“… and that was the mayor revealing the full extent of the corruption riddling our city government. He has promised a full-scale investigation into the allegations of sex-for-hire practices among certain of his aides. A follow-up report will be aired next week. Thank you and good night.”

Cheryl leaned back in her chair and heaved a big sigh. The interview had gone perfectly. She’d even gotten the son of a bitch mayor to confess a bit more than he’d intended. This was the sort of stuff that won awards – and would put her right in the public eye.

Even after one broadcast people would recognize her on the streets. She’d have fame – after a fashion.

And if she could keep Dave on the hook like she was doing so far, he would keep giving her these cushy jobs. She would keep on being famous. Her name would be on the lips of fully a third of all those turning on a TV set, maybe more if their ratings kept going up.

She was pleased.

And she didn’t even get any static from Dick or Jim. They treated her with what Cheryl had to call awe. She was a phenomenon they didn’t understand. She was too much for them. From a crummy weather girl, she’d come up through the ranks and was now a top-flight reporter. And it had happened in a single week.

She folded the papers in front of her, stuffed them into a manila envelope and started to leave. Cheryl found Diane blocking her way.

The other reporter was fuming mad. Fit to be tied, she snarled, “You stinking bitch! That was my assignment! You screwed me out of it.”

“Excuse me, Diane. I’ve really got to be going.”

“The hell you are! We’re going to have this out right now! I want to know why you cut me out of an interview I worked for two months to get. Why me?”

Cheryl looked at the woman. Diane was twenty-six or so. Divorced, no kids, rather attractive, she thought, if you went for the type with the big boobs that swung and swayed around whenever she walked. Cheryl had to give the woman one thing: she knew how to dress.

Her peasant blouse was opened just the right amount to hint at far more than was revealed. Her tits cunningly bulged up and out of the blouse without seeming blatant. And the tight-waisted skirt emphasized the very womanly hips. Cheryl thought Diane’s legs were a little thick to look good, but that was a matter of personal preference.

It was apparent she had taken Diane’s place with Dave. She owed it to the woman to explain.

“Come on and let’s find an empty room.”

“Yeah. It shouldn’t be too hard. Most everyone’s gone for the day. And I wouldn’t want them to hear me screaming at you.” Diane turned and flounced away. Cheryl smiled a little at the way the woman’s ass rolled from side to side when she walked. She wondered if Diane had practiced that or if it came naturally.

However it was, the wiggle was provocative. Cheryl could see why Dave had made Diane into the premier newscaster. But that was rapidly changing. It wouldn’t be long before she replaced the other woman. Dave had practically promised her that much the night before at her apartment.

They’d fucked the entire night. She actually found she could get off on it even if she did maintain an aloof, detached viewpoint. Cheryl didn’t kid herself. Her body was simply another tool to be used in building her career.

If she had to fuck a few men to get her way greased for her, what was the harm? It seemed so simple to her she hoped she could talk some sense into Diane’s head. The other woman would simply have to see how she had gotten aced out of her position by younger tail. It wasn’t any reflection on how good she was professionally.

Maybe hot even a reflection on how good she was in the sack. It was just that Cheryl was something different, a little tighter ass, a hotter cunt – and more ambitious.

She knew she’d have to work up fast or be lost in the shuffle. She wasn’t going to stay as a reporter for long. There were better jobs at the station begging to be plucked from their holders if she had the nerve to do it and was willing to pay the price.

She had the nerve, and her body was the fee they would ask. And she would give it to them.

Seeing Diane turn into one of the conference rooms set Cheryl to thinking her body might be used for things other than clawing her way up the power structure. It might serve her a dual purpose. She might be able to pacify potential enemies with it.

She wondered what it would be like making love to another woman. If Diane would be easier to handle if they got it on together.

She shrugged and went into the room. There was only one way of finding out how the other woman hooked up.

“Dammit,” Diane flared, “you literally fucked me out of that interview! Why the hell did you do it?”

“Isn’t it obvious, Diane? I didn’t like it as a silly little weather girl parroting figures that didn’t mean a Goddamn thing to me. So I simply tried to better myself. And I got the job as reporter. And I asked Dave for the first assignment to be the interview.” She eyed Diane and decided it would be worth an effort trying. It seemed cold-blooded to make a play for her just to keep her quiet, but that was the way the game was played.

Cheryl knew. She’d seen it in the short time she’d been here.

“You…” Words escaped Diane. She couldn’t think of anything vile enough to call Cheryl. The she slumped down in the chair. She knew she was beaten. “Never mind. You were only trying to get ahead. This is a dog-eat-dog world. And a real bitch of a business. I don’t blame you, Cheryl. Forget it.”

