“You were quite right, Doris,” Sally said gratefully.

“I’m glad,” the other woman said sincerely. “I hated to think that sonofabitch had messed up your whole sexlife just to gratify his sadism!”

“What’s happening now?” Sally asked.

“Well, they’re waiting for the helicopter to show up. That takes them to a private airport somewhere-I, don’t know where-and there they get a chartered private plane that smuggles them out to South America.”

“Do they know you’re not going along?”

“Yes. They don’t care-the price of the stamp’s and stuff is more, split just among the three of them.” She gave Sally her cheerful smile. “What they don’t know is that I did a little larceny on my own account while they were busy consoling Jake for his broken arm and mashed-up balls-and they don’t have quite what they think is in that suitcase. I know which the really valuable ones are, and what was just trimming-and I’ve got the good stuff stashed where they won’t find it.”

“But suppose they look before they take off”‘

“Well, if they do, they do-but in that case I tell them that Tod must have gone off with it-and they aren’t going to waste time trying to hunt him down, the way the cops are going to be on the lookout for them! I think it’s just going to be a nice little surprise for them and Mr. Miles when they get to Argentina or wherever it is they’re headed!”

“And do you think Tod went to the police?”

“Sure he did! I went down to the highway and called them-they’ve got a, hotline on the case, you know: they announced it on the radio. I told them to keep away for at least an hour after the chopper takes off, because they’d kill you if they thought they were in any danger-and me, too,” she added as an afterthought. “I did a nice hysterical female number for them, and I think I pulled it off.”

“Do you think they’ll try to follow the helicopter?” Sally asked curiously.

Doris shrugged.

“If they do, I guess there’s not much to stop them,” she said. “In which case we’ll just have to hope the cops will be convinced that Tod and I really weren’t involved, since we’ve been so cooperative at this stage of the game.”

“I guess you getting back the valuable part of the collection will help,” Sally suggested.

“It wasn’t exactly pure altruism, I have to confess,” Doris admitted with a roguish smile.

Sally stretched.

“You know,” she said, “I think I’m getting horny again, if you can believe that!”

“Insatiable little thing, aren’t you!” Doris teased her with an affectionate kiss.

“Do you think I should make it with Jerry, too?”

“Well,” said Doris thoughtfully, “I personally can’t stand him-but if you feel you ought to, I’d be the last one to stand in your way! Shall I send him up?”

“Why don’t you?”

Sally, left alone, went into the bathroom and found the bottle of baby oil that they had used when Tod had fucked her in the ass for the first time. When Jerry arrived, panting and eager, she held it up.

“Could you fancy a little trip up the poopshute?” she asked him sweetly.

“Oh, baby, could I ever!” he responded avidly, eyes gleaming in anticipation.

She reached for the pillows and heaped them on the bed, and sprawled herself over them, face-down.

“Come on in, then,” she said lewdly.

She heard him uncap the bottle and smear the oil on his cock, and then his fingers worked more of the oil into her tight rectal opening. She sighed and writhed slightly in the sweet anticipation. Then a thought occurred to her.

“Do you think Willy could get it up once more?” she asked.

“Huh?” he responded, disappointed. “Jeeze, I-“

“No, I still want you,” she assured him. “But I was just wondering-how would it feel to have both of you at once? You remember what Willy was telling us about the woman on the bus, who made him put his fingers in her when he had his cock in her asshole? Well, if she liked to have both places full at once- -maybe I would too.”

“Hey-” he breathed. “Hey, wait right here, doll! I’ll go see if he-hell, he’s horny alla time! He’ll do it!”

And a few minutes later Sally was stretching out on the bed, lying on her side, while Willy slid his once-again hard and eager cock into her newly opened pussy, and Jerry dug his way into her oil-slick asshole.

It was an incredible sensation-full to the point of somehow choking her, even though her lungs were far from the scene of the action. Yet it was intensely satisfying-she felt ready to climax just from the double penetration alone, which seemed to he filling her sexual nerves with violent heat that permeated the whole of her lower body. The slightest movement either of them made was enough to send violent shudders of near-orgasmic earthquake crashing through her belly.

And then they started to move, in a kind of see-sawing rhythm: as Willy’s cock drew outward from her cunt, Jerry’s would plunge to its fullest length into her ass; and when Jerry stared his withdrawing stroke, Willy’s prick would come plunging back into her depths.

