Cheryl rolled over and lifted her leg over his body. She firmly planted her ass directly over his crotch. His limp cock wasn’t up to responding. That caused Murray all sorts of grief. His body told him, “Go! Go! Go!” and his cock simply couldn’t respond.

Not yet.

Cheryl scooted a little up and rested her pillowy ass on his belly. She sat up. Facing away from him, her back naked and exposed, she leaned forward and started playing with his balls.

Murray reached out and started caressing her back. He traced out each and every bone in her spine. Goosebumps appeared on the smooth flesh. He stroked them away with quick, warming motions. His hands drifted lower. He found her ass seductively resting on his slab-hard belly.

Working his fingers into the canyon between her ass cheeks was easy. Sweaty, he had all the lubrication he needed for the excursion. He gripped one of the pale moons and squeezed.

The tiny squeal he got out of the girl was enough to goad him on. His fingers worked lower. As they did, she rocked forward to expose more of her bottom to him. He quickly found the tightly held, puckered anus. A finger prodded gently into her anal sphincter. It wasn’t a hard pressure, just insistent.

She groaned, “Oooooo, keep going in, shove your finger in!”

“In a bit, doll, in a bit. I want to play around a bit more.”

“NO!” she protested.

“When I’m ready!”

She decided to help him along. Her agile fingers worked ceaselessly on his balls. She fondled the hairy sac, now limply dangling under his equally limp cock. The balls weren’t aroused and churning like they had been earlier.

She would remedy that sorry condition. Stroking, massaging, she worked her fingers through the tangled forest of his bush. The pubic hair clung to her fingers. She gently tugged at tufts of hair, stroked and smoothed out the jungle of tangled threads. And all the time, her fingers moved over the skin of his crotch.

She probed under his body, hunting for his asshole. When she found it, she decided to give him a dose of his own medicine. Her finger plunged up his asshole.

“Ungh!” he groaned. “Th-that’s great!”

“Yeah. So do it for me! You cheap bastard, the least – ohhhhh!”

His finger finally penetrated her back door. She felt the wiggly digit work its way through her anus and then into her rectum. It flexed and moved in her tightest passage. She felt her insides turning to a watery blob again. Her passions were slowly building up to the breaking point.

She could barely keep her balance. With the finger up her asshole, she was impaled from behind. And totally empty up the cunt. She rotated her finger in the man’s asshole to give him a little of what he was giving her.

Together, they stimulated each other. She felt her cunt begin to water again. It drooled out its juices. She let them trickle down over his balls. The thick, sluggish fluid tickled and aroused him. She could feel excited blood pumping back into his cock. It wouldn’t be long before he got it up again.

She’d get him going one more time, then hit him up for a better job. She figured her tenure under Dave was at an end. Now that the station manager had sampled her wares, she could get anything she wanted directly from the boss.

The thought suddenly hit her that Dave’s job might be an interesting one. She could do it at least as good as he could. Maybe he would be moving on – resigning – rather than getting fired for what he’d done with the videotape camera.

That amused her. She could have the anchorman position on the seven p.m. news. Everyone would know her. Fully half the viewing audience watched that newscast – they weren’t number one for nothing.

She could be famous. Everyone would know her – and the pay would have to be a hell of a lot better.

Yeah, she could live with that. Dave had outlived his usefulness and Murray was just getting ready to prove to her how nice he could be to her.

That seemed a fair trade to her. She would get Dave’s job in return for the “favors” she could bestow on Murray.

He didn’t seem to be complaining any right now about the way she did business. Quite the contrary he was enjoying the living hell out of it!

The finger swirling around in her bowels cased a sensation like a billion fire ants inside nipping away at her guts. When he started shoving it in and out in a mock butt-fucking, she knew she’d have to have his cock again. Either that or go mad with desire. A finger-fucking of her just wasn’t enough for a woman as highly sexed a she was.

She struggled to get his dick up and ready to fuck one more time. The feel of his belly under her smooth ass urged her on. The finger ramming in and out of her asshole made her all too aware of her desires, her needs in the sexual area.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, she felt a throb of life in the limp prong. With great effort, he we getting it up again. She knew she’d given him one royal fucking. She didn’t mind his cock going limp. She just wished he could get it up faster after she’d milked him for so all his pearly cum.

She lightly pinched the sac containing his balls. It seemed to be filling up with jism again. Her own finger moved slowly back and forth in his ass. This wasn’t having enough of an effect for the woman.

She reached over and pulled a scarf from her purse. She began knotting the scarf every half inch or so.

“Hey, what you doing?” he demanded.

“Wait mid see. This is going to be super for both of us.”

She knotted the entire length of the scarf, then found his asshole again. She started shoving the knotted length into his rectum. He moaned and hunched up so she could get a better view of her target. Soon, the entire scarf had vanished up his shit chute. Only an inch of the scarf remained outside his rectum.

