Sally stood up, wiping her mouth, and eyed Jerry with considerable apprehension. He was licking his lips as he came towards her, and she felt more than ever like a creature being mercilessly hunted down.

He reached out his hands and fondled her breasts for a moment, his breath rasping with excitement.

“What you gonna do?” Willy asked curiously.

“She needs somethin’ to lean over, huh?”

“You can lay her flat on the floor.”

“Nah,” Jerry answered definitely. “When I screw a dame inna ass, I like to have it stuck up good where I can get at it without havin’ to scrunch around- -I like to be standin’ up, so’s I can really go at it.”

“Put her over the arm of a chair, then,” Jake suggested, busy rezipping his fly.

“Yeah, I guess that’d do,” Jerry agreed. “Or over the table in the kitchen- even better. Just the right height, the table, I reckon.”

“C’mon, then,” Willy said impatiently. “Let’s go in the kitchen an’ get started. I wanna watch you do it to her, Jerry, then I’m gonna go in after you.”

He opened the door.

“After you, Miss Avalon,” he said.

And, naked and helpless, she went into the kitchen.

Tod was sitting there, and Doris was working at the table, cutting up stewing meat.

“Hey, Doris, baby, we have to borrow the table,” Jerry told her brusquely.

“What for?” She looked at him with dislike, and sliced a piece of beef into four pieces with a quick, neat movement.

He giggled.

“Need it for teacher. It’d just the right height for her to bend over while I plug into her butt.”

“You’ll have to wait,” Doris told him firmly. “I have things to do, and I want to get this stew started. You’ll want dinner tonight, won’t you?”

“Yeah, but-“

“Never mind but. If I cook, I do it when I choose. It’s my fuckin’ house.”

“Tod’s, too,” Willy reminded her.

“Tod agrees with me, don’t you?”

Tod nodded

“Leave her alone,” he said. “She cooks best when she isn’t getting hassled.”

“Guess we gotta find someplace else, then,” Jerry grumbled. “Jeeze, fuckin’ broads ain’t nothin’ but trouble!”

Doris stepped from behind the table, and with a swift flash of her arm, twisted him around and planted her foot against his ass, and sent him hurtling across the room. He crashed into the door and staggered, dazed, while Willy and Tod guffawed at his discomfiture.

“Hey,” he protested, “what the fuck-?”

“Nobody calls me a fuckin’ broad,” Doris told him calmly. She returned to her work, and when Jerry started towards her, she hefted the knife meaningfully in her hand.

“And don’t forget I’m a brown belt,” she added, “in good practice, too.”

A pity karate was no use against a couple of savage Dobermans, Sally mused.

“Hit my goddamn head,” Jerry complained petulantly. “I gotta go siddown a minute.”

Doris said:

“Tod wants Sally for a while-you guys have all had a share of her. Why don’t you leave her here and clear out?”

“But we’re gettin’ ready to screw her in the ass,” Willy protested.

“Well, you can wait,” Doris snapped. “Let poor Jerry get over headache.”

“She ain’t kiddin’,” Jerry said ruefully. “You got any aspirin in this joint?”

“Bathroom,” Doris said. “Go on, piss off.”

Rather to Sally’s surprise, they did, leaving her alone with the brother and sister.

Tod held out a hand to Sally, and she went to him, and he drew her down onto his lap, as he had before, and once again he nuzzled his face into her breasts.

“Beautiful,” he muttered, “lovely, sweet soft tits-“

His hand went to her crotch, and once again he began to caress her, gently parting her plump labia and insinuating her fingertips into the warm, moist crack.

Sally relaxed in his embrace; she felt that he would not treat her roughly, and she gave herself over to the enjoyment of his stroking of her pussy, his ardent suckling of her breasts.

He seemed content with this for a long time, then he said softly:

“Sally, how’d you like me to do what they said they’re going to do?”

Sally looked at him, taken aback.

Tod’s eyes were pleading.

“I’d do it carefully,” he said. “The first time-you don’t want it rough, the first time, do you?”

“No,” she said, almost inaudibly.

Doris looked round and said:

“You can trust him, Sally. It would be a lot better for you.”

“Well-okay,” Sally agreed helplessly.

If somebody had to invade her virginal asshole, it might as well be the more civilized Tod, she supposed.

