amy’s upper body was completely naked now as his eyes hungrily roamed up and down over the flawless skin of her back. He could feel his prick pressing out hard against the front of his pants as he began gently caressing her soft, smooth, bare shoulders and back.

Unable to control his wild lust for the youngster any longer, he stepped up against her and pressed his face into her fresh-smelling hair. He kissed the tip of her head and placed his hands on her naked waist, then suggestively pushed his bulging crotch against her warm little ass.

Leaning back against him, Amy took his hands, and she moved them up until they were covering her bare tits. She squeezed his hands under hers, filling his palms with the soft, firm flesh of her young tits.

Amy removed her hands from his as he continued massaging her ripe little tits. She began breathing excitedly as he rolled and tenderly squeezed her juicy nipples between his thumbs and fingers until the buds thrust up, hard and erect.

Reaching behind her, Amy began fumbling with the zipper on the front of his pants. Finally working it down, she reached through the open fly, then wrapped her cool fingers around his wildly throbbing prick. It was a bit of a struggle, but she managed to pull it from the confines of his pants. The horny youngster could feel her heart beating excitedly as she held his pulsing erection in her hand.

Max dropped his hands from her tits, and he hooked his fingers into the waistbands of her skirt and panties. He could feel the girl squirming with delight as he rolled the garments down over her shapely ass and thighs. When they slithered down her legs to the floor, he pulled her naked ass back tighter against him.

“Oh, you naughty man!” she gasped, pushing his hard cock down to capture it between her asscheeks so she could feel it burning against her naked.

Neither of them saw Amy’s mother staring through the kitchen door at them. Returning early from shopping, Ardean had glanced in and been shocked to see Max Layton fondling her little naked daughter. The beautiful woman was getting very turned on as she watched them.

She could feel a delightful tingling in her nipples, and as the sensation increased, the beautiful woman began kneading her own tits through the material of her blouse. The more she fondled her sensitive tits, the more the excitement streaked through her body.

Feeling a hotness radiating out from between her legs, Ardean frantically ripped her blouse and bra off so that her hands could get at the naked flesh of her big, firm tits. As she worked her fingers around her nipples, her tit buds exploded into throbbing erections, standing out thick and hard from her tits. God, how she needed the same kind of loving that Max was giving little Amy.

Suddenly, Ardean saw Amy turn around and face the handsome man. Pulling his lips down to hers, the youngster gave him a deeply passionate kiss, her sweet young tongue snaking hotly into his open mouth.

With their lips working together in a deep tongue-sucking kiss, the young girl skilfully unbuttoned his shirt. Momentarily stepping back from their clinging embrace, she slid the garment down his arms, then dropped it to the floor.

Once more grasping the cute little blonde in his arms, Max crushed her against his broad, bare chest and felt her firm nipples burning into his flesh. His balls were still trapped in his pants, but his nakedly swollen cock was throbbing against the softness of her writhing belly.

Pulling back from the torrid embrace, Amy unfastened his belt, then yanked his pants and shorts down. Max’s garments tangled around his shoes, so the cute little blonde dropped to her knees and fumbled through the clothes to get his shoes untied. The man raised one foot at a time as she removed the garments, shoes and socks.

Amy stared at the hard prick that was pointing up at the ceiling, then the pretty youngster took his hand, and she pulled him down next to her on the floor.

As she looked at the handsome man’s swollen hard-on, Ardean’s entire body was shivering with excitement. God, how she would love to have his cock, or even his thick middle finger up her horny pussy. Knowing that she’d lose her mind if she didn’t get fucked by something, she frantically pulled her panties down and rammed her finger up her dripping pussy. She excitedly stroked her tingling cuntslit and stared at the couple on the floor. It almost blew her mind when she saw her little daughter roll the man over onto his back, then start kissing and licking his belly just above his throbbing cock.

Holding his thick prick straight up in the air, Amy began feverishly nibbling the curly hair around the base. Taking a deep breath, she began kissing her way up his pulsing cockshaft, her soft, wet lips nibbling at his tasty meat as she moved up closer and closer to his swollen cockhead.

Finally reaching his oozing knob, Amy snaked her little tongue out, and she licked up the sticky drops of pre-cum that were leaking from his piss slit. She began swirling her tongue all around his sensitive prickhead until it was glistening with her slippery spit. Lifting her head and opening her mouth wide, she lowered her lips down over his big meaty cockhead until it was nudging against the back of her throat.

Amy was taking all of his thick prick in and out of her mouth now, feeling it slithering back and forth between her lips as she sucked and pumped on his fuckshaft. It was pure heaven for her to feel his rigid cockflesh filling her mouth, making her suck deeper and harder as the wet, velvety texture of his throbbing erection slid sensuously between her lips.

Ardean now had both of her hands working feverishly on her horny, oozing cunt. The fingers of one hand spread her pussylips wide apart, while the middle finger of the other pumped in and out of her hot, slippery fuckhole. As her one hand kept her cuntlips parted, her thumb was working on her hard clit, massaging it in tight little circles. The tempo gradually increased as she became more and more aroused from watching the writhing couple on the floor.

The excitement in Ardean’s body grew as she watched her little daughter’s ovaled lips slide up and down over Max Layton’s big, meaty fucktool. The beautiful woman rubbed her clit a bit more vigorously as Amy sucked deeper and harder on the handsome man’s huge cock.

