The next four weeks were pure hell. After a hectic two hours at the motel, Larry and I ended up in jail cells – separate, of course – and he was charged with statutory rape, sodomy, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy to induce involuntary servitude and slavery, and was held on a charge of juvenile delinquency. Hell of a note.

Mom, good old Mom, had gotten stone drunk and shot her mouth off in a bar, and a couple of people that knew her and didn’t like her had tipped off the cops, and they’d busted her, so she copped out all over us and agreed to turn state’s witness if they wouldn’t prosecute her. She even told them about Larry fucking her in the ass, so he got a sodomy charge along with everything else. She said that he got her drunk and she didn’t know what she was doing. Boy, that was a laugh… except I didn’t feel like laughing. And now my dream, my idyllic future was shot to hell. The only good, clean, decent, honest, legitimate thing that’d happened to me, the only chance I’d ever had to live and act and be like other people, and she blew it for us. Her and her loud alcoholic mouth!

Things were sure dull just lying around in my jail cell all day, wondering what was going to happen to me. No one would tell me anything. The deputy that brought me my food and checked the cell every hour to see that I was alive and well kept leering at me. They didn’t have but one woman deputy matron, and I guess she worked all the time in the outer office – I never saw her except when they searched me before locking me up.

I asked the deputy once if he’d take a note to Larry for me, and he agreed to “if the price is right”, but I thought that he’d probably just fuck me quick and then not deliver the note after all, or worse yet, tell Larry, or worse yet, spread the word around and get me into deeper trouble, so I thanked him sarcastically and said, “No, thanks”. The deputy was kinda cute, and pretty well built, but romance wasn’t exactly the prime thing on my mind – getting out was.

Well, I finally got out. There was a hearing, a long, drawn-out session of name-calling and threats because I refused to testify against Larry, and they eventually said what the hell, they had enough evidence to wrap him up for a good long time anyway, and it came out that he’d purchased his first wife, too, and it was an unholy mess. He did send word through his attorney that he loved me and thanked me for the happiest moments of his life and so on, and not to wait for him, as he knew that he’d be in for a hell of a long time.

So the upshot of it was that after it was determined that I wasn’t pregnant, I was placed on probation and sent to a foster home. Even though Mom wasn’t prosecuted, since she was the star witness to convict Larry, they all, the authorities, that is, had contempt and insults for her as a mother and as a citizen and welfare recipient, so I couldn’t go back to her.

And it was a funny thing – it was probably the first time in our lives that Mom, and I could ever talk honestly and openly, after it came out that I was now a grown woman and was no longer a nuisance of a brat. We could understand some of each other’s feelings and needs and wants and cravings. But it was too late. We parted with just a beginning dawn of liking, but not love, not really, and neither of us was too shook up over the fact that she was to stay away from me from now on. She shrugged and headed out of my life to another bar, I guess. I never saw her again.

My probation wasn’t anything to get excited about – once a month my probation officer would stop by the house on a Saturday morning and talk to me for five minutes: Did I have any problems to discuss? Was I getting along O.K. with my foster family? Did I need any spending money? I was really a sucker on that last question. I always said “No” as I did not want anything to do with welfare handouts again, and then I found out later the probation officer would pocket the fifteen dollars a month I was allotted, and was doing that with nearly all of the eighty kids under his supervision. He was skimming off a thousand a month that way, in addition to his salary. And these were the hypocritical bastards that were calling us bad kids! Some justice.

I was beginning to learn about life in general and the seamy sides of it in particular. Or so I thought. Hell, the main events hadn’t even begun yet, but I didn’t know that then. But I’m getting ahead of my story.

Mr. Kuykendahl, the father of the foster family that I lived with, was pretty nice to me, gentle and patient, and they had two kids, ten and seven, and she was pregnant with another, big as a barn and due about any time. He never made any passes at me, nor any funny remarks about my past, and tried to treat me like one of his own kids, I’ll say that for him. The county gave him a hundred and ten a month for my keep, and he got me a watch – just a cheap Timex, but it was pretty – because they had given both their kids watches the Christmas before. I thought that was darned nice of hint.

