“Now look at that,” Cash snorted brutally as Ellen approached, trying to conceal the sensuous sway of her buttocks. “Just move up here a little closer, so’s I can get a feel of that sweet little pussy of yours.”

Ellen automatically jumped back as his thick stubby hand reached out and began stroking the resilient pubic hair growing at the base of her tautly rounded belly.

“Goddamn, bitch, stand still,” he snarled unhappily. “I just want to touch it.” The vicious immediacy of his voice stilled her trembling as though she had been wrapped in a hypnotic daze by the harsh sound of his command. Her face flushed at the indignity of being pawed as she stood nakedly there unable to move with his strong callused fingers coursing around the secret parts of her exposed genitals. She could hear the snickers of Vito and Pop around her begin to build into pants of lusty anticipation as they watched Cash continue the tormenting movement of his fingers and hands taking indecent liberties with her ripe young body, and she began to groan softly in shame and humiliation as she felt the tip of his outstretched middle finger circle down the moist base of her pubic mound and push itself into the fleshy-layered lips surrounding her vagina. Her innermost parts still contained a warm moistness which had lingered from Billy’s sperm when he had ravished her in the truck some hours ago, and she could tell Cash was becoming more and more excited as his hot breath grazed against the smoothness of her nakedly trembling belly in lusty anticipation of what he would do to her next.

“You know, boys, I think she’s getting a little hot already,” Cash murmured as he continued massaging his finger up and down the smooth slippery length of the narrow hair-lined slit. “Man, this is going to be nice, real nice. I’m gonna push this here cock up her little cunt till it comes outta the sweet lil bitch’s mouth. And ya know what, I think she’s gonna like the taste of it!”

Ellen felt her head begin to spin until she thought she would lose consciousness completely. But fate was not so kind to her, and her vision refocused again as the blood rose to her head. Cash moved his extended finger deeper into the moistly clasping folds of her cunt. Pop and Vito began to move closer to her groaning figure, and she noticed that their expressions were changing from amused fun to slow smoldering desire.

Billy was no longer of any assistance to Ellen, slumped over the table as he was with a look of resigned indifference on his face. After all, what could he do? There was no question of protesting, as he had been the one to suggest the dice game, and he must accept his defeat or suffer an uprising of the whole gang against him. He knew the sexual frenzy Cash was building up to would erupt into a volcano of rape, and he fought against the temptation to rise up and utterly destroy Cash with bloody blows from his tight-clenched fist. But he couldn’t. He had no particular affection for the girl; yet he knew that if the men used her to the extent that he anticipated, their lust would leave her in a state of hysterical shock that would have terrible repercussions after they released her. With these thoughts bringing on a more sullen mood, the gang leader rose and headed silently for a room at the end of the dimly lit corridor where he intended to try to get some sleep.

Cash didn’t say anything until Billy had left the room, then he let his glance fall back to Ellen still nakedly standing by his chair. He rose slowly, and in a sudden movement that took her completely by surprise, grabbed her by the wrist and jerked her back to the chair until she was forced to sit on the arm and part her legs out to the sides to maintain her balance. Pop and Vito, as if by signal, jumped up from where they were sitting and moved closer to the chair so they could see the terrified girl’s delicately spread young pussy lips. Vito’s eyes flickered with cruel, undisguised delight as they bored into the softly wet slit so open to his view, gleaming pinkly in the harsh light.

“Cash, man, you just got to let me fuck her! It’s only fair! Billy’ll never know the difference,” Vito hissed in a low demanding voice.

“Once we get the bitch hot enough. I don’t suppose Billy’ll mind, when she begs you for it,” Cash chuckled, all his rapt attention focused on the soft hair-lined folds of her vagina just inches away from him. “Make yourself comfortable, bitch. Let the legs go, ya know?”

“No, no,” Ellen muttered with downcast eyes, struggling to get up from the chair.

“You’ll do what I say and when I say it, ya hear me!” he shouted threateningly and reached out, yanking her roughly by the wrist back to her original position on the arm of his chair.

Cash’s eyes danced with lewd amusement at the image of Ellen’s ripely firm breasts quivering in the air from their struggle. He reached up with an almost overwhelming feeling of lewd power to the lusciously rounded mounds, tweaking teasingly at the pink-aureoled tips in a harsh mocking movement.

Ellen whimpered helplessly with shame and humiliation as Cash’s hand continued to pull on her nakedly exposed breasts. Then he wet his finger with his own saliva and raced it around the coral nipple until the helpless little bud stiffened. She couldn’t believe it! This repulsive band of criminals had just assumed that they could force her to enjoy their lewd proddings and pokings at her defenseless body. Well, they would see soon enough that she had more than enough will power and determination to resist the likes of them.

“Let your legs go, I said,” he commanded harshly.

“No, no, please,” Ellen whimpered in rebellion.

“All right, you stuck-up bitch. I’m fed up!” Cash grunted in anger and frustration at the stubbornness of the girl. “Get on down here in my lap. Now!”

He lurched forward and yanked her down into his lap so hard that the chair smacked against the wall. Ellen’s back dropped against his chest, her nude ass cheeks squirming down his thighs and her legs falling apart to their limits. Across the room, Vito and Pop gasped at the sudden full view of her widespread crotch, the tiny bud of her pinkly quivering clitoris straining up like a glistening chili bean. Ellen struggled desperately and found herself sliding down Cash’s upthrust legs to an even more obscene position with her legs wrenched painfully behind her on the floor. She felt him drag her roughly by her shoulders back up into his lap almost with relief.

“It looks like I’m going to have to stop playing with you,” Ellen heard Cash’s voice grunt sharply. Without warning, he dug his thumbs painfully into her shoulder blades. She groaned and her shoulders curled backwards, her white curvaceous front nakedly arching out like a bow away from him. Her breasts swung loose and quivering below him, and her arms flung out from her sides in tensed anguish, her fingers stiffened at the ends of them.

“How do you like this?” Cash muttered, wrenching her shoulders back with his thumbs, causing her head to jerk back against the top of his shoulders and her long, silken hair to cascade down his back.

“Please, please let me go,” she groaned against the excruciating pain in her arched back. It felt as though his cruelly probing fingers were going to split through her back until they came out the front.

“Do you want me to break your back?” he demanded, sinking his nails deeper in her flesh and giving a harder tug.

“No, noooo,” Ellen sobbed under the excruciating pain.

Ellen’s shoulders suddenly slung forward when the viciously digging fingers released her, her contorted anguished face falling to her heaving chest. She crumpled into the man’s lap, hiding her face in her hands and sobbing, looking for all the world like a little girl that had just been punished by an angry parent.

Cash traced his fingers over the deep white ridges his deeply boring thumbs had left in her back, and then began massaging his palms coarsely over her back as though to reward her for her momentary obedience. A self-satisfied grin played over his face, and his hot eyes gleamed evilly. He chuckled cruelly as he watched her cringe under his questing fingers that stroked up the small bumps of her spine and curved, palms open, over her wide creamy shoulders, bringing involuntary goose-bumps over the smooth flesh. Pop and Vito – like animals moving in to be close at the kill – came closer, their mouths hanging open in undisguised lust at the image of the naked young body quivering defenselessly under Cash’s touches.

“You like this, don’t you? And you want some more, don’t you?” he demanded threateningly.

“Please, n-no, no… Please just get it over with,” Ellen sobbed, the humiliating words coming out in a frightened rush.

She had steeled herself to accept their final ravishment of her alcohol-numbed body, but had not expected that they would tease and mock like this beforehand.

“Answer me, you bitch! Don’t you?” he dug his hands into her shoulder blades and violently wrenched them back.

