“How’s my anchorman doing this week, Cheryl?” asked Murray. He had been coming around for the week or so since she had taken over the news to make sure everything was running smoothly. To date, everything was going without a hitch.

Making sure Jim and Dick were cut down to size was only one of her changes. She moved Diane up the ranks a little and put her in a more stable position – nice and safe and no threat whatever to her own ambitions. Cheryl decided Diane was a little too competent to get rid of and for that very reason, she had to make sure she didn’t try cutting into her own power.

But it turned out Diane had no ambitions whatsoever. She was content to stay where she was. She was even thrilled at the “promotion” Cheryl gave her. That cemented their friendship more than their lesbian lovemaking ever could have.

Cheryl was becoming the boss around the set. She was even able to run the control room, after a fashion. Roger was too grumpy about her running things. She managed to get rid of him and replace him with someone who didn’t have his hangups.

She was proud of the changes she had wrought in the station. She was in complete control now.

She had only the station manager to answer to – the station manager and the mysterious owner, Ed Morgan.

Sooner or later, Cheryl vowed, she would have to see the owner. There was one more change she wanted to make. Murray would have to go. He just didn’t suit her needs any longer. And only Ed Morgan would be able to put her into Murray’s position as station manager.

Yeah, that would be a nice job, one she could proudly mention. She wouldn’t be in the limelight like she was now. That was a secondary consideration. The fame, she found, was fleeting. People didn’t really remember her that long off camera. But power was the real trip. That was where it was at.

“Hey, Murray, come on over,” she called. She was feeling horny. She could at least get whatever she could out of the man before going on the air.

A little sex always relaxed her, got her ready to face that unblinking eye of the camera lens.

“Cheryl, there you are. I want you to meet the new weather girl. Her names Roxanne.”

Cheryl nodded. She noticed the tone of Murray’s voice. It wasn’t exactly a dispassionate introduction. His voice seemed to caress both syllables of the new weather girl’s name. And his eyes positively undressed her right then and there.

It was apparent how Roxanne had gotten her job.

Cheryl tried to be as objective about the new girl as possible. It wasn’t easy. Roxanne was attractive, had big boobs which she flaunted openly. That was what turned Murray on, Cheryl guessed. The man loved big tits – something she didn’t have.

Cheryl decided that Roxanne was a power hungry bitch on her way up around the station. She’d have to be taken care of or a certain anchorman might soon lose her job. That was the way the game was played.

She ought to know.

“Hey, Murray, let’s go into my office for a few minutes. Want to, uh, jaw with you a bit before air time.”

He smiled lasciviously. He knew what she wanted. It was almost a ritual. He said, “Okay, but it’ll have to be quick. Got to get some of the format changes on the board.”

In her office, Cheryl didn’t waste any time. She said, “Oh, Murray, I get so uptight going on the air. I don’t know what it is. My insides get all shaky and I can’t concentrate very well.”

“I know what you mean. I get the same way every time I see you!”

“Liar! But I like it.”

“Bitch! You love it, and you know it!”

He came to her and hiked up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any pantyhose. Not for the news, where she would be seated behind a desk for the entire half-hour broadcast.

It was quick work stripping off her panties. His fingers began to exploit her cunt. It was already liquid and flowing out her juices for his benefit.

Cheryl sighed when she felt his fingers working back and forth along her gash. It felt so nice having a man’s hand there. When his finger plunged all the way up her twat, she quivered. It wasn’t an orgasmic quiver, just one of sexual enjoyment.

“Go on, Murray, eat it out! I want to feel your tongue slurping up my juices. Lick me clean!”

“Only if you suck me off, too. A tit for a tat.”

“You mean a cock for a twat!”

“However you want it!”

She hastened to get his fly open. His cock wasn’t even stiff. She took that to be slightly ominous in its implications. She wasn’t turning him on like she used to. Dollars to donuts, it was that new slut, Roxanne. She was servicing the station manager. Cheryl could tell by the glances they exchanged.

Cheryl knew she would be on her way out soon if she didn’t make her move with the Big Cheese. She’d have to go to the station owner and bypass Murray to stay in around here.

So what? She’d pulled this trip before and it had worked to perfection. There was no reason to think it wouldn’t now.

Then she was engrossed in things other than power-tripping. She felt the man’s mouth close over her snatch. His tongue began lightly touching. A feathery touch here, a stronger one there. He worked all over her flowing gash.

He had a knowing mouth and used it well. He started at the vee of her cunt lips and tantalized her clit. The meek little pillar of erectile tissue wasn’t coming out for just nothing. He coaxed it out. Slowly, it poked its head out of a sheath of protective flesh.

Once out, it was easy for the man to start sucking. His tongue lashed out and roughly caressed the delicate tip. His teeth gently gnawed on the most delicate of her tissues. He looped around and around with his tongue until she was passionately struggling on the floor. She was held captive by his lovely tongue, his probing tongue that would soon be sailing all the way up her twat.

She decided it was time to return the favor. His cock bounced inches from her face. Reaching up, she was able to pull it down into her mouth. Ruby lips closed over his purple crown. The man’s cock bucked as she lightly kissed the glans. Her tongue swirled and tormented the agitated rod until he was moaning as loudly as she had been when his tongue was on her clit.