Mrs. Kuykendahl was a good cook, and about a week before she had to go to the hospital and have the baby, her brother George showed up. He was a traveling salesman from Denver, a real sharp dresser and a big spender. He took us three kids out to dinner a couple of times while Mrs. Kuykendahl was in the hospital, and once, when Mr. Kuykendahl had gone bowling for the evening, asked me if I’d like to go to a movie with him. It had been months and months since I’d seen a picture, so I said sure.

We went to a drive-in, and the main feature was just beginning when we got there. He gave me a five-dollar bill and said to get us each a hamburger and Coke, and when I came back to the car, he told me to keep the change and spend it on myself. We ate and drank and dropped the trash on the floor in back like he said to, and ten it started.

“Look, Sheri, can I slide ever just an inch toward you? The steering wheel’s blacking the lower part of the screen,” he said, and slid over without waiting for my answer.

We sat there for a few minutes and he smoked a cigarette, and when he flipped it out the window, he reached over, without looking away from the screen, and took my hand. His big hand was soft and smooth and warm, and I suddenly realized how long it had been since a man had touched me. I guess I had sublimated all desires or something, but I just hadn’t wanted a man or a man’s touch.

Till then. The nearness, the masculine smell of his after shave lotion, the knowledge that inches away was a hunk of male muscle – these thoughts reawakened in my brain and belly the itch, the urge, the desire, the insane melting craving I knew so well, liked so much, and wanted so hungrily. I gave his hand a squeeze, and he smiled and released my hand so he could drape his arm around my shoulder. As he did, I snuggled closer to him and looked up at him and smiled. As he gazed down at me, I raised just a teensy bit toward him, and he got the message and bent and kissed me.

I shut my eyes as I felt his mouth touch mine, and when my lips parted at his tongue’s urging, a blinding flash of desire surged through me, and I pressed my body closer into his embrace and our tongues battled wetly as we probed each other’s mouths. In a minute we sat back panting, and his hand crept down from my shoulder to my right breast, and I breathed in deeply and arched my back to fill his grasping paw tightly with my tit.

“Goddam, Sheri, you’re a winner all right. Do you want to watch the rest of this silly movie? I sure don’t. Let’s go somewhere and get better acquainted. O.K.?”

“Oh, yes, George, let’s. I like you… a lot,” I told him, and I meant it.

George slid back under the wheel while I disconnected the speaker and put it in its stand, and then he was backing out and rapidly driving out of the drive-in. He headed out Highway 6 a couple of miles and swung in at the first motel with a “vacancy” sign lit up. I waited in the car while he registered, and then he returned with a key and drove to the last unit of the motel and we got out and went in. He flipped on the light, locked the door, and turned to me and clutched me fiercely, mashing my breasts up against his strong chest. George was about thirty-five, and in good, real good shape. He ground his pelvis against mine through our clothing for a few seconds, and I could feel his hard-on growing as he broke away and spoke.

“Race ya to see who gets undressed first, baby. And one thing, Sheri, and level with me on this – you haven’t got a disease, have ya? Not takin’ shots for anything, are ya? I don’t care if ya are, I just wanta know, so I can wear a rubber. Hell, I’m gonna fuck you if you’ve got fourth-state syphilis and leprosy to boot. I just wanta know, baby.”

I reassured him that I’d never had any kind of a disease, ever, and after he turned around and hung his pants over the back of a chair and faced me again, I was nude, standing there in all my naked glory under the overhead light. A whistle escaped his lips, and his face crinkled up all smiling and happy.

“Jeeeee-susssss!! You are beautiful, kid! Positively beautiful! Awful little – you’re not even five feet tall without shoes, are you?” I told him four-eleven. “But whatta build – such perfect tits, not little for a gal your size, just right in fact for a mouthful and handful, and anything over that’s wasted, they say. Just let me look at you for a minute, Sheri. This is fantastic.”

