Her snow-white ass wiggled and waved in the air. It was a blatant invitation to the man to cram his cock into her and fuck like hell. The man crouched behind the woman and began running his hands all over her body. First, the jugs. Luxurious, opulent, big enough to be interesting but not so big that man might not – possibly – be able to stuff most of one of the pillowy boobs into his mouth.

Then a hand snaking across the heaving belly, feeling, experiencing, rejoicing. A brief excursion into the navel and then, from the way the woman jumped, down into her snatch.

A finger delving deeply into her cunt slit. Diddling with her clit, smearing her oily love juice all over in a hearty ritual almost religious in its intensity.

Then the final act in the play. His blood-red cock was guided into her body by a quivering hand. Poised for a moment, then the final plunge that sank the man balls deep in her cunt. Both appeared to be carved from stone for an instant.

The man had a look of total satisfaction. He had found a tight cunt to sheath his prick. He was totally surrounded by her body. Her ass pressed firmly back into his groin. Her pussy squeezed tightly on his cock. It was obvious from the look on his face.

The woman was tossing her head like a young filly. No one could doubt she was enjoying this, too. The expression on her face was that of a woman receiving a tremendous fucking. She loved the cock buried in her twat. She was trying to use her muscles to the best advantage. To squeeze, to caress, to manipulate that long, rigid tool inside her was all that mattered. She had to get him fucking her hard, fast, expertly.

The man came out of his trance. His expression seemed to say, “This is great, but fucking is going to be even better!”

His hips became pistons. He drove forward, plugging her cunt time and time again. He seemed tireless as he fucked her. His body became covered with a thin sheen of sweat that glistened in the light. Breathing increased until he rasped like a rusty hinge. His hands started to tremble just a little, then he arched his back.

He came.

From the shudders racking his body, it was a big orgasm. He pumped wildly into the woman’s bucking body. And then she joined him in the climax to end all climaxes.

Together, they rocked through their mutual come until they were drained both physically and emotionally.

But there was a glint in the woman’s eye that hinted she might want more. Suddenly, a look of surprise crossed her face. She pointed, then said, “Do something, Dave!”

Murray Nelson reached over and turned off the videotape playback unit. It wasn’t often he got a chance to see first-class porno on film. Right in his own office, yet. He rewound the videotape and looked at the spool. He wasn’t able to figure out if Dave knew the machine was running or not when he fucked Cheryl.

Murray looked at the first few feet of tape again. He had to admit that new reporter had one hell of a fine ass. A fuckable ass. One he wouldn’t mind trying out himself. After all, if that son of a bitch Dave was able to knock a little off after hours, surely the station manager should be allowed the same privilege.

After all, he outranked that bastard.

He flipped the switch to his intercom and said to his secretary, “Send Cheryl in. I’m ready to talk with her. And no calls for an hour.”

The static irritated him. He’d have to get the intercom fixed. After he fixed Cheryl.

Just seeing her walk into his office assured him she was a real fox. Her boobs swung slightly, tracing out a figure-eight pattern in the air in front of her. The tight waist flared out to demonstrate to all that she did, indeed, have a very fuckable looking rear end. And the long legs flashing back and forth from under her short skirt told Murray all he wanted to know about the new employee.

That and the totally innocent expression on her face. He couldn’t believe this sweet young thing had been the completely wanton slut that was putting her every act down on videotape.

“Yes, sir?” she asked, her voice trembling slightly.

“Sit down, Cheryl. I’ve got something I want to show you.” He flipped on the videotape playback unit and sat back. This time he was more interested in watching her reactions than the action on the screen. He got hard just looking at her, wondering exactly how tight she might be. That look of her indicated a virgin, naive and inexperienced.

Murray knew better than that. He had documented proof she could – and would – fuck like a rabbit.

Cheryl’s mind was racing as the scenario unfolded before her eyes. She knew that Dave had left the camera on, intentionally or not didn’t matter. What did matter was the station manager calling her in to look at the damning evidence.

The real question was if he considered it perverted enough to fire her, or if he was using it as a lever to get into her pants himself. Cheryl cast a sidelong glance at Murray and quickly decided he wasn’t going to fire her.

He’d lose out on what Dave was getting if he did.

His lust was written all over his fate. Cheryl bet his cock was stiff and totally erect in his pants. Since she couldn’t see behind his desk, he might even running his hand up and down his cock, jerking himself off as he watched the sexy movie.

“I don’t think you have to play any more of that, Murray, unless you want to watch it all the way through.” She let her tongue make a slow trip around her pink-frosted lips. The coral tip wetted her lips in the most sensuous way she knew how. There couldn’t be any doubt in Murray’s mind as to what she would do to keep her job.

“I’ve already been through it twice. You don’t deny it’s you up there with Dave?”

“Why should I? It’s obvious. You might say nakedly obvious.”

“No explanations?” He was enjoying this. But she wasn’t trying to weasel out. He didn’t know if that was a good sign or not. She might not put out to keep her job if she wasn’t sufficiently embarrassed about the whole scene.