She slowly sucked in another inch of his cock. Her gnawing an the rubbery arrowhead seemed to give the man intense pleasure. Her tongue continually laved the tip to make sure she didn’t chafe his flesh. Sucking harder, she drew another couple inches of cock into her face. His hips were bucking so, he was virtually face-fucking her now. She didn’t care. She let him do whatever he wanted.

It was sort of a consolation prize. A booby prize for a loser. He didn’t know it but his days at the station were numbered. The least she could do was give him a farewell blow job.

She shuddered when his tongue started working back along her slash. He was licking and lapping up all her juices. She had pursed her cunt lips tightly together. This didn’t keep the juices from leaking out. They oozed all over her crotch.

And the man was intent on making sure he captured each and every succulent drop. His tongue pried open her blood engorged labia. Working his tongue tip wider the outer cunt lips, he we able to send tremors of delight into her body. The lips were delicate and the lightest touch was sheer carnal electricity.

If he had touched her there with two live wires, the effect couldn’t have been much different.

When he got to her joy hole, she shuddered long and deep. Her spine arched so that she could get him to drive his tongue into her twat. He didn’t do it. He we more intent on moving back along her cunt lips and finding new fields to explore. He found the back section of her pussy lips. He diddled around there for a moment, then worked across her perineum. From there it was only a short trip into her asshole.

His tongue speared out and into her asshole with such speed she was completely unprepared for the invasion of her body.

She moaned out her pleasure at feeling the wet oral digit thrusting up her rear passage. Wiggling inside her, his tongue was a real turn-on. She felt her body tensing for orgasm. Trying to hoard the passions lurking in her belly, she denied how much his tongue-fucking of her ass was getting to her.

She almost succeeded.

When he began driving his tongue back and forth, cock hard, she came.

As she drifted down from her climax, she found his tongue working its way slowly back to her cunt. He started driving in and out of the slightly larger hole with his tongue.

Slurping, sucking, licking, he gave her an expert eating out. He didn’t miss a single section of her aroused cunt flesh with his tongue. He whipped around inside her velvet-hung pussy until she was hunching up to take his tongue even deeper into her body.

She needed it. She wanted to have his tongue all the way up into her belly. If she didn’t get it, she’d surely go mad.

In retaliation, she began sucking hard on his cock. Her tongue rimmed his dick faster and faster. She could feel the friction between her tongue and the hood of his glans. She knew he was getting turned on now. His cock was slowly expanding as more and more blood pumped into his shaft.

He was driving his hips down as hard as he could into her mouth. She valiantly took his cock and gave him the best head she could. It was an awkward position for her. She couldn’t move her head on the rug very well.

But it was good enough to bring him off.

The fiery white storm of his jism pouring into her mouth was ample reward for the mouthing she gave him. She sucked up every drop of his pearly cum. She licked and lapped his prick clean. She waited until his cock began to deflate before letting it fall limply from between her lips.

He continued working all up and down her cunt gash. He wasn’t going to forego the pleasures of her cunt simply because he’d already gotten off. He wanted more. He was going to give this upstart a tongue-lashing she would never forget.

His tongue probed far up into her cunt. He held her captive by that pink probe in her twat. The juices around his tongue coated it with a gleaming, oily sheath. The acrid taste of the slightly salty excretions turned him on. No wine could taste this good. He wasn’t much of a wine connoisseur but he knew what he liked.

He liked the cunt juice flooding from her excited interior better than anything from a squeezed grape.

His tongue became a tornado whirling around and around in her tight little pussy tunnel. He stroked and caressed the slightly rippling walls of her snatch until she wasn’t able to control, herself any longer.

She came amid a new flow of cunt juices. He simply sucked them all up until she was dry. Then he continued working with his tongue against her pussy lips until a new supply of the tasty fluid had replaced that which he’d already sucked up.

His tongue began driving in and out of her quim like a piston. It was a slender pink piston, true, but it did the job he intended. She was so worked up, every time he drove past her inner pussy lips, she quivered like a plucked string.

She came again.

This time, he looked up at his watch, then wiled free of the woman’s body. He looked down at her, his chin covered with her fuck fluids.

He said, “You’d better get ready far the newscast. Only ten minutes till air time.”

“Yesss,” she sighed. The feelings in her body were so warm, so nice, she knew she could go on for quite a while drifting on the currents of sex pouring through her cunt.

Then she remembered what he’d said. “Ten minutes! My God, I got to look presentable!”

He laughed at her. It was always like this. Or rather, he mentally corrected, it had always been like this. When he got rid of her and replaced her with that new chick, Roxanne, things would be different. That new piece of tail was, absolutely wanton. There wasn’t a thing she wouldn’t do.

There wasn’t anything he could think of that she hadn’t tried and liked. She could fuck all night long. She was an absolute nymphomaniac. Hell, hadn’t she begged him to fuck her when she was in her period? It had been a long time since he’d had a bloody fuck. It was so kinky, it turned him on in a big way. And she had promised a lot more. None of this holier-than-thou look Cheryl had. Her innocent act was wearing thin.

She’d been fun. But her time was about over. Roxanne would be a lot better for him in the long run. He was perpetually horny – and so was she. And he didn’t feel as if he’d just raped a virgin when he made it with her like he did with Cheryl.

Cheryl saw the look on Murray’s face. She wasn’t any mind reader but she didn’t have to be.

She knew her days were numbered unless she could get in to see Ed Morgan.

The owner couldn’t be any different from the rest of the men running this dipshit station.

She was wrong – very wrong.


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