Diane started to get up, but Cheryl quickly rounded the table and laid a soothing hand on her arm. She held her in the chair for a moment and said, “Look, let’s be friends. It’s nothing personal. I think you know that. And I do like you. I think you’re just about the best around here.”

The way the lies rolled off her tongue repulsed her. Cheryl hated herself for the lies she was so glibly spouting. But their effect on Diane was obvious. Flattery was a powerful tool, almost as good a one as raw, naked sex.

“You really think so? Gee thanks.”

“I think you’re so cute, too. So good-looking. Especially on the air. How do you make your eyes up so they seem so wide and good-looking on camera?” Her hand gently touched Diane’s cheek. The flesh under her fingers was flushed.

“Just a little eye-liner. Then, umm, ohhhh! I don’t think you should be doing that, Cheryl.” Diane was becoming uncomfortable in the chair now. Cheryl’s light touch had turned into a caress. She was gently stroking her fingers on the other woman’s face.

“Doing what? I could kiss you – like this!”

And she did. Diane resisted the kiss. She tried to push Cheryl away from her, then slowly gradually, she began to melt. The kiss was returned.

Cheryl allowed her lips to open slightly in wanton invitation to the other woman. Diane’s tongue tentatively flicked out. Finding a beckoning mouth, her tongue sailed boldly into Cheryl’s oral cavern. There, tongue rubbing tongue, their kiss deepened, took on a greater urgency.

Diane didn’t even protest when Cheryl began fondling her jugs. The quaking mounds of tit flesh were like putty under her fingers. She gripped one firmly through the fabric of her blouse and squeezed hard. Cheryl started rotating the tit until the older woman was gasping in pleasure.

Diane felt stabs of delight knife down into her chest. The wet, juicy kiss had started turning her on. She didn’t want to make love to another woman, yet Cheryl seemed so innocent, so open, she couldn’t resist her. Diane’s tongue teased and slowly got Cheryl’s into her mouth.

Once inside her lips, Diane started sucking on the girl’s tongue. Using just the tip of her tongue, she teased and tormented the trapped bit of pink flesh.

But it was the pressure on her tit that was giving her the most pleasure. Cheryl knew exactly what got her hot. But then she should. She was a woman, too, and had to know what would please her the most.

The kinkiness of it, the sheer perverted pleasure of having another woman fondling her knockers made Diane beg, “Cheryl, oh, ummm, yes, Cheryl, more! I want your mouth all over my breasts! Kiss them! Suck them!”

Cheryl smiled gently. She looked like thirteen instead of eighteen. She said, “Anything for a friend – a good friend.”

She opened the front of Diane’s blouse, and the tits came tumbling out in a rush of white flesh. The nipples looked like red fingers pointing directly at her. They were slightly upturned, something she hadn’t expected on a woman with jugs this huge. Surrounding them was a ruddy brown plain a little bigger than a penny and about the same color.

Cheryl carefully went down to her knees and moved forward until the shivering tip of the boob was within kissing distance. She leaned forward and planted a juicy kiss on the nipple. Then she took the nipple into her mouth and started sucking. It wasn’t gentle or easy. It was as hard as she could make it.

She sucked for all she was worth. And it had the desired effect on Diane. The woman writhed around in the chair, a helpless blob of pent-up desires.

She would do anything to get off. Cheryl had her trapped exactly where she wanted her. After they’d finished with this little bit of lezzie lovemaking, Diane wouldn’t dare say a single thing against her to any of the top management. Diane would be one of Cheryl’s biggest supporters – or at least wouldn’t try stabbing her in the back.

To Cheryl, it was one and the same thing.

Everyone was either with her or against her. No in-between, no neutrals. There couldn’t be.

“Oh, Cheryl, your mouth is being so good to my poor tittie! I need you all over me! I’m burning up with desire!”

“Yes, Diane, yes. Just let me suck a little longer.” She moved down the broad slope of tit. When she reached the base of the broad cone – at least a D-cup – she started licking and kissing. Her teeth nipped and tugged gently at the plaint flesh under her mouth. She didn’t give a damn one way or the other what was happening. This was a way of insuring she covered her tracks, kept her sweet little ass out of trouble.

To Diane, it was a lot more. Her body was filled with a yearning she had never known for another woman. She felt the hollowness in her cunt. There was a gnawing need in her for fulfillment. And only Cheryl was available to give her the release she needed.

“More, Diane?” Cheryl taunted. She knew the condition the woman was in. Her fingers had sneaked under her skirt and begun caressing Diane’s silk-covered snatch. The panties were already wet with lust. The woman needed a lot of love to bring her satisfaction.