“Don’t worry about that, George. I’ve been married, and in this state a woman attains her majority the day she gets married. I know the law on that!” I just didn’t bother to tell him the marriage had been annulled and I was once again a delinquent girl. With extremely hot pants.

I gazed down at his cock as he stepped toward me, and saw that it wasn’t as big as Paul’s and Larry’s had been, but he was still a full-grown male, and seven inches was enough for little old Sheri to handle for a while. God, how I needed a good fucking, and I was determined to have it – again and again. I squirmed at the thought, and as he saw my writhing hips and panting and the jiggling of my tits, he got aroused beyond all my high hopes, and pushed me back over onto the bed and scrambled atop me.

I reached down and seized his cock with one hand and pried apart the lips of my cunt with the other, feeling at that moment the slick ooze of my juices that poured out. I was ready, all right, and I wanted him to fuck me fast and hard and blow his nuts quick. Then the second time would be slower and longer and better and we’d have better control. He didn’t know that, but I was planning it all out in my head. All he knew was that he had a nympho on his hands and was going to take complete advantage of the opportunity.

As George felt the steamy wet lips of my pink cunt meet the head of his cock, he lunged, and my vagina walls grabbed and clung fiercely to the shaft of his cock as he clove and rammed it in me till our pubic hairs tangled. The sigh that escaped him at the gripping slick velvety warmth of my pussy sounded like a dirigible deflating, and he lay sprawled atop me for a moment, and then began an insistent pounding in and out, in and out. The penetration and heavy onslaught of his filling cock up inside me, and the bumping of our pubes, which stimulated my clit so hotly, soon brought both of us to a climax, and as he stopped, his cock now limp but staying inside and getting milked for all it was worth by my contractions and wriggles, he pushed up on his elbows and gazed fondly down at my smiling face.

“Wheee-eew! That has got to be the fastest one I’ve ever had, darling. I just couldn’t hold off any longer – you took it away from me, honey child,” he grinned. “That was so Goddam tight, so smooth and snug and hot and wet and… well, just perfect, Sheri. You get a good one, honey?”

“Oh, yes, George – I came just as you did, and feeling all that cum shooting up inside and filling me with love and warmth was so good. God, it’s been too long, I see that now.”

“Where’s your old man – in the service, or in jail? How come anyone in their right mind lets you rim around loose?” George asked, puzzled.

“We’re separated. Have been for several months. I’ll never see him again, I know that,” I told him.

“Boy, I’d hafta be dead before I’d never see you again!” George laughed. “You are a perfect little doll.”

“You mean that, George?” I asked seriously, a new thought forming in my mind.

“Hell, yes. If you weren’t in school, I’d take you along with me when I go back to Denver, and then as quick as we could get you a divorce, I’d marry you.” I could see him turning that over in his mind a few seconds. “I mean that, Sheri – how’s that sound to you?”

“What about the Kuykendahls? Think they’d approve?” I asked.

“Uh… well… I, uh, oh shit – I might as well level with you baby. I’m married. I was planning on leaving her anyway, we got no kids, and she’s got a good job. That’s what I’m doin’ here from Denver now, on this trip. Figured I’d look over the job situation in this town and move here.” I saw the light across his features. “Hell, why not? You and I can go somewhere elsa – I got a couple of friends in Phoenix – and I can get a job there, we’ll get the divorces, get married, and start all over fresh and honest and open. How about it, kid?”

“I’d love it, George. And since we’re bein’ honest with each other, you might as well know now – I’m on probation for bein’ a juvenile delinquent. It was a mess, it’s all O.K. now, but I don’t want to stay here on probation till I’m twenty-one. So take me with you, won’t you? You won’t be sorry, I promise.”

