“You wanna crack at her but, Jake?” Willy asked, sliding his hands under Sally’s buttocks and heaving her upwards so that his cock slid out of h amp; with a sticky squelching noise.

“Nah. Have her go take a shower an’ a nap, or somethin’, so she can really bounce it around tonight”‘ Jake said. “Tonight, tonight,” Jerry warbled, “we pop her wide tonight-heh heh heh.”

“Jesus,” Willy moaned, “you wouldn’t think I could get horny right off after comin’ like that-but just thinkin’ about gettin’ in that tight pussy-“

“Tonight,” Jake said. “Go wash that juice off, cunt, so’s it’s fit to have a cock plow it”

Shakily, Sally make her way upstairs.

Doris was in the bedroom, looking out of the window.

“Tod’s gone,” she said in a low, conspiratorial voice. “Only neither of us knows a thing about it, right?”

Sally nodded speechlessly.

“Oh, my,” Doris said, taking a good look at her. “That was a real rough session, huh?”

Sally nodded again.

“Are you hurt?” Doris asked tensely.

“No-I-just-so tired!”

Doris took her hand and led her to the bed.

“You just stretch out, chickie,” she said soothingly. “I’ll get a nice wet washcloth and clean you up, then you can go to sleep for awhile, okay?”

“A shower,” Sally murmured, collapsing blissfully.

“Later, later,” Doris reassured her.

Sally was almost asleep when Doris returned a minute later and began to wipe her thighs gently with a warm, soft, damp cloth. Sally spread her legs for the deliciously soothing, cleansing washrag that mopped away the stickiness and sweat and left her feeling relaxed and comforted.

And incredibly, aroused once again.

But it was not intense this time, and when Doris left her to sleep, she caressed herself gently into a delicious euphoric state that never did reach climax before her overstrained body drifted away into slumber.

She awoke feeling surprisingly good.

For a little while she lay pondering over what had happened to her, and the profound changes that had clearly taken place in her during these strange experiences.

Would Peter have aroused her dormant sensuality so rapidly, she wondered, or had the shock treatment been necessary to bring her to this sudden high pitch of awareness of the marvelous potential for pleasure her body held?

And she was still a virgin And tonight she wouldn’t be.

Was the prospect alarming Or alluring?

They were such a strange mixture, those three men remaining. Jake so brutal, so icy-but it had been he who had initiated her inexperienced pussy into the first tumult of orgasm.

Willy, so gleefully bragging of his prowess, so fond of verbalizing every sexual thought that crossed his mind-yet with such a skilled touch upon her breasts- And Jerry, lecherous, lascivious, inconsiderate-yet how superb had been the work of his tongue upon her open, vulnerable pussy.

Maybe, maybe…

Yes, it had felt good, being so filled And wouldn’t it feel better, being filled in the place that nature had intended?

She writhed on the bed, voluptuously, feeling nerve currents of body awareness that had never awoken before, then she heaved herself up and stretched luxuriously, and went to take a long, hot shower.

She was hungry again, and as she opened the bedroom door the appetizing odor of beef stew assailed her nostrils. She went back into the bedroom and looked at the clothes available-then, with an odd little smile on her lips, she brushed her hair, ran a comb through her pubic hair to fluff it up into a crisp golden mass of curls, slipped her shoes on, and went down to the kitchen naked.

Willy and Jerry greeted her with a barrage of whistles and handclaps that were not unfriendly. Jake eyed her without expression, but seemed, she thought, slightly disconcerted.

Doris gave her a broad wink, set a chair for her, and ladled out a generous portion of the excellent beef stew.

“Hey,” Jerry said, “she’s sittin’ down-guess yer asshole ain’t too sore, teach, huh?”

“How’s yer twat feelin’?” Willy asked. “Ready for the big bust?”

“She’s got a big bust already,” Jerry. snickered pointlessly.

“Where’s that dumb ass brother of yours got to?” Jake demanded of Doris.