She was doubly impaled, doubly filled, doubly driven towards the highest peaks of ecstasy. Thought was crushed out of her brain; she could not move independently; her whole being seemed to be reduced to a mass of blazing sensation that flowed over her being and washed away every last remaining fragment of inhibition that could possibly be lingering in her nature.

Opened, opened forever, was the only idea that could find any expression in her mind now, and with the concept the climax started to break-wave after wave, like the crashing surf of an incoming tide, tossing her back and forth, like a helpless piece of driftwood, battering her between two relentless rocks, hurling her from one orgasm to another until it was all consumed in a fiery red mist that danced before her eyes and engulfed every last remnant of her consciousness, dropping her at last into a welcoming blackness of utter and complete satiety.

For that moment!

“Wake up, chickie-the chopper’s lust coming in,”‘ Doris said. “Do you want to see them off?”

“Oh-yes, I guess so,” Sally yawned, and slid off the bed, reaching for the clothes that Doris put within her reach. She pulled on the clean panties and the same sweater and skirt-she had not been able to find anything that fitted her comfortably in Doris’ wardrobe-and the two women went down to the front of the house where the helicopter was settling down onto the wide driveway.

Willy came hurrying past them with a suitcase, which he passed up into the cockpit, where he had an urgent conversation with the pilot, who came clambering out after him, and followed him into the house.

“I guess they’ll have to carry Jake out,” Doris commented calmly. “That kick in the balls really doubled him up.”

“Oh, gee,” said Sally, “you really did hurt him, huh?”

“He asked for it!” Doris said curtly.

A minute later the pilot and Jerry and Willy came out again, Jake carried among them. He glared venomously at the two women watching, and Sally was glad that he was, indeed, disabled.

The dogs were called, and went bounding into the helicopter when Jake had been settled. Then the others climbed in and the door was slammed. Doris and Sally backed into the shelter of the doorway as the great vanes started to turn again, sending a blast of air towards them, and then lifted the ungainly fuselage into the air.

“Oh,” said Sally weakly.

“Yup,” Doris said. “There they go!”

“I-oh, thank goodness!” Sally exclaimed. “I-I was so afraid that something was going to go wrong-I was so afraid that they’d make us go with them or- or something!”

She gave a deep, thankful sigh.

“Well,” said Doris, watching the last glimpse of the helicopter vanishing into the sky, “I guess that’s the last we’ll see of them in a while. Forever, I hope!”

She turned to Sally and grimaced.

“I sure hope you can convince the fuzz that I was just an innocent bystander,” she added grimly.

“You know I’ll do my very best, Doris,” Sally assured her earnestly, “and I know Peter will do all he can.”

“Ah well,” Doris said philosophically, “they say plea-bargaining is alive and well in New York-and I never did plan to run for public office, even if my record stayed spotless!”

“How long do you think it’ll be before the police come?” Sally asked.

“If they keep the deadline, it should be an hour at the earliest,” Doris estimated.

Sally said softly:

“You know, I never did get to thank you properly for-for what you did for me that first morning-“

Doris looked at her, and grinned.

“You want to try a little pussy-eating on your own account, huh, chickie?”

“I like you very much, Doris, you know that-and I guess it’s about all I need now to round out what you might call a very educational experience,” Sally replied demurely.

Doris reached for her hand.

“Let’s go in the house, then, just in case anyone shows up unexpectedly. I was never that keen on sex in the great outdoors, at the best of times!”

They went into the house, hand-in-hand, and up into the bedroom where Sally and Doris had spent the first night together.

Hands still joined, they turned to face each other-then Doris drew Sally into her arms and kissed her, pressing her lips hard upon the other woman’s mouth. Their tongues flickered out, met, battled briefly, then they drew apart slightly.

Sally reached for the front of Doris’ shirt and began to undo the buttons slowly, releasing the firm, high-standing breasts. She bent her head and kissed each one on the nipple, then drew the shirt, off Doris’ shoulders and down over her arms, tossing it onto a chair.

“Take your sweater off,” Doris said huskily, her nipples crinkling into hardness.

Compliantly, Sally peeled the garment off over her head, her own nipples rising even as she did so, not needing any other stimulus.

“Beautiful,” Doris whispered. “You have the most beautiful breasts I ever saw.”

Her fingers went to the waist of her jeans and she skinned them down, stepped out of them, and stood clad only in her blue cotton panties.