“Up on the table then and we’ll see what we can do.” The swiftness with which Diane obeyed her startled Cheryl. She kept down the urge to laugh. Then, seeing Diane stretched out on the table, her tits shaking like jello on a plate, Cheryl wondered what the hell she was going to do. She had never made love to another woman. This was brand-new to her. But it was obvious she would have to do something.

Diane expected it. And if she didn’t satisfy the woman, she’d make an enemy, not a friend.

The thrusting boobs gave her an idea that was so positively dirty she knew it would work. It even started her own cunt sluggishly flowing out its juices.

She quickly stripped off her own pants suit and undies. Stark naked, she clambered up on the table and straddled the other woman’s waist. She said, “Go on, Diane, fondle my boobs just like I was doing with yours. Feel them all you want and… I’ll be doing something special to yours!”

“What?” came the tremulous question.

“Just wait and see!”

When Diane’s shaking hand touched her jugs, Cheryl felt a tremor of delight surge through her body. This was going to be easier than she thought possible. She was going to get a charge out of this. She wondered if it was the way real lesbians fucked. It didn’t much matter because this was the way she was going to do it.

She moved down the supine woman’s body until her snatch was poised over one of the pointy tipped jugs. Cheryl reached between her legs and stroked a few times over her cunt lips. She felt the slimy flow of her cunt juice. She smeared the lubricant all over her pussy lips and then edged a little closer to the woman’s nipple.

Spreading her labia, she settled down so that her cunt lips totally engulfed the end of the tit. There was a squishy noise as she squeezed down. Her delicately scalloped inner pussy lips seemed to shiver and shake as they contracted around Diane’s nipple.

The feelings launched into Diane’s body set off dynamite buried deep inside. The lewd, obscenely slimy feel of Cheryl’s pussy lips kissing her clit was so totally perverted she didn’t have words to describe it.

The only word she could use was WONDERFUL!

Cheryl began massaging the boob with a twisting action of her body. Her clutching cunt lips slipped and slid all over the areola and nipple of the woman under her. The soft flesh touched the aroused nipple. The quaking through her loins told Cheryl she was getting hot just thinking about what she was doing. And the delicate touch of her cunt lips on the woman’s big boob were the trigger to her own orgasm.

She started working her way up and down, just as if she were fucking herself on some guy’s cock. Straining, covered with sweat from the exertion, she worked herself up into a fever pitch of ecstasy. She clamped down as hard as she could on the pillowy jug just under her cunt.

Trying to ram as much of the tit into her cunt as she could sent a thunderclap of delight into her belly. She sighed and began to push her body down even more thinly on the yielding knocker. There was a soft, squishy sensation every time she turned and twisted around the flesh plugging up her twat. Cheryl used every movement to give herself the maximum in arousal she could. She wanted to enjoy this to the fullest.

And Diane was getting off on the strange lovemaking, too. It was totally bizarre having another woman’s cunt clamped firmly down on the tip of her breast. The heat boiling out of Cheryl’s interior stimulated her nipple, made it point straight up, hard and throbbing with lust. The softness of the pink, wet pussy lips on her jug filled her with a quiet delight that slowly built up to unbearable ecstasy.

The slightest movement was wonderful. The way Cheryl turned and twisted and massaged her breast with her blood-engorged cilt lips was a real turn-on for both of the women. Diane couldn’t hold back the feelings building up in her body. Her tits felt like balloons ready to pop. Her heart beat heavily. She was taking in air with ragged breaths. But most of all, the feel of the pussy lips wetly, wantonly, lewdly kissing her tit got to her.

She came.

It wasn’t the sort of climax she had expected. Usually, she wasn’t a very hot chick. Her orgasms tended to be sedate in comparison to what she read about in all the women’s map. Not this time.

This time she was hurled high into the air to drift back to reality. She was buffeted by sexual feelings so intense she couldn’t believe they originated in her body. Diane was totally amazed that she was able to withstand such a tremendous sexual assault on her senses.

She shrieked and cried and bucked around. However she turned or moved, the cunt was always firmly gripping on her boob. She loved it.

Finally relaxing from her sexual high, she gasped, “D-did you get off, too, Cheryl? That was marvy!”

Cheryl lied. She had enjoyed it, but not like Diane. “Sure did, Diane. Those are some tits you have.” She looked as innocent and young as she could when she added wistfully, “I wish mine were like yours.”

She started to stroke and fondle the marshmallowy mounds of tit flesh. Cheryl didn’t kid herself. She knew she’d won this one-time enemy over to her camp. Diane wouldn’t pose any more problems for her rise to a position more fitting than mere reporter at a second-rate TV station.


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