“No. No. No… y-yes, oh yes,” she moaned as he increased the intensity of his pressure.

“That’s more like it, sweetheart. Keep that up, and we’ll get on just fine.”

Cash settled his hands on the narrow curve of Ellen’s waist, feeling the fleshy swell of her full womanly hips under his fingers. He grabbed the soft white warmth of her buttocks and pinched hard, laughing in cruel delight as she involuntarily ground down against his penis already stiffened with sadistic pleasure. His hands splayed down to the tanned softness of her smoothly naked stomach, once again catching her by surprise, and kneaded the flesh roughly, tracing one finger over the fine blonde hair that ran in a barely visible feather-strip down her flat belly. Ellen’s nakedly slender hour-glass body stiffened on his knee like a lovely statue.

“Now you’re goin’ to tell old Cash here just how much you’re enjoyin’ it. I want ya to speak up loud and clear so the boys can hear ya,” he pinched at her maliciously.

For the first time, Ellen realized with grim certainty just how much more difficult the evening was going to be for her than she’d imagined in her most anguished moments of foreboding. He meant to exercise his brutal control over her tortured mind and body, forcing his vile thoughts onto her consciousness, and making her say abominably lewd things to further humiliate and degrade herself.

“No… I don’t enjoy it. I hate it,” Ellen half mumbled, half shouted up at him, tears of helpless indignation streaming from her eyes.

“What’s that ya say? What’s that ya saying, baby?” Cash tormented back at her, pinching at her softly tender flesh until the ache spread throughout her entire belly.

“No, no. I hate it,” Ellen moaned, realizing even as she spoke that her defiance was completely useless. This mad torturing was meant only to increase their lewd pleasure before they moved in for the final brutal ravishment of her nakedly defenseless young body.

“Ya meant to say ya liked it, didn’t ya, baby? What I thought I heard was just a little mistake. Wasn’t it?” Cash said evilly and ground his hand down her belly until his finger rubbed torturously on the nub of her sensitive little clitoris. Ellen screamed and kicked, but she couldn’t overcome the strength of the two other men who had moved closer to the chair and now suddenly grabbed arms and legs. Cash’s outstretched finger lashed again and again over her sensitive flesh, sending jolts of near-pain throughout her futilely writhing body.

“Noooooooo,” the naked young female cried, her shrill scream reverberating through the room, as his finger lashed over her again and again in a seeming eternity of hurt and repugnant sensation that she thought would never end. What she might have done or said to appease them was beyond her immediate comprehension. She would never understand what had made them so cruel or why they so obviously enjoyed torturing her, a helpless young girl they had never seen before and who certainly had nothing to do with them being sent to the penitentiary. It wasn’t her fault if she had been born into better circumstances than they had. Once, years ago, when another poorer girl had stolen her jacket at school, she hadn’t even said anything about it. There must be some reason for their brutal relish in her anguish, she thought, and then her awareness descended to the dim borderlines of bare consciousness. There was only the finger and the feeling of her body jerking and straining under the vicious fondling Cash was subjecting on her helpless breasts and vagina.

“Now tell Cash what ya want him to do!” he begged.

“Stop. Stop. Please stop!” she begged.

“But after I stop. What is it ya want Cash to do to ya then?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know,” she wailed desperately.

He laughed through the humiliation that seemed to be without end. “Beg Cash to fuck ya.”

Ellen clenched her teeth tightly and moaned while the man’s furious attack continued hard and unrelenting on the straining inner folds of her sensitive cuntal lips. She prayed that she might collapse into total unconsciousness, but she didn’t. That grating hurt went on and on. Still, she didn’t speak. Nothing could bring her to utter those lewd words that would mean her final subjugation to him. The shame and anguish she already felt under his horrible torture would be increased to unbearable limits by the final act of degradation.

“Noooooo,” she moaned as he increased the brutal stroking.

“Beg Cash to fuck ya, baby,” he insisted, chuckling savagely at her utter helplessness.

“Oh, stop. Please stop. No. Pleaaaaase. I beg you,” she whimpered and groaned through clenched teeth under the increased fury of his cruel assault.

“Beg, bitch! Beg me to fuck ya,” he chided gleefully, sensing the break in her resolve to deny him the obscene words he wanted to hear.

“Oh no, I can’t. I just can’t,” Ellen sobbed until her poor victimized body jerked and went limp, dangling uselessly between the two men who held her arms and legs as though she were spread out on a medieval torture rack. It was just too much for flesh and blood to bear. Cash removed his hand from between her legs for a moment and listened to the low mumblings that poured from her mouth as she fell against his chest, panting and sobbing. And he grinned lewdly as the pitiful words bubbled out.

“Oh, fuck me… fuck me… I don’t care… fuck me… just don’t do that anymore… please… fuck me.”

“Whoooooopeeee,” Cash broke out in a loud fit of lewd laughter as he heard the faintly whispering girl’s final admission of surrender to him. It had been long forthcoming and for awhile he had felt a growing sense of genuine hate towards her as his anger and frustration grew. But now all that was replaced by his mounting lust at hearing the subjugated young blonde beg him to fuck her.

Cash motioned Vito and Pop away from the chair with a flick of his hands, then he stood up suddenly, and in an abrupt movement, shoved Ellen’s weeping form face down on the bed. He walked around the bed a moment, quietly examining the feast that awaited him. There was no longer any reason to hold her. Ellen sprawled face down on the mattress in a pose of total defeat and surrender, waiting submissively for whatever he would do next.

“Ya gonna fuck her now?” Pop said with an anxious edge to his voice. “Cause if you ain’t, I’d sure like to try a little of it.”

“No, I just been talkin’ about it all night long ’cause I like to hear the sound of my own voice,” Cash retorted cockily.

“Go ahead, do it then, will ya for Christ’s sake! I’m tired of waiting,” Vito muttered and paced around the bed impatiently.

“Well, if she wants me to fuck her,” Cash smiled proudly and rubbed his hands together, “I guess I’ll just have to fuck her. I mean, you heard her ask for it!”

“Dammit, I still think I have a right to her, too,” Vito swore, his eyes flashing angrily. “All ya gotta do is let me at least touch her.”

“You can warm her up while I get these pants off,” Cash said with a cocky tone to his voice. He had never liked Vito much, and this opportunity to lord his prize over the little hoodlum increased his mounting pleasure in the situation even more. Let the bastard suffer, he thought as he stepped out of his pants, watching him lurch onto the side of the bed and hurriedly clamp his bony fists into the firmly resilient flesh of Ellen’s trembling buttocks. His eyes gleamed evilly through a shock of greasy hair that had fallen over his forehead as he dug his fingernails into the warm creamy skin and pulled it up into white bloodless bunches.

Ellen’s long blonde hair spilled in softly glistening rivulets over the dirty mattress, and her ripe young buttocks lifted upwards in shock at Vito’s touch. Low pleading mumblings came from her half-open mouth and added to the lust-inciting picture her nakedly helpless form already presented to the sex-starved criminals.

“That’s enough,” Cash cut in as he noticed Vito’s hands separating the two rounded ass cheeks and one long bony finger groping steadily toward the puckered little ring of Ellen’s virginal anus. “I’m goin’ to fuck her now.”

Ellen’s hands dangled lifelessly over the sides of the old torn mattress and her cheek lay pressed tightly against the filthy covering. The back of her other hand was clamped fiercely between her clenched teeth to still the racking pain and humiliation that throbbed through her body. She lay defeated on the bed, no longer able to move and no longer caring about it. All thoughts of rebellion had been crushed from her helpless body by the cruel probing hand that had so brutally scraped over her unprepared young genitals only moments before. She wanted to turn and glare at them, screaming defiance at them, but she no longer had the strength to even lift her head. Her resistance had been replaced by a fearsome accepting dread of the inevitable rape she knew would come in the next few moments.