“You want to take these off?” she asked huskily.

Sally nodded, and stepped forward again to hook her fingers into the elastic band around Doris’ slim waist and tug gently downward so that the flimsy underwear slid to the floor, revealing the lush dark triangle of pubic hair.

Sally dropped to her knees, and pressed her lips against the brunette’s thicket.

The fresh, faintly musky smell drifted into her nostrils, and she sat back on her heels, fumbling with the waistband of her skirt, pulling it off along with her own panties as she stood up again, smiling into Doris’ eyes.

“Let’s’ go to bed,” she proposed.

They lay down and enfolded each other with their arms. Their breasts mashed together, and their thighs pressed close, the way they had that first time. Their lips met once again, and Doris let Sally’s tongue invade her mouth while she stroked the nape of Sally’s neck, expertly seeking out the places that would seed chills of response through the other woman’s flesh.

They lay there for long minutes, sharing a kiss that grew gradually more and more impassioned. The heat of each other’s body seemed to become burning in intensity, until at last Doris pulled away for breath.

“Sally, oh, Sally, I’m so hot for you,” she whispered, trailing her fingers tantalizingly down the length of her spine and stroking the warm spheres of her buttocks, arousing in Sally the wild need for more intimate contact “Do you want me too, Sally? Do you? Do you want to make love with me?”

“You know I do…”

Doris’ fingertips moved across Sally’s hip and round to the front of her body. They worked their way between Sally’s legs, into the warm, hairy moistness of her cunt. The tip of one finger grazed Sally’s clitoris, and the girl shuddered with pleasure at the sensation.

Doris worked a finger into the honey-dripping channel of Sally’s body, then another, working the two fingers gently back and forth, covering them with the abundant juices while Sally moaned softly in ecstasy.

Pulling out her fingers, slippery and gleaming, Doris reached around to Sally’s asscrack and ran her fingertips down it. She found the tight little hole and gently but firmly pushed with the middle finger until it slipped inside.

Sally groaned at the slight pain, and even more at the fiery pleasure of the penetration.

Doris clamped her lips over Sally’s once again, and this time it was her tongue that aggressively ravished Sally’s mouth, while her finger squirmed wonderfully in Sally’s asshole, filling her with quivers of excitement.

When they parted for breath again, Sally bent her head and fastened her lips around one of Doris’ breasts, teasing the dark nipple to its utmost capacity of hardness.

“Ahh, Sally, Sally, you do that so well…”

Sally took the other one, and Doris writhed in pleasure as she worked.

Then she raised her head and panted:

“I want to eat you, Sally!”

Her hands pushed at Sally urgently, rolling her aver onto her back, then Doris shifted herself downward on the bed, and Sally felt the warmth of her breath stirring her rich mass of golden pubic hair, and light touch of her lips grazing over the plump Venus mound. And- “Let me do it to you, too,” Sally gasped. “I said I-I want to do it-“

Doris raised her head, looking at Sally with mingled lust and tenderness shining from her dark eyes.

“Are’ you sure you want to?”

“Yes,” Sally panted. “Oh yes-only-will you show me-teach me what to do?”

Doris moved again on the bed, reversing her position so that her darkhaired pussy lay only a few inches away from Sally’s face. She caressed Sally’s hip lightly, then worked one arm beneath the other woman indicating for her to turn onto her side, then with her hand tugging at Sally’s uppermost leg so that she bent it at the knee, upward and out.

Doris took the same position, which widely separated the brown-haired lips of her moistened cunt, revealing to Sally’s eager eyes the scarlet lining of the sensitive labia.

Sally moved her face closer to that offered pussy, recalling how she had done this the first time, when Doris had decided she couldn’t go through with it. She studied with, eager attention the folds of tissue, the oozing droplets of honey, the, excited little flushed pearl of the clitoris.

And she knew that Doris was seeing the same thing between her opened legs.

Again the scent of Doris’ cunt filled her nostrils, that warm, musky, slightly fresh-fishy odor.

As she stared in fascination at the delicate structure before her eyes, she felt a breath of warm air against her own pussy from Doris’ mouth. Following that lead, she blew into the other woman’s spread valley, aiming the tiny air stream at the engorged little mound of her clitoris.

A moment later she felt the soft shock of Doris’ tonguetip stabbing the entrance of her inner channel, and with a sense of taking an enormous step into an alien country, Sally shot out her own tongue to make that hot, wet contact.

