Cheryl hurried out of Roger’s office. She would have to strike while she was hot. Finding Dave and getting a good assignment from him was about all she could think about. Since Roger had hired her as a reporter, she didn’t really have to think too much about him any more. She’d just about bypassed him by being assigned to Dave.

Dave was now her boss. And Dave would now get the full benefit of her attentions.

Being a reporter depended on a lot of things. One of them was which assignments she could get. A bunch of dipshit little things and no one would ever notice her. She’d be just another face in the pack. A few choice ones and everyone in the city would recognize her.

She’d be famous.

And all if she could convince Dave to trust her with a few of the really good assignments. She figured that wouldn’t be too hard. Cheryl had seen the way he eyed her when she’d come to work that first day. He hadn’t said a word. He was too cool for that. But he’d noticed her and he was definitely attracted to her.

She could use that just as she had used Roger’s lust for her. It was so easy now that she calmly thought it over. Cheryl wandered how the others in the station got their positions – or rather, what positions they had to get into to get their jobs?

Her reverie was broken by voices. “Damn fine-looking ass, don’t you say so, Jim?”

“Sure, Dick, but the tits, now that’s her good point. I figure she must be a good cocksucker, too. Look at the way those lips seem to beg for a man’s cock.”

“Like yours, I assume?”

“Sure, man, sure!”

Cheryl coldly said, “I doubt if either of you has anything of interest for me. I don’t fool around with boys.”

“Oh, hey, the little vixen has finally shown some fire.”

“I may be a little vixen but you two are just little – in more than one place, I’m sure.”

Jim laughed, but Dick turned red. Cheryl looked directly at Dick as she continued, “Don’t let it worry you, Richard. No one is perfect. And I hear they’re doing great things with artificial organs. You might try for a transplant. From someone well-hung.”

“You bitch!”

“Hey, Dick, take it easy. Just because she’d finally showing some spunk is no reason to fly off the handle.”

“I’ll show her my spunk! I’ll cream all over her Goddamn face, then make her lick it off!”

“My, my, boys, I would so love to carry on this little talk with you, but I’ve got to see Dave.”

Jim asked, curious, “Why Dave? He’s…” And then it hit the cameraman. Cheryl had been the producer’s office for quite a while. And she had come out cocky and in command of the situation. That could mean only one thing in a place like this.

He and Dick were fooling around with the producer’s private property. And if they wanted to keep their jobs very long, they’d better clam up – quick.

“Uh, look, Cheryl,” said Jim, “you know we were only kidding. It was all in good fun, you know.” He smiled wanly.

“Right. All in good, clean fun.” She started to walk off when she heard a muffled cry from Dick. He’d started to say something only to get Jim’s elbow in his stomach. She smiled and kept walking. There wouldn’t be any more trouble out of those two.

Especially after she worked her way into Dave’s good graces. He didn’t have the administrative power that Roger had, but he was still a guy to be reckoned with. What he said usually went. He was responsible for the news that actually made the prime-time newscast. And that made him the one responsible for their ratings.

Good news, good ratings – and Dave was happy. Sloppy news, rotten ratings – and Dave replaced people.

She found the head newscaster in the back room, his feet propped up on a box. She caught just a little of his conversation with Diane, another reporter.

“… so this interview with the mayor might crack the graft thing wide open,” Diane said, “Want me to handle it?”

“Dammit, not that!” he said, and in a lower voice, “Not here, at any rate.”

When Cheryl came into the room, she saw Diane sitting next to Dave, her hand lingering near his crotch. There was no doubt what the other woman had been about to do.

That was the way the game was played. Cheryl was going to have to do more for Dave than Diane possibly could. That would get her the assignments she wanted.

It seemed so simple now that she had it figured out.

“Hi, Dave. Diane. I sort of got promoted up to reporter. Roger sent me over for a little briefing on what you wanted, then an assignment to get me started.”

Diane looked at her coldly, then said, “I’ve got to run. See you tomorrow, Dave.” There was just a hint of a wink as she said it. Her meaning was obvious.

And it was obvious to Cheryl she would have to get the mayor’s scandal interview that night.