She shrugged.

“Said he was going for a walk,” she replied nonchalantly.

“He’s gonna miss the great cherry-pickin’ contest if he don’t get back pretty soon,” Jerry said.

“He’s gouna miss the chopper, is what,” Jake growled. “Miles is as likely to show up tomorrow mornin’ as the day after-an’ I ain’t hangin’ round for nobody!”

“Oh, I guess he’ll be back before then,” Doris reassured him. “But he was always fond of these woods-he’s probably gone to sleep somewhere.”

“Likely wandered off into town an’ got picked up by the fuzz,” Jake muttered.

“They won’t come here, huh?” Willy demanded. “Not while we got her, huh?”

“They ain’t gonna risk gettin’ no holes shot in her,” Jake said positively.

“But listen-if they’re watchin’ this place, ain’t they gonna see the chopper land-maybe shoot it down when it takes off?” Jerry asked anxiously.

“Nah-cause they think we’re gonna have her with us. What I told them is, we’ll set her down someplace nice an’ safe if they leave us alone till I send ’em a message.”

“Yeah-but suppose they decide to try some of that shoot-out stuff,” Jerry persisted.

Jake shrugged.

“That’s the risk you take,” he said. “But they ain’t gonna, don’t you worry.”

“An’ what’s the message you sent them?”

“I ain’t gonna send ’em no message. We leave here, she can take care of herself.”

“We takin’ the dogs along?”

“Sure. I ain’t leavin’ my dogs behind,” Jake said, with more animation than he had yet shown about anything. “Anyway, there’s times a dog’s more persuasive than a gun-somebody tells you, don’t move or I shoot, maybe there’s nothin’ you can do. But you got a dog with you, that ain’t impressed by no guns, an’ he goes an’ tears out that guy’s throat that’s threatenin’ you-even if he shoots the dog, it gives you a chance to get outta trouble while he’s doin’ it.”

“Well, they better be housetrained, is all,” Willy said. “I don’t wanna be shut up in a chopper with a pile of dog crap for the time it takes to get to the airfield.”

“Better housetrained than you, wouldn’t wonder,” Jake said acidly.

“It still gets me, though,” Jerry said wonderingly, “that any guy would come up with all that money just for some lousy stamps an’ old coins.”

“Well, if Miles is sucker enough to do it, what the fuck,” Willy said cheerfully. “Eat up yer stew, Miss Avalon-got somethin’ hot to go in the other end pretty soon now.”

“We gonna draw cards again?” Jerry asked.

Jake nodded.

“Do I get to draw too?” Doris asked mildly.

“This is for cherry-bustin,” Willy said. “You ain’t got the equipment, baby-or do you have one a’ them dildoes stashed away for the nights you need your twat filled up?”

“Fingers I have,” she told him. “You think I couldn’t do as good a lob with my fingers as you could with that oversized piss hose you’re so proud of?”

“So what the fuck?” Jerry shrugged. “If she wins, it’d be a gas to watch, huh?

“Ahh-broads is gettin’ their fingers bloody alla time,” Jake said. “Gropin’ up their twats for tampons every month an’ all that filthy crap.”

Doris smiled at him sweetly.

“You just don’t really like women, do you, Jake?” she asked, batting her eyelashes at him.

“Below the waist only,” he snarled.

“And preferably below the knees,” Doris added under her breath.

Conversation lapsed while they finished the stew.

Sally found that she was much more relaxed than she expected. She was even looking forward to the events that were to come-after all, everything else had turned out to be quite enjoyable, once she had got used to the idea…

“Aces high?” Willy asked when they had moved into the living room and he had picked up a rather worn pack of cards.

Nobody disagreed.

Jake snorted with impatience when Doris insisted on drawing, then sneered when she revealed a three of clubs.

Jerry produced a six of hearts.

Willy got the king, and a broad grin of lecherous anticipation spread over his face-to vanish abruptly when Jake tossed his card onto the table: the ace of diamonds.