Let them just get it over with as soon as possible, she prayed desperately to herself. Let them use her and spill their lewd sperm into her belly, until one by one they collapsed over her as exhausted and weakened as she herself.

“Roll her over,” she heard Cash’s voice moving closer to her. She let herself go limp, knowing it would be foolish to resist them any longer, as Pop and Vito lifted her trembling body and dropped her hard onto her back on the mattress.

“Open up your eyes,” Cash shouted at her angrily, pushing the two gaping convicts back from the bed and moving close to the bed over Ellen’s nakedly splayed out form. “I want you to see everything!”

Ellen opened her eyes and her heart wedged tightly to her throat as she found herself staring straight up at Cash’s massively throbbing penis. It had stiffened and jutted now like a tormenting pole over the edge of the bed.

“Like it?” he hissed threateningly, glaring down at her and thrusting his hardened shaft slightly forward into mid-air so that it quivered menacingly over her face. It was at least eight inches long and was underlined with thick blue veins that coursed up to the red bulbous head.

“Do ya like it?” He muttered again, grasping a shaft of her long hair and tugging it viciously. “Tell me how it feels – Goddamnit!”

“Y-yes,” Ellen moaned, feeling the skin draw tightly back over her temples.

“Like what?” he said and lifted her aching head up by the straining hair. “Spell it out loud and clear for my friends here.”

“I like it. I like it,” Ellen groaned rapidly, reaching up desperately and trying to pull his hands off of her.

“You can do better than that, bitch,” he grunted and chuckled. “What is it that ya like… no, you love so much?” he spat.

“I love… your… penis. I love… your penis. I love your penis,” Ellen’s voice wailed loudly until all the men broke into lewd laughter.

“And what do ya want me to do with it?” he laughed so hard that the eagerly throbbing cock waved furiously in the air.

“I want you to fuck me,” she screamed, her words seeming to reverberate through the entire warehouse.

“Jesus, Cash, you better keep her quiet,” Pop said nervously, peering toward the door where Billy had disappeared.

Cash released her hair and Ellen slumped to a mass of helplessly quivering flesh on the mattress. She sobbed and rolled over on her stomach, every inch of her body throbbing with pain from the tips of her toes to her scalp. Vito and Pop paced anxiously back and forth like caged animals just before feeding time, studying her now totally submissive form with increasing desire and impatience.

“Let’s get on with it,” Pop pleaded.

“Yeah,” Vito said angrily to Cash. “You want to take all night just ’cause you’re the first. By the time you get done there’ll be nothin’ for the rest of us.”

“You ain’t gettin’ nothin’ anyway, if I remember correct,” Cash barked at Vito as he finally slumped down onto the bed on his knees. The muscular blonde convict waited a moment, his long hard cock quivering over her back, as though trying to decide which luscious entrance he wanted to prod into first, but then he swung suddenly over her rounded buttocks and kicked her knees apart with a rough pressure that scraped the tender inner sides of her thighs.

“Hold her til I get it in,” he commanded imperiously to the other men who he thought had been trying to order him around, to rush him when he finally had this ripe young cunt spread pliantly underneath him. Dammit! He had won her fair and square, and she was his to fuck… and he meant to take the whole night to do it if he wanted to. But he looked down at Ellen’s pose of total acceptance and submission, and his voice stilled. Her eyes were closed and she panted softly, causing his massively erect cock to ache as it had never ached before in his life. Suddenly he fell onto her back, his face pressed into the soft clean odor of her hair that shimmered like gold under the overhanging lamp.

Ellen stiffened as his hands fell onto her nakedly slumped shoulders and stroked down her arms to the rounded softness of the curve of her buttocks, coming to rest once again on her firm full thighs. His palms opened across the trembling white flesh at the tops of them and then, suddenly, he shoved. Ellen squealed and squirmed with all her might, but it was hopeless. She let out a long low moan of pain, and her feet slipped over either side of the mattress, straining her leg muscles to their farthest limits. Her whole body frantically jerked in terror as she felt his hotly throbbing cock make contact with the tender backside of her thigh, trailing a sticky path of lubricant over her leg as it slithered its way up to her buttocks. Cash pulled back the heavy foreskin and laid his rigidly thick shaft in the long crevice between her smooth white buttocks, her terrified squirming and pleading increasing his mounting lust to the utmost.

“Get up on your knees,” his hoarse voice burned through her hair.

Ellen disobeyed silently, grinding her belly down into the mattress and tightly clenching her ass cheeks together. His huge hot cock, wedged between the pliant mounds, jerked and she heard the convict gasp in delight, but she knew that when she was up on her knees he would have total access to her.

A hand jerked at her long blonde hair, as though it meant to rip her blonde tresses from her already searing scalp, and another pair of hands reached for her foot and bent it backwards from the tiny ankle. Ellen tried to scream, but found she could not. She tried to breathe but once again found it was impossible and her whole body went immediately limp under the stifling hand that Cash had forced over her mouth. The hand released her and Ellen sagged onto the bed, gasping desperately for the air racing into her tortured lungs with welcome relief. She gulped frantically as though she expected never to breathe again, hardly conscious of the brutal hands that raised her onto her knees and uplifted her nakedly quivering buttocks. By the time she had recovered her breath, she found herself with her face shoved into the mattress, her thighs spread wide-apart, behind her, and her full firm buttocks waving salaciously in the air. She tried to fling her legs out behind her to flatten herself out again, but angry hands kept her feet in place while Cash forced her face brutally deep into the mattress.

The young girl ceased her struggles and went completely limp, sobbing in frustration and fear… It was all useless, she knew, since she would have to submit to them in the end anyway. Her further struggles would only provide more opportunities for these vile beasts to torture and humiliate her body, for it was a helpless toy that they would use as they wanted in their animalistic search for satisfaction… a satisfaction that would only cease when they had pumped their lewd liquid desire into her tormented and defenseless body which was past all caring and resistance.

Cash leaned down and cupped Ellen’s softly resilient buttocks in his grasping hands, his hungry eyes flickering with inflamed desire as they coursed over her smoothly upraised form, and his head reeling with the growing almost uncontrollable excitement. His balls tingled and his cock ached with the impulse to thrust his hotly throbbing hardness into her tender young flesh at this very moment. He didn’t think he could stand to wait another second before he spewed into her all the lewdly heated passion that had been building in his body throughout the long night.

But he did!

The stocky convict drew back and sat patiently for a moment on the backs of her warmly fleshed calves, feeling his desire-swollen balls tingling as they nestled softly between them. He had worked all night to get her into this position of pliant submission, but there was one thing more he wanted, and he would wait for it as long as he needed to – even if the waiting drove him crazy. He wanted her to need and desire him as much as he needed her, to forget who she was and how it had happened to her, to forget everything except her own uncontrollable need for him to thrust his long warmly throbbing cock into her tight little cunt. This beautiful blonde bitch was everything he had ever dreamed of and desired, and he knew he would never be totally satiated until he felt her flinging her passion-wracked form back against his own lust-driven body, losing all control of herself. The thought raced through his loins like an electric shock.

Dammit! That moistly puckering pussy was going to climb up his thick pulsing cock with every nerve and sinew of her cunt contracting and sucking, pleading for his white hot cum to spurt into her.