“So Rog promoted you, huh? That was sure quick. You haven’t even been on the weather for a week.” He eyed her in appreciation. Beauty was always nice, and he thought of himself as a gourmet of fine female flesh. There was a lot to Cheryl to savor.

“He and I seem to see eye to eye on a lot of things. We decided tonight that it was a waste keeping me on the weather.” She sat down beside Dave on a packing crate. This was his domain. A quirk, maybe, but he seldom ever used his office. She’d heard him say he hated telephones, and there weren’t any back here to bug him.

“Yeah, I can imagine. You and I see eye to eye, too? Any possibility of that, you think?”

“Well, yeah, if you give me the interview with the mayor. I think we might see eye to eye real well if that happened.” She took a deep breath to make sure he didn’t miss the swell of her tits. Overkill, maybe, but she wanted the job.

“Choice plums like that don’t come up too often.”

She began unzipping his fly. “I bet this choice plum comes up all the time.” She looked at the purple head of his massive cock. It wasn’t as long as Roger’s, but it was much thicker. It looked like a bludgeon. And tasty enough to suck on a little bit.

So she sucked.

“Ummm, yeah. Tasty plum, uh, choice plum of an assignment, I mean. Oh, wow, you do that good.” He sighed and leaned back. He looked at her mane of flowing hair the color of a raven’s wing. The black strands completely covered his crotch. But he knew that underneath the hair was an incredibly talented mouth.

She rolled her tongue around the rim of his cock. She traced out the path around the edge of the purple hood cresting his prick with loving care. She didn’t miss a single spot as she slowly made the circuit.

Jolts of sexual electricity shook Dave as he sat on his chair. His balls tightened down into hard spheres. The balls tumbled and banged against the inside of his hairy sac. He knew that this chick was going to do anything he wanted.

It would bear looking into. He was getting tired of Diane. Cheryl was certainly a lot better-looking, too. He’d sure as hell find out if she was a better fuck.

“Enough of that, wench!” He swatted her upturned ass. She yelped but only looked up with trusting eyes. He felt his cock getting so damned hard it hurt when he saw how innocent and naive she looked.

“What would you like?” Her voice was like a small animal, trapped and wanting desperately to run.

That made his cock even harder thinking what a thrill it would be possessing a woman like this.

“Bend over one of those crates. I think I’m going to fuck you from behind. Makes me feel lusty, you know?”

Cheryl quickly bent over the nearest crate and biked up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties – they were in Roger’s office.

“Hell, you came ready, didn’t you?” Dave stroked his hand over her pussy lips. “Hmmmm, you’re even wet. Wet, hell, I think I know how you got that sudden promotion. I’m not taking sloppy seconds off anybody, and that includes Roger.”

Cheryl suddenly felt a cold lump in the pit of her stomach. She knew her chance for the interview was slipping away. Then she realized the opportunity might not have totally flown. Dave’s hand still rested on the smooth curve of her ass.

“Hmmm, there’s another spot that looks okay.” She felt the sudden stab of his finger against her anus. His index finger wiggled a little against the tightly held anal sphincter muscle, then plunged deep up her ass. If an electric wire had been thrust into her bowels, it couldn’t have felt much different.

“Oh, yesss!” she moaned. “Fuck me there! It’d be so gooooood!”

The finger worming around inside her ass felt so good she could hardly believe it. The warmth of the man’s hand on her ass, the way his finger flexed and curled up in her shit chute, his very presence made the prospect of taking his cock up her rear channel exciting.

“I will, you little bitch, I will. When I get ready.”

Dave’s fingers parted the two meaty slabs of her ass cheeks. The humid crack yielded to his pressure and revealed the mysteries of the woman’s body. He dropped to his knees and began kissing the smooth flesh presented to him. His tongue licked and slurped and went down into the canyon of Cheryl’s ass.

He pulled his finger out of its tight receptacle and immediately thrust his tongue firmly against her anus. The tight little ring of muscle seemed to tighten even more. He wasn’t put off by this. He just pressed even harder.

Reluctantly, his pressure caused the guardian of the girl’s back gate to surrender. It was a gradual intrusion. Slowly, his tongue began to enter her body. When the whole finally gave up, Dave’s tongue speared into her bowels.