“What’s that for?” he asked.

“You’ll see, you’ll see, I guarantee it!”

She started driving her finger in and out of her cunt. She wanted the maximum turn on possible before she started. It felt so good having something – even if it was only her own finger – up her twat. It made her even more aware of what was to come.

She checked the condition of his prick. It was about half-erect. It was about ready for giving her pleasure again – anything Murray got out of it was incidental to her. She was turning into an incredibly greedy bitch, thinking only about herself.

That was the way the game was played in this league. And she was becoming an expert player.

“I think I’m about ready for your hot little slit again, doll. Why don’t you try getting it in?”

“Anything you say, Murray.”

She gripped the semi-stiff cock. It was pliable. She could bend it unlike when it was fully erect. She manipulated it until it was bent back and poised at her pussy lips. She sighed, then shoved it into her twat.

The shock rattling through her body was like a sledge-hammer blow to her guts. The cock had been almost limp until she put it into her cunt. The quickness with which it stiffened into a fully usable prick amazed her, dazed her.

She felt it driving up hard and fast into her pussy. The broad arrowhead bulged and filled her completely. She was held firmly in place now with a finger up her ass and a cock spearing into her cunt.

“Hey!” he exclaimed. “I can actually feel my cock inside you!”

He wiggled his finger. She could feel his finger working up and down the length of his prick through her thin inner tissues. It stirred her up a bit. But mostly it was the cock resting in her well-greased cunt that gave her the most pleasure.

She was filled, complete. She was one with the hard battering ram of flesh.

“Go to it, babe, go to it!” he cried.

She leaned back until her back was fully supported by Murray’s broad chest. Her ass pushed down firmly into the curve of his belly. His groin was totally occupied now with ass flesh. His cock curled back and stayed firmly up her twat. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

Seeing the possibilities in this, he reached around her body and crushed her jugs flat. His fingers danced over the mounds of tit flesh. He tweaked and worked at her nipples, now red fingers pointing directly at the ceiling. He mashed the hard buttons down into the marshmallowy flesh underneath.

Cheryl moaned her pleasure whenever he touched her there. Her chest was alive with sexual magic. She was totally aroused now. Her hips moved back and forth along his body. His cock slowly exited, from her cunt.

When only the broad purple crown was inside her pussy lips, she stopped. She reversed her course and moved down his body until the cock was fully in her quim once more.

That, coupled with the pawing he was dishing out to her tits, gave her dual stimulation. The arrows of delight lancing down into her chest filled her with burning desire. The cock slipping back and forth in her cunt was enough to get any woman hot and ready to fuck with all the strength in her body.

When he abandoned one of her boobs, she protested, “NO! Keep on – umm, yes, ohhhh, my clit!”

He had moved until his hand was working all over her clitoris. The tiny spire of sensitive flesh was fully erect and poking its meek head out to see what was happening. He took full advantage of this. His finger closed around it and squeezed down.

It was as if someone had driven a six-inch railroad spike into the girl’s guts. The sensation was a weird combination of ice and heat. She might have had a frigid ice pick stabbing into her belly. She couldn’t put up with the diddling of her clit for very long.

She came, shrieking and crying out her passion.

As she glided down from her sex high, she felt the three-fold stimulation the man was so expert in. Her tits were well attended to. First one, then the other of her snowy-white cones received his hand. He squeezed, pawed, stroked, massaged. Anything to get her more fully aroused. The way he took her nipple and acted like he was milking it drove her mad with desire.

But that was only part of the act.

When his finger brushed over her clitoris, she came. He continued moving up and down that delicate spire of passion until she was a quivering mass of flesh. Feeling like jello inside, she quivered. Her entire body was one raw nerve ending. The lightest touch sent her off into wild flights of passion.

Most of all, the cock in her cunt gave her pleasure. She moved her body back and forth over his. She couldn’t see it going in and out of her snatch. She didn’t have to. She could feel it every inch along its path.

She looked straight up at the ceiling. Her eyes were blurred with the level of her arousal. Sex was claiming its toll from her body. She was barely able to keep her balance on top of the man she was fucking.

But she did. She had to. There would be no excuse for losing the fantastic battering ram slamming into her quim. She was juicy with passion. Her body heaved as she took every breath.

Her ass pressed firmly down into his hard, hairy belly. Everything was perfect.

She kept fucking.

Her body slid more smoothly now that both of them were sweating so much. She slammed her hips down as hard as she could around that spike of impaling cock. The fat, swollen length entered her forcefully. She gasped every time it stretched her cunt walls.

The friction of its passage up into her belly was the biggest turn-on of them all, though. She burned. She was afire with lust. She had to have even more of the man.

“Keep going!” he needlessly urged.

“Unnngh, oh, shit, this is goood! I love the way your cock feeeeels inside meeee! AAAIEEEE!”

She came again.