“Why don’t you go upstairs and use my room,” Doris suggested. “It’s about the most comfortable place.”

Tod hesitated, then said:

“Will you come too, Doris?”

“You want me to?”


“Okay,” she said tolerantly. “When I’ve got the stew done. It won’t be long now.”

Tod sighed, Sally thought with relief, and returned to mouthing her breast.

She was puzzled: why would a man want his sister in the same room where he would be having sex?

But she ceased to wonder as Tod’s fingers sought out her clitoris with renewed enthusiasm, and the delicious little sparks of ecstasy began to leap through her body.

The slow, sweet tide of sensation mounted and churned through the lips of her pussy and lapped at her belly; his suckling mouth sent lascivious messages of lustful anticipation crackling along her nerves. She found herself coming closer to the edge of release, her wildly inflamed clitoris a red hot coal burning between the lips of her cunt setting all the surrounding tissues on fire, and his unceasing caress was like a steady stream of fuel played upon it, until the moment came when the final combustion point was reached and passed, and the fire exploded into a brilliant burst of sensuous ecstasy that sent her head spinning and her body into wild spasms of quivering passion.

Then, as she slowly drifted back towards reality, she heard Doris say:

“Okay, the stew’s done; let’s go upstairs.”

Tod gently pushed Sally off his lap and onto her feet, and with Doris leading the way, they went upstairs to the bedroom where she and Sally had spent the preceding night.

Doris briskly seized the bed pillows and arranged them in a heap in the middle of the mattress.

“Sprawl yourself down over those, chickie,” she instructed Sally, “and just relax, okay?”


Doris took her hand and looked into her eyes intently.

“Don’t worry, huh? Tod’s a sweet guy-he isn’t going to hurt you. And I’ll be right here to make sure.”

Sally swallowed, and nodded.

“So,” Doris said, “come lie down.”

She settled Sally face-down on the bed, her hips resting on the pillows so that her buttocks were thrust up into the air, inviting and very vulnerable.

She closed her eyes and tried to follow Doris’ instructions to relax, feeling the shaking of the bed as Tod crawled into a position behind her…

She involuntarily stiffened in expectation of pain, but instead she felt a tiny stream of warm air, which she realized was his breath when he began to lavish dozens of tiny kisses on the silky white skin of her voluptuous ass cheeks.

Her flesh prickled in response: the touches of his lips were so delicate that it raised gooseflesh all over her, and to her astonishment she found that the sensual fire was building up once again inside her belly.

Was she insatiable? she wondered guiltily.

After a few delicious minutes, her flesh began to crave a firmer stimulus, and she found herself squirming her hips slightly, pushing backwards just a little. The movement stirred the lips of her pussy against the pillows, she found, and she repeated it, enjoying the sensation.


Then there started a nibbling. A sensation that hovered on the edge of pain, as it had done when Doris had so delicately chewed on them earlier-the tension of the almost-pain, she discovered, somehow heightened the pleasure that was steadily surging through her body.

And then she shuddered with shame and delight as the warmly probing, saliva- wet blunt-pointed dagger of his tongue slid along the crevice between her buttocks and invaded the tightness of the rear valley, licking up and down the oddly textured lining and finally probing gently but insistently into the tightly folded rosette of her virginal asshole.

There was a movement beside her, and Doris knelt on the bed. Sally smiled up at her, and Doris stroked her hair.

“Okay, chickie?” she whispered.

Sally nodded.

Doris turned to her brother.

“Tod, baby,” she said, “work your hand underneath her and give her some clit action-the way you do for me.”

The words drifted into Sally’s brain, but she was too preoccupied with the pleasures of her body to give them any analytical thought just then.

Tod worked one hand beneath her, seeking through the dew-moist folds of her outer labia, working over the engorged tissues until his fingertips homed in on the pulsating morsel of her blood-filled clitoris. The delightful friction wove its elusive yet very tangible magic until she heard herself moaning helplessly, all too willing to abandon herself to whatever this man, this stranger, this one of her kidnappers, chose to do with her.

She found her nipples growing achingly hard with eager response, and a slow, steady throbbing made itself evident in the inflamed lips of her pussy. He ducked his face down to lap along their musky plumpness as far as he could reach, and to dart his tongue, like a searching bee, into the welling nectar.

Then she heard him gasp:

“Do you have the oil there, Doris?”