“You shoulda said aces low,” Jerry jeered at him.

“Ah, shaddap,” Willy snarled. “We gonna warm her up some first?” Jerry suggested.

Jake shrugged.

“She’s got a real nice eatin’ pussy,” Jerry went on dreamily. “An’ I wouldn’t mind a slice for dessert.”

“So eat her,” Jake said. “Just keep your prick outta her cunt, that’s all.”

“Likes gettin’ her butt plugged too,” Willy put in. “You didn’t try that, Jake.”

“I got her cunt, Willy-you ain’t gonna talk me outta that,” Jake said coldly. “Shove your own cock up her asshole again if you want.”

“Save it for that twat,” Willy said. “I guess I get to go second, huh-with the king.”

“Get on an’ eat her, Jerry, if you’re goin’ to,” Jake said. “Don’t get her too steamed up, though-I want her to feel this cock slicin’ in there-if she’s dry she’ll feel it a lot more than if you go gettin’ her all drippin’ with that slippery cunt juice.”

“Shit, if you want her dry,” Willy said, “you better not lay a finger on her-she’s gotten so fuckin’ raunchy since we started teachin’ her about sex education, she starts drippin’ if you even look at her juicy little twat.”

Sally began to feel alarmed. Jake said:

“Okay. I want her dry.”

“Ain’t much fun in that,” Jerry said dubiously. “Havin’ a broad squealin’ an’ jumpin’ around when you shove it in her is what makes it so good.”

“She’ll squeal an’ jump if it goes in dry,” Jake said with quiet certainty. “She’s got it comin’ to her. You two can make it all up afterwards-get her as drippin’-juicy as you like. I’m gonna give her somethin’ she’ll really remember.” “How you gonna do it?” Willy asked, his eyes alight with lewd speculation.

“I’m thinkin’ about it,” Jake told him. “Cunt, get up an’ walk around, some-let’s take a good look at you.”

Sally meekly stood up, and self-consciously began to pace the length of the room, while the three men surveyed her with lecherous concentration. Doris watched with a pensive expression, as though trying to work out a way to lessen the ordeal planned for Sally.

“Her tits jiggle about so nice,” Jerry commented. “So do her butt cheeks-an’ that cute patch of hers is all so fluffed up an, soft-lookin’!”

“Skin’s so white,” Willy said, as though noticing it for the first time. “You never go in the sun much, huh, teach?”

“I burn easily,” she said. “I don’t tan-I just get red and sore and start peeling.”

Jake licked his lips nervously.

“You’d like it if we warmed you up before you get your twat split, huh?’ he asked suddenly.

“I-well-yes,” she said hesitantly, mistrustingly.


He stood up.

“Wait right here,” he said, and went out of the room.

They all waited in silence, mystified.

When he returned, he carried four pieces of the thin rope that had been used to tie Sally’s hands and feet when they had first put her into the car.

“Oh, no!” she cried, in sudden panic. “Don’t tie me up-please don’t tie me up!”

“No, huh?”

“Please!” she begged.

“If I don’t-will you do just what I want you to do-just what I say?” he demanded.


“Okay.” He tossed the ropes onto the coffee table. “But you’d better stick to that.”

She nodded. The thought of being tied up while he subjected her to whatever he had in mind filled her with a panic that was worse than the prospect of pain.

“Okay, cunt,” Jake said briskly. “You remember how Jerry had you in that chair when he was fuckin’ your ass?”

She nodded.

“Go an’ get yourself in that way again.”

Obediently she went to the armchair and crawled onto it, assuming the cramped position with her buttocks presented as a high, vulnerable target.

Was he going to penetrate her from behind? she wondered. Or did he intend to use her rear hole first, after all? Why had he wanted to tie her up?