“No. You saw what you saw. I didn’t know that bastard had the tape unit running. It’s fairly obvious I had to do it if I wanted to keep on getting good assignments from him.”

She leaned a little bit forward, thrusting out her chest. It made her tits press tightly against her blouse. The outlines of her granite-hard nipples were apparent. As she breathed, the rise and fall of her boobs was enough to drive Murray mad with desire.

He controlled his voice and said, “There are other ways of getting assignments around here. You don’t have to ball Dave to get good interviews, you know.”

“No, tell me, Murray. Please.” Her eyes were about half-closed. It looked as if she wanted to go to bed.

“I run this place. Dave answers to me. I don’t like the way he’s doing things, I tell him. And then he’d better do what I want – quick. So, if you didn’t like screwing him for your assignments, you could have come to me. I’d be glad to change that.”

“Why, thanks!” Cheryl started rearranging things on his desk top. If she were going to have to seduce the station manager, all well and good. But she didn’t want anything poking into her back. “This looks just fine to me, Murray. Are you ready to change the status quo?”

“You don’t fool around, do you?”

“Oh, but I do!” she exclaimed.

Murray laughed. “I meant you come right to the point.”

“I can usually come just looking at a man’s – a real man’s – prick. What’s your like? I bet it’s big and thick and a real pussy-pleaser.”

He stood up and unzipped the fly on his pants. Like the blade of an opening switchblade knife, his cock snapped out. It was a respectable-looking prick. Cheryl knew she wasn’t going to be disappointed with Murray. Not if he could use it even moderately well. And from the look on his face, he was confident, sure of himself. He’d done this before.

But Cheryl expected it. This was what was required to get ahead at the TV station.

She began shedding her blouse without any preamble. If she was going to have to fuck him, she might as well get started with it. She wanted to find out exactly where she stood – or laid – after this was over. It was pointless fucking the boss unless she got something more than a good lay out of it.

Murray exhaled his pent-up breath when he saw her tits flop free. They were even better looking than he’d thought. The videotape didn’t do them credit.

“This is going to be interesting.”

“I hope it’s… more,” she answered.

Cheryl almost laughed at the speed with which Murray got naked. His haste was so obvious it was almost ludicrous. But she didn’t laugh. She knew better. That could spell her immediate firing. And the purpose of this entire fuck was to go up the ladder, not out the door.

“Let me suck on that for you,” she said, dropping to her knees in front of the man. She got into the spirit of the thing and started sucking hard on his cock.

Murray felt the sharp pang of sensation surge back into his loins. The girl’s mouth was active on his cock. She worked up and down his stiff spire of manmeat with a hunger that amazed him. She might have been stranded on a desert island for years and he was the first man she’d seen. Her sexual hunger seemed that great to him.

But he wasn’t griping. Not with a mouth like that sucking and licking and sampling his hard prick.

Her tongue raced around the rim of his cock. She outlined the edge of his glans, then slavered a little around the back of the hood. He felt tingles all the way down to his toes. He knew then that mouth-love wasn’t going to make it. He was going to have to possess this woman, fuck her, make her totally his.

But his legs were weak and rubbery. He propped his butt against the desk. The next thing he knew, he was lying full length on his desk with the girl between his legs, her mouth moving constantly up and down his length of prick.

“Ummmm, you taste good!” she exclaimed, then went back to her tasty treat.

He looked down between his legs and saw her black hair cascading all over his crotch. He knew under that flowing mass of raven hair was a sucking mouth expertly working on his tool. But that wasn’t going to be enough for him. He had to get into her cunt, find out what Dave had already discovered.

“Up, girl, up!” he commanded. “Straddle my waist. Get that pole you’re sucking on into your juicy cunt. It is juicy, isn’t it?”

She glanced up, a look of animal lust on, her face. “Lemme show you!” she cried. With a single vault, she was up and sitting on his belly.

He was looking directly into her snatch. The black bush was wet with lust. She left a damp spot on his belly where she crouched. She started rising and falling over his belly. Each time she touched his body, she left another moist spot.

“Wet enough for you?”


“Where’s that yummy fuck stick?” She groped around and finally clamped her fingers around his turgid length. She guided his prick under her body and to the gates to her cunt.

He felt the dampness immediately when she lowered her body enough to press her pussy lips against the tip of his pecker. His swollen length was being treated to a rain storm of cunt juice. It leaked out from her hot interior and drenched his cock. With her fingers agilely working on him, he was ready to fuck.

“In, stuff it in!” he demanded.

“Whatever you say.”

Her body lowered very slowly. The head of his cock was sucked into her seething cunt. He felt, the heat assaulting the purple head of his prick and thought he might go berserk. Trying to arch his back and cram himself full length into her, he found she was in total control. She raised herself just enough to prevent him fucking into her, but not so far that his cock head ever left the clutching warmth of her pussy lips.

She came down another inch. He felt himself plunging into the well other cunt. It was so totally erotic he could hardly believe it.

He could see his cock vanishing into her body. The pink pussy lips puckered up and lewdly kissed his prong. The tiny droplets of cunt juice covered everything. His own bush was just as wet as hers now. From the bottom other pussy mound, his gaze worked upward.