For a few more torturing minutes he guided his impatiently jerking cock up and down the valley of her buttocks, not letting it lose contact with her tender flesh until it was poised between the smoothly moistured pink flanges of her vagina. It was all he could do to keep from shoving forward now and impaling this helpless little bitch on his aching hardness, but his desire to have her begging and pleading for it helped him to hold back. Instead, he bent forward and rubbed his fingers over her back, drawing his hands down to her warm young buttocks and gently kneading and cupping the nakedly white flesh, delighting in her groaning that ceased momentarily in surprise.

He drew back further on her legs, his head reeling with the cleverness of his approach, and let his erectly throbbing hardness trail slowly back down her sleek inner thighs. She seemed to cease breathing for a moment in tortured suspense and then trembled hopefully at his gentleness when he leaned forward and planted a warm wet kiss along the standing ridges of her spine. She stiffened again when his tongue etched a searing path down the tightly clenched crevice of her ass, but Pop and Vito held her so tightly that for the moment her futile protest didn’t matter.

Cash reached forward and gently clasped the pliant flesh of her full round buttocks, slowly and gradually pulling the warmly quivering cheeks apart. He knew that the success of his obscene plan to completely bend her virginal will to his depraved desires rested on his ability to avoid any abrupt gestures that would startle or alarm her. Now was the time for patience and gentleness. He felt her relax slightly beneath him, becoming more confident that he would not suddenly hurt her again, and he knew that he had caught her off guard.

Physical torture had forced Ellen to mechanically submit her naked young body, and she had steeled herself for more brutality. But this sudden softness of touch coursing over her helpless exposed buttocks… well, she just was not prepared.

Cash slowly sunk his two thumbs into the sweating crevice between her trembling ass cheeks, feeling her trust and confidence build as he continued his insidiously gentle approach. His face was just scant inches away from her quivering pubic mound, and he drew the inserted thumbs slowly down the warm crevice toward her vagina, feeling the taut muscles of her thighs and buttocks gradually relaxing. The soft inner sides of her trembling thighs parted in an invisibly slow motion, but he could still feel it – it was like the sweet opening of a flower. And there in the center only inches from his close-up view was the tender, softly pink bud of her clitoris. His cruel fondling moments before had automatically started her warm vaginal juices flowing despite the pain, and now a faintly perfumed moisture covered the entire glistening area. He swallowed hard as the image raced through his stiffening loins.

He leaned closer and blew softly into her wetly trembling young cunt, gulping again at the shivers and goose bumps that raced over the smooth flesh of her thighs. A long low moan escaped from between the captive girl’s clenched teeth and she attempted to shift away from him; but he instinctively knew that her mumbled protest was the result of his new pleasing caresses, not fear or an attempt to escape. Anyway, the pressure of the other two gaping men holding onto her shoulders and feet kept her firmly in place.

Ellen felt a soft tingling race in uncontrollable waves over every inch of her nakedly quivering flesh. Cash’s former brutality seemed to have made her even more susceptible to his gentleness for his lips and hot breath were like a downy feather flicking over the soft flesh of her helpless buttocks.

She whimpered and relaxed her straining muscles in relief, her voluptuous young body exhausted from fighting against the torture. A thankful gasp of grateful warm air rushed from her lips at the surprising change of circumstances.

But now something altogether different was happening to her… something that replaced the cruel fingering of her sensitive young genitals that had occurred only moments before. It was soft and gentle, as his breath had been blowing against her tingling loins, except that this now was also wet… warm and wet, moving in small electric circles down her spine to her waiting buttocks. She quivered as it slowly traced a maddeningly moist path down the sweating crevice of her ass, and she groaned as it stopped momentarily to do a wet probing homage to her tightly puckered little anus.

Ellen shivered as the wetly flicking tongue increased its pressure, circling over the soft white moons of her defensively upraised buttocks where Cash’s ovalled lips sucked, drawing the softly warm flesh deep into the hot cavern of his mouth. The gentle pressure flowed like a sweet soothing balm over her tortured mind, and the kneeling girl sank into the twilight world of half-consciousness. God, where was she? What was happening to her? What were these tiny fires so unexpectedly lighting in her growing nipples and causing a throbbing on the nerve ends of her rapidly moistening vagina?

“Oooohhhh,” she moaned, helplessly caught up in the light feathery flutters of sensation that were beginning to dance over her. She could feel dew-drops of moisture rising up there between her open legs and the wetly quivering tongue, like a thousand maddening fingers, played over her defenseless nakedness. It wouldn’t stop! She tried with all her desperate strength to move forward but those strong hands held her firmly to the bed. Who was it? Bob? Was she a child again and was it her father holding her down in her bed after a long fever? It no longer mattered! Time and circumstance fused into one incomprehensible moment of total helplessness, and there was only the relief from pain that seemed to have occurred eons and eons ago receding further into the distance until she could barely remember it.

Without resistance, she allowed the strange hands to draw her thighs further apart, trusting now in these magic hands to lead her to more of the flicking pleasure that had begun to course over her sensuously rotating buttocks. A cool rush of air raced between the full spreading white globes and tiny goose bumps sprang out over the whiteness of her sensitive young flesh.

Behind her, Cash sensed the change in her mood and grinned obscenely, his bulging eyes devouring the sight of her unconsciously writhing buttocks. He moved even closer onto the bed, crouching in a beast-like position on all fours over the kneeling girl’s body and pulling the unresisting milk-white cheeks of her ass even farther apart. The bitch was coming along just fine! His mouth watered as his eyes took in the hair covered “vee” of her crotch, open and unprotected before him, that now was his for the taking.

Then his head lowered slowly and he pressed his face forward until his hungrily slavering mouth hovered, his tongue poised, just over the glistening moistness of her pink vaginal slit. She flinched and pulled back but he settled his thumbs firmly in the flesh of her parted thighs, steadying her for the entry he would make in just one moment. He sighed in eagerness and then, with a rush, his tongue flicked lizard-like into the wetly quivering cuntal opening.

“Aaaaaagggghhhh!” he heard her gasp loudly as his thumbs slowly spread the fleshy, hair-lined lips of the warm moist furrow farther apart, allowing his lips and tongue complete access to her succulent little pussy. At first she had tried to jerk away, but now her elbows were pressed tightly against her ribs and her head lolled uncontrollably from side to side, her long blonde hair grinding into the soiled sheet covering the mattress as the hotly searing tongue shot out and circled the erect little clitoris. The tongue continued its maddening licking against the sensitive pink bud of her sex, and she groaned repeatedly from deep in her throat at the delicious things being done to her defenseless genitals. Cash, grinning knowingly now, spread the hair-lined folds of perfumed pussy flesh further apart and raced his tongue down the wetly trembling inner lips, causing the aroused young captive’s hips to grind uncontrollably above the squeaking bed, while soft animal sounds escaped from between her passion-clenched teeth.

“Goddamn,” Pop grunted, watching Ellen begin wantonly bucking and squirming in delight to Cash’s flicking tongue that raced in wild circles over the gleaming nub of her clitoris.

There was obviously no longer any need to restrain the girl, for Ellen was grinding her nakedly rounded buttocks back against Cash’s face, so Vito ungripped his hands from around her ankles and slid one open palm over his bulging pants against his own hotly throbbing cock. A tiny bit of lubricant had seeped out, forming a small wet circle on the straining material, and he rubbed harder and harder, as his other hand raced over the silken skin of Ellen’s delicately curved calves.