She heard the rustling as he unfastened his pants, and she tensed a little, expecting to feel his rigid cock plunging into one of her unprepared holes. She tried to get her juices going by rapidly recalling some of the enjoyable things that had been done to her- There was a whistling, swishing sound, and she shrieked with pain as a streak of fire slashed across the cheeks of her buttocks. She scrambled upright in the chair and swiveled to face him. He stood with narrowed eyes, dangling his belt from one hand.

“You said you wanted to be warmed up, cunt,” he said, with a tight, humorless grin. “Now get your ass hack up there, or I’ll tie you down an’ really let you have it-more places than just your fat butt.”

Trembling, flinching, she shuffled back into place, and waited fearfully for the next stroke.

It whistled down, even harder, and tears squeezed out of her eyes as she moaned with pain.

And again.

And again.

“Looks like you been sunbathing in front of a venetian blind,” he sneered. “All red an’ sore, huh-that’s the way, huh? I’m in a nice mood, so I’ll leave the skin on you-if you do what I say without anymore stallin’, huh?”

“Y-y-yes,” she sobbed.

“Okay-then get outta that chair an’ come here.” She scrambled hastily to the floor, clutching at her flaming buttock cheeks to try to ease the pain.

“Get down an, get my cock hard with yer mouth,” was his next command, and she fumbled quickly for his fly and coaxed the half-hard flesh tube out into the open, and encircled it with lips that trembled with her pain.

She labored for several minutes to bring it to complete hardness. She sensed that he was fighting her, doing his best to keep it from reaching that state, and by the time she had managed to get it functionally rigid, her mouth and jaw ached with the effort, and her knees felt bruised.

And the fiery pain in her ass, though it had subsided a little as regards intensity, was a burning ache that seemed to have sunk through the plump flesh pillows to the bone.

“Okay,” he said grudgingly. “Now, we’re gonna try Willy’s favorite stunt of you sittin’ on my lap.”

He threw him(elf back into the chair and put his legs together, his cock jutting up weaponlike, menacing. It was not as big as Willy’s, by any means, but it seemed somehow to partake of its owner’s malice towards her.

“Now you come here,” he ordered.

She went to him, trembling.

“Turn around,” he said, “let’s see how yer butt’s doin’.”

She turned, and flinched as he ran his hand over the four flaming welts.

“Not bad,” he said. “Think you could use a couple more?”

“Oh, no!” she cried. “Please-no!”

“Then c’mere… now, kneel across me-one knee each side of me-put yer hands on the chair arms-that’s it. Hold it that way.”

She crouched, suspended, her face only a few inches from his, her eyes meeting his ice gray stare and not daring to look away, even when she felt his hand groping between her legs and feeling the lips of her vulva.

“Its pretty dry,” he said with a savage grin.

He took his stool-hard cock in his hand and she felt the head brushing against the tender inner lips of her cunt. He worked it against the entrance until the tip was lodged firmly within the tight little nether mouth.

“Okay,” he said. “It’s all aimed for you. You feel it there, waiting?”


“Then all you gotta do is sit down on it-good an’ fast, okay?”

She gulped.

“Go on. Do it.”

She gritted her teeth and started to sink down-but she had to stop, for she felt as though she were being torn open.

“Go on!”

She tried again, and the broad cockhead slipped past her lips and lodged immovable, a bolt of white-hot agony.

“Go on!”


“Go on or I’ll take all the skin off of yer fat ass!” She squeezed her eyes shut, clenched her teeth until they hurt, sucked in a deep breath And she couldn’t do it.

Jake said:

“Take yer hands off of the chair arms.”

She did, and was left supported only by her cramped kneeling position and by the rigid cock lodged in the entryway of her pussy. If he would just give her a moment to get used to it, she thought, perhaps she could He grabbed her around the waist and rammed her downward, and she screamed in agony as the rigid pole of flesh sliced through her hymen and slammed through her virginal tissues, and came to a crashing halt against her cervix.

“Okay, schoolteacher,” he said, “now you can climb off of it an’ get back down there an’ finish suckin’ me off.”