A tremor went through the girl’s body. She didn’t believe it was possible to be this turned on just by a man’s tongue. But where it was had a lot to do with her arousal.

He was actually tongue-fucking her up her ass! The wet, rough passage of his tongue in her asshole excited her, made her tremble and shake in reaction. It was the most unbelievable experience she had ever had.

“Deeper, oh, yess, deeper!”

“Umgh!” was all Dave could answer. His tongue was busy working even farther up her asshole. His jaw muscles were straining to drive his tongue as deep as possible up her rectum. He felt the heat radiating out of her tight passage and knew it would be sheer paradise ramming his cock up her ass.

It was tight for his tongue, it was going to be the greatest fucking ever when he used his cock!

He could hardly wait. With his mouth hurting from the strain of trying to tongue-fuck her all the way up the ass, he decided it was time to get into her with something even better.

His tongue wetly plopped out of her asshole, now relaxed and ready for anything.

“You want good assignments, you pay in advance for them,” he said to the agitated girl. She silently reveled in the man’s words. She was going to get the assignment if she let him fuck her butt.

“GO on,” she urged, “bugger me! Fuck the hell out of my ass!”

The words shocked her. She didn’t even realize she was saying such vile, crude things until the escaped her lips. Yet, they seemed to make her even hotter. Her cunt was oozing out a steady stream of lubricant now, oily fluid that wouldn’t be used where she was going to be fucked.

“Never cornholed a chick this tight before,” he muttered, more to himself than to the girl. “Gonna be fun!”

She trembled and bent forward over the packing crate when she felt the tip of his cock press firmly into her asshole. The blunt end of his glands pushed through the tight ring of muscle. When the entire broad head of his cock passed through her asshole, she gasped in pain.

It shouldn’t have felt this bad. He was tearing her apart! Her insides felt as if they were being torn and ripped apart. He was mutilating her with his battering ram of a cock.

“Stop, noooo, it hurrrrts!”

“Stop, like hell! I’m gonna fuck the shit outta you!” He was panting in reaction. The way her asshole clamped down around his prick made him want to cream her rectum. He kept a tight control on his emotions. It wouldn’t do to fuck her a couple of seconds, then come. He wanted a nice, long ass-fucking.

And he was going to get it.

He shoved in another inch.

It felt like a red-hot poker being jammed into her guts. Her inner membrane stretched and pulled to accommodate his monstrous girth. He wasn’t as long as Roger, but he was a lot thicker. That made the difference. He was pulling her apart with his cock. It had to be at least six inches in circumference. She didn’t know if she could take much more without fainting.

Another inch entered her asshole. The flames charred her. Nerves were flaring and broadcasting a single message: PAIN!

She was positive it was going to be impossible for her to let him do anything else to her. She’d beg him to stop. She’d make him stop. Her guts were churning now. That long cock he was penetrating her with was destroying her.

Before she could utter a single word, his entire cock came surging into her bowels. For a split second, she did black out. Then she recovered and lay on the packing crate, panting and sweating from the pain.

Her inner tissues were slowly expanding to accommodate this mighty male invader into her tightest passage. As she stretched and flowed internally, the pain lessened. Then she could feel his warm cock pulsating inside her ass.

That soothed her, made her feel better. She sighed as he wiggled his hips a little, stirring his cock around inside her. It wasn’t so bad now that she was getting used to it. Her body was not only accepting it, it was starting to beg to be ass-fucked.

She had to have that lovely cock reaming out her ass.

She had to have it or go mad with lust.

“Fuck me, ram that cock hard into me!”

“God, you’re tight! Tight! And hot!” he mumbled. He couldn’t believe any woman could have an ass this tight and hot. If he’d tunneled into a surgeon’s glove filed with boiling lava, he couldn’t have gotten a hotter, tighter sensation around his dick. He was going to butt-fuck her, whether she liked it or not. He wasn’t a guy to let an opportunity like this to go by. There were all too few chances to fuck a good-looking ass like this chick had. They had to be taken – with gusto – whenever they came by.