Doris’ deep moan of pleasure encouraged her, and Sally felt a deep shudder of joy as Doris began to work her tongue around the feverish area of her clitoris. Quickly she followed her example, relishing the odd, slightly metallic flavor of Doris’ pussy juice as it began to seep against her tongue with renewed excitement.

“Oh yes, oh yes,” Doris gasped, pausing in her efforts for a moment to encourage her partner. “That’s just perfect, chickie-that’s-that feels so- ooohbh!”

She buried her face between Sally’s thighs again.

Enchanted to find she was giving Doris so much pleasure, Sally renewed her endeavors, and her hands began to rove over the soft, satiny skin of Doris’ ass and thighs and belly. Her breasts were pressed firmly against the other woman’s trembling body.

And then Doris pulled Sally’s legs even wider apart, pushing her face so closely against Sally’s pussy that it was a miracle she could breathe. The hot, wet dagger of her tongue started to probe and flicker deeply into the inner channel, pushing past the outer lips into the velvety depths like a tiny, versatile cock, racking Sally with helpless shudders of ecstasy.

And then Doris pulled her head away-and the next moment was back again, only this time that maddening tonguetip was digging its way into the tight ring of Sally’s asshole!

Sally’s lubricating juice was almost a flood row, welling out of her cunt and trickling wetly down her thigh; she found that Doris’ pussy was similarly oozing, and she lapped up the moisture with lascivious satisfaction. She strained her head forward, but before her tongue could make contact with Doris’ asshole, a sudden spasm of incipient orgasm tore through her, and for a moment she forgot what she was doing. It was like trying to concentrate with an earthquake going on beneath her!

Doris’ hands clasped the ripe mounds of her buttocks and pulled Sally even closer. Her tongue abandoned the tight back hole to concentrate on sending more and more sparks of orgasmic electricity through Sally’s pulsating cunt. But she worked a finger into Sally’s asshole as she had done before, and again there was a moment’s pain, and again discomfort was rapidly absorbed into the great mass of sensation that Sally’s nerves had become.

Then Doris stopped licking and tongue-stabbing Sally’s cunt for a minute, and instead she concentrated on very gently chewing and nibbling along the sensitive edges of her outer pussy lips, sucking the flesh up into her mouth and letting go, sucking it up and letting go, until Sally’s nerve endings were filled with impulses that began as pain and ended as renewed and almost intolerable pleasure.

Now she brought her attention back to Doris, trying to give the other woman the same delight she was feeling. She did not feel sure enough of her skill to try this subtle use of her teeth, so instead she concentrated again on licking Doris’ pussy, drinking down her overflowing liquor. She was delighted to feel Doris trembling in response, and then Doris was working on her again with that marvelously knowing tongue, caressing the inner lips with long, flat, broad, wet sweeps, then homing in on the quivering morsel of Sally’s engorged clitoris to stab and nudge and titillate the tiny, potent nubbin to the edge of madness.

Sally started to writhe and convulse as the currents of hot ecstasy and release shivered and pulsed in her belly and cunt and finger-impaled asshole, centering in her throbbing clitoris and radiating back to her womb, her breasts, her whole shuddering, convulsing body…

In triumph, she sensed a similar spasm seizing Doris’ body, and heard her frantic moaning as the climax over came her, and for long moments the two women were spinning helplessly in a vortex of feminine passion, their thighs clenching about each other’s mouth so that neither could breathe or even wanted to breathe as they clutched and quivered and mouthed each other through the wild delight of their simultaneous orgasmic ecstasy.

Then, exhausted, they rolled away from each other and lay gasping and panting, recovering their equilibrium, relishing the fading tremors of bliss that sighed along their nerves, fading at last into a deep, quiet contentment.

“Oh, wow,” Doris murmured eventually. “That was really something, chickie.”

“I’d never have believed it could be so good,” Sally whispered with tender sincerity.

“Mmm.” Doris leaned over and kissed her cheek lightly. “But now I guess we’d better get cleaned up-any moment now those cops are going to show up to rescue you.”

“I guess so.”

Sally stretched and yawned, then, a little dazed, sat up and ran her fingers through her tousled hair.

“I guess I’ll take a quick shower,” she said.

Doris smiled up at her.

“I’ll come and scrub your back,” she offered.