“Do you think that looks better, Dave?” Cheryl moved the camera a little bit to the left and lined up another view for the man.

He looked in his monitor and sighed. “No, that’s not the right angle, either. More to the left and see… hey, there, yeah, that’s it. Now if we can just convince those two clowns calling themselves cameramen to do it like we want…”

Cheryl didn’t mind working late. This was going to be a major production, one which would get her all sorts of recognition. She and Dave might not share the credit equally – he’d get the lion’s share – but it was the exposure she was after.

“Let’s call it quits. We have the script down pat, and the camera looks like it’s not going to be the problem we thought it would be.”

“Sure, fine with me.” She couldn’t figure out how the camera worked exactly. She had to ask, “Would you turn this hunk of tin off? I just can’t seem to figure out where the on-off switch is.”

Dave laughed. He’d worked as cameraman for almost a year before he’d gotten his big break as a cub reporter. He came around and looked through the tiny screen on the back of the camera. A sudden thought hit him.

It would be positively great to have a documentary made tonight. And the two actors were already on the set. He switched on the videotape unit and kept the camera aimed at the desk from behind which he gave the seven p.m. news.

Yeah, it’d be just fine making his very own porno fuck. Starring none other than the incomparably horny Cheryl! He’d often wondered what it must be like filming a pornographic movie surrounded by all those foxy chicks, ready and eager to fuck anything that moved – or didn’t move away from them fast enough. A friend of his had mentioned working on a crew filming X-rated stuff. It had been envy-time when he heard about the cast orgies where everybody joined in. Cameramen included.

Yes, he’d just go ahead and make his own mini-porno film. But he’d do it with the latest equipment. A fully equipped television studio, a two-hundred-thousand-dollar videotape unit and the finest Sony camera on the market.

And the hottest cunt he’d ever found.

Dave debated with himself about telling Cheryl he was going to film everything. He decided against it. She might get camera shy. He’d heard his friend say only the horniest chicks were able to really go all out in the hot and heavy fucking scenes. And some of the guys just weren’t able to get it up.

Dave knew he didn’t have any problem in that department. His cock was already hard from working with Cheryl all evening. She’d worn the tightest jeans he’d ever seen on a girl. If they’d been spray-painted on, they couldn’t have been tighter. He thought a dime put in her hip-pocket would plainly show either heads or tails.

He laughed. It would definitely have to show tails!

“What’s so funny, Dave?” Cheryl looked over and saw him unbuttoning his shirt. She’d expected she’d have to put out for him tonight. It was just before one of the best documentary presentations the station had done. He was horny. He would demand his “payment” for selecting her over Diane and three others.

“Nothing much. I was just thinking what a kick it would be to ball right there on my desk. A show that should really go on instead of all that shit we push out as entertainment.”

“Sounds interesting. But you’ll have to show me more than just a little hair on that broad chest of yours.” She was already working off her blue work shirt, embroidered with half a hundred intricate designs.

“Done!” He unzipped his trousers, letting his cock leap out like a stallion at the starting gate. He was eager to get this show on the road – and on film!

He glanced back over his shoulder and estimated where it would be best to make his entrance. He wanted this for his own film library. His summer reruns wouldn’t be dull!

Cheryl shucked off her denim shirt and tossed aside her bra. Her boobs jiggling seductively, Dave felt his cock harden even more. When she started skinning herself out of the jeans, he thought he was going to blow his wad then and there.

Seeing that pert white ass poke out of her jeans was enough to get any man hard. He was already hard and throbbing erect. When she gave a sinuous wiggle that sent her jeans cascading to the floor, he knew he was going to have to really fuck hell out of her. He hadn’t realized just how much she turned him on before.

Her body gleamed like ivory under the hot lights. Her tits bounced with just a hint of sag. Nipples a bright, aroused red seemed to demand to be popped into his mouth and avidly sucked. The flat belly was made prominent by the deep depression of her navel. But under that was a fierce black bush.

He thought he could see tiny rainbows of light bouncing off the droplets of juice already oozing from her tight-lipped cunt.

“On the table,” he ordered.

“Right here?” she asked. Cheryl loved posing for Dave. She knew he got off watching her move as much as he did actually fucking her. And that as fine with her. He was a bore at times – but tonight he didn’t seem like it. The entire thing seemed to bring him alive, make him friskier than she’d seen him since the first time he fucked her up the ass.

“Right there. On your hands and knees. And spread those lovely legs of yours so I can fuck you doggy-style. I’m going to fuck you like the bitch you are!”

A tremor of delight coursed through her body. She hadn’t seen him this worked up in a long time.

He might actually give her a decent fucking. She hoped so. She was feeling horny tonight. She needed a good fucking to put to rest the ache in her hollow-feeling cunt.

She jumped on the desk and dropped so that her ass was toward the camera. She wiggled her buttocks around in a little quiver of delight. Giving him a good show was part of the bargain. Her half-moons of ass flesh gleamed white and warm in the light.

