Special Thanks

To all my friends and peers who helped—you’re the BEST:

Demetra Stevens—my straight-up bad-ass slickster, I knew I could count on you. Mark Supachana—we’re gonna hit that million book mark yet! Bo Pezulllo—my loyal supporter, I adore you, xoxo BoBo. Shelly Campbell & Michael Robles-my horny friends who contributed a “load.” Jady Smith—a beauty-ful star with shining input—thanks for a great job on my hair and makeup for the cover! Darlene Vidmar-a true home party expert. Lisa Mazurek—great tips and tricks inside! Elizabeth Turecki—killer stuff, girl! Dr. Bruce Bakkar—I’m spreading your message! Vajra Haha—tkk!ed to have your Tantric touch! Dave Guingona—no cold hands, BABY! Rick Sicurella—always there for me, you’re the best. Catherine Duperret. AdriaAvilia and Anthony Brown—my faithful posse…it’s vacation time! Adam Carolla—your penis quote ROCKS! Sue Johanson—you truly inspire me, thanks for the great quote and your continued belief in me. Kristin Lippel & “J”—!ove you always. Randy Gulliver—thanks for all you do. The “Bob & Tom” Family—my sincerest thanks for believing in me and helping me grow.

To myfamily-withoutyou, I wouldn’t be where I am today:

Jason, Justin, Joshua & Jazmin—you’re the BEST. Thanks for your unconditional love! Mom—thanks for everything you do for me. I love you.

And my deepest thanks to the Tickle Kitty All-Stars:

Richard G. Martinez—You come through like a champ every time. You’re an absolute genius with your creative direction and dazzling designs. No one could ever top your work.

Rich Lippman—your editorial work and research ability were outstanding, especially since the only penis you’ve ever touched is your own!

Steve Lee—you’re the BEST illustrator! From female masturbation techniques to sex toys to dicks ’n licks… you always come through with amazing speed and outstanding representations.

Thank you all.1


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