How to Roll-Out a Condom

Put it on him before there is any contact with your mouth, vagina or butt.

1 Hold it by the tip to squeeze out the air.

1 No reservoir tip? Leave about ? inch of space at the tip for his come.

1 Unroll it over his erect penis, all the way to the base.

1 After he comes, and before he gets soft, hold the rim of the condom at the base to keep it from slipping off till he is away from you. Then gently remove the condom and flush it, or wrap it in a napkin and toss it in the garbage.

1 Use a new condom to have sex again.


Sadie Sez:

When lips meet latex. Pick up a plain, non-lubed condom. Before unrolling it, add a couple of drops of water-based lube inside the tip to create pleasurable friction for him.Then drizzle your favorite flavored lube on the outside for the best taste for you. Or try a flavored condom.


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