“Mm-hmm. Shall I do it?”

“Yeah. Let me watch you…”

“You want to watch me get her ready for you, hmm?”

“Christ, yes?”

She heard the slight grating sound of the cap of a bottle being unscrewed, and then she started slightly as Doris’ warm, knowing fingers, slick with baby oil, probed gently into her ass cleft, and one of them penetrated the tightly clutching sphincter muscle.

Again, that odd pain-swallowed-in-pleasure feeling…

“You want me to put a little on your cock, baby?” Doris crooned throatily.

“Yes… please..”

The sound of other flesh than her own being anointed came to Sally’s ears, but her mind was still too hazy to think.

Then there was a little pause, during which she lay waiting, throbbing with expectation, her pussy oozing a steady trickle of juice that made her remember that there was another penetration to come when this one was over…

Suppose it were to happen right now…

Would it feel as good as her burning pussy told her it ought to feel…?

Then he was sliding his hands around her hips to hold her steady, and she wished that he had not taken his fingers away from her pussy. His cockhead, hot and oily and determined, was sliding through the waiting valley, far more formidable than the tongue and the finger that had explored there before.


It pressed against the asshole, and she tensed, suddenly giving way to alarm.

His hand stroked her hair and down the length of her back, a caress that was affectionate and reassuring, and she let herself go limp with a conscious effort, taking a deep breath of air, trying to help him by relaxing as fully as possible.

Slowly his cock sank in, nudging its way into the interior darkness of her rectum. She found herself holding her breath, despite her resolution to relax, and couldn’t let it go for several seconds. Her fingers clutched anxiously at the sheet beneath her: she felt bloated and filled intolerably.

But the piercing shaft’s invasion of her body was smooth and oddly sweet; it plunged inward until she felt his balls swing softly against her thighs, and then a brush of prickliness as his pubic hair rubbed against the backs of her ass cheeks. The penetration made her gasp in surprise and a little stinging pain, but it was as though a warm poker had been thrust into her entrails, bringing in its wake a delicious heat that began to radiate out into her belly, and to saturate her pussy with new waves of the marvelous sex-tingles.

Then he lay still for a few moments to let her get accustomed to the hard fullness stuffing her rear passage, and she contracted her muscles experimentally, and with delighted surprise felt the responsive leap of his cock.

He whispered:

“Get up-on your hands and knees-okay?”

Obediently she heaved herself into the position he wanted, and Doris, still kneeling on the bed, reached to caress her rubbery-hard nipples, then slid her hand down between Sally’s thighs and dug between her fleshy labia to strum her vibrating clitoris.

Tod’s cock slid slowly out of her, until only its head remained, and then it made an equally slow return, to the deepest point it could reach. This time the sensation of its passage seem to inflame the walls of her anal canal with fiery friction, and the heat was conducted through her flesh to the lips of her cunt, to the knob of her clitoris, stoking yet more fuel into the ecstatic flame that filled her belly.

Then he began pumping into her, like a dog screwing a bitch in heat. And she felt like a bitch in heat, her thoughts, lewd and open and eager and shameless-she thrust back at him, gasping at the stinging, delicious pleasure pain, and somehow that combined with Doris’ searching fingers on her cunt, Doris’ hand delving into the musky, juicy, passion-swollen lips where her clitoris strained and throbbed, as hard as a little fingertip in its tiny hood, was bringing her to the edge of the chasm of oblivious ecstasy faster than she could possibly control.

Alerted to her imminent climax by her ever-louder moans and spasms, he suddenly thrust her back down over the pillows, so that her breasts were crushed against the sheet; Doris’ band trapped beneath her, still undauntedly fondling Sally’s cunt. Her hips were thrust upward into the air, and his pounding attack became almost ferocious, his loins, slapping noisily against the fleshy cheeks of her ass, his balls swinging forward with every stroke, his fingers digging into her hips almost painfully as he rammed in and out like a power-driven piston.

With a guttural, animal cry, he came, and the sound of the passion in his voice, the convulsions of his body, the sudden extra hardening of his cock and its throbbing as it spurted white fire deep up into the dark canal of her gut sent Sally hurtling into orbit.

That orgasm seemed to last for hours, and by the time she was aware of the world again, Tod had pulled out of her, and was sprawled on the bed next to her, avidly eating the cunt of the now naked Doris His sister.