As she floated down from her climax, she knew that it didn’t matter if Murray gave her any kind of a job or not. This fucking was worth just being in his office. He was letting her do what turned her on the most, then adding the bonus of his knowing hands at her tits and clit. She was limp with reaction.

Limp but still ready for more.

His cock strained inside, her tight cunt. It pulsed and gyrated about with locked-in desires. He kept an iron control on himself. It wasn’t easy. Not when the girl was getting off so easily. He wished he could get his rocks off. But that would end it too soon. He wanted to prolong this if he could.

As the girl’s body came sliding down toward his crotch, he arched his back and drove his prick up her cunt-hard. They both gasped with the force of the impact. He didn’t think he could penetrate her any farther than he had.

He was wrong. Together, their bodies seemed to become one unit. They were merging as they fucked. He drove harder into her cunt. His cock pierced her body all the way to the cervix. He felt his knobby-ended cock bounce off the gently padded constriction buried so far up her pussy. He knew this wasn’t going to be a good fucking.

It was great.

His hand across her boobs kept her from flying off. Her body was writhing around in complete abandon now. He firmly pressed down on her tits to arouse as well as hold her down. The flesh under his fingers seemed to grow as he stroked up and down the slopes of the snowy-white cones. She was getting so hot her tits were expanding like balloons.

The red nipples surrounded by the coppery plain of areola pulsed with life. He could feel her heart throbbing with excitement. There wasn’t much more he could do to her here. She was as hot as merely fondling her tits would get her.

He concentrated on her go-button. The little clitoris was straining. It was fat and soaked with the flood of her cunt juices. He smeared the love oils all over her pleasure-center. The clit seemed to respond. It beat in counter-tempo to her runaway heart.

But when he clamped his fingers down over her pussy-lips, he brought her off again.

The sensations knifing into body were too much to be denied. She knew it the instant his fingers lovingly caressed her gash. It drove her over the brink of orgasm one more time. She couldn’t remember ever having come so many times, so hard, so fast.

His cock continued to probe her depths. With his fingers closed on her cunt lips, a tight fit was insured. The rigid pussy lips were hard with blood. They seemed reluctant to let his cock go into the well-hidden cunt. But the friction against them gave both the man and the girl the utmost pleasure.

He knew it wasn’t possible to hold back much longer. The weight of her body pressing him to the table, the feel of her ass rubbing into his crotch, the buttons of her nipples, the throbbing little clit and, most of all, his cock driving deep into her cunt lit his fuse.

He exploded with lust.

The deeply buried probe of his cock spurted out burst after pearly burst of jizz. He creamed her down for the second time in less than an hour.

His body went berserk. He lifted both of them entirely off the desk as his hips drove to plant his seed even deeper in her womb. They thrashed around for long minutes, then collapsed, exhausted from their fierce fuck.

Murray let Cheryl up off his body. He was dog tired. He couldn’t remember when a chick had worn him out like this. It was great!

Cheryl sank into the chair. She barely noticed it when the vinyl stuck to her sweaty skin. She gasped, “Fan-fucking-tastic! I never believed any man could fuck like that.”

There was a shade of awe in her voice that puffed Murray up with pride.

“You’re no slouch, yourself I think there might be a spot for you around here, Cheryl. I really do.”

“As long as it’s at the end of your, uh, you know…” She looked at his limp cock, but he got the message.

“Yes, well, enough of this.” He crossed to the videotape unit and pressed a red button. The tape went whirring through the machine. “That takes care of the evidence.”

What he didn’t tell her was that he wasn’t doing anything more than rewinding the tape. He wasn’t about to let such a sexy recording slip out of his hands. Besides, he still had Dave to deal with. He’d need it as evidence.

“Good. Thanks, Murray. You’re a real man – in a lot of ways.”

She eyed him with such complete trust he felt the vague stirrings in his cock again. He couldn’t believe it was possible, yet it was happening to him.

“Uh, look, you’ll get your assignments directly from me. I don’t much like the way Dave’s been, un, handling things. Why don’t you go see what the senator’s aide has to say about the foreign-aid bill? Get something first class and maybe there’ll be a new job for you. This is strictly on the QT, but I’m not satisfied with the way Dave’s been doing his job. Who knows, an eager, intelligent, willing girl might be just the thing we need to boost ratings even more. Yeah,” he mused to himself, “a woman anchorman on the news. I like that.”

“So do I, Murray. And I’ll get you the damnedest interview you ever saw!”

As she left the office she was thinking what it would be like to be anchorman on the seven p.m. newscast. A lot more money, sure, but even more prestige. She could have something to really be proud of then. No more putting up with the likes of Jim and Dick.

Hell, as important as she was about to become, she’d be hiring and firing the likes of them before long.

She thought she liked the idea of being the anchorman. It suited her just fine.

She went off to see how hard the interview would be.


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