“Hell, kid, if you just ‘run away’, they won’t hunt you too much. They just wait for you to catch yourself, sort of. That is, if you keep gettin’ into mischief, you’ll eventually get caught – the law of averages guarantees that; and if you don’t get into trouble, you must be behavin’, and that’s all they want you to do anyway. You aren’t really politically important, or dangerous, so they won’t hurt you.” He smiled and continued. “I’ll give you enough dough to get out of town – I’ll buy a bus ticket to Phoenix for you, that way they won’t find out about a girl buyin’ a bus ticket, and I’ll stick it out around here a couple of days more, so no one can say we left together. I’ll give you enough cash to get a motel room and eat for a few days till I drive to Phoenix. Sound good?”

“Oh, that’s wonderful, George,” I said, relieved to be out from under probationary supervision for the next eight years. “And now, I’m gonna show you just how appreciative and how talented I am. I want you to know you’re gonna get your money’s worth, lover,” I grinned impishly at him. “Lie down and let an expert show you something,” I bragged.

“Help yourself, angel puss. This I gotta see,” George said, and sprawled back on the bed.

I lay alongside him and leaned over and kissed him, hotly, wetly, deeply, and as I did, my hand crept down to his crotch. At my first touch, while our tongues were fighting wetly in our open mouths, I felt it leap into my little hand, and I reveled in the long smooth hardness and firm resiliency of his cock. As I broke away from our kiss, his hand seized my tit that jiggled enticingly before him, and then I turned my body around and ran my tongue down the flat plane of his tummy as he lay supine beneath my caresses.

As my head neared his crotch closer and closer, my hand clutched the blood-engorged muscle that angled up so lustfully, and I speeded up my jerking motion, then, as my face was next to his aroused cock, I held it still so that I was able to get my lips around the purplish head.

I flicked my tongue around the rim of his glans several times as my lips pursed and sucked on the tip of his knob. I felt his body muscles tense and tighten as the steamy touch of my wet mouth on his most sensitive part was relayed all through his body. I thrilled to know that my loving oral caresses could so inspire a man. In other words, I got as much pleasure and satisfaction from it as he did, and my only problem was that I wanted a cock inside me, rampaging up into my hot cunt at the same time. I was torn between wanting the full creamy throat bath that a good cocksucking would furnish me, and the equal thrill of having him pound his huge cock up into me and scald my snug pussy walls with the same flow of lava.

As these thoughts raced through my mind, my mouth and hands were busy, and then I felt his groping paws shifting my body around and over him, and I helped him to find the position that would best furnish ready access to my cunt for his hungry mouth. His fingers parted the slippery crack of my cunt and then as his lips sucked eagerly at my pink clit that stood up proudly for his nursing, I felt his finger dip into the hot slick crevice of my drenched slit. He shoved violently with his digit, and my vagina walls gripped and clung to the invader, and then his finger crooked and waved and plunged inside me, and all the sensitive nerve endings were charged with his rapid ministrations.

I knew that we couldn’t keep this up too long without having him lose his load again, and I didn’t know how long it might take George to get another hard-on, so I decided not to take a chance on his early rejuvenation until I knew his capabilities better. Besides, I figured, I could blow him to completion a couple of times a day while I was having my periods and we couldn’t very well fuck, so that way I was guaranteed plenty to eat and drink from his lovely tool in the near future.

I released his cock from my mouth and drew away, but it looked so delicious standing proudly at attention that I bent back down again and gave it a nip with my teeth and one last auctioning kiss with my juicy lips, and then heaped beck off him and spun around and put my knees beside his hips, drew myself up high until my snatch just cleared the erect, missile that stood ready for firing, and parted my cuntlips with one hand, I guided his beautiful shaft to the opening of my dripping pussy that so craved to be stabbed to a heavenly death by my lover’s pulsing dick.

“Oh, God, Sheri, you’re wonderful,” George smiled up at me at the first penetration as I hovered with just the head of his hard cock fucked inside the clutching lips of my slippery cunt. “You love it, don’t you? Really love it? Huh? I like to hear you say it, baby doll. My damned wife never lets me know how it is. She just grunts if it hurts, but no damn syllable does she utter if it’s good, or what she likes best. Drives me nuts. So tell me, angel – you love it?”