Cash lowered his head and returned his lewd gaze to the elastic rimmed opening of her moistly clasping pussy, pressing his mouth directly over the tight little hole and tasting again the exiles of her cunt. The girl was really ready now, and he could see her puckered vaginal lips dilate slightly, a sight that caused his cock to jerk up into greater hardness. As his lips rounded and covered the clasping viscous mound, he thrust his tongue deep down into it, bringing a low guttural groan from the girl whose warm thighs closed convulsively around either side of his moving head. He could feel the softly curling pubic hair brush tantalizingly against his cheeks as her wet inner flesh slipped moistly around his long extended tongue. The hot walls of her invaded young pussy began opening and closing in a sucking motion, attempting to pull it deeper and deeper into it.

“Ooooh, oooh,” she intoned, her shamelessly aroused body now completely out of control and her resistance lost in the fire of the moment. He felt as though the nibbling hair-lined cuntal mouth would pull his tongue out by its roots, devouring it alive. His nose was smacked tightly against her wildly puckering anus, and he breathed in the pungent odor of the lust juice that flowed in abundance from her vaginal cleft, feeling it incite his cock to a pounding hardness that he wouldn’t be able to control much longer.

Now she was his, Cash gloated, watching the pained contortions of her muscles turn into ripples of pure pleasure as the smooth curve of her buttocks clenched, her thighs jerking apart to their limits in an attempt to allow his tongue greater access to her pussy. He could feel her sparse pubic hairs grazing like silk against the tip of his nose and the sides of his face while she ground her warmly fleshed ass cheeks up and down, up and down, in a slow hypnotic rhythm of lust against his face.

She was almost ready to cum!

He could feel it, he could sense the little bitch’s sudden submissive surrender and knew that it was time to ram his cock deep into her hot little cunt and shoot his churning cum so far up into her belly that it would come out of her tits and ears. Goddamnit, she wasn’t too good for him anymore! She was just like any other eager little bitch screaming to be fucked by any cock she could get her hands on. And he had made her that way, this was all of his doing! She might have more education than him, but he had used his own simple common sense and natural animal cunning to bend her entirely to his will. Just like he had planned beforehand, her wet young cunt was flowering wider and wider, dilating and sucking desperately for something to fill her. Well, when he got his cock up in there she’d be filled like a stuffed turkey – until his hot liquid cum poured like hot molten lava out of her every opening.

Cash simply couldn’t stand it any longer. He seized her wildly trembling legs behind the knees and shoved them roughly up against her already matted pubic hair as he planted his hands on either side of her shoulders, her ankles locked tightly next to his calves.

“Lord’a mighty, he’s gonna fuck her now!” Pop gasped, drawing closer to the obscene spectacle.

“Yeah, just look at the snotty little bitch go,” Vito breathed, his own madly throbbing penis now sticking out of his pants and held tightly in his clasping and unclasping hand.

Cash kneeled behind her, and drew the thick foreskin back from his heavy rod of flesh to expose the red, lust-swollen head. Slowly he moved it down through the slightly parted lips of her pinkly glistening cunt, slithering it up and down her length and feeling her thick vaginal lubricant wetting it. He let the blunt head settle for a moment, resting its throbbing tip on the erect little bud of her clitoris. Then she jerked forward as though to encourage him to sink into her hungry, warmly moistened channel as quickly as possible. The kneeling young girl began wantonly squirming, and he could feel each muscle and tendon of her body tense up as though begging him to go ahead and fuck her as he settled the large blood-filled cock head directly over the tight elastic opening of her cunt.

Cash ceased his movements for a moment to watch the tiny wet pussy lips contract and throb around the blunted tip of his semen-bloated cock. Then he shifted his gaze up to the whiteness and gleaming purity of the large breasted torso that was locked beneath him, flicking his eyes smokily from the golden blonde hair that spilled from her bent neck over her wide creamy shoulders onto the filthy pillow. She was breathing deeply and her smooth young flesh glossed over with sweat that trickled down her smooth back past her narrow girlish waist into the crevice between her supple young buttocks. Next to his own straining hair-covered legs, her sleek white thighs curved into small delicately shaped calves that flowed down to well-formed ankles. He imagined the way they looked on the bed, with her quivering lust-driven body splayed out obscenely beneath his larger form, and the thought ached with maddening intensity through his eagerly throbbing cock and sperm-swollen testicles. Then he pictured what they would look like when he had thrust his long thick shaft in – all the way in – and he felt a surge of savage passion burst through his loins that told him he’d better get his impatient hardness inside her tight little cunt as soon as possible.

The kneeling convict placed his palms on the softness of her firm upraised buttocks and gently kneaded the pliant flesh with his fingers and hands. He drew the quivering cheeks closely together and then slowly apart to expose the view of his long throbbing hardness below them poised salaciously at the entry to her moistly quivering vagina. His eyes widened in lewd fascination, and for a moment he was tempted to press the full white mounds of upraised flesh together and slide his cock into the tiny ring of her tightly puckered anus. But he didn’t. The moist softness of her hair-lined pussy was just too tempting; he had to have it, he had to fuck her now or he would uselessly explode his cum in another instant against her wantonly writhing ass cheeks and thighs.

He moved his legs tightly against her splayed out thighs and gently moved forward, his heart pounding insanely in his chest as he felt the soft blonde pubic hair part and rasp gently against the head of his massively throbbing cock. The small elastic ring of her almost-virginal cunt tightened around the huge blood-engorged penis, wetly pulsating and nibbling as though it were trying desperately to suck his massive hardness into her. The fleshy outer flanges of her pussy slipped and closed gently over the blunted head of his pulsing sperm-filled cock.

He groaned.

Each had never felt anything as soft and tender in his life; he gasped and writhed for a moment, pausing to enjoy this delicious instant that he was sure would remain in her tortured memory for years to come. Jesus, he couldn’t hold off much longer, he had to fuck his lust-filled cudgel all the way into her before it was too late! But as if to prolong the delicious agony of waiting an instant longer, he held the tip of his wildly throbbing cock just inside the warmly moistened pussy lips for a moment longer, enjoying the torture of holding himself back when he knew he still had the best part of her steaming wet cunt awaiting him.

He had to take her now!

He thrust forward, feeling the small elastic rim give inward as he slipped through the tightly clasping outer walls of her contracting vagina that were just as wet and firmly gripping as he had expected. A groan escaped his lips when he sank deeper, deeper through the warm enclosing wetness until the whole of her tightly clasping young channel was filled to the brim with his rock-hard cock. He pushed forward with all his weight to sink his erectly throbbing hardness as far into her hotly quivering pussy as he could go, forcing her grasping cuntal walls aside with his rampaging onslaught and slithering through the smooth giving flesh. Her inner sinews dilated and convulsed in a palpitating shock as he probed his long, pile-driving instrument deeper and deeper yet, and suddenly he felt his cockhead strike hard against her cervix, signaling that he was completely in. At the thick base of his rigid fleshy staff, his hard muscular loins crushed violently into her upturned buttocks, sweeping them wider and wider apart.

“Oh, oh, noooo,” Ellen moaned beneath him as he withdrew slowly and then wormed forward again into her before withdrawing still another time to thrust into her wetly heated femaledom with even greater forcefulness. The impaled young girl strained and squirmed against the vicious attack that had taken her so completely by surprise. Throughout the long slavering of his tongue over her battered genitals, she had lain dormant, slipping into an almost unconscious state of semi-awareness. She had noticed only the racing pleasure that seemed to grip every fiber of her tensely quivering loins, but now all that had changed. Every part of her body grew startlingly alive! The brutal fondling of her genitals had been soothed by the warm licking pleasure, and that now was swept away by a resumption of sudden pain, in her hideously stretched vagina, bringing her swiftly back to stark reality.

“Oh, God, what a pussy,” she heard Cash’s loud voice grunt from behind her. “Jesus, this cunt’s the tightest I’ve ever been in.”