Dave finally got out of his clothes. He knew the camera was doing a good job of recording what was happening. And this shot would be a triple-X for sure!

She presented her ass directly toward the camera. The deep canyon between her meaty ass revealed her asshole and, below that, the dangling hairy clam of her pussy. The fur-rimmed opening was already leaking out a flood of cunt juice. And each drop seemed to glow in the lighting.

He could hardly imagine himself as a film star with a fox like this. He was pulled but of his reverie by her voice demanding, “Come on! I’m getting lonely up here!”

“We’ll see about that!”

He jumped up and positioned himself behind her. His cock was bouncing around, eager to house itself in that tight, humid twat. Hands glided over her smooth flanks for balance. He didn’t want to fall flat on his face, not tonight, not on camera.

She couldn’t see the red light showing the camera was still on. And the feelings working their way into her body would have guaranteed that she wouldn’t have bitched about being filmed. She was really hot to trot tonight. She desperately needed cock. Being a reporter put her uptight and cramped her style. This could be just the therapy she needed to loosen up a bit.

“Go on, Dave! Ram it in!”

“In a sec, babe, in a second. I want to do a little exploring. Hate to rush into these things.”

His hands began sliding up and down her ribs. She shivered in reaction. When his hands clamped down tight on her tits, she almost came. It was a condition she didn’t like. Balling him to get a good assignment was one thing, letting him paw her body and almost coming at the very start was taking the element of control away.

But she was horny. She figured it was only natural she would respond to him quickly.

And the sensations filtering down into her chest were delicious. The way he pulled down like he was milking her jugs drew excited blood into the swinging globes of flesh. His fingers pressing into the hard nubbins of her nipples gave her the most excitement. The thrill of having him tweak the hard little pebbles reduced her to a quivery mass of flesh begging for his cock.

“Take me now! Please, ohhhh, I need it!”

“It? What’s it?” he demanded. His thumb and forefinger tapped gently against her turgid nipple. The pillar of aroused flesh was like a finger pointing down at the desk top.

“Your cock, dammit! I want your fuckin’ cock!”

“Where do you want it?”

“Please, oh, ummmm, your hands. Your cock! In me. Up my poor little cunny. Cram your prick in!”

“I’ll think about it.” He sounded cooler than he was. The way his cock was jerking and bucking against the warm curves of her ass should have told her he was hot and ready to fuck. But she was too aroused to notice. She thought he was being vicious on purpose. That he wanted to torment her.

One hand still gave her tits the full attention they deserved. That hand moved back and forth, teasing flint one mound of snowy white flesh, then the other. His other hand stroked back across her stomach, now heaving in reaction.

He probed deeply into her navel then found the lush bush of her pussy mound. His hand dipped even farther down until he found the liquid vee of her cunt slit. It was greasy with her inner oils. His hand was soon drenched with her fuck fluid. He parted the lips and moved back and forth along the flowing labia.

When he found her erect clit, he paused for a few seconds of erotic diddling. She felt the jab of carnal electricity jolt into her belly. It was as if he’d stabbed her with an icicle – an icicle bath intensely cold and burning hot at the same time.

She felt his finger loop around her go-button. The little spire of erectile tissue shivered with delight. When he slowly stroked up the pillar of her sensitive flesh, her entire body was filled to overflowing with the most delightful sensations ever.

It was a constant struggle for her not to sob and cry and beg him for his cock. She was almost at the point of incoherency now. It was driving her mad with lust. She had to have his mighty cock battering into her juicy twat. She had to have it.


She couldn’t wait.

Feeling the hairy thigh pressed into her smooth-skinned ass, she began working her hips in a slow circular motion designed to entice him to stick it to her. Her sensuous movement rubbed against his rigid cock. It affected him more than she would have thought.

He felt his balls collapse into tight little spheres loaded with heavy jism. He knew he was going to explode like a firecracker if he didn’t get in her and start fucking.

Having her hot, clutching cunt all around his cock was what he needed now. There was no way he could continue fooling around with her. She was ready for him. He was ready for her.

What more could either of them want!

“Here it comes, babe!”

He let her reach back and clutch at his rod. The feel of her finger around his cock almost brought him off. She pulled hard toward her cunt. He pressed forward enough to get the plum-tipped end of his cock in her pussy lips.

The heat boiling out of her insides never failed to amaze him. She was about the hottest bitch he could ever remember fucking. He loved the way her ass seemed to be fitted to his groin. Her curves perfectly fit his loins like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Most of all he liked the tight cunt.

He shoved all the way up her twat. One second, his cock was out in the cool air of the studio. The next he was buried balls deep in the tightest cunt ever. The sudden penetration took his breath away. He grunted once and then simply reveled in the sensation of fucking this lovely girl, this innocent, naive girl with the virgin-tight cunt and the morals of a slut.