“Oh, George, you’ve got the loveliest cock, it’s just a perfect one, and I love it and need it and want it, and I need you and love you and want you, too. I want you up in me, real big and hard and often, darling,” I told him, “honest I do. There,” I said with a grunt as I sat down hard along the full length of his shaft and felt the rigid tip of his eager cock bump gently against my cunt, filling my tight little cunt to capacity, “isn’t that the tightest and hottest pussy you ever had? You like that?” I asked as I remained perfectly still on the outside with his cock fully up inside me, and then rhythmically began to twitch my inner muscles, letting my vagina relax, as much as it could the way it was crammed full, and then bearing down and contracting my pussy walls. I felt as if I were truly strangling the lifeblood from his invading weapon. Then I began climbing and dropping, raising up till just the flared head of his cock was captured in the constricting velvet prison of my cuntlips, and then ramming it back up inside me, the slick pink walls yielding reluctantly to his thick shaft, the friction of my tightness scraping deliriously upon the tender glans as it drove through my protesting cunt.

“Oooooooh, God, I love it!” I exclaimed as I felt a come building up inside me, for with every impaling downstroke onto his lance, my clit was fucked inside by the friction of his rigid cock, and the abrasion was so exquisite that I was reaching my peak rapidly. “There… right there… oh God, it’s good, George, oh fill me with that hot meat lover do it to me more harder jam it up in me there… there… Yeeeessss!!! Oh God I’m coming love aaaiiigghh…” And just as someone drew a streak of lightning across my brain and my body was plunged into searing flames, I felt the jetting surge of his honey scald my cunt, then as I slumped forward across his chest, hot rivulets of his cum streamed from my overcrowded, totally stuffed cunt, and I remember vaguely wishing that I had strength enough to turn around and lap it up, but I lay there, panting and gasping and heaving as I felt the small spasmodic twitches of his cock in response to the grinding, wringing-out clutches of my cunt muscles, and we lay still for a full five minutes before either of us had the energy or inclination to move.

“Wheeeee-eeew! That was beautiful, darling, positively perfect! No, don’t move. Just leave it in, even if it is limp and drained. It feels so good in there, just to be part of you, and you’re so damned tight that it feels like you’re choking it now. Jesus! I never knew pussy could be so heavenly, though I’ve always loved it, of course. But you’re somethin’ else, angel, really you are.” He struggled slowly to sit up. “But I just thought of something, baby – we’d better be gettin’ back home – the movie would be just about out by now, and we don’t want to make any waves of suspicion.”

As we got dressed and combed, George handed me ten twenty-dollar bills and I tucked them in my bra. That would provide very nicely for me on the road and for a few days in Phoenix till he got there. He told me a motel on Van Buren St. to go to, with a coffee shop, and to lay low as much as possible, eat right there, buy magazines and read, and just loaf. The bus trip would take almost two full days, and he’d leave as soon as I reached Phoenix, and he’d drive straight through. I could buy some cheap clothes, so I’d just leave in my school clothes tomorrow morning, and no one would even miss me ’til five p.m.

George was going to tell his sister that he was going to New York City – he had an old Army buddy there that would receive and forward any mail for him, so no one would be looking for either of us in Phoenix. He stopped by the all-night cafe that was the bus stop and bought a ticket for Dallas, and gave me another fifty and the Dallas ticket and said to get a ticket for Phoenix when I got to Dallas. He’d changed the plan just a bit, but thought it was safer that way. He cautioned me to avoid other passengers, gossip, and so forth as much as possible on the way, and I promised to do so.

Things went smoothly the next day. I always took my purse to school – cosmetics, lunch money and so on in it – and I just waited till the bus was ready to pull out, then stepped on, gave my ticket and slumped down out of sight. The trip was dull and boring and uncomfortable, but the dream of getting away and being someone, having something finally, sustained me, and I awaited the new life with anticipation.