Ellen squealed in pained indignation underneath him at the sound of his coarse gasping voice. She screamed for him to get off her, knowing all the while that it was useless and that he would continue his wanton probing into her defenselessly widespread vagina. Tears of anger and frustration at the helplessness of her position streamed from her terror-stricken eyes once again. She was hopelessly trapped by the two escaped convicts who had pinioned her arms and legs firmly to the bed – and trapped by her own earlier perverted response of delight to the lewd flicking of his tongue only a few moments before. Now Cash’s violent intrusion into her gentle moistly clasping passage surged inexorably forward, and she could feel the huge battering instrument growing and expanding in her relatively inexperienced womb until it felt like it would split her apart.

“Christ,” Cash gagged, his lips bared back over his teeth. “I’m finally all the way in. Feels like a fucking nutcracker in there.”

Ellen squirmed and clenched the powerful muscles of her buttocks tightly together in an effort to squeeze the thick turgid length of his hotly pulsating cock out, but it was useless. The gentle contracting of the firmly clasping walls of her vagina around his huge tree-trunk of an instrument only incited him more; she could feel his hardness jerking and pulsing against the smooth walls, stretching and twisting the virginal channel with lewd cruelty. She groaned piteously beneath him, and he flexed the huge rod into her damp sucking passage again and again before resuming his slow, maddening strokes in and out. The others, excited to a fever pitch by the picture of her abject helplessness, increased the indignity by pulling her legs further apart and mashing her face into the pillow until her muffled protests turned to desperate gasps for breath. All the while the huge impaling sword inside her swelled and grew, swelled and grew, until her writhing young pussy felt filled beyond all imaginable limits.

Sobbing, the pain-racked young girl finally ceased her struggle, and it was only then that the hands released her. She felt them clawing and grasping now at her defenselessly naked flesh, roaming in random patterns over every inch of her obscenely displayed body. She could hear the grossly fat evil Pop grunt as he leaned closer over the bed and wedged his two fists between her heaving chest and the mattress. Saliva trickled from his half-open panting mouth as he clasped his palms in uncontrollable excitement around the softness of her large, ripely firm breasts. He fell to a sitting position at the head of the mattress and the bed squeaked under his groaning weight. She shuddered as he drew her breasts obscenely out to the sides, pinching and squeezing the tiny bud-like nipples between his thumbs and forefingers until they sprung to a hard, berry-like erectness that made them more sensitive than ever.

Alongside her, Vito’s cruel bony fingers swept across her backside, his long jagged nails tearing down her spine and over the pitifully cringing flesh of her buttocks until suddenly, without warning, he wormed one outstretched finger down the spread crevice between her ass-cheeks and poked against the tight rubbery ring of her puckered little anus. He shoved into the spongy clasping confines and Ellen groaned loudly in pain, her arms and legs stiffening and flailing out from the bed.

“I’m going to finger-fuck her asshole,” she heard his panting, lust-deepened voice exclaim through the daze of the three-way-rape.

Cash’s huge throbbing cock rammed with greater force into her tightly clasping vagina and seemed to be tearing and stretching the passage beyond all possible repair, while Vito’s finger thrusting deep into the tight rubberiness of her virginal young rectum increased her torment and anguish to unbearable proportions. She discovered the pain lessened somewhat if she decreased her movements, so she lay under them as motionless as possible with only the anguished fluttering of her tormented inner muscles breaking her defeated stillness. She tightly clenched her teeth as Vito ground and twisted his outstretched middle finger deeper, circling and expanding her anal passage with his lewd manipulations. Then another finger joined the first, and Ellen broke into soft piteous sobbing, feeling as though the passage would burst from the painful gorging outward pressure.

Cash pushed his hairy groin closer to the back of her firmly fleshed thighs, and began lunging into her with long smooth strokes. He curled his hands around her small waist and splayed them over her tautly rippling abdomen, demandingly guiding her hips into a strong rotating movement as he thrust in and out of her vaginal opening which enclosed his long hard shaft like a well-fitting glove.

“Noooooo, pleeeeease,” Ellen choked as the movement increased the searing pressure against the finger buried in her anus.

“Move it, bitch,” Cash lifted one hand and slapped his open palm across her soft buttocks with a loud smack of flesh that resounded through the empty room. He sensed that he had lost her passionate compliance when he had stopped eating her pussy, and the knowledge filled him with an uncontrollable anger and fury. He hadn’t slavered over her all night to fuck into a limp piece of meat, his mind raged, and he raised his arm and swung his open hand down hard on her hips again until her naked young body jerked in startled pain and almost slid out from underneath him.

Ellen didn’t have to be told again. She immediately swung into his rhythm, and finding it didn’t hurt as much as she had expected, ground and twisted her upraised buttocks as hard as she could back against his thrusting pelvis. She heard his grunts of satisfaction and sighed with relief. All that mattered now was that they didn’t hurt her anymore. Anyway, it might help to get the ordeal over with.

“Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, bitch,” Cash snarled through lust-contorted lips, feeling her respond to him, the warm wet walls of her tight little cunt sucking and clasping tightly as they slithered over his blood-engorged member.

Ellen felt as though she were being devoured alive by a giant octopus whose clinging tentacles raced over her full free-swinging breasts and her widely splayed pumping buttocks, kneading and stroking her every inch of quivering flesh. Deep in her belly, Cash’s long thick cock filled her cunt to the bursting point. With each plunge it seemed to grow ever more monstrous and enormous. His forward thrusts threw her breasts deeper into Pop’s kneading hands, and when he pulled her back to him, her anus burned with Vito’s fiery finger prodding into her rectum.

Cash’s fingers kneaded and pulled at the soft flesh of her full firm ass cheeks, then with one swift passion-driven movement, he yanked out Vito’s deeply sunk fingers and thrust his own into her defenselessly cringing rectum.

“Aaaaaargh,” she screamed from the new consuming pain. Her entire lower region was freed for Cash now and while he continued to plunge his thick, wetly glistening cock into her wet tightness, he let his other hand and fingers course over the backs of her sleek young thighs and buttocks with growing uncontrollable frenzy.

She could feel him thrust more sadistically now, the sight of her fucking body obviously inciting him to greater and greater effort. Her breath came in great spasmodic gasps and mewled out in long painful groans that were no longer muffled by the mattress. Now her face was turned sideways on the mattress so that Cash could clearly see the effect he was having on her. Her eyes bulged open in a look of abject subjugation, and her lips sputtered incoherent pleadings under the humiliation and shame of his incessant pummeling from behind her.

Suddenly she sensed the bed sag down from a new weight thrusting forward from in front of her. Fingers touched and pulled at her lips, pressuring them slowly open, then she felt a moistness and a strange spongy hardness prodding against her half-open mouth. She opened her eyes and shuddered in horror at the sight of the big pulsating penis that was stabbing into her face. God, it looked at least seven or eight inches long, and it was just about to skewer right into her mouth! She tried to avert her head from the lust-inflamed head, and as she did she saw Pop’s evil face leering sadistically down at her, a lewd grin of triumph on his lips.

The old man’s legs were splayed out on either side of her shoulders and his heavy belly sagged from its own weight against the full length of his hard fleshy instrument. Pop, who could no longer stand to watch Cash’s fucking the beautiful young girl dog fashion from behind, lifted her head with the flat palm of one hand and with the other pushed her red, wetly parted lips tighter against his blood-engorged cock. She groaned and wrenched her body in terror, but this only sent the old man into a frenzied sawing motion, and he moved the wildly pulsating cockhead in a slow teasing motion against her tightly pursed lips. Again and again she struggled to get loose, but this only provoked him to greater fury, and he fastened his hands on a stronger grip around her grimacing mouth. As he increased the pressure, it felt as though her lips were being pushed back through the sharpness of her own teeth. Then from her rear she felt one brutal thrust against her thighs; the momentum wedged her mouth even closer to the tip of Pop’s heatedly jerking flesh that was gradually parting her lips bit by bit. She gasped. The hard, sperm-inflated cock slid with only small resistance through her softly moist lips into the wet warm chamber of her young mouth. She could feel the thick turgid head pushing her quivering tongue to one side, and filling her cheeks with its hot fleshy hardness.