If he was affected by having his dick entirely sheathed in hot female flesh, Cheryl was even more turned on. Once he had drilled into her cunt, she could feel his cock dancing round inside her. The broad arrowhead of his cock spread her tight quim to the breaking point. She was sure he would rip her apart all the way to the chin with his sudden entry.

But it felt so damned good having his cock in her. She tensed her stomach muscles and lovingly squeezed down on his cock. He grunted. She smiled a little and began to really give him the works. Her ass began to twitch around. The result was a stirring motion in her guts. His cock was the stirring rod and her cunt was the pot.

And she knew exactly how to keep him trapped deep up inside her where she got the maximum stimulation.

His cock had pushed in the tender lips of her pussy. The pulsating dong worked around and fully stimulated them every time she made a complete circle with her ass. But the way her pussy walls seemed to grip his flesh, to mold into a glove-tight fit, was the real excitement for the girl.

She could feel his cock as it tried to pull out. It strained. It seemed reluctant to leave the hot furnace into which it had been shoved. But it was impatient. It wanted to be driving back and forth in this well-greased channel, fucking her, giving her even more pleasure than it was giving her now.

Relaxing her muscles, she let the prick back out of her pussy. The wet, sloppy noise when the cock broke the vacuum formed inside her body was so obscene, it made her cunt water even more. When she felt only the glans of his mighty bludgeon of a prick inside her, she moaned out, “Fuck me, dammit! Fuck hard!”

He did his best.

She was suddenly filled with his pecker again. The impact of his body against her upturned ass almost knocked her flat on the desk. She had to brace herself for his frantic fucking. He wasn’t fooling around now. He was giving her all he could, as fast as he could deliver it.

And she loved it.

She loved the way his cock seemed to burn the walls of her pussy. The friction of his plunging cock against her youthful cunt filled her guts with a heat that turned to fire. And the fire blazed up as he continued pistoning back and forth.

The fierce movements of his body into hers threatened to consume her with carnal fire. Her guts were filled with cock and fire and delight. She wanted more. She was a greedy, wanton bitch. She wanted even more cock.

“More! Damn you, ohh, ummm, yess, more! More!”

He stroked harder. Every thrust took him balls deep into her cunt. He felt his tight sac smashing into her pussy mound. The sweat-soaked pubic hair tickled and stimulated him to fuck even faster. The smooth feel of her ass against his belly was an erotic turn-on. He fucked faster. The feel of her nipples turning into granite-hard spires of lust aroused him. It hardly seemed possible, but he lunged even harder into her. The pleasure-center of her clitoris quivered with her desire. This drove him on even faster, even harder, even deeper into her cunt.

He was like a speeding locomotive. He pumped fiercely into her cunt. His body was covered with sweat. The blood pounded hard in his temples. All he could hear was the rushing blood that sounded like the ocean’s surf. And the heat from the friction of his cock against her impossibly tight cunt walls slowly burned back to his balls.

The fuse was his prick. The powder keg was his balls. When the heat reached the lead-heavy load trapped in his nuts, he erupted like a volcano. Fucking as hard as he could, he spurted out one gout of cum after another into her greedy little hole.

Her cunt convulsed around his driving rod. She milked him of every drop of his cum with her on climax. She had been given so much pleasure there was only one thing left for her: orgasm. She came, hard. Her entire body was locked in the fierce grip of orgasm for over two minutes.

She barely came down from her sexual sigh when she was shot back into space by the hard-fucking cock reaming her out. He kept fucking her until his cock limply dribbled out of her cunt.

Cheryl seemed drained, exhausted. This was the best performance Dave had ever put on. She’d really gotten off on the fucking in a big way.

“Thanks, Dave. You were great. If there were a sex olympics, you’d sure have a place on the team.”

“Maybe I just do better when I have a nice, tight cunt to fuck. Or when I have a…” He started to mention the camera when he heard a door slam in the distance. The watchman was making his rounds.

“My God!” said Cheryl, scrambling out from under him. “Let’s get out of here before we get caught! Turn off the lights or something so I can get dressed!”

“What about me!” Dave was already pulling on his pants. His jockey shorts just got crammed in his pocket. He didn’t have time for them. Somehow, he managed to turn off the equipment and get dressed at the same time.

When the guard came by, both were sitting on the desk looking sweaty and harassed. But both conditions were normal for a crew working late.

“You two still at it?” the guard asked. “I’d’ve thought you would have left hours ago.”

“We had a hard assignment to work on,” said Cheryl.

“Yeah, we had to get it worked up tonight.” Dave looked at her knowingly. She winked slyly.

“Don’t work too hard. Hear it’s not good for you. Take a little time to relax, you know?” The guard wandered off.

“Whew,” Cheryl breathed, “that was close. And I like having you close, not some rent-a-cop. What say we go over to my apartment and get real close – again?”

The way she said it made Dave forget about everything else.

Including the videotape of their passionate fuck.


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