He started pulling out of the clinging channel of her ass. He felt as if his guts would be pulled out the tiny pin prick hole at the end of his cock. The vacuum formed inside the girl’s body was intense. The heat tried to rob him of his control. The wetly clinging flesh of her rectum tried to hold him in.

Placing his hands on the twin globes of her ass, he pushed himself out. There was a plopping noise, and he was free of her grasping asshole. The air felt cool on his cock. He knew he had to get back in and fucking. It wouldn’t do letting such a tight ass go unattended.

He quickly moved and pushed against the asshole one more time. Entry was easier. He seemed to flow up the channel. It wasn’t any less hot or humid, but the way was open and ready for him. It was still tight, but comfortable now.

Comfortable for the man, sheer, sweet torture for the girl getting her ass fucked. The prick came surging into her once more. Every nerve in her body screamed a dual song. Pain, yes, but even louder was the song of pleasure.

The girl’s spine relayed the messages from her asshole all the way to her brain. She started panting heavily with excitement. As she felt her asshole filled again and again while the man fucked away, she began rubbing her tits against the rough boards in the packing crate. Her nipples sprang to attention. As the roughness stimulated her, she let her body run wild.

She became totally wanton. There was no way she could hold back now. The feel of the cock drilling into her ass was thrilling. The excitement she felt from his hands clutching her ass was tremendous. And grinding her boobs down into the crate gave her an extra dimension, a little more stimulation that made her wild with arousal.

“More, more!” she demanded.

Dave grunted and fucked faster. He wanted to give her all she could take – he wanted all she could give.

Every time his cock came sailing up her rear passage, she felt liquid fire fill her bowels. She knew it wasn’t going to be long before he gave her one hell of a sexy enema. His cock expanded inside her. She could feel the arrowhead-shaped glans growing with passion. It couldn’t be long before he shot his jizz into her.

She began thrusting her hips back to take his cock even deeper up her ass. If she was going to have to be buggered to get the job she wanted, she wanted the cornholing to be the best possible. She hadn’t thought it was possible he could go that extra inch up her ass.

It was.

She felt as if his cock were snapping hard all the way through her body and lodging in her throat. Crying out, she heard only muffled sobs coming from her lips.

Hips churning, driving back to meet his forward thrusts, she worked his cock far up her ass. He was… filling her totally. Her tortured insides now begged for more. She had to have it all now!

He panted and drove in as hard as he could. Surrounded by her clutching hot flesh, he could no longer maintain the methodical butt-fucking he had started. He began wildly fucking. The friction seared at his cock. It charred his entire length, then moved down into his balls.

When he fountained out his fiery cum, Cheryl climaxed at the same time. Her body was racked with lust. She found she was breathing with a sandpaper-covered throat. Fire leaped and danced in her body. The orgasm clawing at her senses took complete control of her.

When she had relaxed from the harsh grip of the orgasmic rictus, she managed to say in a husky voice, “Well, Dave, is that payment enough? Call it a down payment.”

“Damn, so hot,” he mumbled to himself, unaware she’d said anything. Recovering a little, he said, “I thought you were going to burn my cock off. I figured I’d have nothing but a broken-off prick left after that fucking. You got a tight ass, girl, Goddamn tight.”

“You didn’t answer me, Dave.” She twitched her ass invitingly before dropping her skirt chastely over the twin moons. She knew he hadn’t missed the promise of more – if he pleased her with the proper assignment. Cheryl was feeling immensely superior to him. She knew he would give in to her demands and give her the interview.

“Sure. Hell, everybody’s got to share in the glory around here. So, get that sweet little ass of yours over to City Hall tomorrow morning at nine and interview the mayor. Corruption in government and all the usual stuff. You’ve seen the kind of stuff we do.”

“Thanks for the confidence, Dave. But… I do have so much trouble getting up in the morning. Why don’t you come along with me – and make sure I get up in time.”

He looked at her and smiled. “Be my pleasure. I never have trouble getting up.”

Cheryl returned the smile and said, “I can believe that. Really, I can.” Her smile broadened. She knew she had it made now. She’d fucked herself into a secure job.


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