Pop began a slow sawing motion, moving his long hard penis down the entire wet length of her tongue and then pulling it slowly out part-way, the fleshy intrusion causing her cheeks to push out as his cock seemed to expand to its farthest limits. His hands inched up her face until they held her a complete and utter captive, his thumbs tensed against the sides of her neck. She struggled mentally, the very helplessness of her position sending pinpricks of agonizing sensation down her back. But it was useless, as Pop quickened his thrusts while Cash fucked into her with all his brutal strength, as though he were trying to meet the head of Pop’s cock mid-way within her belly. A rhythm was building up between the thrust and counterthrust of the two heatedly throbbing penises burrowing inside her, and Ellen could feel Pop gradually adjust his pace to the skewering repetition of Cash’s hotly pulsating rod inside her gradually accepting cunt; the old man’s hard fleshy staff never quite pulled out, but always left a slight part of the tip beyond her lips in the hot moist shelter of her mouth.

Ellen closed her eyes, trying to shield herself from the obscene vision of Pop’s thick, blue-veined penis thrusting through her widespread lips. Her shame and humiliation knew no bounds.

She felt numb to the world as though she were some kind of empty void whose only purpose was to capture the hotly spewing sperm from the two rampaging cocks thrusting into her from both sides of her tortured young body.

“Suck it, Goddam it, suck it,” she heard Pop’s harsh voice command as if from a great distance… and she instantly obeyed his order. Her hysterical thoughts were stopped short as he rammed the heatedly pulsating rod of flesh in, crushing through her moist, elastic lips into the warm saliva of her mouth. Then, as though another darker side of her being had suddenly been unleashed, she began to feel the return of other sensations – sensations that triumphed over the pain and shame. She found herself testing the hot male fleshiness of Pop’s cock. Without volition, her tongue swirled around the lust-swollen head and she found herself pretending it was her fiance’s, that she was doing this of her own free will. She tried not to think about this being Pop’s and then, masochistically she opened her eyes so she could see his thrusting loins and the soft, gray-haired sac of his testicles bouncing against her chin.

Behind her Cash could sense himself building towards climax. He knew it would come soon, and so he began to fuck faster into her, harder and faster, battering mercilessly against the quivering cheeks of her ass with his driving hips.

He grasped hard at the warmly-fleshed curve of her waist, kneading the soft resiliency with spasmodic contractions of his fingers and hands. His mouth wrenched and his lips bared back, and he began emitting long gurgling groans from deep within his throat. The sight of Pop’s long white cock snaking into the girl’s moistly clasping young mouth drove him on to more rapid locomotive-like thrusts that sent his huge member tunneling through the moist pink flanges of her cunt and up into the hollow dampness of her virginal womb. He could see the length of his semen-inflated shaft slide almost completely out of her and then slip effortlessly back in, accompanied by the slap of the hard flesh of his abdomen against the tight-clenched cheeks of her beautiful little ass.

Suddenly he felt what seemed to be a rise of several degrees in the temperature of her vaginal heat, accompanied by an almost imperceptible twitch of her previously passive cuntal walls.

“Damn, damn…” he groaned, then grinned. It was about time the little bitch was getting with it. Christ, for a moment there he thought she was going to remain Miss Frigid Bitch in spite of her obvious earlier enjoyment when he had gone down on her. Even as he was thinking about it, her deeper vaginal muscles suddenly – almost as if they were bashful or she didn’t know how to use them – began to massage the long sensitive length of his cock; he could feel the abrupt tugging on the huge swollen head of his penis, as if she were trying to pull him in a bit further. At the same time, he noticed a difference in Pop whose eyes had suddenly closed in rapture. The kneeling girl had raised one hand and cupped the old man’s heavily sagging scrotum; she weighed the sac of balls as though evaluating them, then began slowly and lovingly massaging them. Pop’s loud groan of pleasure was contrasted by her low mewl of wanton delight.

Without warning, Ellen’s wildly milking cuntal walls took control from him; she began a rhythmic pulsation that rubbed and squeezed the entire length of his wetly glistening shaft and made him feel as though his cock was being held in a tightly grasping velvet glove that flexed and unflexed with maddening intensity.

“Oh… Christ!” he shouted, and then his voice was oddly gentle as he said, “come on, baby. Cum… cum with me. You can… cum on… cum on… cum on…”

As he plunged his rapidly ballooning cock into her from behind he could feel the sac of his sperm-laden balls tighten and slap against the smooth crevice between her legs, sending lewd surges of pleasure up his hot distended shaft. He worked demon-like over her, his eyes coursing up her nakedly arched body until they came to rest on her tightly compressed lips ovalled around the long thick penis of the old man in front. Damn, the hot little bitch was sucking Pop’s cock as though she couldn’t get enough of it, bobbing her head back and forth, back and forth while soft mewls of pleasure erupted obscenely from her throat.

Ellen worked in a daze trying to please both men – no longer afraid of them – only wanting the build up of pleasure in her own heated loins to continue. She wetly clasped her lips in an elastic ring around the jerking instrument and eagerly swirled her tongue around the throbbing head. Now there were only three things that existed in this world of torture, total humiliation and wild sensation; the two powerfully pulsating cocks ramming into her, and her own electrifying discovery that deep within her womb Cash’s heated shaft of lust was bringing a new and totally different sensation – a sensation that promised fulfillment for the first time in her life.

With a wanton eagerness that surprised all three convicts, she began trying with all her might to bring the two hotly pulsating rods to a final raging climax that would once and for all quench their insatiable desires… and her own. Pop groaned and twisted above her, raining obscenities down at the top of her bobbing blonde head and watching with crude pleasure the wetly ovalled lips straining at his saliva-gleaming cock as though it were a stick of peppermint candy being fed to a starving child. God!

The old man was pushing his cock into her tightly stretched mouth as though he were a madman, and suddenly the young girl felt a new pressure assault her breasts. Vito, unable to hold himself back any longer, began kneading and cupping his hands against her dancing white orbs that hung beneath her lewdly writhing torso. Almost tentatively at first, and then with a vicious pressure, he clasped the tenderly erect nipples so tightly that periodically her mind was jerked from the ceaseless rape of her other tender parts.

Ellen’s lips puckered and drew more voraciously at the gigantic rubbery instrument thrust between her lips. She licked and sucked like a madwoman at the wildly throbbing head embedded in her mouth; her tongue was covered with a silky saliva that intermingled with the small emission of warm pre-ejaculate that seeped from the end of the old man’s cock into the warm moist depths of her throat. She could feel his hips begin an undulating movement as he raised his wildly thrusting buttocks towards her face and, instinctively knowing what he wanted – what was about to happen – she found herself bobbing her head down to meet his smooth thrusts, clasping and unclasping her wet young lips over the hotly swollen head until she had sucked it deep inside the warm wet cavern of her mouth. The old man’s thick fingers moved sensually up and tangled with her hair, slipping her mouth up and down over the rubbery intrusion as though it were another wet little cunt into which he was venting the full wrath of his incredible lust. His cock was growing, its size seemed to increase with each swipe of her tongue against the sensitive underside, and for some reason this seemed to incite her to suck harder. The young blonde groaned in abandon as the hard length wormed forward, its tip striking softly at her tonsils as though it were trying to plunge into her stomach and meet the other ravishing instrument that was snaking into her gratefully receiving vagina from behind.