The woman became further aroused when she saw Amy remove her mouth from the man’s prick and straddle his loins on her knees. Facing him, Amy grasped the base of his thick prickshaft and aimed his spit-drenched cockhead up between her legs as she slowly lowered her slippery cunt down against it. Max let out a soft moan when her dripping cuntlips brushed against the head of his prick.

Shivers streaked through his entire body as her oozing pussy slid down snugly over his pulsing knob.

The horny little youngster continued slowly lowering herself. His thick tool filled her seething cunt channel until it was completely stuffed with his throbbing hard-on. With her head thrown back and her long blonde hair cascading over her shoulders, she started moaning in ecstasy as she began fucking her pussy up and down over his big, swollen prick.

“Jesus Christ!” gasped Max as the beautiful youngster’s tight pussy squeezed and milked his huge cock with every stroke, sending spasms of pleasure throughout his trembling body.

Wanting a better view, Ardean moved over to kneel down next to them, her eyes only inches from where the man’s hard prickmeat was slurping in and out of her daughter’s little cunt. Staring excitedly at the erotic scene, Ardean was still feverishly finger-fucking herself.

Glancing up, Max noticed her for the first time. He saw her busy fingers working in and out of her fuckslit as she knelt next to them, so he began gently caressing her inner thighs with his hand. A delightful shudder wracked the beautiful redhead’s body when she felt him caressing the sensitive flesh between her legs.

A thrilling excitement streaked through her loins when he pulled her wet finger out of her pussy and guided it up to his mouth there he began hungrily sucking the slippery cunt juices from her thickly coated finger.

Smiling at her when he’d licked her fingers clean, Max put his hand behind her head, and he drew the beautiful woman’s face down to his. Ardean could smell her own creamy juices in his mouth as her softly parted lips approached his. The horny woman had never tasted her own juices before, and as she sampled them for the first time, it was strangely exciting her. Ardean hungrily sucked her flavorful cunt cream from his lips while he feverishly stroked his tongue in and out of her mouth.

“Honey,” he huskily whispered when the torrid kiss finally ended. “Why don’t you sit on my chest for a minute?”

“What do you mean?”

“I want you to straddle me on your knees with your cunt against my chin.”

When she had eagerly done as he suggested, placing her naked thighs on each side of his face, he grasped her hips and pulled her oozing pussy down against his mouth. Ardean almost came when she felt his hot breath on the sensitive flesh of her feverishly aroused cunt. He quickly spread her pouting pussylips apart with his tongue and drilled it up into her tasty fuckslit. He hungrily licked and sucked on the beautiful redhead’s cunt until her entire body was trembling with ecstasy.

Little Amy was still excitedly bouncing up and down over his steel-hard rod as her mother sat in front of her on his chest with her hotly oozing cunt pressed tightly against his mouth. Bouncing up and down more rapidly on the man’s rigid cock, Amy grasped, her mom’s waist for support. Amy was thrilled with the smooth texture of her mother’s soft, bare flesh. She moved her hands around in front of the woman until she was cupping her full tits in her palms.

With her mind full of erotica and her cunt full of cock, Amy could feel herself rushing toward a wild orgasm. Then it suddenly happened. The first of a series of orgasms shook her young body as her cunt began spasming and contracting around the man’s huge, throbbing cock.

Feeling his own climax drawing closer, Max began drilling his cock up into little Amy’s pussy at a more rapid pace. At the same time, he speeded the tempo of his tonguefucking in and out of Ardean’s feverishly aroused cunt. The beautiful woman began rocking her hips back and forth on his face as the excruciating pleasure increased.

When Amy’s first climax had passed, she realized that although Mr. Layton hadn’t shot his wad yet, he was getting awfully close to it. Wanting the handsome man to fill her pussy with jizz, she began pumping up and down more vigorously over his throbbing prickmeat.

Sticking to her mother for support, Amy frenziedly worked her hot little cunt up and down over the thick cockshaft as she felt another orgasm rapidly approaching.

As Ardean ground her hotly oozing pussy down more tightly against his face, the man began fucking his tongue in and out of her cuntslit with a new urgency.

“Oh, my God!” she whimpered as he continued tongue-fucking her pussy. “It’s so good, honey! So fucking good!”

The handsome man continued feverishly sucking on Ardean’s hotly oozing cunt. Max had licked a lot of horny cunts in his sexually active life, but the musky fragrance of this one, as well as its tangy taste, made it one of the most delicious pussies he’d ever eaten. There was a strong pungent aroma to Ardean’s dripping fuckslit that always drove him wild.

“Eat me good, baby! Eat me good!” she squealed.

As he sucked on the woman’s tasty red-fringed cunt, Max was extremely conscious of her little daughter’s juicy pussy sliding up and down over his thick cock.

“Goddamn!” the bouncing youngster cried out. “That big fuckin’ cock of yours sure tills my cunt!”

Max was sucking on Ardean’s fresh-tasting cunt as the flavorful juices oozed down from between her pussylips, soaking his face with the sticky fluid. Frantically grasping her hips, he yanked her frothy fuckslit down tighter against his wildly slurping mouth. Plunging his tongue up deep into her hotly aroused cunthole, he could taste her tangy juices flowing down the back of his throat.

“Oh, sweet pussy-licker!” she whimpered. “I love your fuckin’ tongue!”

As she whipped her head from side to side, Ardean’s long red hair was flying around her bate shoulders as his tongue brought her to a wild climax.

“Oh, fuck!” she shrieked. “I’m coming! I’m coming! Suck baby, suck!”

“Me, too!” screamed Amy as the man’s hard cock started pumping her cunt full of cum.


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