The trim waist, the deep depression of her navel, the heaving of her boobs as she became more and more excited was the picture he got. It pleased him. It pleased him a lot.

But not as much as having his cock slowly taken into her cunt. He couldn’t remember as tight a cunt around his fat prod – ever. Even the fist cherry he’d popped hadn’t been this good.

She moved hers hips in an enticing circle. Twisting from side to side, she screwed herself firmly on the upraised cock. The sensations smashing into her body were incomparable. She loved it. If she had to prostitute herself, she might as well enjoy it.

The feel of the cock in her cunt made her whole, complete, a total woman. The way her pussy lips were compressed and tucked in with the cock gave her extra thrills. She felt the waves of passion surging into her cunt from all around the hot poker of his cock.

Twisting around the impaling spike of manmeat caused new and more intense sensations in her body. Her pussy walls clung and gripped hard at the cock inside her. She literally felt as if she were pulling her cunt walls out when she let her hips swing back and forth.

It was too good. She couldn’t hold in her passions any longer.

She began fucking herself with all the power she could.

Instead of letting the rest of the station manager’s cock into her twat one inch at a time, she simply relaxed. Gravity did all the work. She was suddenly totally filled with his pulsating dong. She didn’t hesitate after getting filled to overflowing with his cock. It was great. She loved the way the jerking cock strained and danced in her twat. But she wanted more.

Lots more.

She tensed her leg muscles and lifted up. Clamping down with her cunt muscles, she tried to keep the cock in her. With her body lifting off and her pussy clutching fiercely, something would have to lose. The flow of cunt juice decided the matter.

The slippery lubricant betrayed, her fiercely clutching snatch. His swollen prick slipped from her cunt with a sloppy wet plop!

She didn’t allow him the chance to relax. Her body came hurtling down around his pole again. She might have been a fireman sliding down the well-greased pole to answer the fire – the fire blazing merrily inside her completely aroused body.

She fucked herself with greater speed. Rising, falling, she fucked until her insides were aquiver with undiluted sex. The feelings in her body were too intense for her to hold back. The driving cock in her twat generated friction. It burned. Her insides burned. Every nerve felt like it was dipped in acid. Her spine carried the message to her brain.

And then she exploded.

She came.

Crying, thrashing, spearing herself on his cock, she fucked as hard as she could. She needed that pecker in her twat. She had to possess every single inch of his pussypleaser. The cock didn’t disappoint her. It remained rigid, firm and… satisfying.

When she felt one hand clamp down on her tits, she came again. He had reached up and gripped a handful of tit flesh. He was teasing her, playing with her turgid nipples. Catching one mushroomsized nipple between thumb and forefinger, he tweaked.

The carnal stab of delight into her chest made breathing hard. She was consumed with lust now. All she lived for was the self-fucking, the cock in her cunt and the hand fondling her tit, toying with her nipples.

An added dimension was added to the fucking when she sensed his other hand reaching up under their bodies. As she lifted off his cock and exposed it to the cool air of the office, his hand gripped tightly around his lusty spire and pressed firmly against her pussy lips. This sent jolt after jolt of sexual electricity blasting into her belly.

When she came crashing down, his cock impaling her and reaming out her snug cunt, he moved his hand to her clit. There, he diddled and fingered and stroked the erect little spire of sensitive flesh. That was more than enough to bring her off again.

The threefold stimulation of her erogenous zones took its toll on her body. She came a fourth time. And a fifth and a sixth. She seemed to be tireless. There had to be more in this for her. She loved the feel of cock in her twat. The hand on her clit. The lust-aroused nipple being fondled.

She came another time.

This climax did the man in. He had been able to bear up under the intense friction her rise-and-fall fucking was producing on his erection. Her juices were enough to lubricate him. But when the last orgasm caused her cunt walls to collapse with the force of a mine shaft closing, he felt his entire cock clutched by a velvet glove.

A vise closing on his cock couldn’t have been tighter – and nothing was hotter than her twat.

He felt the slow tide of his jism rising from his balls. When it erupted out the end of his dong, he completely whitewashed her insides. He thrust up and ground his crotch into the girl’s body. Their crotches working hard against each other pushed them both up the pinnacle of orgasm. They soared, enjoying the ultimate human experience.

When they had exhausted the passion in their bodies, they lay together for a few minutes on the desk without saying a word. Murray let his hands rove over the girl’s supple back. He even started running his hands over her lily-white ass. That attracted him immensely. He wondered what it would be like to fuck that curvy behind.

He figured there was only one way of satisfying his curiosity.

He would do it. He was the station manager, she was the employee wanting a job.

Cheryl finally said, “Gee, Murray, you’re great! I… I hope you’re not going to do anything with that videotape of Dave and me. You know how it is. I had to do it. But with you, I loved it!”

“We’ll see, Cheryl, we’ll see.”

He started to wonder who held the upper hand.

He’d sampled her sexual delights and was hooked. What wouldn’t he do to get more?

Then it didn’t matter any more.


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