There was utterly nothing now, nothing but her desire to please these two pleasure-giving men any way she could… and bring that vaguely promised fulfillment to her own love-starved loins. Although she hated herself and her traitorous body, her previous inhibitions and morality could not override the intense emotional and physical storm that was devastating her young body. One part of her exulted – that part in command of her muscles and body. The other part consisted of the shrill silent screams of outrage and protest coming from her mind at what she was doing and permitting to be done to her. Her mind told her that she had never been so completely soiled and humiliated in her whole life. And above all her own recriminations, she wanted to shriek in ecstasy, “Fuck me… fuck me!” for her volatile cunt had suddenly ignited, and she could feel every wonderful thrust of Cash’s hot marauding cock stroking blissfully in and pulling thrillingly out of her wetly clasping femaledom.

She sucked to please… she fucked to please… and she hoped they would continue their wild battering of her body forever.

The old man in front of her jerked suddenly as though stuck by a pin, and writhed his hips up tight into her face, sinking the full length of his wildly jerking cock deep down into her gasping throat. She tried to breathe but she was smothered by the press of his stomach against her face, and suddenly her tortured gasping was cut short by the eruption of his madly throbbing penis inside her warm sucking mouth. Strange incoherent sounds rolled from his sputtering lips while at the same time his long thick cock spewed forth its hot whiteness, exploding like a roman candle, and she sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed, hungrily now, her voraciously milking lips clasping and unclasping in response to each spurt of the burst-open cudgel. She wantonly drank the thickly heated essence of his manhood for what seemed to be an eternity.

The naked young blonde could feel every part of her abandonedly writhing body more alive and more sensitive than it had ever been before in her life. She smelled his maledom, swallowed his maledom… was aware of his hot cum sliding like warm custard down the back of her gulping throat to sink into her belly… and once in her belly, she felt its warmth rippling outward in ever larger waves until they met and mingled with the waves of pure sensation surging up with ever greater intensity from her wildly twitching vagina.

Now nothing was gentle anymore, nor did she want it to be. There was a frightening maelstrom of erotic sensation churning in the pit of her belly; it was swirling, swirling… like an incipient cyclone. She felt its awesome growth, welcomed it… pleaded silently with it to sweep over her.

And then Cash, fucking furiously into her kneeling young body, crooned with surprising gentleness again, “Cum on… cum on… let go, baby… and cum. Let’s cum together… cum together… now… now… now! Oh… Ahhhh???? God!”

Ellen felt the convict begin his last pile-driving movements from behind her. These were new and terribly urgent thrusts that she had no way of comprehending, neither with body or mind, and they came in blasting, ass-crushing bursts that shoved his iron-hard cock as far as it could go deep up inside the fartherest recesses of her trembling belly.

“Aaaaagggh, God! I’m cummmm-iiiinnnngggg,” he yelled, and then his bared-back animal-like lips sputtered out lewd oaths and vile incantations as his geyser of heated sperm spurted hotly into the spasmodically sucking walls of her flaming vaginal passage and inundated the waiting void of her womb.

And with the first hot spewing of his cum into her vagina, Ellen felt the storm sweep over her own body and she was jerking and convulsing, biting down so hard on Pop’s flaccid cock still in her mouth that the old man screamed in pain – a cry of protest that was drowned out by her shrill cry of exaltation, “I’m… I’m cummmmm-iiiiinnnggg too! Aahh… ah… aiiiiiieeeeee!”

The rapture of the moment caught her naked young body and stroked it with fiery arrows of pure sensation, and she rejoiced in her fulfillment, her moment of ecstasy. Instinctively, even as it was happening, she knew that never again would she have an orgasm quite like this one that had been compounded of shame and pain and brutality and fear… and a certain gentleness. It was rape, of course… and yet some small quiet voice passed down through the millenniums of female knowledge told her that this was really what it was all about. This was the subduing, the subjugation… the capture and defeat, the sacking of a city or a nation to get at its women. Swords of flexible steel in the bellies of their men, the swords of rigid flesh into the bellies of the females. That was it… that was history.

Wave after wave of ecstatic rapture washed shudderingly over her body, and she was barely conscious of Cash’s slowly deflating penis inside her still wildly quivering womb. And then, when the last tidal wave, the last powerful gust had racked her body, she began weeping quietly… not knowing the exact reason – not sure whether it was because she had been physically hurt and mentally shamed… or whether in lament for the passing of her orgasm, the death of that beautiful moment which would never again return.

Now there was no movement, nothing except the loud rush of breathing from the three sprawled-out figures on the mattress and the beat of her own heart whose pounding seemed to crash into her throat. Ellen lolled her head to the side and caught a last image of Vito standing above her masturbating by the side of the mattress, his lips convulsing insanely as he too approached climax. There was a shuffle of bodies, as Cash slid from on top of her and heaved in total exhaustion onto the floor while Pop pulled his legs from beneath Ellen’s head and turned his body to the wall.

Ellen turned over onto her back, her eyes staring blankly at the overhanging light bulb that seemed to hang like a symbol of her inner emptiness over her. She had had it, she had experienced the height of human emotion… and the depths of human degradation, and now the horror and revulsion of the experience swept over her in a wave of shock that was impossible for her young woman’s mind to even dimly comprehend. She had been battered like a child’s toy to the point that her own body’s movements were no longer of any meaning to her, and now as her body throbbed with the last zephyrs of an orgasm that wouldn’t stop she felt the light touch of fingers sliding up her sperm-drenched thighs. She turned and saw Vito’s evilly leering face a few short inches from her loins, a vicious vindictive grin working his lips. She didn’t move, but lay watching in dazed disbelief as Vito held his long hard cock in his hand, ready for entry into her.

Almost disbelieving, she saw her own pelvis make one little punching movement upward, almost as if it were inviting the further rape of her weary loins. Rather than watch, but otherwise not caring what he did to her just so long as he did not bring renewed pain, she closed her eyes and turned away from the evil little convict.

A second later, just as she had mentally prepared her body for the insertion of his heatedly throbbing maledom, she heard a scuffling sound and a few vicious back-handed slaps.

“Vito, you gonna get yourself killed doin that,” she heard Cash’s harsh voice shout out. “Ya remember what Billy said and you still wanta fuck her. You’re a crazy son of a bitch.”

Then there was an arrogant but acquiescent groan, and she felt the weight of his hands lift off her thighs. Slowly she felt herself float into deeper unconsciousness, but for some reason she opened her eyes again for a short moment before she knew she would fall into a deep death-like sleep. She shivered as she saw Vito standing in a half-kneeling position, his cock poised like a javelin between his hands as he stroked it over her large splayed-out breasts. He was pulling at his long distended penis in short jack-knife thrusts, wandering his wild eyes in crazy patterns down her torso to the moist wet mound of her loins that glistened in the strong glare of the overhanging light. She watched him lurch and arch bolt upright, then felt a spurting flash of hot viscous wetness coursing over her naked breasts.

And then it was over. She floated down into a trance-like state of semi-consciousness, where voices and remembered images merged and transformed themselves into lewd nightmare flickers that slowly dissolved as the pain and battered sensation in her loins faded into the all-embracing darkness of sleep.

She was only vaguely aware when Pop’s heavy body settled down between her nakedly widespread legs… only vaguely aware that her body was responding to his fucking by orgasming again… and again with Cash… until they slept the sleep of the dead with her.